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The Cult of PCHS RMB

WA Delegate: The Федеративная Республика of The New North Republic (elected )

Founder: The Neo Democratic Empire of Birb Bois United Front (non-executive)

Last WA Update:

World Factbook Entry

The Cult of PCHS is a place where the students of Park City High School can all prosper together.

Embassy Offers Open, No Procedures Required


Don't be fooled, The New Democratic League of PCHS is NOT the real Cult.

1. The Parliament of the Cult of PCHS, please send a representative

Full WA Delegate list can be found here and in the factbook/dispatches section below.

Founder: Birb Bois United Front
Current WA Delegate: The New North Republic
Longest Serving WA Delegate (184 days): The New North Republic

Famous Factbooks:
Birb Bois United Front
Democratic Unionist Cool Kids (D.U.C.K)
Sexy Legged Republic
The New North Republic (NNR)

Park City, Utah, United States

Founded March 10, 2020

Embassies: Utah, Georges Tostinos United Front, BCHS, The International Airport, Fredonia, Chicken overlords, Lardyland, Land of Prosperity, The Great Universe, Valkia, France, Minnesota, The MLB, Turkic Union, Nation of Earth, Maputo, and 334 others.Miami, Kuwait City, Mbabane, Mozambique, Old Spirit, United States of America, 404 Not Found, Queen Elizabeth Islands, Morocco, 0000, Colorado, Plague, SolarFlare, World, Knights of the Round Table, London, Vietnam, Commonwealth States, Samoa, Djibouti, Kiribati, Singapore City, Beijing, Arizona, The Assembly of Gentlemen, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Russian Federation, The Doctor Who Universe, Knights of The Templar Order, Traveling Wilburys, RAMS, United Christian Empires of the West, Mr Rogers Neighbourhood of Socialists, The Illuminati, ITALIA, Liechtenstein, Old Zealand, SEC Fanatics, Montreal, Republic of Cuba, Thimphu, British North Atlantic, Glasgow, Tegucigalpa, City State of Monaco, Montevideo, Organization of United Sovereign States, Edinburgh, Bus Stop, Naypyidaw, Rhode Island, Wyoming, Havana, Brazzaville, Westminster, Solomon Islands, Sao Tome, British Columbia, Monaco, Republic of Myanmar, Northern Argaen Trade Organization, Fettarian Peoples Land, The Vincence Empire, Atlantis, Weffle, Hollow Point, Katzen, The Vast, Remnant, WEG Secret Society for the High Class, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, The All Murican Politicians, First World Order, Nintendo, Fines Aurum, Reminated Euromean Republic, Centrist Democracy State of Urban, Cactus union, Enviria, Japan, Australia, Arvadia, Arconian Empire, North Carolina, Ancient Lands, League of Allied Nations, Iowa, Tuvalu, S E N P A I Z O N E, Roman Empire, Republic of Russia, Genua, Roman Byzantine Union, State of New York, Pontbridge Islands, The Region Of Gargery, The Tragedy of Hamlet Prince of Denmark, CDW Federation, The Proletariat Coalition, Saskatchewan, Yarnia, Galapagos, Gypsy Lands, Western Australia, Federal Republic of Russia, Mississippi, South Australia, Union of Democrats, Empire Overlords, Guinea Kiribati, Australia Commonwealth, Alamite Confederation, Cyberius Confederation, Grand Pacifica, Canguta Nations, The Federal Socialist Republic, Wintreath, Krasnaya, Dolla Holla, IBXToyChat, Union of Nationalists, The Antichrist Trump, Nouakchott, EPCOT Center 1981, Treciene, Society of Commissioned Gentlemen, Florida, Just relax, Antarctica Compute Cluster, Northern Africa, Sakartvelo, Kyiv, Regionless, The Confederacy Of Kishkhat, United League of Nations, Seora, Copenhagen, Capital Heights, Alliance of Magical Girl Nations, Trade Federation, U R N, Fiji, Singapore, The Gambia, Brasil, Union of Free Nations, United Earth Space Probe Agency, Star Wars, The Snakes, Tonga, Illinois, Rhea, Card Farm All Day, Massachusetts, Kanada, North Dakota, Mexico City, Turkiye, Houston, Raxulan Empire, The Disputed Wastes, The Cretanja Queendom, Pecan Sandies, Mobius, Dispatchia, Absurdistan, Wanderlust, New Hampshire, The Realm of Liberty, Europi, Compagnie, Missouri, Nashville, British North America, Province of Ontario, Icarus, Yet Another Region, Djibouti City, Philippines, Firefly, The Bunny Fire, Universal Pact, The Roleplay Chessboard, The Interstellar Union, The Maritimes, The Infinite Army, The Savage Garden, democratic and capytallistic union, Bikini Islands, The Planet X, Sikh Empire, Eladen, An Alternate World, Laos, The Christian Communist Union, The Southern Ocean, Seri Begawan, Accra, Jakarta, Brisbane, Timor Leste, Celestian Prosperity Sphere, Scandinavia, Tanzania, One big Island, Yellowcrown Keep, Marble League, South Indian Ocean Region, Somalia, Delaware, Burundi, Southern Africa, APSIA, Hellhole, NationStatesHolics Anonymous, United Fardelshufflesteins, Barbaria, Germanic Federation, The Protector, Oslo, 1980s America, Lady Vera, THE NEWS, Memphis, Holy Orthodox Covenant, Kingston, Hsiao Han, Kingdom Of England And Wales, Las Vegas, Reality, Sacrum Romanum Imperium, The Parliament of the Cult of PCHS, Okanagan, North Columbia, Star Frontiers, Bharat, Qatar, My Little Pony Equestria, The SOP, Pittsburgh, the Northland, Upper Peninsula, Ecuador, Richard, Mackenzie, Columbia, Nunavut, Kansas, matheo, Groovy, Bogota, Save Our Planet, Isle Of Wooloo Kingdom, al Qahirah, Meryhap Galaxy, 0000000000000, Commonwealth of Liberty, Institute of Cellulose, Auctor, Takeoff, The Assembly Of Nations, Callista, The Monarchy alliance, Alliance to Restore the Republic, The Global Democratic Union, Oneid, The Independent Newspaper, New Eastern Europe, Asmara, Besondere Empire, Golden Eco Friendly, Greater Hindu Empire, Sovereign Corporate League, Gay Equality, The Dogeland Alliance, FIFA Lands, The Galactics Union, Formula 1, Reddit, Verilisis, Doarine, United Nations and Planets, Cuara, The Interdimensional Community, Dili, Free territories of the world, Victoria, East Timor, British North Pacific, Nova Scotia, Alnobia, The Parthian Capital Hierarchy Society, Jedi Task Force, Kylaris, Noneuropean Union, Portugal, Cape Verde, Belmopan, World of 2011, United Otter Emirates, Independence Hill, Airport, Groland, The Central Pacific, Ospait, Lyrali, Stalingrad Zdroj Treaty Organization, United Safety Pact, The Galactic Empire of Britain, The Sea Of Love, Yuno, Comet Ping Pong Pizza, the realm of insanity, Polandball, Roma Invicta, Australialia, Beyond the Wub, Queensland, The Royal Kingdoms of Quirkiness, East Asia, Lewisham, Great Chuliu Empire, Scandinavian Union, The Persian Empire, Galactic Imperium, Kuhlbach, United Island States, The Freedom Realm, Olgienslavia, The Chancery, The Allied Nations, The Empire of Nova Roma, The Embassy, and Crematorium.

Construction of embassies with The New World Alliance has commenced. Completion expected .

Tags: Anarchist, General Assembly, Invader, LGBT, Map, Medium, Multi-Species, Non-English, Password, Post-Modern Tech, Religious, Trading Cards, and 1 other.World Assembly.

Regional Power: Moderate

The Cult of PCHS contains 36 nations, the 526th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Highest Drug Use in The Cult of PCHS

World Census experts sampled many cakes of dubious content to determine which nations' citizens consume the most recreational drugs.

As a region, The Cult of PCHS is ranked 11,535th in the world for Highest Drug Use.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Федеративная Республика of The New North RepublicCivil Rights Lovefest“Навсегда Соединенные мы стоим”
2.The Neo Democratic Empire of Birb Bois United FrontLeft-wing Utopia“We used to kill with axes, now we kill with taxes”
3.The Holy Diarchic Principality of The Democratic Unionist Cool KidsCivil Rights Lovefest“Non Ducor, Duco”
4.The Rogue Nation of Government ProblemsLeft-wing Utopia“On the FBI's watchlist since 2004”
5.The Holy Empire of Stoned PeopleLeft-Leaning College State“Praise Jesus OG”
6.The Empire of Japan 69Corporate Police State“War Crimes = Stonks”
7.The Holy Empire of The SSASNew York Times Democracy“What are we doing 'ere”
8.The Dominion of StrawvilleLeft-Leaning College State“Mission Accomplished”
9.The Holy Commonwealth of OldZealandInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Part of the ship, Part of the crew”
10.The нσησяαвℓє ѕυρєяνιѕσяѕ of The Ranch High CouncilFather Knows Best State“Come onnnnnnn innnnnnn”

Regional Poll • Should we kill password protection?

Poll called by The Holy Diarchic Principality of The Democratic Unionist Cool Kids

Voting opened 4 days ago and will close . Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Regional Happenings


The Cult of PCHS Regional Message Board

Karnitia wrote:Japan 69 seems like a great place

I appreciate it

how does greaseia see the history of polls here I must gaze upon

Bout time we attempt to slaughter the democratic league again aye?

The Sexy Legged Republic wrote:Bout time we attempt to slaughter the democratic league again aye?

Agreed, they only have 3 WA endorsements on the delegate, we need only 4 invasion nations in order for a successful takeover. However, we need to tread lightly, the founder also has executive powers, so we need to make sure that Development and Ching Boy are not online when invading.

The New North Republic wrote:Agreed, they only have 3 WA endorsements on the delegate, we need only 4 invasion nations in order for a successful takeover. However, we need to tread lightly, the founder also has executive powers, so we need to make sure that Development and Ching Boy are not online when invading.

Well if we could've actually executed on the first try it would all work out.

Also we should commend George for his efforts to the cause if we succeed

The Sexy Legged Republic wrote:Well if we could've actually executed on the first try it would all work out.

Well, that time the delegate did have more endorsements, this invasion should be more swift and we launch the invasion around 10:30 AM or PM, if not 5 minutes later since WA Delegate resets at 10:41。

The Sexy Legged Republic wrote:Also we should commend George for his efforts to the cause if we succeed

We will build a glorious statue and permanently engrain his name across the Cult! GeorgesTostinos will also be a symbol of his excellency!

And the sky will burn in our name, the seas boiling away to create an expanse for our budding empire. All will be made known of our power. Let them burn, and for us to dance in the ashes.

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