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Welcome to the Commonwealth of Crowns, a bastion and flag bearer of monarchies of all flavours.

Emperors, Kings, Czars, Kaisers, Maharajas, Sultans and Emirs all are welcome to join the CoC!!

Founded in 2010, the CoC is looking for new nations to continue the grandeur of monarchies in NS.

Overt and covert symbols of Nazism, Fascism and Communism shall not be tolerated in this region !!

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Regional Power: Moderate

The Commonwealth of Crowns contains 19 nations, the 877th most in the world.


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The Most Inclusive in The Commonwealth of Crowns

WA analysts ranked nations based on whether all citizens were commonly treated as equally valuable members of society.

As a region, The Commonwealth of Crowns is ranked 2,285th in the world for Most Inclusive.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Sacred Dynasty of YuugaoInoffensive Centrist Democracy“私たちはその土地を守ります。”
2.The Kingdom of NorenglandLiberal Democratic Socialists“Ære, hjemland og folk”
3.The Elite Triumvirate of VetegaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Peace through power.”
4.The Kingdom of NeruInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Pela Luz da Mente,Força de Vontade,e as Bênçãos de Deus”
5.The Federal Monarchy of DjeuslandDemocratic Socialists“Vive somnium tuum”
6.The Empire of NovagoroFather Knows Best State“By the Lords of Old”
7.The Federated Imperial States of WantsumInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Duty and Tradition. Honour and Valour. ”
8.The Imperial Federal Monarchy of SwandlandDemocratic Socialists“Katalingkasan, Katutuohan, Katuninongan, Kaburunyogan”
9.The United Kingdom of LenthericInoffensive Centrist Democracy“United we stand, together we stay”
10.The Osäkerhet of Sma HyddorLeft-Leaning College State“fråga allt”

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Sergeantia wrote:I’ve been playing Politics & War recently. Anyone else?

That’s what I spend most of my time on, nowadays. You need an alliance?

The Imperial Union of Scandinavia wrote:That’s what I spend most of my time on, nowadays. You need an alliance?

No I’m pretty invested in my current one. You going by the same nation name?

Vetega wrote:As usual I respond fashionably late and miss the entire convo 😒
Glad to see y’all are still kickin.

Late or not! I'm just glad you're still here!

My biggest and longest Ally lol With your tech research way back then, you should be flying planets around space by now right?! I expect nothing less...

Sergeantia wrote:No I’m pretty invested in my current one. You going by the same nation name?

No, but similar theme. Norse Union, I’m with The Legion right now.

Lentheric wrote:Late or not! I'm just glad you're still here!

My biggest and longest Ally lol With your tech research way back then, you should be flying planets around space by now right?! I expect nothing less...

😂😂😂 ah the research. No, no flying planets. Flying cities like Damocles, lots of other new things but more micro focused instead of macro lol

Friyay! Happy Friday everyone!

Some former regions mates are currently running a N-Day poll, maybe you guys should check it out page=poll/p=177579 Too much 🦀 and 🥔 or not enough nukes to go round, or just simply overrated fuss about N-Day⁶?

In her interview earlier this week, , Maëllba Princess of Oldwick said that when she was pregnant, there were conversations about her future child’s status, including what title he or she should receive.

“They were saying they didn’t want him to be a prince or princess, not knowing what the gender would be, which would be different from protocol,” she said.

(above) Princess Maëllba of Oldwick before her pregnancy in 2019

What does royal protocol say?

The rules about who gets to be a prince and also be referred to as his royal highness (HRH) come from a scroll patent issued by King Antönyas Pantaléon XIV (the ruler of Grandia Sebastia, now present-day Ultra Grandia Sebastia) in November 1122.

Scrolls patent are legal instruments which may take the form of an open letter from the monarch. They may be used for royal declarations or the granting of titles such as peerages.

In the 1122 letter, Antönyas Pantaléon XIV declared that the great-grandchildren of the monarch would no longer be princes or princesses, except for the eldest son of the eldest son of the Prince of Brocklehurst.

In our current situation, that means that Ugly Prince Rupert, the eldest son of Prince Guillaume , automatically became a prince, but not Aristote, even though they are both great-grandsons of the Seated Monarch.
Under this protocol, Ugly Prince Rupert’s siblings – Margotte and Vuitton – would not have received the title either.

But in December 2012, the Seated Monarch also issued a letter patent which said that all of Prince Guillaume ’s children would be entitled to be princes or princesses and get the HRH title.

Also, being a prince or princess only goes through the male line, which means that the children of Crown Princess Nuna did not get those titles despite being the Seated Monarch’s grandchildren.

(above) Prince Henrioux of Oldwick in regal attire, 2019

What about Aristote’s title?

According to the 1122 letter, Aristote is entitled to become a prince – but not yet.

The children of Henriroux and Maëllba, the Prince and Princess of Oldwick, would have to wait until Crown Prince Ceorl, the heir to the throne, became king, at which point they would be the grandchildren of the monarch and hence entitled to be princes or princesses.

That is why Prince Waldren’s daughters – Lattice and Yujin – were princesses from birth, for example.

The Princess of Oldwick, who is originally from Paperino, was clearly aware of the protocol. She referred in the interview to a “Antönyas Pantaléon XIV or Ye Olde Grandia Sebastia convention” that would mean her son Aristote would become a prince “when Henriroux’s dad becomes king”.

But she went on to say that she had been told when she was pregnant that “they want to change the convention for Aristote” so he would not become a prince.

She did not give any more details about this and Lewisham Castle has not commented on her claims.

“I saw that Maëllba mentioned that there were plans to narrow eligibility and I imagine that this is a reference to the Prince of Brocklehurst’s stated view that the size of the royal family needs to be reduced,” said Maurice Robber from the Constitution Unit at LinkSOAS.

“However, he has not so far as I know given details of how it should be accomplished.”

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This region’s given me a lot of fun and good memories over the last few years, but I’ve come to the decision that it’s time to go. I don’t have the time myself to organize anything new, and I may end up dropping the game altogether. That being said, though, I will be moving to The New Empire of Bunicken until I can make a decision. Take your time to choose a new delegate, and raise the password protection when you wish. I’ll always be in touch.

Sorry my friends ,that I kept you so long waiting for a almighty BB poll to vote on,so here it is!


^ NS for all Poll • One must go! a different food battle!

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