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Welcome to The Democratic Republic!

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Quote of the week - "The example of a changing constitution, by assembling the wise men of the state, instead of assembling armies, will be worth as much to the world as the former examples we had given them."- Thomas Jefferson

🎭Many nations united in one cause🎭

Embassies: Red Wolf Alliance, Commonwealth Federation, Enadia, Commonwealth of Liberty, New Coalition of Nations, The Embassy, The Western Isles, Universal Pact, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Bus Stop, Australia, Union of Christian Nations, Lardyland, nasunia, The Democratic Republic of Freedom, The Commonwealth Federation, and 26 others.Realm of the Whispering Winds, United States of America, CISB, The Democratika, Empire of Great Britain, Force, St Abbaddon, Ancient Lands, Lasagna, Japan, The United Empires of Carson, Novus Lucidum, Union of Democrats, Official European Union, Council of Islamic States, democratic union of free states, Non Aligned Movement, South Pacific, The North Eastern Federation of States, New West Indies, India, Democritus, Europae, Republic of Free Nations, The Confederacy of Aligned Nations, and Soviet Democracy.

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The Democratic Republic contains 95 nations, the 145th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Insurance Industry in The Democratic Republic

The World Census posed as door-to-door salespeople in order to establish which nations have the most extensive Insurance industries.

As a region, The Democratic Republic is ranked 9,078th in the world for Largest Insurance Industry.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The East Trading Company of AzadliqCorporate Police State“The economy- the heart of the people”
2.The Republic of HazaristaCapitalist Paradise“We may have struggled, but we are still optimistic and ”
3.The Kingdom of One of the Fourth RiechNew York Times Democracy“My wife took the kids, so I took my life”
4.The Republic of Liberal JapanInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Equality, Democracy”
5.The Federation of SciolesNew York Times Democracy“It's On.”
6.The Republic of Sale WatistanNew York Times Democracy“My name is JEFF”
7.The Empire of Great MohaveNew York Times Democracy“The fate of pard is also the joy of ner”
8.The Democratic States of CalloneInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Honesty through to success”
9.The Protectorate of El LanovistaNew York Times Democracy“Strength Through Freedom”
10.The Dictatorship of GaelioInoffensive Centrist Democracy“History shows that there are no invincible armies”
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Last poll: “Should we have The office of V.C.”

Regional Happenings


The Democratic Republic Regional Message Board

With the inclusion of Connecticut into Rosarian Territory concluded, The Rosarian High Command along with the Department of Industry have agreed that the territory of Quebec would be the next step in expanding due to its large and mainly untapped amounts of natural resources. With preparation on the way the 1st Rosarian Army is sent to expand further into Quebec, marching North of the St.Lawrence River towards vast nothingness and small towns. It is still unknown how long the current territorial expansions will last, but seeing that land accesible land is running out it may cease sooner than expected. Having only been about a year, Rosaria has nearly quadrupled its landmass and has significantly increased in power and wealth.

Fellow citizens I have full intentions on running for the prestigious office of Consul if elected what I will absolutely promise and for fill for you the people is somebody who will be fully active and somebody who will work side-by-side with both the progressive party and the Democratic Republicans for you the people I will work tirelessly for you

PCRS Intervention in Africa

*I'm going to keep this short*

Operation Storm King was given the green light.
VEF forces stationed in the African Republic proceed to enter into Mauritania along the costal region of the nation.
The African nation was sorely unprepared to combat a modern force like the PCRS.
Facing massacre from the Russian forces the Mauritanian military decided to withdrawal from potential fights giving up land for more time to prepare a more favorable situation to fight from.
The PCRS forces pushing from North to South soon reached the African Republics border.
The occupied area was then handed over to the African Republic, minus the city of Nouakchott which will remain promptly PCRS controlled till the situation in Mauritania is dealt with and will act as PCRS command in the African theater.
The PCRS has vowed they will stay in the African nation till the African Republic can ensure this region contains no more combatants


Despite servere internal issues, King Ian has set his sights on the north. There is still alot of land in Canada to claim from the former country of Northor.

After capturing Juneau with only a little resistance, Celestial troops continued onto the mainland, where Northornian resistance was more prevalent, despite Celestial efforts to get them to surrender. Some units did surrender, and were subsequently absorbed into the Celestial army. However, most didn't, and offered stiff resistance to Celestial forces.

A large battle was fought at the town of Prince Rupert, where Northornian forces held up in the town, the nearby port and in the surrounding woods. They were outnumbered by Celestial troops, however they knew how to fight in this terain and knew it well. Fighting started at dawn several days ago, with Celestial forces assaulting the town itself. After being pushed back 2 times, Celestial forces launched a even larger attack and managed to push into the town. Urban warfare continued for 4 hours, with Celestial forces capturing the town. Fighting continued for 7 hours outside the city with Northornian troops giving the Celestial troops hell. They were eventually defeated, but not after killing nearly 80 Celestial troops.

With the victory, the large majority of Northornian troops were defeated in the south. Celestial forces advanced farther, facing scattered but determined resistance from Northornian troops.

Aleutian Islands

During the conquests in the south, a small band of Celestial troops landed on and captured the unclaimed Aleutian islands of Attu, Adak, and Atka.

Continuing with it's expansion into Quebec, the 1st Rosarian Army experiences little to no resistance as they pass through villages so small they disappear within seconds of finding them. There is a different feeling with Quebec that no other state in Rosaria has, the cold wind and the beautiful landscapes, a truly breathtaking experience, yet at the same time so hauntingly empty, with civilization hundreds of miles away. This is the first time any soldier in the Rosaria Armed Forces has felt truly alone but feels so free. Nonetheless the army advances forward, knowing that they've just barely covered half of Quebec with much more land to cover and the ever brutal weather getting colder.

Reclaiming Russia: Part I think 9 at this point? Maybe 10

Once again it was time to clean up Western Russia.
Moving north into the sparsely populated north seemed foolish at first; however, the rescores from the north will aid in the... reconstruction, of the PCRS.
The drill was pretty simple, gaining signatures from the towns leaders and other people of authority, through any means necessary at this point.
The main prize form the north was the rich uranium, uranium has seemed to become the blood of the PCRS holding mines in Russia, Caucus regions, the Middle East, and India.
Along with the choke on the Stans and with mining rights in Nigeria roughly 72% of the Earths uranium mines are now in the PCRS' control or manipulation.
What good can uranium do though?

Construction Of a Wonder

After Kalavn's adventure across the global she has returned home, but from what little of the world she has seen Kalavn knows now that Russia must compete.
With the recent military cut starting to pool in the extra economy flow a project that was imaged by Kalavn can now be attempted.
Its not an original idea it was something conceived of nearly a century before by a different nation; however, they never completed the project so the PCRS will.
The eye jewel of the world, the idea of building the largest city in the world, a truly world capital...
The project began shortly after plans were finalized, Volgograd will be renamed "Mirovaya Stolitsa Rodina", or just Rodina for short.
Rodina will be split in half by the Volga and will run along side it, but this will not effect the size of the grand city in the slightest.
The city itself is planned to be the wonder, but numerous monuments are planned to be fit inside of the city, each with its own taste of the world.
A nearly 5 miles plaza will house the majority of these monuments...
At one end of the grand plaza will be a huge arch standing 492 feet tall and 444 feet wide made to dwarf the Arc de Triomphe by three time over and will list every conflict the Russian nation has been apart of in history being called rightfully, Triumfal'naya arka.
At the other end of plaza will the heart of the city, the Bol'shoy zal, designed after the Kremlin and the Pathogen of Rome.
The Bol'shoy zal is planed to cover 1065600 square feet and would be capped with a colossal dome that will be 985 foot high making it the worlds largest domed structure, along with being the government building of the PCRS.
This are the only monuments planned to be shared to the public at this time; however, other plans are being maybe such as a design to match that of the obelisk in Washington D.C...
The project as stands right now will cost the nation trillions and will not be competed till 2 to 5 years.
But greatness takes time and the city of Rodina will be that, an eye jewel of Earth.

Post self-deleted by Fifj.

**Last Stand**
The African Republic Has sent delegates to the remaining Cities in the republic of Congo Tye Reminding Cites have agreed to join the Republic. Under one Condition that There President Becomes a Member of the Elite Council in 5-10 years. After many days of debate the Governments of the both nations have come to a deal The African Republic will be supreme Autocrat to there ROCo the Republic of Congo

**Last Stand**
The African Republic Has sent delegates to the remaining Cities in the republic of Congo Tye Reminding Cites have agreed to join the Republic. Under one Condition that There President Becomes a Member of the Elite Council in 5-10 years. After many days of debate the Governments of the both nations have come to a deal The African Republic will be supreme Autocrat to there ROCo the Republic of Congo

*Invasion of Piaui*
After the collapse of their state government, Piaui was then being controlled by their militia. Mauro was not to keen on that as the militia had taken advantage of their power by burning homes, robbing, looting, and taking advantage of women and children. So Gaelio being a nation of peace and prosperity, invaded Piaui by sending the military. They stormed the borders and took on plenty of soldiers, destroying many homes in the process. “Collateral damage” Mauro tells himself as he continues to order his military to go through Piaui. When they had completed the invasion, the Gaelians burnt down the military facilities being used by the Piaui armies to represent the overthrowing of a militaristic government.

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