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The Empire Report


Shops Reopen
After a crackdown, the some local shops and stores have opened to the public in an attempt to ease the fear in Trankvila. The police have been set up in all major consumer areas


Terrorists Flee
Trankvila has called out the nations of Germany, the Frank-Italian Union, Ephyra, and Karthspirije to arrest all members of the terrorist groups responsible for carrying out the attack against the capital of the Empire days prior. They are suspected of having fled to other European nation's borders for protection against prosecution by the Trankvilan Empire.

Unrest in Tibet
In a sudden outbreak of violence, the communists of Tibet have attacked police officers, causing the current violence in which have left 5 soldiers and 3 officers dead. Borders remain closed until a schedule set to be put in place

A new insurgent movement in Karthspirije
It is reported the army is now in a two front war against the KNLI and the FNR. Now the nation is not only gripped by violence over government but over territory that the people thinks belongs to another. As a result of FNR group acts, 2 nurses were injured in a shooting during a visit by the state premier

1951 - JUNE - 18


    A top-priority search for individuals suspected of involvement in the terrorist attack against the empire of Trankvila, responsible for killing the majority of the Trankvilan cabinet, began across the Freehold several weeks ago, and can now be finally announced.

    It is currently unknown how the several suspects arrived in Ephyra, but collaboration between Trankvilan and Ephyral intelligence has produced a list of names and faces for authorities to hunt down. We are now authorised to display these images publicly. If these individuals are spotted, contact local law enforcement immediately.


    Violence has erupted in Yun Nan, in the Tibetan Empire, as communist elements open fire against federal personnel, with eighteen suspected casualties and more predicted to follow. The government of Tibet has responded to the so-called 'uprising' by flying in more troops to quash the insurgents, whilst borders with neighbouring countries were termporarily closed. The SFLE has issued an amber travel warning, warning against all but the most necessary travel to Tibet and Yun Nan in particular.


    Also in the far east, fighting has been taking place in the city of Batavia, the capital city of the Dutch East Indies. Indonesian militias have been engaging with Dutch forces in the city, aiming to take it before Dutch reinforcements can arrive. No other information is currently available apart from the public declaration that Dutch forces have been dispatched to destroy the militias in Sumatra.


    In an amusing circumstance, the Chief Commissar of Karthspire, Arteron Terai, has authorised the re-naming of the western Karthspiri city of Odessa to Teranair in his own honour. A spokesman for the Sphere of Foreign Relations has called the move "an attempt to forget history by aggrandising the defeated".

    The comments refer of course to the Odessa Offensive launched by the SFLE in late 1943 and into 1944, as Ephyral forces with their German allies in the north successfully mounted their first major offensive into enemy territory in the course of war. Odessa was designated the strategic goal of the offensive, to be used as a staging for further activity across the local steppe. Successfully taken by the 3rd Phalanx after several months of fighting, Odessa was given to the soldiers of the 3rd Phalanx as hard-won spoils of war.

    For Ephyra, the taking of Odessa was a morale boost, as the eagle was raised above it and thousands of its people marked for import to the Freehold proper. During the fall of the city, Ephyral soldiers humiliated Karthspire and its people in every fashion. For many, it is no surprise therefore that the Karthspiri government may wish to hide its shameful defeat by re-naming the greatest example of it. However, tens of thousands of Karthspiri reside in Ephyra now as a living and breathing testament to a glorious Ephyral victory.

Tibet News
Your Time. Your News

June 25, 1951


Communists Bomb Temple
In a move to remove all Cultural Buddhist influences, the terrorists fire bombed the Temple of Sherab Chamma in Kangding City, Garze Prefecture, Kham State during the morning chanting services. Casualties are numerous and a full report is not available. The Communists have claimed responsibility. The Library has been saved.

Ice Melt Reveals Texts
A small ice sheet melted at the foot of Everest. Two locals ventured into the cave and found ancient texts that upon investigation show to be from around the first wave of Buddhist monks to visit Tibet. The texts were translated in the Zhang Zhung language and were written in Pali. One text is believed to have come from Ephyral as the languages match up. The manuscripts are being further examined at the Potala Palace by a team of scholars and monks.


Terrorist Hunt
The search for bombing suspects in Ephyral has intensified with the suspects believed to have arrived in the country. Tibet has remained vigilant for suspects that may have fled to Tibet and has offered help to Ephyral investigators in hunting the suspects.


Telhárr Nasjonal

Domestic Bulletins

Dissidence spreads across the land
Following several months of protest each and every Sunday in the Capital city, worshippers across the country joined protesters in Elinhir who take to the streets weekly in opposition to what they describe as heavy-handed Government action but, which, most of us know as necessary to keep each and every Karthspiri soul safe. Crowds were reported marching through Teranair in the far-west and Kharkiv in the far-east with members of all faiths being reported as having attended the protests; led as sermons by the Karthspiri orthodox church. In eastern cities, many were reportedly members of the nomadic Karthspiri community; relocated to high-quality housing by our Government to protect them from KNLA agents as well as the traditional collection of diseases and barbaric practices which plague their tribal communities.

In response to these protests, the Government is reportedly considering a tightening of the laws which protect clergy members from prosecution regarding anything said on holy ground or during a sermon; allowing them to return order to the nation's streets.

Trankvilan agent of terror arrested
Descariln is, in many ways, the Western gateway to Karthspire; the first city many travellers by horse, foot or car will lay their eyes on when entering our country. Unfortunately for many, strict border controls implemented to protect the Karthspiri people from foreign agents following our nation's independence means that few will see past the walls which protect our nation; let alone lay their eyes upon our cities - newly raised from the fiery embers of the great war.

For a Trankvilan national, arriving at the border this morning, border agents quickly realised his true identity; showing him only the back of a Karthspiri police van and the walls of Descariln city prison. National authorities are sure in the prisoner's identity as a terror suspect involved in a bomb plot in the Trankvilan capital several months prior to writing.

NJF agents have reportedly taken control of the case and currently have the suspect under interrogation with no intention of extradition without prior approval from Terai himself; mostly due to the lack of any formal extradition treaty between the two nations.

Terror attacks kill 50, injure 117
The death count from the conflicts in the country's west continue to climb. Last week, 15 soldiers and 7 civilians were killed in a car-bomb blast in the city of Descarlin in the Beshklarel (Bessarabia) State targeting a military checkpoint in the city; around 50 more were injured by the attack.

In Karpatrije State, 21 soldiers and 7 civilians were killed with 67 more injured in various clashed between KNLA rebels and Karthspiri National Armed Forces soldiers.

With the death toll expected to continue to grow further in coming months, we can only pray that our hopes for peace and our resolve to fight on grow faster.

Other News:
- First train makes cross-country trip
- Construction of country's first Nuclear plant to begin 'within months' in 'one of the southern states'
- Preliminary plans regarding Church split to be proposed in September

Exterior Bulletins
- Tibetan Communist insurrection worsens
- Ephyral are still evil

Selected headlines from Summer 1951

Mysterious Man Arrested for Claiming End of the World in 2024

    A yet-unidentified man ran through the streets of Kaulong with a megaphone claiming to be a time traveller from a far-off land called "Komminland." When asked to stop by the Hong Kong City police, he refused and reiterated his prophetic vision of the end times 73 years from now. He has since been arrested and placed in jail, where he insists that his name is Argus and that he traveled here to warn of the world ending in 2024. Police are trying to ascertain his true identity to no avail. Members of the public are asked to come forward with any information leading to the identification of Argus, and police say they can give "maybe a couple of yun for your time, maybe ten if it's really helpful."

Universal Healthcare Issue Continues to Stall in Civil Advisory

    Almost a year has passed and the Civil Advisory still can't agree on how to handle the universal healthcare issue. When it was originally brought up in the Imperial Court, everyone agreed they wanted universal healthcare but the Advisory's circuit Prefects couldn't agree with the Civil Directors on how to deal with the budget. When the Imperial Court said they were drafting "a better health plan" last year, details were unclear but everyone assumed it would be out sometime soon.

    3rd Prefect of Wannam, Kwan Long Tsin, reportedly stormed out of the Imperial Court claiming that the Civil Directorate was working behind the backs of the circuit Prefects and were stealing out of his circuit's treasury. Supposedly, the Civil Directorate is scheming to set up a universal healthcare program of their own design using the funds of the circuits, and when it was already in place nobody but the Prefects would complain and everyone would just let it keep going. The Civil Directorate retaliated, saying that Prefect Kwan was lying to turn the public against the Civil Directorate and that the Board of Prefects are "useless and uncooperative" in actually making the healthcare plan they had promised together.

    An investigation on the allegations made in the Imperial Court has started, and the Emperor states that disciplinary actions are pending investigation results.

Season Premiere of Judge Baau Captivates Audiences

    The season premiere of Judge Baau on TV network NCB has enraptured audiences across the country. Based on the works of various Gung'on fiction authors, Judge Baau, played by actor Chan Tsiu Wan, breaks down and unravels the mysterious cases brought to his courtroom. In the first episode, circuit official Chan Tiu Kik is arrested for the murder of four wealthy merchants, but none can answer the crucial question: how? All different MOs, all apparently murdered simultaneously at different places, none other than Judge Baau can unravel the secrets surrounding the case.

    Critics rated the first episode quite highly, saying it's a spiritual adaptation of beloved Gung'on tales with new twists for the TV format. Many who did not own a TV before are considering going out and buying one.

Tibet News
Your Time. Your News
August 10, 1951


Foreigner Dies
A Western resident on holiday was shot by communist insurgents yesterday when trying to leave the occupied zone. The foreigner was 20 year old Valerius Etacon. The young man was a university student backpacking across Asia with some friends. The young man's friends were wounded but survived the ordeal when soldiers from the army chased the communists away. Despite the best efforts of doctors at Lhasa Hospital, the man succumbed to his injuries. The body of the man wil be sent back to Ephyral in a matter of days via airplane.

Lamas Host Kalachakra Offering
The Kalachakra Offering Ritual was held in Lhasa last week and was presided over by His Holiness. Lamas from across Tibet and some foreign dignitaries were in attendance for the yearly offering ritual. The Kalachakra is a massive ritual where the events of the world are seen as inner psychological changes. This year the Civil War was seen as the inner strife within us all.

His Holiness Turns 16
His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyaltso turned 16 years old today. HH held a small dinner with his family, close friends and some members of his cabinet including the Venerable 10th Panchen Lama and the Venerable 33rd Kyabje Gyalwa. These three leaders are considered possibly the youngest with the Dalai Lama at 16, Panchen Lama at 13 and the Kyabje Gyalwa at 22. The nation celebrated his birthday with prayers for a long life. We here at Tibet News wish His Holiness a long and happy life.


Dissidence in Karthspirije
Massive insurrections have spread across the land of Karthspirije to the point where the government is cracking down. The KNLA is alleged to be starting the insurrections. The Orthodox Church has also been involved in the protests through giving sermons.

Various Cerman News Outlets - 15 August, 1951

Cerma Launches Artificial Moon

Top Hill, Wednesday, Aug. 15 -- The Cerman Department of State announced this morning that it successfully launched a man-made earth satellite into space yesterday. The Cerman Central Aeronautics and Space Agency stated the satellite's orbit was at a maximum of 560 miles above the earth and its speed at 18,000 miles an hour. According to CASA officials the artificial moon, with a diameter of twenty inches and a weight of 201 pounds, was circling the earth once every hour and thirty-five minutes. This means more than fifteen times a day. Two radio transmitters, CASA said, are sending signals continuously on frequencies of 20.005 and 40.002 megacycles. These signals were said to be strong enough to be picked up by amateur radio operators. The trajectory of the satellite is being tracked by numerous scientific stations across ATCO.

"For several years the research and experimental designing work has been under way in Cerma to create artificial satellites of the earth." Said Chief Public Officer John Clayton of CASA, "As a result of intensive work by the research institutes and talented employees here at CASA, we are proud to announce this artificial earth-world satellite has now been created."

The announcement said that as a result of the tremendous speed at which the satellite was moving it would burn up as soon as it reached the denser layers of the atmosphere. Clayton gave no indication how soon that would be.


The Empire Report


Regino leaves for Karthspirije
Following the arrest of one of the individuals responsible for the attack against the Trankvilan capital, the Regino has gone towards Karthspirije & her overlord Germany to negotiate a plan to bring him home for justice against the Empire

New Animated Film Hits Record Box Office Success
The Empire recently saw the release of a new hit movie "The Tales of the Wolves" following the dramatic telling of the famous novel series of the name written by acclaimed writer Luis Gonzalez about the founding of a nation populated entirely by animals and a struggle against humans. It has been praised by critics and has soared to number one, with even Regino Mary praising the film along with getting her own copy of the film in advance


Cerman Artificial Moon
The Cerman Central Aeronautics and Space Agency (CASA) has reported of launching their own satellite into orbit. Chief Public Officer John Clayton had this to say
"For several years the research and experimental designing work has been under way in Cerma to create artificial satellites of the earth. As a result of intensive work by the research institutes and talented employees here at CASA, we are proud to announce this artificial earth-world satellite has now been created."

Western Tourist Dies in Tibet
An Ephyra citizen was shot to death by Communists in the occupied zone along with his traveling companions following tension between Communists and the Tibetan state. As a result the Regino has ordered all citizens return to Trankvila from Tibet

Universal Healthcare Bill Stalls in Namjyut
Conflict in the nation of Namjyut as the issue of universal healthcare again hits a brick wall following disagreements with how to proceed in the nation

1952 - FEBRUARY - 15


    After a fourth body was discovered in the south of Old Ephyra today, the investigaiton of the crimes has been elevated from local to provincial control, with the Selia Province Police Command taking authority. The move comes following the discovery of the body of a freeborn woman of citizen background four days ago, since identified as Maelella Gelonia Astaros. Astaros, aged 28 at the time of her death, has been confirmed to have been working as a prostitute having registered with local authorities three years ago. The circumstances leading to her doing so are not yet known, but Astaros' profession of choice is what she shares in common with three other murder victims in the last few weeks.

    Nuha Salib, Lynara Kosteres, and Helaekalia Nymeris, aged 24, 32, and 27 respectively, were found dead in alleyways adjacent to the streets they are believed to have been selling their bodies on. Astaros, the first citizen-born victim of these murders, was discovered in a similar fashion to the other victims, stripped and with severe abdominal wounds believed to be the cause of death. local Ephyral police made three arrests, but all suspects were released as Nymeris, 27, was found dead whilst all three suspects had been in custody.

    Before authority of the case was passed up, a spokesman for the local Ephyral police addressed the murders publicly, stating "it is our belief that these killings are motivated by the obscene profession of these women - a campaign of cleaning. However, murders such as these cannot be permitted to continue, as they present a clear danger to all residents of our city, and to our social trust and order. All lines of investigation are being pursued to bring this murderer to halt."

    Currently, no witnesses have come forward with information about the killings.

Trebizond Kingfisher

Wednesday - 20 February 1952


Destroyer named in honor of Great War hero launched

Having been ordered in 1946 and laid down last year, the newly-commissioned destroyer KPV Vimion Laerennis was formally launched on Tuesday evening in Sinope, flanked by an elaborate ceremony orchestrated by the Pontic Maritime Force. The vessel, originally designated Melkatos during the early construction phase, has been billed as the first step in an ambitious naval re-armament program aimed at bolstering and modernizing the Pontic fleet in the wake of the devastation wrought by the Imperial Russian Navy during the early war years. The decision to commemorate the late General Laerennis, who was killed in the Russian siege of Trebizond whilst in command of the Pontic Ground Force's 5th Army, was finalized whilst the recently-completed destroyer awaited its illustrious shakedown cruise. Laerennis' wife of 38 years and four adult children, as well as a sizeable crowd of veterans from the very battle which claimed his life, were present as the ceremony got under way.

Queen Haehra hospitalised

A spokesman for the royal family in Trebizond confirmed last night that Her Majesty Queen Haehra, former queen consort to King Sparaekon IV and grandmother of King Vatharion IX, was admitted to the Princess Daenora Memorial Hospital pending treatment for a chest infection. While further details were declined to keep in line with the wishes of the dowager queen, who celebrated her 99th birthday last month, we have been assured in no uncertain terms that Her Majesty is in good spirits and expected to be back at the palace within the week.

Tibet News
Your Time. Your News

May 21, 1952


Raid Kills Politiburo
A raid carried out by members of the Tibetan Army killed all members of the command of the communist insurgents. The raid was timed for their summit. This is a precursor to a push by the Army and fledgling Air Force to "drive the Red Menace to their graves". Already the communists have lost significant ground due to lack of funds and resources. Infighting between "Anarcho Communists"(who call themselves the National Syndicalist Movement) and the State Communists has caused significant damage to the movement.

Tibet Expo
With the nation moving into modernity the Tibetan government and many local businesses have proposed a national exposition of Tibet to the outside world. Guests from across the world including world leaders are invited. Local businesses have started investing with international investments expected. The largest investors are the nuclear power sector.

Healthcare Investigation Closed, "No Evidence of Foul Play," says Auditing Board

    Last year when 3rd Prefect of Wannam, Kwan Long Tsin, stormed out of the Imperial Court over the healthcare issue, he clamed that the Civil Advisory was stealing from his prefectural treasury to secretly fund their own one-sided universal healthcare program. The Emperor himself guaranteed disciplinary action following results from the Imperial Examination and Auditing Board, which launched an investigation last year. Almost a year later, the investigation has finally concluded, and findings have determined that there was no credible evidence supporting Prefect Kwan's allegations. Prefect Kwan has been suspended from the Imperial Court for the time being for slandering the Civil Advisory and has been fined 634 Thousand Yun (6 Million 2019 USD) for wasting the Auditing Board's time.

    Talks regarding the bicameral Universal Healthcare plan has in the meantime stagnated, although a new proposal set forth by the Civil Directorate has gained traction among Imperial Court groups. Under this proposal, employers would foot the cost of insuring healthcare, easing the burden on the imperial treasuries and avoiding the issue that caused the 634 thousand Yun investigation. Detractors have raised a myriad of problems with this proposal, such as coverage for employees of small business owners and the self-employed. Lobbies from large companies such as Sam Ting Industries have expressed their concerns, citing the potential for hindered growth if the proposal is ratified. The debate marches on.

Judge Baau TV Show Stirs Up Interest in Law, Law Enforcement

    With the second season of Judge Baau television show airing, the NCB TV company is raking the cash, but it's not the only one benefitting from the show. Following the end of the first season, student interest surveys indicate a 200% increase of interest in legal and law enforcement professions. Applicants to Namjyut's universities with law programs have increased dramatically, with thousands more participants taking the Imperial Examinations for Law. Examination halls are packed at peak hours, and officer training schools are looking to expand given the influx of new students.

Hong Kong Housing Estates Draws in Residents

    The construction of housing estates in Hong Kong started by the municipal government in Hong Kong has proven successful, with hundreds of residents relocating to affordable homes in government-subsidized estates. Although the construction has proven to be a significant cost in the city's budget, Hong Kong continues to expand its subsidized housing program. Meanwhile, the prospect of affordable housing is drawing in new residents wary of the increasing cost of living in Punyu, growing Hong Kong as a result.

    "Hong Kong is not just a port that serves Punyu," says Mayor Chan Au King, "We will show the world that we matter. We start with housing. Homeless numbers will drop, crime will be lowered, and we foster the safety and security needed for business to thrive. Already new faces are coming in as part of our labor force. Factory workers, dock workers, skilled workers. Everyone is needed."

    The government of Hong Kong, hopping on to the legal bandwagon Judge Baau has generated, has invited prestigious figures in Namjyut law as lecturers to Hong Kong University to draw in students.

1952 - NOVEMBER - 17


    Archon Taenitheos received and awarded a woman who during the second to last year of the Great War, single-handedly defended herself, her daughters, and her home from an enemy attack, driving the enemy away and surviving unharmed.

    Daenelassa Kaedinia Nohaneos - now aged 32 - was just 25 when her home in the province of Dacia came under assault by a small force of Karthspiri and Russian soldiers during the enemy's retreat from Ephyral land. The Nohaneos farm-home had escaped any devastation of the initial invasion but was targeted by enemy forces likely for supplies and food during the retreat. Daenelassa's husband, serving as a soldier in the war, had been cut off from his home and family following the Russo-Karthspiri occupation of parts of Dacia and other northern provinces from 1941 to 1945, leaving the home in the care of his young wife and two daughters.

    The event for which Kaedinia Nohaneos has been celebrated for took place on August 14th, 1945, shortly before the total expulsion of enemy forces from western Ephyra. As it is understood, some fourteen soldiers of mixed Karthspiri and Russian background came upon the farm seeking supplies. With typical enemy treatment of Ephyral women broadly known by this stage in the war, Kaedinia Nohaneos made no attempt at placation or negotiation with the enemy, and armed with a hunting rifle left to her by her husband, opened fire upon and killed the lead enemy soldier, after having first barricaded her two daughters in an underground room.

    The enemy then returned fire as they advanced, damaging parts of the house in the area Kaedinia Nohaneos had fired from. Kaedinia Nohaneos described how she then changed room and fired again from a different angle, again hitting her target and badly wounding a soldier. For some four hours the small battle continued as Russo-Karthspiri soldiers failed to injure Kaedinia Nohaneos. She further described how in the last moments of the fighting, two soldiers enter the house through the back, one of whom was immediately shot and killed by her, before hiding and finally killing the second with a butcher's knife. Upon not seeing their comrades return, the remaining seven soldiers fled from the farm as Ephyral forces continued their pursuit, overtaking the farm's position just thirteen hours later.

    Kaedinia Nohaneos described to the Archon how the defence of her daughters had become her focus on that day, and that she showed them the bodies of their enemies to help harden them against the violence they would have brought had they been successful. Archon Taenitheos embraced and applauded her for her devotion and bravery, addressing her as the ideal mother of all our children. He then placed upon her head a golden laurel, the first of a new decoration known as the Laurel of Devoted Motherhood, awarded to women whose actions save the lives of their children at risk to their own.

    At the war's conclusion, Kaedinia Nohaneos was reunited with her husband Artagos Jesorios Arantis, and has since birthed a son.

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Trebizond Kingfisher

Friday - 9 January 1953


Queen Haehra turns 100

Monday the 5th of January was a day of joyous rancour for the people of Pontus as Her Majesty Queen Haehra, grandmother of His Majesty Vatharion IX, celebrated her 100th full year on Earth. The illustrious dowager queen, no doubt awakening that morning to the sound of flag-waving well-wishers gathering in their thousands around the palace, drew ever more cheers in her name as she strode out across her top-floor balcony to greet her people in an increasingly rare show of public acknowledgement. Though she spoke not a word and was whisked back inside the palace by one of her aides within a minute of emerging, having only graced the growing crowd outside with a smile and a wave, one nevertheless cannot deny the gesture by Queen Haehra was greatly appreciated.

One person with no shortage of words for the occasion was newly-elected prime minister Lysaron Argaris, who wasted no time in paying tribute to the dowager queen that afternoon whilst convening parliament for the day.

"As I continue with the arduous task of taking the reins of state from my much-esteemed predecessor, allow me the honor of congratulating Her Majesty Queen Haehra on her 100th birthday. In such a long yet also relatively short span of time in our nation's history, several generations of Pontic women from all corners of our realm and all levels of our ever-growing society have been brought up on the example she has so tirelessly embodied for every single one of these years, in spite of all the conflict, all the tragedy and all the unspeakable horror that has been wrought upon us across perhaps the most turbulent centennial of our long history."

His words certainly struck a chord, as not even halfway through his glamorous spiel had the entire courtroom risen from their benches in an act of solidarity not seen since the war years. Mr. Argaris' predecessor and fellow party old-timer, wartime prime minister Serion Velaelor, eagerly concurred with his compatriot's words of congratulations, reminding everybody of the fact that Queen Haehra was the first Pontic royal on record to hit the milestone since the ascension of Vatharion I in the aftermath of the Mongol Era.

Born on the 5th of January in 1853 to noble parents during the final years of King Pyraegon's reign, Haehra was married to future king Sparaekos IV in 1871 and was queen consort from 1914 until her husband's death in 1926. Since then, she has taken up mentoring the royal daughters who have gone on to succeed her, including Queen Thesenna, queen consort to the late Jahaeron III, and Vatharion IX's own wife Malaehra.

The city of omsk

The Republic Times

Clearing the skies for a brighter future!

This morning, the Field Artillery of the Army unveiled the MIM-3 Nike Ajax Surface-to-Air missile, the first of it's kind in Washingtonian service. The missile, a homegrown design, was designed to safeguard Washingtonian and North American skies from the threat of nuclear armed bomber aircraft. This new missile system, now being deployed to strategic spots around the country, has been described by the Army Chief of Staff as :"The natural evolution of Air Defense Artillery systems. From our experience in the last war, we have determined this to be the most effective way to engage hostile aircraft that try to reach our shores. This is just the beginning of a new line of defensive missiles that will safeguard our skies." This came directly after a live fire demonstration where one of the new missiles successfully shot down a remote controlled bomber aircraft at 50,000 ft.

There has been no comment on whether or not the system will be allowed to be exported to other friendly nations. So far, no hints of it have been made but no doubt some allied nations may take a close look at the system. There is however no doubt that, in the eyes of the military, that our potential enemies are looking at similar systems as well.

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Tibet News

Your Time. Your News

June 6, 1953

Market Reforms
The Central Administration voted on various bills that would phase out the mercantilist feudal system in place of a Free Market System. The representatives stated their influences came from various philosophers and economists namely: Pierre Proudhoun(Mutualism), Dr. Murray Rothbard(Austrian Laissez-faire), Henry George(Geoism) and Frederic Bastiat(French Liberalism). The bill will use a land tax rather than the proposed income tax idea. The land tax will be based on the amount of land and will be set by the local states. The economy will be decentralized and left to both private businesses and local cooperatives to freely compete. However, the central government will maintain safety regulations and workers rights. Controversially, Worker Unions will not be federally funded but, will be treated as charity organizations. The largest union in Tibet, the International Workers of the World(IWW or Wobblies) have threatened walk outs. Local businesses have stated they will allow the unions to picket but police will be called to enforce order, leading many Wobblies to reconsider. Many peasants and businesses have applauded this move as it seeks to bridge various perspectives and giving power to the people.

Tibetan Airlines Begins Limited Service
Tibetan Airlines has started doing limited flight services to the countries of Russia and Namjyut. Seasonal flights to Ephyral are in the making with the end goal of international service. Flights are done out of Lhasa Airport and Xigazê Airport for now. Flights to Russia will be conducted out of Moscow. Flights to Namjyut are still in the planning stage.

New Weapons
The Army of Washington unveiled a new weapon, the MIM-3 Nike Ajax Surface-to-Air missile. This unveiling in the words of His Holiness "Both amazing yet horrifying as it can be used for horrible destruction. We understand that this can be used for defensive purposes but, we fear one can use these weapons for nefarious means especially in this nuclear age. We pray that this never happens and will be the first to sanction any nation who violates the peace of the human family."

Tibet News
Your Time. Your News
March 6,1954


Karmapa Lama as 4th Leader
A vote from the Central Administration, Kashag and the three Lamas agreed to install the 16th Karmapa Lama as a fourth leader. He will work in together with the 14th Dalai Lama, 12th Panchen Lama and 33rd Kyabje Gyalwa. The Karmapa Lama was already allowed to be a religious leader in the Cho Dorje faith. In the past, the Karmapa Lamas represented the Karma Kagyu subschool of the old Kagyu tradition. Because the Kagyu tradition mostly fell out of practice, there was no one to formally represent the Kagyu tradition. Due to the unification of the Buddhist schools in Cho Dorje. Ranjung Dorje at 30 is one of the oldest in the executive cabinet. The remaining leaders are teenagers with the 33rd Kyabje Gyalwa in his 20s. Venerable Ranjung Dorje will be formally installed as a leader in a ceremony that coincides with the Tibetan Expo. This ceremony will be private and away from the eyes of the media at the request of the Lamas.

1954 - JULY - 17


    Following a close-fought election, Elemedes Rhovios Kalnaeros has assumed the office of the archonship on the annual festival of the 328th Ephyralia. Replacing Kalykos Laserenios Rahtheon, who will like all of his predecessors since the Second Cultural Revolution will not be prosecuted for actions during his term of office, Kalnaeros inherits a continued status quo with the primary task of international relations.

    A member of the aristocratic faction descended from the pre-Lenaleos era, Kalnaeros ran like his predecessors on the maintaining of the public mores, social order, and strength. Calling upon both his distinguished lineage and prior electoral success, having been elected to every other available office in the same year he became eligible to do so, Kalnaeros emerged the victor in the elections.

    With minor unrest persisting in the provinces in Africa and near the Caucasus, Kalnaeros addressed these regions in his ceremonial assumption of power before undertaking the religious officiation of his legal power, granted for a year. He also expressed keen interest in establishing friendlier relations with Ephyra's western contemporaries and former allies in the war against Russia, such as Germany, Washington, and Cerma.


    Shocking details have emerged over the apparent mass-murder of a citizen freeholder family in the northern Judea province two days ago. The family, residing in their villa approximately 17 miles east of Acre, were found dead after receiving a visit from friends yesterday afternoon. Absent from the villa and its estate were the thirteen slaves owned by the lower equestrian class family, prompting a search for escaped slaves in the local area which has now been expanded across the entire province.

    It is unknown what initiated the revolt against their masters, but in the uprising all members of the local family are believed to have been killed. The bodies, identified by other relatives, have now been identified as 54-year-old family head Kaelemon Askenios Qarralis, his wife, 35-year-old Helaenys Eresia Dalaenor, and their three children, Selaerapos, Ephyra, and Lynaelekra, aged 15, 12, and 7 respectively.

    All five family members were found to have died from stab wounds, but no weapons likely to have been used were recovered, prompting a warning that the fugitive slaves are likely to be armed. The callous killing of a citizen family and their children has caused shock in the region, which has been seeing a downturn in violence in recent decades. Anyone with details that may lead to the capture of the escaped slaves is to contact local authorities immediately.


    In the Asian nation, the 16th Karmapa Lama has been voted by the nation's Central Administration into power, to work alongside the 14th Dalai Lama, 12th Panchen Lama, and the 33rd Kyabje Gyalwa.

    The essential theocracy of Tibet, governed by mostly teenaged individuals, has opted to coincide the inauguration with the Tibetan World Expo, an event that proarchon Rahtheon expressed interest in Ephyra contributing to. Whether the new archon will continue this interest is unknown.

Nordamy, Karthspirije, and Amaseia


Telhárr Nasjonal

Domestic Bulletins
Anarchy in Elinhir
The Sunday protest movement has plagued the tranquillity of our nation's holy days with many worshippers choosing to take to the streets to destabilise our nation instead of practising their faith with respect for our society. Over the past few years, however, the movement has grown; being joined most recently by many prominent chiefs of several Karthspiri tribes. Last weekend, following the declaration of tribal leaders showing support for the protest movement, crowds on the streets of Elinhir swelled to fill almost every facet of the city's, still scarred, streets. With the leaking of such scenes, by external agents, to many other major cities within Karthspire, protest movements began to pop up everywhere from Eránhir to Rálaren; filling the streets with echoes of treasonous chants.

As the nation's streets were filled with those who would see the strong government leading it forward torn down, anti-riot police and paramilitaries were deployed to control and direct the crowds with large clashes eventually breaking out in the cities of Lorenhir and Sárthireln. The response to these clashes from protestors has been to further increase violence, instigating clashes in more cities and attempting to storm government buildings. Only time will tell how this heartbreaking situation will pan out; we must pray for those in uniform who protect our government and nation - pray they succeed in restoring the peace.

Tibetan News
Your Time.Your News
September 18,1954


Mid Autumn Festival
Tibetans celebrated the ending of the autumn harvest today with pomp and high spirits. Tibetans drank cassia wine and ate what is commonly called "moon cakes". Farmers from the Eastern low lands had their crops and land blessed by lamas for a good bounty. Offerings were presented to the deities Umay(Fertility),Ay Ata(Moon) and Vajra Yogini(Tantra) for good luck and bounty. The holiday was imported through interactions with the Han and Yue peoples. Foreigners visiting the country were impressed by the show of culture to the world.


Unrest in Karthspirije
Demonstrators have taken to the streets in Elinhir during a holy day. Riot police and the paramilitary were deployed to maintain order yet,the situation is reported to have become chaotic. The Lamas issued a statement regarding this

"We are saddened that violence has erupted between civilians and the police. We believe in the right to demonstrate against the State but, violence should never be the immediate solution. Our hearts and minds are with the families on both sides. We pray that the spirit of peace prevails for all sentient beings in Karthspirije and all worlds."

No official position has been reached whether to support the protesters nor the police was formally decided on.

The Land of the Ephyral, Karthspirije, and Amaseia

1954 - SEPTEMBER - 24


    In the aftermath of the killing of Kaelemon Askenios Qarralis and his family, members of the equestrian class, the hunt for fugitive slaves in the province failed to produce useful leads. It has now been confirmed however that two other equestrian-class villas have been similarly attacked and in a more brutal fashion, prompting a more nation-wide outcry and demands for retributive response.

    The rural villas of Daemedes Kuzaerios Lenlarys and Nymaekaesos Praekilios Meltaris were attacked in rapid succession in the last week. The bodies of slaves belonging to the two men and their families were also found at the scene, indicating that not all of the slaves of the household opted to join the rebellion against their owners.

    The wife and children of Lenlarys, including the wife of their eldest son, were slain in a similar fashion to the family of Qarralis, however the wife and two daughters of Meltaris are missing and presumed abducted. All neighbouring provinces of Judea have implemented their own searches in case the fugitives try to leave, whilst the governor of Judea has vowed that "the cold brutality and unjust murder of these families will be met with the harshest retribution."


    Protests in the Karthspiri capital of Elinhir turned violent recently as the Sunday Protest Movement, growing over recent years and supported by chieftains of Karthspire's tribal population, took to the streets of Elinhir and other major cities in an anti-government demonstration.

    Karthspiri riot police deployed to take control of the situation became involved in clashes in two other cities, the news of which caused outbreaks of similar violence including in Elinhir. It is unknown whether the police deployed or the protestors initiated the violence, but acts of attempting to storm public buildings have become more prevalent in these events.

    The Tibetan Lamas, the first to respond to this event internationally, issued sentiments hoping for peace and a resolution to the violence. However, it is unlikely that these words will assuage the intentions and motivations of the demonstrators against the government.

Nordamy and Karthspirije

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