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    CoDN Roleplay Guide

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    Save the Internet! Save NS!

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    Useful NS Sites and Utilities (updated: 4/19/2019)

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    [UPDATED] NationStates Guide

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Regional Power: High

The Coalition of Democratic Nations contains 48 nations, the 387th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Influential in The Coalition of Democratic Nations

World Census experts spent many evenings loitering in the corridors of power in order to determine which nations were the greatest international diplomacy heavyweights.

As a region, The Coalition of Democratic Nations is ranked 139th in the world for Most Influential.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Social Stratocracy of AscoobisDemocratic Socialists“Ad Astra Per Aspera”
2.The Grand Federation of BrechalhtCapitalizt“Liberty and Fidelity”
3.The City and Republic of New AdelaideNew York Times Democracy“Acta Non Verba”
4.The Distributist Kingdom of SilveriusInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Stamus cum ecclesia catholica.”
5.The Confederate Borderlands of Neptunium UnionCivil Rights Lovefest“Surrender to Hope”
6.The State of Republic of WashintonLeft-Leaning College State“As eternal as the sky.”
7.The American Commonwealth of CermaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“God our father, man our brother.”
8.The People's Democracy of IcecaprianiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We Fight, We Win, We Live.”
9.The República of PrusswitonsiakekingkailandIron Fist Consumerists“Wait, where did Cuba go?”
10.The Egyptian Kingdom of PaglaumLeft-Leaning College State“Order and progress.”

Regional Happenings


The Coalition of Democratic Nations Regional Message Board

National Police Agency





Police are responding to an incident at Beijing University. A group of armed people have marched on campus and are setting fires to the campus.

All residents in the University City District of Beijing are ordered to shelter in place.

This Is Probably Unrelated To Your Region In Any Way But Since Our Region Has A Embassy With You I Might As Well Say It.

Our Region Is Having A Government Shutdown. Ask Questions If You Want.

Aya Democratic Republic wrote:This Is Probably Unrelated To Your Region In Any Way But Since Our Region Has A Embassy With You I Might As Well Say It.

Our Region Is Having A Government Shutdown. Ask Questions If You Want.

Can I still go to Mount Rushmore?

The Midnight Star

Fires Envelope!

Largely unmolested for decades, the remote Kajeb Monastery, one of the last that survived the Spanish Purge of Ascoobian culture, is threatened by the growing blazes of the Red Ranch Fire, which has ravaged 8,000 acres of the Calapooya Mountains in Southern Oregon and remains at 0% containment and is expanding uncontrollably. The site exists at the peak of Balm Mountain, has been cutoff by the ferocious fire and is reachable only by helicopter. The Monks of Kajeb reportedly refuse to allow themselves to be evacuated, as well as the trove of priceless religious artifacts that lie within their crypt. Choosing hunker down, accept any strangling hikers, and wait out the siege, depending on their chief deity for protection. More will be shared as new information comes in from the Ascoobian Nature Services assembling reserve army units to battling this blaze.

Friendship Frozen?

With the renewal date of the Berlin-Darkmount Pact of Economic Cooperation nearing, Ascoobis' German ambassador Bianca Vogel has been unable to get in touch with her counterpart in Berlin. While the official story remains technical issues, due to perhaps hidden compatibilities between the German and Ascoobian Intranets, some sources hint that the disconnect may be political.

Ascoobis' overall positive history with Germany dates back to its predecessor, the Kingdom of Prussia. Kaiser Wilhelm the First developed an unlikely friendship with the exiled Ascoobian prince, Aliseyu. As a result, Prussia was a key ally in the Ascoobian War of Independence and reestablishment of the monarchy. From then on, the Ascoobian Kingdom extended a compassionate hand of friendship and gratitude to the people of Germany and was a strong ally until the disastrous defeat at the hands of ATCO in the American Theater of The Great War. Relations remained murky throughout the rest of the 20th Century as extremist regimes rose and waned. Until the mending and stabilization of relations in the 1970s.

In it's most modern iteration, Germany is a land of extreme contradictions. Starting with the fact that it classifies itself as a "Marxist Kingdom", a unique form of constitutional monarchy. This controversial form of governance has made Germany an international pariah to Capitalistic and Communistic nations alike, its economy forced into a state of autarky, excluding trade with specific states such as historic allies, including Nuak and Ascoobis.

In Other News...

  • An ongoing incident at Beijing University has mobilized Police forces and forced residents to seek shelter. The Ascoobian government wishes for its exchange students to take shelter at the nearest Ascoobian Consulate, if possible. Rumors that the incident has been sparked my violent Maoists, having previously stormed a local police headquarters remain unconfirmed, but Ascoobis is operating under that assumption unless conflicting information surfaces.

  • Nathan Taylor has been declared guilty for the horrific murder of Ephyral Selian international student Petrus Dormaereon and has been sentenced to undergo Emasculation before being sent to a final execution by Inert Gas Asphyxiation a month later.

Xinhua News
The Truth Will Set You Free


Beijing University Stand Off
We are on the ground at Beijing University where a standoff is unfolding between police and a group of armed thugs that call themselves "Revolutionary Maoist Movement"(RMM). They claim to be a splinter group from the RSAL group. RMM seized several classroom buildings, the chapel, dormitory and the administration building.

Police arrived within minutes of receiving calls from panicking students, mamy of them residents in the dorms. Students at the university were ordered to lock their doors and to shelter in place. Foreign students on campus were ordered to do the same until they are evacuated along with domestic students.

Students off campus are asked to stay home. All foreign students have been issued an advisory to shelter in their consulates or to shelter in place. We can see Tactical units and more patrol officers fortifying the permiter. We could see Police snipers positioned on the roofs of buildings, their rifles trained at the black clad RMM thugs.

A negotiator from the National Police Agency has been in dialogue to let all students evacuate peacefully and to stand down. RMM issued their demands that we will list

1. President Ma and PM Bo are to step down
2. The government of China is to be reformed
3. China is to establish diplomatic relations with Socialist countries
4. Safe passage off Beijing Campus

The group stated they are armed with guns and bombs. They have threatened to shoot at students and at police.

The National Police Agency as well as Beijing City Police, Beijing University Police, Tactical units and the National Guard have surrounded the university with their guns trained at the occupied buildings. Behind them are fire fighters and paramedics.

We can see a cloud of smoke rising from one of the classroom buildings that they set on fire. Computers and books litter the fields in front of the captured buildings. Communist graffiti was sprayed on the walls and the Hammer and Sickle flag of the Communist Party as well as the RMM flag was raised on the roof of the administration building.

We will continue to cover this dramatic stand off.

THE EPHYRAL MESSENGER | Printed 4th April 2035




African campaign declared over...

Nearly two years ago, Ephyral legions assigned to the Phalanx Africa undertook a new campaign against declared belligerents in northern Africa, as part of a now long-standing trend of bloodying Ephyra's new recruits against a real enemy, enabling them the opportunity for spoils and scars in Ephyra's name. Unlike the prior campaign just under a decade ago, the Ephyral operations in Africa met with limited foreign opposition. Tensions between Ephyra and the various north African polities and tribes have existed for over a century, due to tribal conflicts between federates of Ephyra's empire and their rivals outside of it. The legions were joined by auxiliaries of all backgrounds in the campaign.

Details of the campaign such as number of dead or wounded have not been publicly revealed but the operation has been declared a victory, and all forces pulled back to provincial territory. Speaking on the campaign, the governor of the Africa province issued a written statement that said, "Glory and honour belongs to the men who have risked their lives in Ephyra's name, and above all to the ones who gave their lives in full. The fallen have been given full funerary rites, and their families issued with the crown of sacrifice. Many spoils were taken from the campaign, and the families of those who fell shall enjoy the fruits of their loved one's conquests, whilst the living too have their pick of reward. To our auxiliaries, we likewise ensure their entitled share. Aminis shares our love of battle and victory. Larox brings it upon the field. The gods will have their share, and Ephyra will endure."




Exchange student killer sentenced...

Nathan Taylor, the killer of Ephyral student Pheteros Osios Dormaereon (known as Petrus Dormaereon in Western media), has been sentenced by an Ascoobian court to emasculation and execution by inert gas asphyxiation. Taylor was arrested and charged last year with the murder of Dormaereon as a consequence of the unprecedented publicity of the phenomena that became known as the 'Slap-ass challenge'. Taylor, acting under rumour that Dormaereon had touched his sister in this way, attacked him with a bat, resulting in his death. No basis to the rumours have been found, nor is it clear whether any contact between Dormaereon and the sister of the convicted occurred but was misinterpreted, or from whom the rumour of assault came. Whether this will be investigated is unknown.

Dormaereon's body was returned to Ephyra as soon as necessary post-mortem analysis was completed, where he was given traditional funeral rites and cremated. Dormaereon's familial father, his grandfather for whom he is named, Pheteros Osios Dormaereon (the elder), willingly gave comment to the news of conviction and sentencing. "That the Ascoobians have pursued justice in accordance with their own laws is heartening to us. Gods forbid any family should see one of their own killed in foreign lands, where you do not know the likelihood of identifying who is responsible. That they have returned my grandson's body, named, prosecuted, and convicted the man responsible for his death, and will move to carry out the sentence, is satisfactory."

Marxist agitation in China...

Tensions between the Chinese government and its Communist Party, and a number of armed Marxist militias, have escalated rapidly recently, with a standoff between the 'Revolutionary Maoist Movement' and Beijing police at Beijing University. The RMM, a self-professed splinter of another group, RSAL, have issued demands including; the resignation of President Ma and Prime Minister Bo; the reformation of the government; diplomatic relations with socialist countries; and safe passage off of the campus.

These issues began escalating from last year, when the Chairman of the Communist Party of China, Zhao Yang, accused Prime Minister Bo Ling Chen of 'abuse of position', after it emerged that during her visit to Ephyra and her overnight stay at the villa of then Archon Kalemnos Kelerios Amandos, with whom she was meeting on diplomatic matters, that she had taken herself to the room of the archon's son, Volesos Kelerios Amandos. The pair being spotted together the next day had sparked rumours of an association which were confirmed by Volesos not long after, in which he stated publicly that he had bedded the Chinese Prime Minister.

The Communists accused Bo Ling Chen of using her body to advance relationships with 'capitalist' and 'bourgeoisie' countries. The Kuomintang, Bo Ling Chen's party, declined to take any measures as the interaction was consensual, although remarked upon the event as being unprofessional. Xinhua News reported the public's interest in the matter as being neutral, a sentiment echoed in Ephyra both publicly and politically.

Later, the Communists were suspended for investigation, pending suspicion of links to RSAL, a group which had made an assassination threat against Bo Ling Chen, and later stormed a police headquarters. At Beijing university, both the RMM and Communist Party flags have been raised, raising suspicion of further links by the Reds. Ephyra's new annual archons have offered their support to President Ma and to Prime Minister Bo Ling Chen especially, who met the Senate in Ephyra, releasing a brief statement clarifying that, "in the interests of our new friendship, Ephyra shares the Chinese abhorrence to Marxian thought, and is willing to stand by its eastern friends against the threat."

Xinhua News
The Truth Will Set You Free

Live Coverage

Standoff In Beijing U
We are filming this live from a cleared out dormitory on the campus of Beijing University. The RMM have set up a base of operations right across from the police staging area. Both sides are heavily armed and are staring each other down. Two dormitories were cleared out ever since the standoff started. It appears that the standoff will end itself as a further round of negotiations is expected to take place that will guarantee the safety of...

*shots ring out from a dormitory followed by screams*

That's gunfire! Duck and cover!

*police units charge towards the shooting, some in tactical gear, others in standard uniform and some in plainclothes. All are brandishing loaded weapons*

Police are charging towards the shooting. We can see several students running away with their hands up. Some of them are bleeding.

*A masked shooter runs out and shoots at an officer, he falls to the ground injured. The officers shoot the RMM shooter in the chest*

Officers are moving in to clear out the building

*After a series of shots, stun grenades and tear gas the building is given an All Clear. A K9 unit goes in to search the building for bombs*

It appears the building is cleared out. A K9 unit is searching the building as police are moving in to clear a second building.

*shots ring out followed by silence. An officer says frantically and heartbroken on the radio*

"We have a K9 down! Repeat K9 down!"

*another voice over the radio*

"10-4..Be advised all responders we have multiple 10-54s and 10-51s in Building A"

Xinhua News
The Truth Will Set You Free


Beijing University Shoot Out
The standoff at Beijing University ended in a shoot out between RMM and Police. In total, 35 students were killed by RMM, 3 police officers were killed, 10 police officers were injured and 1 K9 dog was killed. 15 RMM terrorists were killed in the shootout with 5 injured. The remaining 10 surrendered to police after they were cornered in the administration building. Police pumped tear gas into the building to flush them out. After a few minutes, they all surrendered.

Several students were injured, many of them seriously. Medics rushed the wounded to local hospitals, all with gunshot wounds. Interrogations have started for the captured terrorists. Funerals for the deceased will be held at St. Francis Xavier Church.

Communist Party Investigated
An audit by the Revenue Service found that the Communist Party was contributing funds to RSAL and RMM via secure money transfers. It was also found that the Party was receiving significant funds from the USSR and from Communist movements in the West. The Communist Party has been suspended from taking part in political events indefinitely until they answer to a panel of judges. Already the Chairman of the Party was served a court summons by the Constable Service of the National Police Agency. The Police are investigating the foreign connections and will issue court summons to the Chairman of the Soviet Communist Party.

African Campaign Ends
News out of The Land of the Ephyral. Nearly two years ago, Ephyral legions assigned to the Phalanx Africa undertook a new campaign against declared belligerents in northern Africa.

Casualties have not been released but we have a statement from the governor of Africa

"Glory and honour belongs to the men who have risked their lives in Ephyra's name, and above all to the ones who gave their lives in full. The fallen have been given full funerary rites, and their families issued with the crown of sacrifice. Many spoils were taken from the campaign, and the families of those who fell shall enjoy the fruits of their loved one's conquests, whilst the living too have their pick of reward. To our auxiliaries, we likewise ensure their entitled share. Aminis shares our love of battle and victory. Larox brings it upon the field. The gods will have their share, and Ephyra will endure."

Why do we have embassies

Railroad Crossing wrote:Why do we have embassies

A relic of an old era, I suppose.

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