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Sweden RMB

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The ♛ Kingdom of Malmberget

Last WA Update:

World Factbook Entry

Välkommen, thank you for visiting Sweden!

Welcome to Sweden, the home of meatballs, Zlatan and beautiful IKEA furniture!

📣 LinkSweden Discord ← Have some time? Join us to chat or discuss regional matters here.

If you're interested in the position of Foreign Minister, please telegram the Prime Minister, Rufford.

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    Kuriko - SC Author, Defender, Potatoes, and National Sovereignty

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    Keeping NationStates Safe: A Campaign Against Harassment

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    Sweden Constitution

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    Sweden Regional Map

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    How to Write a Dispatch

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    RPing in Sweden caps

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Tags: Casual, Defender, Democratic, Featured, Game Player, Independent, Industrial, LGBT, Map, Medium, and Regional Government.

Sweden contains 12 nations, the 1,193rd most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Extreme in Sweden

The World Census ranked nations on the basis of how odd, extreme, or fundamentalist their social, economic, and political systems are.

As a region, Sweden is ranked 8,917th in the world for Most Extreme.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Pippi Långstrump of Villa VillekullaAnarchy“Tjolahopp tjolahej tjolahoppsan-sa”
2.The Principality of Newer LuxembourgLiberal Democratic Socialists“Newer is better”
3.The Republic of Tito BeltranPsychotic Dictatorship“Sweden for Swedes”
4.The NationStates of IchuIron Fist Consumerists“NationStates”
5.The Stockholm's Attic of Karlsson-on-the-RoofLeft-wing Utopia“Doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter in Skymningslandet”
6.The First Aid of Silent WitnessDemocratic Socialists“Silence is a human right”
7.The Republic of Cybersistaf ClianiaionConservative Democracy“Strength Through Compliance”
8.The Life in the Woods of Vragol the Orc ShamanCorrupt Dictatorship“Dahum”
9.The ♛ Kingdom of MalmbergetNew York Times Democracy“Fly High, Fly Far”
10.The Republic of Tribal-14Democratic Socialists“The world is forever in motion”

Regional Happenings


Sweden Regional Message Board


Hey everyone!
Hope you are all having a good day!


Hey everyone!

Hope everyone in Sweden is doing well.

Välkommen tillbaka Malmberget!

Malmberget and Belkinge


Sweden is good!.Greetings from president of Tampanda!.

We are the region of Mahakam, and even though our region's nationstates page is quite dead our region still lives through our discord server.

Over the course of our 2 years of running, our region has made a rich history with our own personalized world and nations in a realistic geopolitical scenario. However, after so many adventures we are resetting our RP soon to a complete new world where we will begin in the Ancient times and slowly build our world from the ground up. This also offers a unique opportunity for new players to enter our region without having to modify any preexisting lore and allow players to quickly get into the interesting parts of RPing. That is why we want to bring in people willing to put in the time and effort to build a world over an extended period of time both in RP and in real life.

I'd like to invite you to join our region's discord and participate in our rp by being part of the reset (we won't ask you to leave your NS region).
For those interested, you can find our discord server here:


Denmark Rules, sweden drools

Hello there! HMHS Brittanic sailing through.

Vote Kuriko for World Assembly Secretary-General!

Kuriko / Salaxalans for Secretary General!

Campaign Statement

Good day, my fellow World Assembly leaders. We come before you today asking for your vote, a vote which will choose the new WA Secretary-General. Kuriko is a top-ranked choice, and here's why.

A vote for Kuriko is a vote to end the General Assembly's dominance over our nations, and a return to national sovereignty. That is something I promise to do if you vote for me! I also promise to bring the Security Council back into prominence and activity, to eclipse the General Assembly.

We will once again spur activity within the Security Council, and work to bring new authors to the fore. The Security Council has long been the smaller of the two branches, and it's time to change that!! If elected, we will lessen the influence of the General Assembly and increase the influence of the Security Council.

We don't have catgirls to give out like the raiders, and we are not a leftist nation. We are a defender nation, an SC author, and a democratic loving kind despite our nations title and our Empress. A vote for Kuriko will see General Assembly resolutions affect only the authoring nations, so that it may continue to exist but will no longer impinge upon a nations sovereignty.

If elected we will also compose a yearly State of the World Assembly dispatch, in order to inform all WA nations of ongoing things. We will pledge to stamp out fascism and nazism once and for all, and work to end campaign spam within our hallowed halls. We will pledge to end the CCD nonsense and annoying recruitment telegrams to your nations.

If elected, the SC will no longer be just for Game Players! I will open it up to all, role players, sports players, card guild/infrastructure players, and any other quirks that are out there. The SC will rise in prominence and become much more active!

Who would you rather have as Secretary-General, someone who's never authored a resolution or someone who's authored 16?? Vote Kuriko for a stronger Security Council!


"Kuriko is an exemplary nation, their remarkable tenacity and rampant enthusiasm will make them an amazing WA Secretary General."

- Markanite, Chief Executive of 10000 Islands

[Statement of Support]

[Statement of Support]

"I'm supporting Kuriko because, as a fellow person involved in the World Assembly, I think it's important for it to go to someone who is heavily involved with the inner workings of it. The title has caused some confusion in the past, and I believe it to be ideal for the holder to understand the nature of the title and the influence it can have on newer regions, in spite of it lacking any actual power."

- Warzone Sandbox

"The Union is supporting Kuriko, former UDSAF General and good friend to the UDS for WA General Secretary, being the delegate of XKI. This region and the UDS has had embassies for two years now and has seen a share of events mutually held between the two region. The Government of the UDS supports national Sovereignty, a fundamental right of any nation within any region and believe that such values should not be hindered by a governing body such as the GA."

- Phoenix Coalition

"Kuriko has a concise and clear platform: the prioritization of the World Assembly Security Council. The leadership of the World Assembly should be a leader of the Security Council first and foremost, and they should be a leader of rationality and restraint, not hawkish and impulsive behaviour. Kuriko has a record of supporting necessary and logical liberations and other initiatives, as well as opposing unnecessarily offensive liberations, unneeded condemnations, and other proposals that do not serve the overall community. It is the opinion of this region that as a candidate, Kuriko embodies the ideal attributes of a Secretary-General: a focus on the Security Council, experience, rationality, consistency, and the ability to collaborate with others to improve the NationStates community."

- Quebecshire

"We, Region Name, are supporting Kuriko for Secretary-General because he is giving the power back to the people. He is ending the General Assembly's dominance over every nation and sending that mass power to the nations of NationStates. He is defending the rights of the people and that is what Region Name stands for. He is not leftist and unlike other candidates, he doesn't only focus on the rights of the LGBTQ community. I'm not saying we don't support that, it's just that that is the only thing they focus on. He is opening up the Security Council to every type of nation you can think of, so please, vote Kuriko!"

Mundane, WA Delegate of Region Name

"Kuriko is among the most pleasant people in NationStates, and the AA feels that she should be recognized for being just that. But her pleasantness is not the only great factor. Her campaign platform is something that many AA residents feel should be adopted and pushed. The General Assembly, in our view, is often overreaching and the NatSov view is perfect to counteract that. The emphasis she wishes to place on a rational Security Council is also supported by the AA. Her record and experience cannot be understated. This is the AA administration saying vote Kuriko. If you need a candidate to trust, why not this one?"

- DiRito, Augustin Alliance Administrator

"On behalf of the prosperity of the Security Council, the ACS supports Kuriko in order to ensure a stable and not corrupt WA for many to enjoy (and potatoes)."

- New Jakobly, Emperor and Founder

"While the canine revolution has unfortunately failed to gain steam this election cycle, this is our chance to influence the future of the World Assembly by supporting the candidate who best represents our values and ideology. I hereby throw my support behind Kuriko, a highly qualified and canine-friendly candidate who will give us the best chance for our ideal future. I ask that all of my loyal supporters also vote for Kuriko and her platform, as she will make a very fine Secretary-General!"

- Yodle, Former Candidate and Founder

The following regions also support Kuriko's vision for the World Assembly:

If you would like your region included in the above list of sponsors, make sure to boost Kuriko on your regions page and write a telegram to The Noble Thatcherites including your nation name, position of authority, and statement of support.
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