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Welcome one and all to the Brotherhood of Malice! This region was founded upon the ancient ideals of fraternity and efficiency by Venico and Valtarre. Here you can find raiders and roleplayers having a grand old time, in a party that has on occasion slowed down but never stopped since 2012.

Featured 9/26/14 and 1/9/15!

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Song of the Forever: LinkWhen You're Evil by Voltaire

Regional News:
Scottiesland has been promoted to Taskmaster and has taken up the mantle of Outside World Manager as Zeorus forges a new path. Congratulate them on their ascent!

Order of the Day:
Find a region in need of some malice...

Embassies: Osiris, The Communist Bloc, Islamic States, The Black Hawks, Lone Wolves United, The Eternal Order, The Brotherhood of Malice Girl Scouts, Suspicious, The Shadows, Conch Kingdom, Aurelius, Lower Kingdom, Hunters For Hire, The Void, Asgard, The Imperial Legion, and 355 others.Ile de France, Unknown, Yerushalem VI, Equilism, Yportne, Alliance of Sovereign States, Avakaels Wednesday Night Curry, The Mystical Council, Assassins, Rome, The Communist Nations of The World, Aliados Brasileiros, The Rose Meadows, Alteran Empire, The United Commonwealth, The Sith United Nations, The Grey Wardens, Horn of Africa, Euro, Reyno de Navarra, Kingdom of Ramility, Soviet Alliance, Union of Republic States, The Grand Citadel, Groovy, Mars Command, The Monke Hangout, The Good Place, academy, United Group, Fredonia, Unitary force of the Funny, Confederacy of Layem, Kyphire, Neon City Dreams, Democratic Region, The Appalachian Order, Republic of Layem, Republic of Pirates, Japan, Alstroemeria, Yamstan Invasioxz, abated, abolishes, Equilarrogance, Jack Daniels, The Federation of Independent States, West Coast Federation Pact, absence, about, The Unified Study Group, Zhof Taralea, land of the ford home of the brave, Holy Imperial Hegemony, Democratic Union of Humanity, King of the Hill, Region of Federations, Federation Of Andom, The Islands of the Great Wrath, Kwo Paradise, Happy Tree World, Grishahakkaverchynot, Richardsonson, Skivx, The League of Sovereign Nations, Not hell, The Kidney stoners, Eolor, TROWD Puppet Storage, Devide by Zero, Iron Clad Union, Jade Was Here, Black Sea Islands, atlantiantic, Kerala, The Jungle, abroad, The Holy Cabinet, The United Republic of Socialist States, Europa Nova, dirty place, Engiwa and authoritarian, The Greatest Colonies, Treyend, the dictorship of covenant, God clan, The Ancient Realm, abounded, The United Entente, The Empire of Gilderon, Commonwealth of Geopolitics, academically, The world of nation, Alternio, 5th Alabama War of Rights Nationstates, Oddness, Catharsis, Chebureks Paradise, Shurhands Alliance, The Eurovision Region, Plush United, The Instrumental Alliance, ez ur bad, The Great States of Fascist Nudists, Alliance of Puppet Nations, Marleyean continent, The Popptart Empire, Theocratic States, The King Isle, The Diamond Alliance, Bengalistan, Jashax, CTSN, Forbidden islands, Kaorska, Palos, Allied Nations of Glioca, The Remnants, Areda Muiri, Blibble Blobble, Brasil PT BR, TheCultOfCabbage, EMPIRESES, absentees, Avenging Broccoli, Weed Nation, Legio I Genua, The Paragon Union, The Democratic Republic of Lazio, Congress of Social Democratic Nations, The Ultimate Dictatorship, abysmal, Lonely Empire, The Great Pacific Cabbage Patch, The Imperial MuskLand, abracadabra, SupremeLords, Coral Reef 1, Ilhas da Saudade, New Asgardian Order, The amazing turtle men, The NationStates Commonwealth, Hexalia, Empire of British Embassies, Infinite Zachisian Multiversal Lounge, The Dictator, Communist independent China, Union Of JeremianFive Nationalists, Anakin Skywalker is hot, Regionless, SpacePizza Coralation, The Confederacy of Unified States, Duhmerican Alliance, The Place, Pro democracy coalition, The Luxan Empire, United NationStates, Bandonia, United Front of Dionastain, Amazonas, Verthandi, The Islamic Bloc, Hanaraxia, accentuates, Fairy Tail, academe, White boy summer, The Imperium of Greater Europa, Armorique, New Asia, Magicae Mundi, Nation Collectors Corner, West Capitalist Agreement, accidents, Anontia, The South Intermediate Lands, Realm ov Autistik Ordenstaats, West Nuhien ASF, The Family, accommodation, International Space Station, Coal kingdom the 7th, Scawtia, accelerate, Brand New World, Ros Empire, Rei Chikita, The International Puppet Storge, North Newtown, Terram Mentis, THICCEST THANGZ, Dictator Paradise, Bruhkarcia, The United Coalition of Nations, Anomaly, Conservative Club, Canastralian Union, Paradoxika, abuser, Anti LGBTQ, Historium of the Recordkeeper, Christian Islands, Slavya, Free Nations of Polzone, Open Ocean 10, Madyan, Western Civilization, The Emirates of Askbhat, Isles of the Ironborne, The Eastern Region, Coalition Of Stupidity, The Northern States of Basldrykh, aga, acceptors, Squidqaulity, The Mosqe Army, World Simulator, World of Final Fantasy, The Greater Commonwealth, The Union of Lundic Protectorates, Czerchov, Wayne, Veurrfold, Communism4life, Order of the Phoenix, New Phoenix, qwacc, Dominium Aeternum, Anti Communist Liberation Front, Connecticut, Ruuussiya, McDonalds Lovefest, Starfleet Japan, This Game, Rights way, Lawless zone, corp incorporated conglomerate, The Federation of Communist States, Corruption, Organization of Moscow Pact, Riverhide, Open Ocean 7, Bongo, Behind M4, The Tundra Archipelago States, Erruwon, Communist and Socialist Faction, Dorito Juice, Yisrael, Zawdisian Union, Corleone, Tabarian Union, Continente perdido, Greater Spain, Nevil region, Centang, Irpland, Orlando Florida, The North Pacific rebellion, Glory Universalis, Global Oceanic Treaty Organization, Hemmes Alliance, The Javinian Union, Indo Pacific Treaty Organization, fURRIES 4 NATIONSTATES XD, accidental, The Great Region Of Flurp Flurp Land, absorber, Sand Dune, Dogecoin League, BackRub, The Lords of Polaris, The Guild of Nations, Sira Inclusive Research Alliance, Nord Kaukasus, Gayland, Fredlandia, abrades, The Land of the Geezers and space people, The City of Ba Sing Se, The Region of Many, Hyperworld, ImpLand, Puppet Storage, Zap Zap, Osaka, Ur dad, The Most Random Nations, Vandoosa, absconds, Almann is geil, Alliance Against Humanity, npa, Aeykium, Anniki, accommodate, Epic Gamers, The Holy See of Vagen, BallsMoment, Class Region, Western warzone advance, NFT, Pinkusuta Noniwa, Germanic Region, Summae gentes, Galicia Island, South America Union, Senko Sans Palace, The Worlds Zoo, Religious Freedom, Freeland Republic, The Wrong Neighborhood, Pavlovic Pact, North Brightia, The Royal Sovereign Alliance, IdiotsOfToday, Confederate Nations of TomFoolery, Slavic Union of Vodka Enthusiasts, The North Atlantic Commonwealth, The Royal Sovereign Nations, Antisocial League, Aynia, The Prison, Terra Cognita, Mane Upod Nos, The Consumable Sustenance Coalition, Wallastan, Green, Regiao de Slaviya, Union of Independent Regions, Japan0, sil colony, The Imperial City, United Mapgame Nations, United Socialist Archipelago, Hartfelden, Karvinia, Stankitopia, New Atlantis, Ferrari, Kentucky Fried Chicken, thieving scoundrels, To Conquer All, The ULN, Dixies land, The Region of Nations, Confederacy of Pretentious Douchebags, Concordat of the Pacific, Quarks, Taiwanese, Ultimate Environmentalists Club, Socialist Confederation, Nomicas, Noname Region, and Warzone Airspace.

The embassy with Democratic Union of Humanity is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with absentees is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with abysmal is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with The NationStates Commonwealth is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with Hanaraxia is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with West Nuhien ASF is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with IdiotsOfToday is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with Slavic Union of Vodka Enthusiasts is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with Union of Independent Regions is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with New Atlantis is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

Construction of embassies with The Allied Nations of the Right Wing has commenced. Completion expected .

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The Brotherhood of Malice contains 191 nations, the 112th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Scientifically Advanced in The Brotherhood of Malice

World Census researchers quantified national scientific advancement by quizzing random citizens about quantum chromodynamics, space-time curvature and stem cell rejuvenation therapies. Responses based on Star Trek were discarded.

As a region, The Brotherhood of Malice is ranked 7,206th in the world for Most Scientifically Advanced.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Dominion of HumblicPsychotic Dictatorship“Simple ”
2.The Kingdom of Godnumia VerblentaulDemocratic Socialists“God save the Queen!”
3.The Avengrynkhal Ascendant of Klaus DevestatorieCompulsory Consumerist State“Hope is gone.”
4.The Allied Districts of Ode DuddisInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Timor enim est via ad pacem”
5.The Big Baguette Diamonds of WapistanCapitalist Paradise“If Drew didn’t film it, then it ain’t filmed right”
6.The Cybersocialist Federation of Democratic Empire of RomaniaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“The Imperial Rule is, today, abolished for eternity !”
7.The Empire of The Western Roman EmpjrePsychotic Dictatorship“Rome is the city of echoes, the city of illusions, and”
8.The Federal Republic of East SkirsburgInoffensive Centrist Democracy“A tree does not fall with the first blow”
9.The Scooby Doo Enthusiasts of The SapientiaCompulsory Consumerist State“..”
10.The Defense Council of Heckler KochicaLeft-Leaning College State“Shoot first, ask questions later”
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Regional Happenings


The Brotherhood of Malice Regional Message Board

Devious wrote:question of the day;
what dystopian future do you feel is the most likely to actually happen?


Venico wrote:Wall-E

Scariest future of them all

Devious wrote:question of the day;
what dystopian future do you feel is the most likely to actually happen?

A Canticle for Liebowitz

Devious wrote:question of the day;
what dystopian future do you feel is the most likely to actually happen?

people forgetting the glory of NationStates 2

Devious wrote:question of the day;
what dystopian future do you feel is the most likely to actually happen?

1984 or Brave New World


QOTD: What piece of media (book, tv series, movie, etc.) have you consumed lately that you'd like to recommend?

Venico wrote:QOTD: What piece of media (book, tv series, movie, etc.) have you consumed lately that you'd like to recommend?

The Man in the High Castle. I watched it a few months ago but this alt reality series is amazing for history fans. Much recommend.

Also Spy X Family…because uhhh…Yor Mom \o/

Venico wrote:QOTD: What piece of media (book, tv series, movie, etc.) have you consumed lately that you'd like to recommend?

Watched Purple Hearts with the Mrs. the other night. Not a great movie by most standards but probably the best RomCom I've watched in ages.

Rei wrote:WZAI 🤝 BoM


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