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As a region, The East Pacific is ranked 5,778th in the world for Greatest Rich-Poor Divides.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Holy Matriarchy of The Blessed and Holy LandCorporate Police State“Praise be to our Holy Goddess”
2.The Republic of Laser GunsCompulsory Consumerist State“Motto”
3.The Republic of Morgul ValleyCompulsory Consumerist State“Motto”
4.The Free Land of Sussy bakariaAnarchy“AMOGUS”
5.The Republic of NegataxCapitalist Paradise“Motto”
6.The Glorious People's Republic of Socialist Communist StatesCorporate Police State“No, You Cannot Eat!”
7.The Rogue Nation of Kylanne islandsCompulsory Consumerist State“Power through might”
8.The Principality of P I C SCompulsory Consumerist State“Your money is mine”
9.The Kingdom of AressbeeCorporate Police State“Might Makes Right”
10.The Empire of ZepollaCorporate Police State“Spreading peace, prosperity, and order (for a price)”
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The Death Syndicate wrote:


The massive port facilities are abuzz with life as Felsinsel at last mobilizes to join their allies in SETO and their very own Unistan Territory. The Unistan Territory represents a vital source of resources and, more importantly, developable land when compared to the miniscule Felsinselian islands. Of all the munitions moved into ships that day, it was not missiles, but mines that took priority. Cheap, mass producible mines, of a unique oscillating design that keeps it at the perfect depth even with the changing of tides. These very mines are paired with the smaller, anti-minesweeper variety, and even then have their own anti-tamper mechanisms that make for their safe disarming quite the conundrum. To lay them is the Fallenstellar class of submarines. Even as Felsinsel readies for its first offensive, new Type IIs are being produced at record paces. The heavy thumping of their explosively hydroformed hulls could be heard throughout the yards. Though perfected in Unistan, the grand Zantralerhafen docks have adopted the new methods readily as the beating heart of the Konigsmarine.

Even with all this activity, the surface fleet did not stir much. The handful of destroyers and frigates owned by the Konigsmarine were from Osterriech shipyards and much to par, but with the fall of the grand Reich they have become much more prized. There is much talk about a domestically produced design, but the need to supplement the current existing surface vessels has not been felt yet. What they are employed to do, however, is keep pace with the great ships of the AOS, with specially outfitted Spatz helicopters acting as long range submarine hunter-killer helicopters. As the ships slowly trickle out of port with their assigned charge, the sound of the wailing turboprops could be heard as the massive M-31 Ausf Ms began to scour the seas.

Felsinselian Unistan Territory

The Unistan Territory had never been much. There were attempts to name it, but none ever stuck. There were attempts to make great colonies, but all that came out were enlarged mining settlements. What there was, however, was munitions. Beyond just the Global Hypersonic Electromagnetic Launch System, the crown jewel of Felsinselian arms development and gross expenditure, was the arsenal of the Osterreich. Missiles, of all calibers and payloads, from hypersonic to supersonic stealth missiles, from high arching ballistic to low flying cruise missiles. These represented the Osterreich’s response to Kampfia during the prolonged standoff in the region. But now, the reign of the Osterreich was over, and Felsinsel holds the key to this arsenal. For now, however, it is only a plan on paper. The Autarch is not willing to turn the key unless they have to, for such a trove is one to be treasured.

Still, Dabiristan had given its mandate to the colonial powers in Unistan. They may have forgotten Felsinsel, but Felsinsel still felt the effects and is now to retaliate. There would be no announcement of armed conflict. There would be no warnings of the vast minefields about to be laid. All there would be was the stark silence of the shipyards as the last of the five dozen midget submarines joined the fleet beneath the waves, joined by twelve Korsar SSK/ANs and of the fourteen Korsar SSK/GNs, the deadliest ships produced by the Konigsmarine to date. Among them are two even more specialized Korsars, designated the SSK/Y for now, with special payload. The T-660 “Whalerman”, Felsinsel’s heavyweight torpedo, and ten of them, to be fired from two tubes, one on either side, replacing six tubes of the standard 533mm. That still left two of the standard tubes with 10 torpedoes of their own, for engaging submarines not worth the Whalerman. These submarines had larger prey in their sights.

The South Demetric

For now, the fleet moved in silence, sleek black silhouettes barely peeking above the waves, tender ships steaming past and far off the coast so they could be ready to refuel them at sea at designated waypoints. North, then around the Hohenzburg, then at last to the coast of Dabiristan, and the sprawl of straits and clusters of islands. Silent, roaming beneath the waves. But they would not stalk ships, not fire torpedoes. It was not their place, not their time. For all intents and purposes, as far as the world knew, Felsinsel was not pursuing hostile action. OSINT may elude to action, and what intelligence that could be gathered that something was amiss, but for all the world knew it was because of the AOS merchants roaming Kampfia trying to sell armament to the government or whatever PMC they could stumble across. That assides, the Fallensteller was technically for sale, for a while.

But now that is not the primary concern as the small submarines detached themselves and broke formation with their designated Korsar, silently zipping forth beneath the waves. Their ability to change the sound of their propulsion with a practically infinite number of iterations means no one hydrophone contact would sound alike, if heard at all. Beyond that, their small size and anechoic tiling would make their sonar signature miniscule, especially if they hugged the bottom as they did now. Mines dropped out of the bottom of the chutes running through their flounder like twin hull, the sound of the actually buoyant part of the mine suddenly filling with gas made from the chemical gasifier several minutes after they had come to rest silently on the bottom being the only indication that the Fallensteller was ever in the area, and by then it would have merrily cruised back to its mothership so the crew may rest and so that they may be rearmed expediently when privacy was assured.

Felsinsel’s silent blockade of Dabiristan’s ports and straits has begun. It would now be a matter of time before an unlucky ship found itself sailing straight into the minefield while Felsinsel braced itself for a true conflict.

Empire of Dabiristan
[nation]Kampf Empire[/ation]
IDK who else is involved in this thing. Please do ping them. Anyways, presents await.

Atleast I won't be the only one losing an entire post if Kampf decides to void...

Myehn wrote:Interesting.
Do yours.

I don’t think I physically can

How do you give a human like personality to a country

Romanoddle Republic wrote:I don’t think I physically can

How do you give a human like personality to a country

Idk. Think about your most important characters, events, and culture too.

Restoration of Eastern Kaiserreich wrote:did something to me when he talked about hetalia. Idk what he did, but it ruined me.

( o-o)

Kavanos wrote:( o-o)

It's a tale as old as time. Anime ruins lives. Even just the concept can have twisted repurcussions.

Romanoddle Republic wrote:EK really do be making country humans

TEP RP really came along way when it was just Valsora 4 years ago lol

Five Elite Generals

The Five Elite Generals are military generals serving under Cao Cao(the father of Cao Pi).
They later served in the state of Cao Wei, founded by Cao Cao's son and successor Cao Pi. The five are:
Zhang Liao - recognized leader who is also skilled in politics.(dead)
Yue Jin - headstrong and honorable warrior.(dead)
Yu Jin - dominant and regal; after he surrendered to Guan Yu, his reputation was harshly criticized.(dead)
Zhang He - versatile and cunning.
Xu Huang - skilled in strategy and fair.

The Grand Commandant of Cao Wei army, Xu Shu

Army informations

Military age - 16-60(60 years is the age of retirement, this is not valid for the grand commandant if he don't want to retire)
Conscription - Compulsory
Active personnel - 100000
Reserve personnel - 400000
Deployed personnel - 50000

Emperor Guard

The Emperor Guards are a group of military bodyguards, soldiers or armed retainers responsible for the protection of The Emperor.
They are an elite unit of the regular armed forces, and maintain special rights or privileges.

The Imperial Guard, Dian Man.

Cao Wei army uniform.
the left side uniform is for enlisted and NCO ranks, the center uniform being used by officers, and the right side uniform being used by generals.

Assault Rifles
Type 81

QBZ-03 assault rifle

Type 95


Submachine Guns



precision Rifles

Type 88



Type 77


Shoulder-launched weapons


Type 69 RPG

Type 98

Mortars & artillery
Type 87

Type 86

Type 66

Anti Aircraft Guns.




Armoured vehicles
Type 08

Type 89 AFV

Type 99 main battle tank

Type 15 light tank

Aerial Forces
Harbin Z-9



Naval forces
Type 271 landing craft

Type 067 landing craft

Type 054A

Type 039A

Type 052D

Type 052C

Type 056

Xuchang aircraft carrier.[/center][/center]

Type 78

Type 90


Type 191

Type 05

Type 92


ORSIS T-5000

Type 10

Ceremonial weapons

Sima Yi(general)
Wang Chen( Sergeant)
Wang Guan(Staff Sergeant)
Wei Ji( sergeant first class)
Wei Kai(staff sergeant )
Wei Kang(master sergeant)
Xu Shu(Grand Comandant)
Xu Chu(Captain of Emperor Guard)
Xu Xuan( Master Sergeant)
Xun Xu( Sergeant Major)
Yang Zong(master sergeant)
Yuan Huan(Staff Sergeant)
Zao Zhi(First sergeant)

Bao Rong(first sergeant)
Bao Xu(sergeant first class)
Bo Xiaochong(staff sergeant)
Cang Ci(sergeant)
Cang Xun(sergeant)
Chai Yu(sergeant)
Chang Diao(master sergeant)
Chen Qun (Senior Colonel)
Cao Hong(senior general)
Cao Xiu(general)
Cao Zhen(major general)
Chang Xi(sergeant major)
Che Zhou(sergeant first class)
Chen Mu(sergeant)
Chi Lu(staff sergeant)
Dian Man( Senior Major & Imperial Guard)
Dong Xi(Sergeant Major)
Dongli Gun(sergeant first class)
Du Xi(Second lieutenant)
Feng Kai(master sergeant)
Fu Fang(first sergeant,)
Gao Zuo(staff sergeant)
Ge Yong(sergeant)
Han Mang(second lieutenant)
Hou Xuan(Captain)
Jiang Wei(second lieutenant
Jiang Ji(general)
Li Fu(staff sergeant)
Liu Xun(first lieutenant)
Lu Qian(Captain)
Lu Xiang(Captain)
Niu Jin(major)
Song Xian(Second lieutenant)
Sun Li(command sergeant major)
Wang Tu(second lieutenant)
Wu Dun(staff sergeant)
Xu Huang(general)
Yan Xing(sergeant)
Yang Qiu(Brigadier General)
Zang Ba(Major)
Zhai Yuan(staff sergeant)
Zhao Ang(first Sergeant)
Zhang Ming(First class Sergeant)
Zhu Ling(Brigadier general)
Bi Gui(first lieutenant)
Bian Lan(Captain)
Cai Fang(staff sergeant)
Cai Lin(major Sergeant)
Cao Zhen( major General )
Cen Wei(sergeant)
Chen Jun
Chen Qian
Cheng He
Chang Lin
Chen Qian(sergeant major)
Cheng Cui(imperial Guard)
Cheng Diao(Staff sergeant)
Cheng De(Imperial Guard)
Cheng Ji(second lieutenant)
Cheng Wu(Captain)
Cao Chen(imperial Guard)
Dai Ling(captain)
Dang Jun(Imperial guard)
Dong Xi (Imperial Guard)
Fei Yao(Second lieutenant)
Fei Zhan(staff sergeant)
Feng Kai(imperial guard)
Fu Fang(imperial guard)
Gao Rou(Imperial Guard)
Gongsun Yuan(king of Yan first lieutenant)
Gou An
Guanqiu Jian(Supervisor of the Imperial Guard)
Guo Huai(major)
Guo Yi
Han Qi
Han Qiong
Han Yao
Han Ying
Han Zong
Hao Zhao(Brigadier general)
Hao Kai(Imperial Guard)
He Zhen
Jiang Ban(sergeant)
Jiao Yi(sergeant)
Jiao Bo(first lieutenant)
Ju An
Li Peng
Li Qian
Li Sheng
Li Xu(captain)
Liang Qian
Liang Kuan(Brigadier general)
Liang Xi
Liang Xu
Liu Da
Liu Du
Liu Fu
Liu Qin
Liu Shao
Liu Xian
Lu Chang(sergeant staff)
Lu Jian
Lu Zhao(staff sergeant)
Ma Jun
Ma Long
Ma Zun(First lieutenant)
Man Cheng
Pan Ju
Pan Sui
Pang Hui
Qian Hong
Qin Lang
Qiu Jian
Ren Jun(Brigadier general)
Shangguan Zixiu(Brigadier General)
Sun Qian(Imperial Guard)
Tian Xu(Imperial Guard)
Wang Chang
Wang Feixiao
Wang Guan
Wang Guang
Wang Hun
Wang Ji
Wang Jing
Wang Jinhu
Wang Ling(Supervisor of the Imperial Guard)
Wang Mingshan
Wang Qi
Wang Shuang(sergeant Major)
Wang Zhong(Sergeant)
Wei Ji
Wei Kai
Wei Kang
Wei Ping
Wen Hui
Wen Qin(staff sergeant)
Xiahou Heng(General Major
Xiahou Ba(lieutenant colonel)
Xiahou He(lieutenant colonel)
Xiahou Hui(Captain)
Xiahou Mao(Brigadier general)
Xiahou Wei(Colonel)
Xu Yi(sergeant major)
Xu Ding(Supervisor of the Imperial Guard)
Xu Zhi(Imperial Guard)
Xue Qiao(Second lieutenant)
Xue Ze(Second lieutenant)
Xue Ti(Master Sergeant)
Xun Kai
Yan Xing
Yan Rou
Yang Fu
Yang Hu
Yang Kang
Yang Ling
Yang Wei
Yang Xin
Yue Chen(lieutenant colonel)
Zhang Fu
Zhang Hu(First lieutenant)
Zhang Qiu
Zhang He (general)
Zhang Sheng
Zhang Shi
Zhang Ying (staff sergeant)
Zhang Yun(sergeant)
Zhao Yan(imperial guard)
Zheng Wen(imperial guard)
Zong Ziqing(imperial Guard)

Enlisted & NCO
Private first class
Staff Sergeant.
Sergeant first class.
Master sergeant
First sergeant.
Sergeant major.
Command sergeant major.

Second lieutenant
First lieutenant
lieutenant colonel
Brigadier general
Major General
Grand Commandant

Special ranks
Senior ranks:Rank given given to officers who faithfully served Wei or Cao Cao.

Emperor Guard ranks:
Imperial Guard(basically more trained Private)
Supervisor of the Imperial Guard(The Imperial Guard supervisor is a manager of the technical and tactical training of his subordinates, also being responsible for the well-being and morale of the troops he commands, for the material under his responsibility, for the application of doctrine, for the enthusiasm of his subordinates)
Captain of Emperor Guard (responsible for lead the Imperial Guard, given only to the emperor's most trusted official)

Read factbook

I hope to finish this thing later...when I have a good sleep...

Romanoddle Republic wrote:I don’t think I physically can

How do you give a human like personality to a country

If you follow Hetalia standards, take all your national stereotypes and combine them into a single person.

Restoration of Eastern Kaiserreich wrote:Peatiktist did something to me when he talked about hetalia. Idk what he did, but it ruined me.

Did you ever actually watch it, or.....?

Pakitsk wrote:

Most gods don't feel fear. Even those who have a predilection for mortal avatars merely absorb the sensation, without really feeling it in the way that a creature does.

But as the Great Goddess Enaia is carried higher and higher in the talons of a steppe eagle, with her only true believer far below at the foot of a great shrine, she begins to understand. This is why, when she and the other Divinities were at their heyday, the God of Death never got sacrifices. She wonders, absently, if he was ever bitter about that.

I'm in pain and I'm afraid and I'm going to die...

And then the eagle dives, picking up speed so fast that Enaia is jerked out of her train of thought, as her conscious terror turns to panic. She closes her eyes, waiting for the sensation of falling and the final moment of impact...

And lands softly in Modden's outstretched hands. "Behold! The messenger has brought to me Enaia's hare! It is a sign," declares the goatherd, "that the Twins favor us!" Suddenly, he goes rigid, before gently placing Enaia on the ground and falling to his knees.

"O Twins! I am not worthy of this! Gift it to another, I beg!" The crowd behind him begins edging closer. After all, if the Twins are willing to choose another to receive Their gift, he'd better be close at hand, for Their convenience. Modden bows his head, utters a frantic and mumbled prayer, and rises to his feet before setting off in an apparently random direction. He calls back over his shoulder, "Come all, and see the beneficence of Enaia and Ãdàmrìtsk!"

As the assembly dawdles after the prophet, eager to see what he means by beneficence, Enaia hops over to the ancestor shrine, jumping up on the offering table next to the eagle. That hurt, you know. The eagle contrives to shrug its shoulders.

"Sorry. Some instincts cannot be overruled." The figure of Ãdàmrìtsk, already less blurry and more definite than he had once been, materializes above the small strip of leather. Both he and Enaia look expectantly up at the shrine. Come!

Another figure, remarkably like Ãdàmrìtsk in all details, fades into view before them. It glares at the ancestor deity, and then down at Enaia. "I saw that little stunt. Don't think I take kindly to... missionaries." Insofar as an immaterial spirit can spit, this one does, pronouncing the word with distaste. Enaia hurriedly takes the initiative.

Your table was empty when we got here. I bet your clan has been leaving less and less recently. The shrine-god freezes her with an angry stare, but gives a sigh of resignation. "That is true. It is rare enough already that they speak my name, but soon I suspect the offerings will stop too. They have had good prospects recently, and why pray for intervention when life is good already?" Enaia, despite herself, gives a short nod.

I can tell you all about that one. But, here's the deal... Our little prophet there is a persuasive one. He's already convinced half your clan that he can See visions. One of the shrine-god's incorporeal eyebrows rises. "A vision? I haven't given anyone one of those in... Generations. I'm amazed they believe it's still possible."

Like I said, he's persuasive. Now, either we can tell him to keep doing what he's doing, and you can fade away to a howl on the wind... or... Enaia metaphysically nudges Ãdàmrìtsk. Threats are all very good in and of themselves, but it helps if the one making them is taller than a foot. Ãdàmrìtsk takes the hint and continues. "We will take your power and your essence. You will live on with us -- none will know your name, but they will know ours, and through us you will also be remembered. The stories of your deeds will be retold, though they bear our names. What do you say?"

The shrine-god sighs once more, and draws the ethereal sword at his side, laying it across his hands. "In life, I was Pálob Móràts. I slew great beasts and brought bounty to my clan." He lays the sword upon the offering table, where it becomes solid, shining in the early dawn. Then he looks back to Enaia and Ãdàmrìtsk.

"Very well. All I ask is that you remember. And... Take care of my people." The figure fades, and Enaia feels a strange tingling -- the sensation of absorbing power. That's that, then. Let's go check up on Modden. The hare hops off the offering table and, with the leather scrap in her mouth, follows the distant shouts.

. . . and then they didn't remember him.

At all.

I wonder if that's going to have consequences oh wait it definitely is

Greater Rostoria wrote:Dont worry about Dumas, he hates everyone because they have a small percentage of non christians.

I am making a 2nd nation soon that will be a “Christian Republic”

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