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The Coalition of Fascist Nations RMB

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Sovereign State of Scaneland (elected )

Founder: The Holy Fascist Republic of The new Polish Empire

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A Coalition of Fascist nations dedicated to the spreading of the fascist ideology, and the education of today's youth about the Doctrines of Fascism! We seek to spread a new Order throughout NationStates, and to finally halt the expansion of the corrupt and wicked communist dictatorships that surround us!


Il Duce: The new Polish Empire
WA Delegate: Scaneland
Minister of Intelligence: The 4th August Regime of Greece
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Arisen Britannia
Minister of Propaganda: Azokhistan
Minister of Domestic Affairs: Hong Ming
Minister of Recruitment: Open

Embassies: Fifth Empire, The Fascist Union, The Union Of National Socialists, The NewsStand, Austnara, Altmora, The Union of the Axis Powers, Confederation of Corrupt Dictators, Nazi Europa, International sovereignty pact, Union of Nationalists, Barbaria, Lardyland, Farkasfalka, Greater Aryan Empire, The Greater Nazi Empire, and 28 others.The 1st Entente, Derovania, The Reunited Resistance Against Liberals, Edmundian Empire, United Imperial Union, The Augusto Pinochet Vengeance Force, National Socialist Ministries, NationStates White Genocide Memorial, United Fascist Workers Association, J o J, The Thuria Pact, The Imperium of Man, The Holy Reich of Greater Germania, Galactic Imperium, United States of America, The Moderate Alliance, Legionary Axis, Grand Conference of Fascism, The Seventh Reich, Committees for Promotion of Integralism, Ancient, Otasija, The Metaxist Front, Mordkan Empire, Die Schwarze Sonne, The New Iron Order, Nuevo Amanecer, and Regional Treaty Alliance.

Tags: Anti-Communist, Conservative, Fascist, Featured, Imperialist, Large, Map, Regional Government, and Serious.

Regional Power: Moderate

The Coalition of Fascist Nations contains 54 nations, the 242nd most in the world.


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The Most Stationary in The Coalition of Fascist Nations

Long-term World Census surveillance revealed which nations have been resident in their current region for the longest time.

As a region, The Coalition of Fascist Nations is ranked 10,811th in the world for Most Stationary.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Holy Fascist Republic of The new Polish EmpireIron Fist Consumerists“Bóg, Honor, Ojczyzna!”
2.The Kingdom of Greater DaciaMoralistic Democracy“Nihil sine Deo”
3.The Snoke States of Sith TaiwanDemocratic Socialists“For the Emperor”
4.The Empire of Hong MingNew York Times Democracy“If it's not a Chang, it's gonna hang”
5.The Holy Empire of Imperial States and ProvincesPsychotic Dictatorship“Faith in the states, Faith in the emperor”
6.The Disputed Territories of ElectronegativityCivil Rights Lovefest“Never eat yellow snow”
7.The Holy Apostolic Kingdom of Greater HunniaMoralistic Democracy“Only through hardships a nation can thrive.”
8.The Sovereign State of ScanelandFather Knows Best State“Communism means death”
9.The Armed Republic of National-SyndicalistPsychotic Dictatorship“Smash the Capitalist-Plutocracy”
10.The Enlightened Monarchy of CascadonLibertarian Police State“Peace. Prosperity. Piety. Progress.”

Last poll: “Ban On Forced Sterilisation”

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The Coalition of Fascist Nations Regional Message Board

Turanist Hungary wrote:Communists and Anarchists - Idiotic anti-nationalists with half a brain cell, made by the Jews for the downfall of society.

Capitalists - Intelligent, war-mongers who run the world, aka the Jews.

Jews made commies so they would try to overthrow themselves?

Azokhistan wrote:You know what? I've fricking had it with Iran and the whole middle east in general. Just demolish it and start from scratch.

We just need an alternate fuel source. Then the whole region will fall into irrelevance l.

Greater Hunnia wrote:Well, a quick image search on "US bases around Iran" on the search engine of your choice will reveal what exactly I mean by Iran being surrounded. Iran knows that the US just wants an excuse to go to war, I don't think they are that much of religious fanatics and absolute morons to give it to them.

Alright, thats a pretty good map... But do you think these bases could decommissioned in their respective governments considering the current political attitudes towards the US? I dont see why Turkey, Qatar, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan (and maybe Pakistan and Iraq) would allow the US bases to go on and attack their ally. Still, even with those bases eliminated, their would still be enough bases to attack Iran. All I am saying is that it will provoke a some what Coalition based war between the two belligerants and their respective supporters and allies.

Pinochean Chile wrote:I think most muslim (sunni) countries favor Saudi Arabia over Iran, due to SA being considered 'muslim leader' (Mecca, Medina, wealth, oil). Iran is shia, which mean they are Russia in the muslim world (Russia is orthodox while majority of christians are catholics led/influenced by Vatican).

I think people follow religion (and nationality) before politics, so the only nations that will (really) support Iran are Azerbaijan and parts of Yemen and Iraq. Therefore USA is lucky to have Saudi Arabia as an ally (not accidentally), because through them they can influence all other muslim countries. Russia can only influence shia people through Iran (though they tried to influence sunni muslims through Saudi Arabian-Tatarstan friendship, but it didn't work out).

Religion, whilst a very important factor, is not the governing principle to these alliances. The two governing principles when considering the alliances of the Middle East is: Which great power is supporting them and what religion are they.

This is how Syria, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Turkey became allies with Iran (due to Russia backing these respective powers) whilst others such as Lebanon, Qatar, Iraq and Yemen are allies (or at least unwantingly acquainted with) Iran due to them possessing a Shia run government or a sizable and powerful Shia minority.

Iran, and therefore Russia, ally with Middle Eastern countries based off of their distrust, dissappointment or distain towards the West (especially USA), thus creating a capable Coalition to rival the US and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East.

Onorat wrote:Jews made commies so they would try to overthrow themselves?

Claiming that Jews invented capitalism is inaccurate, as even when I quoted that joke I pointed out that it reflects a crude understanding of politics. They did invent communism, though. Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, most of the first Soviet politburo, the German communist leaders who emerged during and after ww1, and the Hungarian communist figureheads such as Béla Kun or Mátyás Rákosi were all Jews. Some say that it was all planned since Marx, that he was a Freemason conspirator, but I think he was rather a well-meaning but ultimately foolish idealist. Regardless, communism in Europe and Russia excelled only in one thing, and it wasn't the erasure of capitalism. All communist regimes that survived their infancy ended up practicing some form of state capitalism in the end.

Consider that by the end of the 19th century, international Jewry has mostly solidified its control over the financial sector, but political power remained somewhat out of their grasp. In the US and other democracies, they could simply erode the integrity of the system and worm their way in positions of power over time, but Russia, Germany and Austria-Hungary, and even a lot of smaller countries were monarchies, with nobility still playing an important part in politics. Nowhere more so than in Russia, which was at the time still more feudal than capitalist. This was a very inflexible system which was hard to get inside of (though it's not unheard of, wealthy Jews sometimes bought titles of nobility), as much of it was going on a hereditary basis, and the nobility tended to be wealthy as well and have at least some sense of honor, making bribery difficult. Not to mention that most nobles, to put it simply, were anti-semites. Communists butchered the Russian Tzar along with his family, and later most of the Russian nobility. Wherever they were given half a chance, exploiting the misery caused by WW1, the injustices of that age's societies, and coat-tailing on the desperation of the masses, communists across Europe ended the reign of monarchies, taking direct control wherever it was possible, and even where they failed they paved the way for democracies that are oh-so-easily corruptible by (((international finance))), not only in criminal but also spiritual sense. Sometimes it happened the other way around, with democrats paving the way for communists, but ultimately, the results were the same: communism was essential not for dismantling capitalism, but for dismantling the traditional ruling class and opening up the way for rather unsavory elements.

These are the roots of communism. What came shortly after; how Stalin hijacked communism from the Jews who created the USSR, and how some Far-Eastern, African, and South American nations adopted communism is a different story.

People fear the fascist message because it is the message of truth

Onorat wrote:People fear the fascist message because it is the message of truth

Mainly because it's different.

And has connotations to the Nazis

Onorat wrote:People fear the fascist message because it is the message of truth

That and over 70 years of non-stop propaganda.

As a Canadian-UK dual citizen, I look forward to the liberation of Canada from the globalist internationalist puppet tyrant Justin Trudeau. That does not mean I look upon the Conservatives in any better light, however.

Arisen Britannia wrote:As a Canadian-UK dual citizen, I look forward to the liberation of Canada from the globalist internationalist puppet tyrant Justin Trudeau. That does not mean I look upon the Conservatives in any better light, however.

I don't really care about the whole Trudeau scandal, I just want leftists to give him the same hell they gave Kavanaugh. Which they're not.

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