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    Worldbuilding resources for fun and profit

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    Authority and Responsibilities of the Regional Cartographer - ARRC(AUG2018)

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    Roleplay 101

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    CoDN Roleplay Guide

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    [Constitution] Coalition of Democratic Nations: Accords of Conduct and Regional Governance

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    Save the Internet! Save NS!

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    The Survival Guide to NationStates

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    NationStates Guide

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    The Complete List of NSCodes

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    Coalition of Democratic Nations Frequently Asked Questions & Welcome Dispatch (WIP)

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    Useful NS Sites and Utilities (updated: 4/19/2019)

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    [UPDATED] NationStates Guide

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Regional Power: High

The Coalition of Democratic Nations contains 63 nations, the 269th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector in The Coalition of Democratic Nations

World Census analysts extensively tested concept muscle cars in empty parking lots in order to estimate which nations have the largest auto industries.

As a region, The Coalition of Democratic Nations is ranked 6,208th in the world for Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The American Commonwealth of CermaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“God our father, man our brother.”
2.The Republic of PanamaCapitalist Paradise“Pro Mundi Beneficio”
3.The Unified Provinces of QuevolaCivil Rights Lovefest“Wo die Berge das Meer treffen”
4.The Egyptian Kingdom of PaglaumInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Order and progress.”
5.The State of Republic of WashintonLeft-Leaning College State“As eternal as the sky.”
6.The United Commonwealth of OakwallInoffensive Centrist Democracy“In Memoriam”
7.The Thanatopsis of The Special AngelCorporate Police State“To Die, To Sleep”
8.The Incorporated States of MonopolopolisCompulsory Consumerist State“Money is the root of all good.”
9.The Social Stratocracy of AscoobisDemocratic Socialists“Ad Astra Per Aspera”
10.The Empire of BigdaddCorporate Police State“War”
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Xinhua News
The Truth Will Set You Free

Special Coverage

We are live now in court during the proceedings of the accused. More testimony will be delivered by a Nihonese agent. Let's cut live

*Baliff walks in*

Baliff: "All rise. This court with His Lordship Judge Patrick Siu Tao. Court is now in session"

*The judge sits and the rest of the court sit. He puts glasses on and looks up at the defendants. They all look nervous and sweaty*

Judge: "Prosecutor, you may start with the proceedings. Call your witness to the stand"

*A Nihonese witness takes the stand to be questioned. He is shaking in fear and sweating profusely*

Prosecution: "Oh get a grip you. You're a highly trained agent. You've probably taken a few lives in Taiwan haven't you?"

Nihoner: "Ummm Ummm.. I uhh"

Defense: "OBJECTION!"

Judge: "Over ruled but watch yourself Prosecutor"

Prosecution: "Mr.Yokoyam, we understand you were the head agent in charge of this operation. We have evidence showing that you frequently communicated with thugs prior to the hacking. We have all your receipts of money wires. Your cell phone was checked and we found enough to put you away forever. Now is your chance to talk to the courts and to the world about what you did and why"

Agent Yokoyama: Yes I was responsible for leading the sabotage mission. Almost everything is in those documents. Why am I speaking? Nihon has abandoned us and left us at your mercy. The reason why we did goes much deeper than what the documents reveal..."

Prosecution: "What would that be?"

*He opens his mouth and his eyes go wide. He starts to twitch and shriek in pain. His hands fly up to his temples. Another witness slumps over and starts twitching. In a matter of seconds, all Nihonese witnesses are thrashing and not making any sense*

Judge: "Baliff, call a medic! Court adjourned!

ᠲᠡᠵᠢᠭᠡᠯ ᠤᠨᠲᠠᠷᠠᠭᠠᠬᠤ
تغذية دون اتصال

Hi all,

I hope you're all well, just an update for you I apologise for not being on much lately, I am currently deployed at the edge of the world and connection to the Internet is intermittent. Regardless I shall make an effort to get on when I can and keep in contact, if you don't hear from me for a few days then this is the reason, just thought I'd let you all know so you don't think I've just dropped off the radar.

Thanks for understanding.

Taralus wrote:Hi all,

I hope you're all well, just an update for you I apologise for not being on much lately, I am currently deployed at the edge of the world and connection to the Internet is intermittent. Regardless I shall make an effort to get on when I can and keep in contact, if you don't hear from me for a few days then this is the reason, just thought I'd let you all know so you don't think I've just dropped off the radar.

Thanks for understanding.

It's all good, man.

The Nuakian Report
The Citizen's Light Within the Darkness


Reĝino Shepherd Returns from Honeymoon
After his marriage to Leono Leonakoro with his current husband, the couple left to the island of Ercon for the relaxation away from the capital's business, leaving the Kingdom to his mother, the former Reĝino. Now with the honeymoon over, the Reĝino returned, establishing himself again

Diplomatic Trips
In accordance with a plan drafted by both Reĝinos, several diplomatic trips departed from Hurlante International AirPort

Egypt will be visited by Princo Raolisto Shepherd and Princo Kupro Shepherd and are currently heading to the capital of Alexandria

China will be visited by Sekretario pri Eksteraj Aferoj Samjo Noktmezo and Deputito Sekretario pri Eksteraj Aferoj Fajrero Maro and are on route to Beijing

Greater Moluccas will be visited by former Reĝino Chloe Shepherd and her husband former Reĝo Logan Ramian and currently are on route to New Manila

Nihon will be visited by Prinico Vemoneza and her father Reĝo Eklipso Sunleviĝo and are on route to Tokyo


Trials of Traitors in China (More on Page 2)
"This either might lead to war, or just a petty execution" Says one source in the Hurlante Military Exuective Branch

Time to submit my RMB today heheheheh

hello i finally managed the courage to say hello
so hello

Okay, so I'll write my RMB today
Yesterday I got a bit busy

Tokyo Mailman (Translated) ("Corrected" by Government Media Administration of Nihon)

Tales of Torture

This story is a complicated one. Let us begin.
Last night, Our Great Minister Adachihara, spoke a grim speech about the situation in China:

"Not long ago, a court case was held in China. The Koumingtan brutally interrogated innocent Nihoners, who were framed as witnesses and perpetrators in a manufactured hoax.
Despite how gruesome this may sound, it is impossible to simply 'convince' someone of spouting lies. You must break their will first.
Nihon would never meddle in a referendum, and this is clearly China's way of distracting us from the situation in Taiwan.
If we analyze the court case minute by minute, we notice the following:

- The defendants look nervous and sweaty. The Nihoners look as if they were mentally broken to the point of no escape.
- The prosecutor proceeds to speak perfectly calmly, as if reading off a very well prepared script. Scripts are fine, but it seems as if the court case took a tedious amount of effort. Of course, the mental status of the person he is questioning side put him off, so he is forced to improvise. This is barely noticeable, as he is a professional
- The Nihoner being questioned cant make himself answer. Its as if he is a shell of his former self. Its as if he has been beaten to the point of losing his will to live. Whatever gruesome events happened to prepare the man for the interview has left more of a mark then it intended.
- The prosecutor once again asks a question calmly, in a very prepared way, as if the whole thing was set up to have certain events play out in advance, to a "Agent Yokoyama"
- This "Yokoyama" man answers although struggling a lot. Its as if he is attempting to keep his sanity after what happened to him beforehand, but is failing. He attempts to go along with the staged event, but struggles
- The prosecutor asks the question that was prepared in the staged event
- This Yokoyama man finally breaks. His sanity collapses and he loses his mind. The horrors they probably had to do to break his will and force him to go along with the fraud end up sinking deeper then the Koumingtan expected. He begins to act in a insane way.
- Subconciously encouraged by their fellow tortured Nihoner, they begin to all break down and lose their mind. They have all given up hope.
- The judge acts shocked, as this clearly wasnt part of the plan. The court is adjourned.

The situation is clear. In order to retain Taiwan, China has been torturing innocent civilians, specifically Nihoners, as a twisted way of creating a fake scandal that distracts us from Taiwan and justifies allowing Taiwan to remain within China.
The Chinese government is disgusting and will do anything to retain its power. Their true light has been shown. What happened in their court clearly wasnt part of the plan.
The evil Koumintang have been, which is quite obvious now, inflicting twisted acts of torture among innocent civilians in the name of their ideology.
These are innocent Nihoners. Innocent people of the nation of Nihon.
Nihon will NOT tolerate this. We will not allow our people to be tortured and humiliated. This is sick and immoral!
We are putting our army on full alert on the borders, and we will begin mobilizing our airforce and navy aswell.

Nihon demands that China cease their disgusting and immoral actions before they face the consequences, and allow Taiwan to be free"

Goodnight Nihon.
May god bless us all, and may prosperity come to us all

Other News:

Leviathan Project Finished

Famous Homeless Man goes missing, public shocked

Nihon begins funding Conspiracy Theory websites

Xinhua News
The Truth Will Set You Free

Nihoner Witnesses Die, Autopsy Ordered
Out of the Nihoner witnesses that were sent to the hospital, one died in intensive care and one is in a coma. The others are reported to be stable and are being kept on psychiatric watch. The one that died was immediately sent away for an autopsy as foul play was immediately suspected. The preliminary reports do not show any trauma from physical attacks but the brain is severely damaged. One doctor described the brain as "looking like a rotten block of Swiss Cheese. Full of holes and in such a poor state of damage".

Blood, urine, saliva, skin tissue, organ tissue and fecal samples were taken to be examined for possible poisoning. All the survivors and the comatose gave blood and urine samples for examination. Interviews were attempted with the stable witnesses but they were incoherent. Doctors suspect brain damage and they will be evaluated by a neurologist.

Mongolia Standoff Intensifies
More police have been sent to liquidate the house. The Mayor of Ulaanbaatar has ordered "We're going to drag RSAL out by the backs of their necks. No question about that"

Ok we can see a police chaplain going up to the window to attempt to negotiate their surrender

*The chaplain walks away after a few minutes, shaking his head in frustration as he speaks with the police captain*

Ok it seems that failed. We can see the captain getting on a bullhorn

"Attention all RSAL terrorists in the house. We are going to pump tear gas and water cannons on you. It is not lethal but will really hurt. Comply now and we won't"

*A minute passes*

"Your choice"

*Police toss two canisters of tear gas into the house and open up with water cannons. Police are just standing in defensive positions with their rifles, shotguns and handguns drawn

After a few minutes, shoots ring out from inside the house. A police officer is hit in the head and falls dead. Three others nearby are hit in the stomach and fall*

Four officers have been hit, one isn't moving

*The police all return fire. An armored truck pulls up with siren wailing. Officers jump out and retrieve their fallen officers and open fire into the house. Police and journalists take cover with police returning fire. The shootout lasts for a brief few minutes but is feels like hours to those on the ground*

*RSAL terrorists come out with their hands up and are immediately detained by police. One comes out without his hands up. He has a gun in his jeans*

It looks like he's surrendering but we can't see. Police are surrounding him and telling him to stop.

*The man stops and puts his hands behind his head. A group of enraged officers pull him up by his hair and lead him away. He starts thrashing so they throw him down and brawl breaks out. They quickly get him on the ground and start kicking and punching him*

They're hitting him on the head... kicking him on the head!?

*Their captain runs over and orders them to stop. The thug is pulled up and thrown in the back of a police van. More RSAL are detained, mostly young to middle aged adults but some look to be high school aged*

We're going to continue covering this event but it looks like it's been broken up albeit violently.

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