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The Communist Bloc RMB

WA Delegate: The Prosperous Land of Kethania (elected )

Founder: Kovatsk

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✪ Welcome to the Revolutionary Republic of The Communist Bloc!
✪ NationStates' largest leftist region! Pan-leftist and Intersectional!

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Please endorse Comrade WA Delegate ~ Kethania! and Vice Delegates Marxmeans, Ubertas, The Workers Union of Habsburg-Lorraine, and Shamian as well!

Others: 120 endorsement limit.

✪ First Minister of the Council of Ministers: Radicalania
✪ Speaker of the Legislative Committee: Sodoran Alesia
✪ Chief People's Justice of the People’s Tribunal: Shamian

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Regional Power: Extremely High

The Communist Bloc contains 990 nations, the 24th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Beautiful Environments in The Communist Bloc

World Census researchers spent many arduous weeks lying on beaches and trekking through rainforests to compile a definitive list of the most attractive and best cared for environments.

As a region, The Communist Bloc is ranked 1,720th in the world for Most Beautiful Environments.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Federal Sovereign State of The palace of God 2Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Workers of the world, unite!”
2.The United Allied States of United Nations of Earth FederationLeft-wing Utopia“United We Live For Peace On Earth”
3.The Hikûmeta Gel of MehrabadPsychotic Dictatorship“انقلاب پاینده باد”
4.The Independent republic of Dylan MurdochLeft-wing Utopia“If you can't dance to it, it's not my revolution”
5.The Democratic Union of Uinted Communist of AfricaLeft-wing Utopia“☭With God guiding the people ,all things are possible ☭”
6.The Socialist Union of Blaist BlalandLeft-wing Utopia“To Communism Through Science and Socialism!”
7.The Socialist Republics of ViloukiCorrupt Dictatorship“Heure par heure, nous continuons”
8.The People's Socialist Republic of AbsolutusDemocratic Socialists“Where there lives a worker there lives a nation”
9.The Confederation of Republics of HuelistanLeft-wing Utopia“Ni paz entre clases ni guerra entre pueblos”
10.The Proletarian Soviet Republic of VulgaLeft-wing Utopia“The hell of capitalism is the firm!”
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Last poll: “Does the post of RMB rep serve a useful function, and do you wish to see it retained?”

Regional Happenings


The Communist Bloc Regional Message Board


The General Assembly Resolution under Vote is Repeal "Voting Equality for Freed Inmates". Voting Thread is here:

There is currently No Vote Recommendation

You can also read the MoWAA's dispatch below on the WA Resolution above for more information:

The Communist Bloc
Ministry of World Assembly Affairs


No Recommendation

This resolution aims to repeal GA#419, which primarily prohibits member nations from denying a non-imprisoned eligible individual the right to vote. The caveat is that GAR#419 also allows non-enfranchisement of criminals under parole or probation and also under incarceration, meaning that GA#419 effectively allows, not restricts denying to prisoners the right to vote. This is the loophole that this repeal aims to solve.

The Communist Bloc's Ministry of World Assembly Affairs has not come to a clear recommendation after a period of voting and discussion. Here is the Pros and Cons Analysis for this Resolution:


• It would no longer be allowable to restrict suffrage for petty crimes (as allowed in GAR#419 Art. (1)(a)(I) such as "voted fraud and other related acts") or for parole or probation as is in a principled democratic socialist society.
• The definition of "criminal" is vague and ambiguous in GAR#419.
• GAR#419 does not really expressly mandate certain acts and only allows them, thus it is unclear what effect its repeal might hold.


• The banning of disenfranchisement for some criminals deemed to be such in a socialist society might limit the ability of some leftist polities to combat reaction.
• The replacement proposal seems to imply an integration of criminals and prisoners in the bourgeoisie democratic system, which can limit leftist agitation and organization in the prisons.
• The WA once again tip-toes on the issue of incarceration, it desires to allow and condone such a capitalist institution rather than simply abolish prisons en masse.

Supplementary Opinions:

LinkMy own opinion as MoWAA: (from Feyrisshire)

    A lot of the provisions in GAR#419 can be problematic for a socialist democracy even if Article 1 expressly prohibits member nations from denying a non-imprisoned eligible individual the right to vote, such as Article 1(a)(i) which allows non-enfranchisement for perpetrators of petty crime such as "voted fraud and other related acts". Queue the fact that "voter fraud" is often used as a euphemism to deny enfranchisement to minorities by reactionaries such as in Amerikka. Another problematic is non-enfranchisement for people in parole or probation.

    However, the integration of prisoner populations to the bourgeoisie democratic system is just as problematic. In America for example, prisoners have often proved to be one of the most revolutionary groups of leftists due to the fact that they experience heightened levels of repression and oppression from the imperialist system. Revolutionary leftist groups such as Black Panther Party and the Young Patriots have organized among prisoners for example.

    It would be better for a capitalist state to restrict these groups the right to vote to hasten their revolutionary fervor, rather than integrate them into bourgeoisie democracy and channel such revolutionary energies into, say Democrats for example. Any replacement resolution Tinhampton or any other WA Author would want to write to allow prisoners the right to vote would only play to this and lead to parallels of Joe Biden visiting prisons.

    However, as GAR#419 simply allows some of the said acts, and does not expressly either prohibit or mandate them, the significance of such repeal is unclear.

    I would rather vote ABSTAIN or NAY if this comes to vote.

The Communist Bloc's Ministry of World Assembly Affairs will not issue a clear recommendation for the General Assembly Resolution under vote Repeal: “Voting Equality for Freed Inmates”, though we encourage nations of TCB to consider the above Pros and Cons Analysis and other opinions upon deciding how to vote.

You can view the full discussion/opinions Linkhere. Want to get involved? Sign up Linkhere!
---For previous Vote Recommendations made by TCB MoWAA, see the TCB MoWAA Vote Recommendations Archive---

Read dispatch

New Voting Thread on the SC Resolution under Vote "Commend Honeydewistania" -

New Voting Thread on the GA Resolution under Queue "Freedom of Association" -

TCB Citizens, please vote on the forum voting threads above and express your opinion, as this determines how our WA Delegate would vote! Residents (Non-Citizens) can also express their opinion and vote through a TG on the nation Ministry of World Assembly Affairs.

Well, did I miss anything important in the 2-3 months I was out?

How do you think about Vietnam?

PXAQ wrote:How do you think about Vietnam?

Vietnam is a good country.

PXAQ wrote:How do you think about Vietnam?


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Somebody might want to check out Austrulasia, obvious nazbol with swastikas on flag.

Saniston wrote:Somebody might want to check out Austrulasia, obvious nazbol with swastikas on flag.

Thank you for notifying us, mod team is on it.

Saniston wrote:Somebody might want to check out Austrulasia, obvious nazbol with swastikas on flag.

But they're not even in the region *dab*

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