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Regional Power: Extremely High

The East Pacific contains 8,964 nations, the 3rd most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Popular Tourist Destinations in The East Pacific

World Census experts tracked millions of international tourists in order to determine the world's favourite nations to sight-see.

As a region, The East Pacific is ranked 10,696th in the world for Most Popular Tourist Destinations.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Unified Tracts of ElejamieCivil Rights Lovefest“Inimicum quamvis humilem metuendem est”
2.The Kingdom of KaigiCorrupt Dictatorship“If you lived here, you'd be eating pie by now.”
3.The United States of Greater SomaliaLeft-wing Utopia“For my clan”
4.The Grand Duchy of WizardoniaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Magic is the true power of the world”
5.The Grand Duchy of DragoniaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Do Not Awaken A Sleeping Dragon.”
6.The Lunacy of Servants of GizmoDemocratic Socialists“Reality is merely an illusion”
7.The Dominion of WessaraDemocratic Socialists“Endure Through Unity”
8.The Welfarist Vizierdom of PakitskLiberal Democratic Socialists“Ecõltsk ont Frôtotsk”
9.The Scritchy Furpile of Slys PawsScandinavian Liberal Paradise“What could pawssibly go wrong?”
10.The People's Republic of GoodnamesarerareDemocratic Socialists“Bush sucks!”
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The Republic of Altys wrote:Should Marrabuk really take a LoA from being the most handsome in TEP?

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NOVA-Gallia wrote:damn the cartographer still didn't recieve my telegram

Which map?

Euricanis wrote:probably in the same way that i get an disproportional and unjustified sense of satisfaction after saying #AivintisSmellz

Yes, probably.


Brethren wrote:Yes, probably.




Estande wrote:yes, yes please

In 1901, the throne to the Empire of Hispania was assumed and given by the House of Toda to the House of Aguilera, marking the 4th dynasty. Right there, the government became a semi-constitutional monarchy, where right now the monarch had more power than the constitution, but nevertheless said constitution was still active and was still listening to people's demands. Somewhere in late 1911 or early 1912, Hispania invented possibly the very first war tank in the world, named Julio 1.000, this led to Emperor Gregorio el Tercer de Toda y Primer de Aguilera (his full monarch title) to dream all night about military glory. Days later, he demanded to decrease funds in some development departments and go directly to the military to rebuild their royal army. Not only did he use those funds for military purposes, he also spent them for personal stuff.

Royal advisors and Hispania's prime minister were mad that Gregorio III were using some of these funds to buy things that doesn't benefit the public, he dismissed it and assumed that the imperial economy's free market would still do the job. In the early summer of 1912, people have taken up to the streets of Hispania's capital city Santa Defensa, protesting the draining of needed funds and huge taxation just for them to go to the military. The monarch, being a tad bit paranoid, ordered his best generals to command their troops to open fire on said protesters, and open fire they did. He even refused to oblige with popular demand. Soldiers and royal police officers went to raid houses belonging to protestors who have died from gunshot injury and sacked them.

This angered people more, so they still took to the streets, now being armed with bolt action rifles, some pistols and even knives. The Republican movement, which was an unpopular political party, took advantage of this situation, and their leader Ricardo Vera have given speeches about monarchies being 'outdated' and 'glorified egoism', that it was time to establish a republic once and for all. Late summer of 1912, the revolution has begun, with first clashes being in west Hispania, almost every battle there being won by Republican Movement rebels. Before the clashes, a quarter of the royal army defected to revolutionaries, still having training to fight like fine men.

After four years of conflict, the Aguilera Dynasty has surrendered two days after the capital city of Santa Defensa has fallen to rebel hands. Next day of surrendered, the new revolutionary government has sentenced Gregorio III and his royal family to give up power from the empire. Same day, Ricardo Vera was originally going to name the country "Shavara" during a speech, but was then shot by Isidoro Arrabal, who came in and continued the speech, now giving Hispania a new name, 'San Sierra', thus beginning the First Republic of San Sierra, which would later suffer the brutal aftermath of the war, including plagues and minor insurgencies from anarchist and far-left groups that felt betrayed.

Shavara wrote:-long post-

I wonder, were the First Republics of San Sierra and Estande friends or foes.

Estande wrote:I wonder, were the First Republics of San Sierra and Estande friends or foes.

Cool new fledgling! Hi cool new fledgling! Your factbook looks very interesting.

Lol Gregorio III is soooooooooooo getting grounded

Estande wrote:I wonder, were the First Republics of San Sierra and Estande friends or foes.

I'd believe they'd be foes first due to opposite political views, but when Estande's monarhcy is abolished, they would be friends.

Estande wrote:I wonder, were the First Republics of San Sierra and Estande friends or foes.

You look promising, check this if you haven't yet:

Welcome to the East Pacific!
... or as we call it, the Best Pacific!

Whether you are coming from another region, or you've just joined Nation States, we have some tips for you:

1. Join World Assembly to help us build influence of our beloved Region.

2. After you are there, endorse our WA Delegate Libertanny, Viziers and Regional Officers.

3. If you wish to gain citizen rights, apply for your own LinkTEP Citizenship.

4. Afer you're accepted, you may wish to join our LinkRegional Government.

5. If you want to stay in touch with us, join our LinkRegional Discord!

6. If you have some time, you may wish to join one (or even two or three) of our Roleplay Maps!

7. Upvote this factbook (all pages, please :-) ).

8. Stay in touch with Eastern Pacific News Service!

Original Dispatch Credit: Libertanny

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Any question you may have don't be afraid to ask

Altekönigreich (2300 B.E. - 1900 B.E.)

Tiusctalaminlann(1000 B.E. - 21 A.E.)

Terreich-stadt(105 A.E. - 1704 A.E. )

Brandenburg-Burgundie(1206 A.E. - 1449 A.E.

Preußen( 1355 A.E. - 1560 A.E. / 1620 A.E. - 1704 A.E.

Terreich und Preußen( 1704 A.E. - 1919 A.E.

Preutenland ( 1919 A.E. - 1920 A.E.

Preutenland (S)( 1920 A.E. - 1923 A.E.

Preutenland (PR)( 1923 A.E. - 2001 A.E.

Terreich und Preußen( 2001 A.E. - Present A.E.

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Here is a vague history of My Nation. Feel free to ask any questions.

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