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The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples RMB

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Imperial Republic of The Anean Star Empire (elected )

Founder: The Royal Commonwealth of Kingdoms of Cal

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Invaders will be laughed at

The Commonwealth is a loose grouping of furry, pony, scaly, feathery, mystical, mechanical, etc sovereign people, who may have little in common. There is no real central philosophy or creed. All welcome, what ever your political philosophy, creed, or people.

Note: Except spammers and recruiters, who are less than welcome.

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WA bod: The Community of Ovisia

Note: We like noodles.

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Regional Power: Moderate

The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples contains 34 nations, the 496th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Gambling Industry in The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples

The World Census tailed known underworld figures in order to determine which nations have the largest gambling industries.

As a region, The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples is ranked 6,732nd in the world for Largest Gambling Industry.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Realm of MelnewFather Knows Best State“Ignorance is mandatory”
2.The Royal Commonwealth of Kingdoms of CalCivil Rights Lovefest“Freedom is risky, but everything worthwhile is.”
3.The United States of PyrecoveCivil Rights Lovefest“Do what you want”
4.The Armed Republic of OverbearFather Knows Best State“Claws and Teeth are natures way.”
5.The Federal Republic of VillianastanNew York Times Democracy“We welcome those who aren't lazy”
6.The Commonwealth protectorate of Starus NuCivil Rights Lovefest“Ambassador of The Commonwealth of Furry Peoples”
7.The Well-Intentioned Rabbits of Hazel-raAnarchy“Green money, green lettuce”
8.The Imperial Republic of The Anean Star EmpireLeft-Leaning College State“Compliance breeds security.”
9.The Queendom of Stia DicaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Pride and Industry”
10.The Kingdom of Millbush CityCapitalist Paradise“This is the new Millbush!”

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The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples Regional Message Board

Riviere Renard wrote:The app is run by the federal government, but they haven't made it available outside of Ontario for some reason. They said, like, a month ago that they're working on getting to all the other provinces (except Québec I think, their premier is kinda stupid, from what I've heard), but the effort is remarkably slow.

TBH I can't see why that would be, we basically have a tweeked version of the Irish app...I think we used the same devs. The App seems to require very little in the way of infrastructure, assuming you are already doing tack and trace. (Scotland runs a non-centralised method...hell they pulled in the environmental health lot (they weren't doing much, with everything shutdown, and they are experts at tracking outbreaks, usually of food poisoning , but a bug, is a bug)) the local health boards are in charge...As they would knida know the local set up and already have people in place to trace flu , etc.

Riviere Renard wrote:That Scottish app sounds basically the same as the government run Canadian one. I think its much better. Less invasive, and means more Canadians trust it, leading to more downloads, assuming its brought to the rest of the country.

That seem to be working up here (over 1 mil downloads, which isn't bad for a nation of about 6 million), it is very clear about saying it doesn't track your location or any thing. It helps it's a really simple to install.

Neutral news: It's already sent some flags out. (Neutral as it seems to work, but some poor beggars have been exposed.)

Lets get over if possible, possibly, political things...Do you lot dumster dive (skip dipping where I'm from)...basically taking stuff others bins (I got an Imac 2 out of that). Any of you lot do car boot sales...not sure what they are call over the pond...but people just selling stuff out of the back of their car in a market (I bought a lampstand mac for £5 from some one <- yeah that one.)

Do any of you lot do that?

Note: If you haven't done one yourself....there is likely to be dodgy stuff, and it's cash in refund possible....but hell you can get good stuff.

Note: I really should get an ebay account rather than collecting this crap.

Well lads I just realized something wild. I started nation state’s freshman year of highschool and here I am the last of my friend group playing it 5 years later.

It’s time to colonize space

people throw away the damdest almost new almost perfectly functional things. if land were free i'd dumpster dive, plus some of the amazing and inexpensive things at hardware stores, plus what nature gives away for free, and just build all kinds of stuff. as it is, i live in a bed-sit type unit, that just tools and model building, i don't have room to collect or hang onto anything. no living relatives with houses and no car, so i don't have the option, but it really does annoy me, for an economy to so completely depend on people having to throw away stuff with perfectly good parts they could make other things out of. sure a lot of bulk is unsalvagable, but there is just so much that is just so wasteful, in a world where resources really aren't unlimited and population is pushing the limits of their availability. and even what the average person might not be able to personally recycle if they had unlimited space, all that single use plastic, on a larger scale, or with particular tools, that too can be recycled into a kind of plastic lumber, or even filiment for 3d printing.

Reedian wrote:Well lads I just realized something wild. I started nation state’s freshman year of highschool and here I am the last of my friend group playing it 5 years later.

It’s time to colonize space

5 years? I've been around since almost the beginning of the game. Pretty much the only way you get Top 1% for Population, yeah lol....

Grand Traysandor wrote:5 years? I've been around since almost the beginning of the game. Pretty much the only way you get Top 1% for Population, yeah lol....

I'm in that lot now...fellow grey bread :-P

Give it time, us grey breads drop off (not that way) so the top 1% in population is possible...if you hang around enough.. Weirdly it's harder to get there in the region than the world :D

We have alot of grey beards here....Not a bad thing.

It is kinda tricky sending an ambassador nation when it is bigger than the region it is sent to, but hey.
(The recent recovered nations are mine, for that purpose...they are kinda huge now).

To other things, before all the crap hit, was I the only one picking up DVDs for nothing?

*Looks at the pile in the couner of the box room (windowless closet). I have box sets that cost me less than £2.00.*

To cheap not to have.

My oldest nation has been around since like late 2014

I'm pretty sure my nation was founded around late 2013/early 2014. God - that would've been right at the beginning of middle school.

Wow, "On the beach" is a pg rating and ..."Threads", is only a 15.....Wow, never noticed that before (threads gives grown ups nightmares (possibly less an us gen Xers...but still)...Neither should be watched by anyone young due to the nature of what they are about.....

Note: gen Xers and boomers actually lived with the likely possibility of that kinda crap happening...ever wonder why gen Xers are so cynical. We lived knowing that some boomer idiot might kick that crap off.

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