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Second italian roma

Large-scale depression in Italy.

Thousands around the nation work hard, day and night, just to fill the cupboard with some food. Famines sweep the Apennine peninsula as a result of failing harvests in wheat and grain, leaving many people out of jobs, and with nothing to fill their stomachs with when hunger comes around. As these weeks of famines go by, the death rate starts rising, anorexic bodies become common sight.

Toppled upon this, an incompetent manager was put in charge of the coal industry, lacking in knowledge of safety and supplies, many coal miners wind up in fatal accidents as they do not have the right gear. In protests, these coal miners march the streets of Rome, begging for a new manager or else they will not work. The mines remain desolate, the coal supply is emptying, factories are shutting down.

Mental health issues arise, people have began feeling suicidal tendencies as a result of losing their jobs, having their lives fall apart or losing family, resulting in many kicking the bucket. As death rates shoot up, morgues have started to run out of space, mass graveyards have been set up. Politicians of Italy are out of ideas, and have no solution to the large depression that has swept the country.

hey babes

y'all miss me? ;))))

True Pillowlandia wrote:hey babes


Edythia My idea of utopia Zero laos True Pillowlandia Welcome to The Democratic Republic! Make sure to join the discord and have your nation join the World Assembly.

Potatolandias, Edythia, and Euroror

President John Tyler delivers address to Nation

America JBian President John Tyler delivered a vital speech to the General Assembly. In his speech, he outlined the future of the great nation of America JB and what our position in the world will be and look like. "Our position in the world will be one of strength and stability. We look to do business and work with any nation that respects their own people and have a resemblance of similar values as we have here." The President's speech went on for another hour.

President John Tyler is set to meet with the leaders of Checratia, pending his acceptance of the invite. From there they will discuss the stability of the North American region and their nations in particular. This is a great day for the world and a great day for North American nations and expedition.

True Pillowlandia wrote:y'all miss me? ;))))


All new nations welcome to TDR we’re glad u are here! Join the discord to get started!

With the growth of El Haluf's borders rapidly expanding in the span of two years, a collective hubris fostered among the aspiring and original citizens of the Dominion alike; that the universal law of entropy; of inevitable chaos and implatitude that would always haunt and come to all empires, would never be begotten to the Dominion; that wherever the banners of the El Haluf stands, never shall it be the light of resistance be defeated. With fiery rhetoric and extensive propaganda, noblemen and ladies of the Casa Nobela, and Litigant Enforcers influenced most of the citizenry the idea that all of them are living in a golden age of science, conquest, and economics for their empire; that with the death of Chairman Lucero, who himself became an almost mythical figure for El Haluf, came the end of the beginning of the Dominion as a minor nation in the Caribbean, and its rise to become a world superpower.

And indeed, such naive misgivings of implacability can be forgiven, for El Haluf itself has enjoyed many victories over the years, and relatively few and inconsequential defeats. Its wars in the Persian Gulf, North Africa, and in the Indian Oceans against both major and minor powers alike have given the Dominions influence over international politics, and the fall of the Trevian Republic in the North of its borders ensured that the plot for potential expansion of power and influence would always be a viable option for the future. Alliances and agreements were made, concessions were met for the worthy, and gruesome punishments given for the deterers. Wherever the citizenry walk, reminders of the Casa Nobela's victories are plastered.

But underneath all the rose-tinted speeches of its leaders lay a darker secret.

Never is it broadcasted to the people the toll that the wars and ambitious planning that the former government of Chairman Lucero, and later continued by the Casa Nobela, has been given to the people. The economy, though rapidly growing in certain sectors, wasn't able to be given the opportunity to keep up with the growing demands of the Dominion Guard, at least until now when the Casa Nobela decided to strip off the massive budget the Dominion Fleet have down to a third of its original size. As such, sailors and officers were suddenly being casted off into reserve if they're lucky, or downright fired from the post. Suddenly, an influx of unemployed former sailors were trekking the newly conquered lands of El Haluf, unsure of the future that is given to them. The economy itself is in ruins after years of costly wars. The nation itself is running in its Strategic Reserves, and welfare for the unemployed and the unable are stripped off from the budget. Famine is prevalent due to the devastation the wars caused for the conquered nations, and supply lines are unable to distribute resources equitably for all Protectorates. The Rio de la Platan Protectorate in particular, with its massive project to turn Montevideo into a Megalopolis was hindered as supplies from the Caribbean stopped coming in because of pirates in the Brazilian coast.

Not to mention the multiple natural calamities that was struck in the nation. In Colombo, Ceylon, capital of the Indian Oceans Protectorate, the Memeovirus struck the populace hard, leading to the deaths presented in five figures, one of the top in the world. In the holy city of Samarkand, Cuba, riots and demonstrations are still rife in the city, even after the death of Chairman Lucero. The people calls for the total abstinence of the nation for total war, and instead focus itself in more domestic matters. Even the illustrious city of Panama has itself brewing into conflict, as the undercity where most of the criminals, degenerates, and men of questionable character plot to overthrow the Casa Nobela and install a Military Junta of their own design. The Mexican Protectorate, with the charismatic Vicemarshall Salazar as their leader, begins to overtake all other Protectorates under El Haluf in terms of size, prestige, and strength; Nuevo Mejico itself now rivals Samarkand, Panama, and Montevideo as a city. But with his popularity comes as a threat for the people under the Golden Wing of the Casa Nobela; that Salazar himself might be ambitious enough to place himself as the new Lucero and place the Casa once more as a secondary governmental body of El Haluf.

The Government Fixes its problems with force

The Casa Nobela is not ignorant of the problems its nation is facing, and with the support of the country's Intelligence Office, it has mobilized itself to deter any form of wanton demonstrations against the government as subtle as possible. New legislations allowed for the gradual increase of power of the Intelligence Office to enact its own policies "for the sake of maintaining national security and sovereignty against those who are against the will of our nations." The Oficina Intelegencia under Alcadazar Quint, who himself is also the Vicemarshall of the Indian Oceans Protectorate, is now on a brutal campaign to detain leaders of protests and demonstrations, while also creating a massive partisan group that would attack these anti-government establishments.

Meanwhile, such actions are being overtaken by announcements from the Ministry of Public Enlightenment with further talks of gallantry of the nation; how El Haluf is on its way to concoct a vaccine against the Memeovirus, how the Dominion is increasing the budget on Public Works to solve its unemployment and logistic issues, how the Dominion Fleet is now on its way to design newer, cheaper, and just as effective ships from the past. To most of populace who are blind of the government's dark side, it was met with applause and lauding commiserations, but to the skeptic and cynical, there is only silence; that the fear the Intelligence Office brings to the outspoken now silenced those who oppose the will of the government.

But with the growing strength of tyrants in the nation, hope lies in the most unsubtle way imaginable.


United sovereign nations icsn

Post self-deleted by Edythia.

Welcome all new nations we are so glad you are here! Join the regional discord to get started and if u are WA endorse the delegate! If u have any questions please telegram me! TDR is a great place, and we hope you will become a part of our community!

The Union and Confederate States meet in Conference

President John Tyler just got inaugurated at the Capitol building in Washington D.C. The world watching when he took that pledge, "I swear that I shall faithfully execute the office of President of The United States of America. To the best of my ability I shall uphold the Constitution and laws of this great nation." With that, there was an applause in the crowed and the nation, with their eyes to the screens, watched in awe as their nation entered a phase of hopeful prosperity. One group of people had their eyes connected to their screens and ears to their radios more than most. The people of the Confederate States watched in hope that this new President will finally come to the table and bring long lasting peace to both nations, one the revolutionary rebel son and the other the daunting and boastful grandson of the British empire. This nation was and is known to be bold and that is exactly what both nations, US and CSA expect out of possible meetings between both sides.

After his oath, President Tyler gave a speech in which he said, "My fellow American's, together we can make a more prosperous Union, not with callous hands, scared by our past, but by hands of warm welcoming that allow us to firmly grasp our future. With that said, I invite CSA leader, Hugo Black to meet with us so we can discuss the peace between both our nations." The crowed stood in awe, quiet reined for seconds that felt like years. But, after that dreadful eternal silence a cheer broke out and a sigh of relief could be seen on the newly inaugurated President's face. Not only were cheers seen there but in major cities in U.S. and CSA. Gunfire and fireworks going off nonstop with horses running in the streets. What a wonderful day for both nations, but actions are more difficult than words to execute. One requires the mobilization of small muscles in the mouth while the other requires conquering of pride, geographical and historical challenges and daunting opposition that still exists. Can this summit be accomplished?

The next day, the CSA ambassador arrived at the White House with a invitation from the President. The ambassador walks into the Oval office and takes the seat at the direction of President Tyler. From there the President states, "Mr. Ambassador thank you for coming in such a short time. We have much to go over. Firstly, what does your nation see coming out of this summit?" The ambassador responds, "Mr. President, the CSA sees an economic and diplomatic breakthrough coming as a result of this summit and we intend to negotiate for both those to be accomplished." The President, looking satisfied by that answer told the ambassador, "Great, great, we can have the economic meeting in Chicago and the diplomatic meeting in Tampa Bay. This is to provide both our nations with equal recognition coming in and out of this summit." The ambassador astonished by the laser focus on detail and accommodation shook the Presidents hand and agreed to the deal. Both men walked out and agreed to send a follow up letter to iron out the details.

The next day, the paperwork comes in and the details are finalized by the signature of President Tyler. The Economic summit, formally known as "Monetary cooperation meeting" is set to take place in five days while the diplomatic summit, formally known as "Diplomatic sitting" is set to take place in ten days. The preparation for both events are just beginning and both nations look to impress the other, kind of a friendly rivalry it may become. To that reporting, President Tyler condemned the press and said "Shame on them, this meeting is only possible by the removal of proud minds and this reporting trying to stir up drama is not okay." With that, the President was not in the public eye for the next four days as his office tries to organize the economic summit in downtown Chicago's McCormick place.

After days of preparation, it is that day where President Tyler and Hugo Black finally meet to talk about the economic relationship between both nations. President Tyler and Mr. Black sit down with the doors shut to the outside. After days of discussion between both leaders and delegations a final draft of the proposed economic treaty is finally ready to be shared with the public. At a press conference at the McCormick place, White House Press Secretary Ryan Hugho tells the American people that the deal includes a "Free trade policy" and that in essence is the entire makeup of the treaty. Another day goes by and the deal is sitting on the President's desk. The news reporters in the White House make their way to the rose garden where both leaders are sitting at a table. With the cameras focused on the table, both leaders finally sign the deal and shake hands with the world watching with interest.


President Hugo Black was driving in a convoy to his hotel in Orlando,soon they would arrive at Tampa tomorrow to negotiate a deal of non-aggression between the Union and the Confederacy.

It was only a year before that the Civil War had ended.President Black was the third president after the Death of President Huey P. Long.A few hours later President Black arrived at a hotel in Tampa called Florida Inn,and had a room specialized for him.On the news earlier that day he heard about an organization in Missouri called the "Free Slaves".He was on high alert to make sure he wasn't assassinated.

The next day on March 4th,1960,President Black had given a speech to the public in Tampa to announce this meeting."People of this Confederacy,anger and hatred toward our northern neighbours has gone on long enough! I have come out today to announce a non aggression pact to end hostilities between the Northerners and the Southerners."

"This rivalry between our nations has been a bloody one with our greatest need to establish a status as a superpower peace between our nations is needed." The crowd applauses as President Black continues. "As we are brothers that could never get along,but maybe today we can part ways peacefully and with dignity."

"To wrap this speech,the greasers to the south of us can never be seen equal to us,The Confederacy is but one country and one country it shall stay,goodbye.".

President Black had finished his speech to go speak with President Tyler on this non aggression pact after the Chicago Agreement.The pact was signed and now a new age of no tension is achieved in North America.

The people of my nation voted to restore the old monarchy

Delmarva and New England wrote:The people of my nation voted to restore the old monarchy

Who are you?

The Confederate Dixie States wrote:Who are you?

I've been here for a bit, i'm just not really that active within the region

The Loranian Times
Written by your very own Seven Seas

A New WA Delegate
Yesterday (the 5th) brought the emergence of a new WA delegate... me! Yes, I know, how the heck did SS get elected. But after preaching my ideas of a WA committee and the like, I got enough support. It had been a tie for most of the time, 3 for SN and 3 for me. But then Sirian said "to hell with it" (I may be just guessing) and voted for yours truly. I'll try to do my best and carry through on my election promises, one of them being to try and commend Skundi.

An Influx of Nations
In the last 2 days the region has added 9 nations to it's ever growing population. 4 of them have come from The Hellenic Kingdom, which has now closed. But this has brought much activity to the RMB, some RP ideas, and the starting of a flag contest hosted by me (who else?) and co-hosted by Welsh Chubut one of our new nations and an expert flag connoisseur.

A New HoC
This did happen awhile ago, but I wanted to put the WA election and the MP ones in the same issue. Not much an eventful happening here. Gwentrev, North Cromch, Cousethii, Matroyska, and Sirian are our new MPs. We'll see what they do for the region in the coming weeks. So far they have voted in Saint Sully to be the acting Chief Justice as Zweites Preussen takes a break... which reminds me...

ZweiPreu on Holiday
Our regional Chief Justice, co-founder of the TCC, and woodpecker enthusiast, has taken a break. In which to relax and gather their thoughts on how to continue with the construction of Aramos. To see their full declaration of a break see here:

Oh look, it's the nation of the week, month, or whenever I feel like it! (I used a random number generator to find the nation)

India Under Modi

I encourage everyone to check them out.

Read dispatch

Argentaina Welcome to TDR! We’re glad ur here! Join discord to get started.

America JB, Vulshine, and Argentaina

Trevsland wrote:Argentaina Welcome to TDR! We’re glad ur here! Join discord to get started.


Trevsland wrote:Argentaina Welcome to TDR! We’re glad ur here! Join discord to get started.


America JB and Argentaina

Lavaquia Welcome to TDR! Join discord to get started!

Trevsland wrote:Lavaquia Welcome to TDR! Join discord to get started!

Welcome Lavaquia!







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