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The Fallout Wasteland
Est. July, 26 2015

"War... War never changes."
In the year 2077, a nuclear war had plunge America into a fiery holocaust only just to set another bloody chapter in human history. The year is 2161, and there’s always a new story in the wastes.

Welcome to The Fallout Wasteland. You may create/join a faction. Moderators will enforce the rules pinned blow. Please join the Discord (linked below) to join the community. To be placed on the map, make a request on the #map-request-wing channel of the Discord.

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The Fallout Wasteland contains 76 nations, the 177th most in the world.


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This data was compiled by surveying a random sample of businesses with the question, "Do you believe the government is committed to free market policies?"

As a region, The Fallout Wasteland is ranked 14,056th in the world for Most Pro-Market.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Rogue Nation of Separatist RebellionAnarchy“Freedom!”
2.The North Dakota BoS of LoundAnarchy“Live By The Sword, Die by The Sword”
3.The Military Junta of Private Nation of McFreedomCapitalizt“Helicopters rides for communists”
4.The Republic of ArtiasCorporate Bordello“For Freedm and Liberty!”
5.The Republic of Americas Enclave RemnantsCorporate Police State“God Bless the Enclave! God Bless America!”
6.The Rogue Nation of E1 DoradoCapitalizt“Fortune favors the wise”
7.The Remnants of The United States Navy and Marine CorpsCorporate Police State“Semper Fortis”
8.The Borderlands of Wild TracksCapitalizt“Listen to the guy in charge, then do whatever you want.”
9.The Queendom of Greater New VictoriaRight-wing Utopia“Splendor Sine Occasu”
10.The Nuked landmass of Old WastelandsCompulsory Consumerist State“War... War never changes.”
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Futuretainment: Holo Boogaloo, pt. 3
Nate smiled grimly at the ghoul corpses littering the ground as he disembarked from the vertibird. Cindy was learning her job well. Almost too well for a girl her age. Taking aim with the Cosmic Cannon, he blasted the few remaining ferals that had survived inside the station building. "Thanks for the ride, Cindy!" he called as the vertibird lifted off.

Nate hoped Bedford Station had some answers. Several days spent combing the South Boston trainyards with the help of the Minutemen had turned up nothing aside from a few fusion cores and a cache of ammunition. The operation so far had been a net loss, resulting in the injury of a team of Minutemen that had accidentally startled a Yao Guai. If the outland station didn't have any answers, he might have to give up, because if it was in the Glowing Sea it was completely lost.

The boots of the CC-01 power armor made an eerie clanging sound on the concrete floor of the station as the pair walked inside. "You check the terminal, I'll check the filing cabinet," Nate ordered.

The filing cabinet was disappointing, as anything of value inside was mildewed or moldy. "That's not going to reveal any secrets," Nate remarked. "Find anything?"

"Yeah," replied the sergeant. "The train did stop here, loaded the cargo onto a Wicked Shipping truck."

"Great," Nate said with a groan. "Now we have to search the roadway. Good thing I brought along an extra fusion core."

"Now hold on a minute," the sergeant replied, "I remember seeing one on the road going past Lexington, back when we came and rescued you."

"Was it that truck that just missed getting crushed by the freeway when it fell over?"

The pair decided to walk the couple of miles to the collapsed freeway. It took them a better part of an hour, Nate not wanting to use up the energy in the fusion core too much. The freeway had fallen mere yards short of the truck in question, covering the area in concrete dust but otherwise having left the vehicle unharmed.

The trailer was still locked with a lock that the sergeant confidently declared as "beyond any thief's abilities". A blast from the Cosmic Cannon solved that problem immediately, and Nate forced the door open. A wall of wooden crates greeted him, each one stamped with its own label and delivery address. "Do we gotta go through all these?" the sergeant asked despairingly.

"We only need to find the ones addressed to Hubris Comics," Nate replied. "Probably somewhere in the middle."

As a matter of fact, the crates they were looking for were closer to the back. "Bingo," Nate exclaimed in relief.

"Should we crack it open? Y'know, just to make sure?" the sergeant asked.

Nate tore the top of one of the crates off. "I'm pretty certain this is it," he replied. "A special holographic recorder, according to the paperwork here." He sighed. "Good. I was beginning to think we weren't ever going to find it."

"Why did we come find it?" the sergeant asked. "I mean, it's not like it'll help us any in the war."

"No," Nate agreed. "But war tools aren't everything. This, my friend, is for culture." He set the top back onto the crate as best he could. "Throw the flare, we'll get these loaded up onto the vertibird and get out of here. It's getting late and we haven't even gotten these suits painted yet."


3 Holorecording Cameras
1 Holographic Projector
1 Codec holotape

New Decandsor wrote:City in War


Tacet and Igneous make their way through the outer ruins of Dallas just two weeks after being saved from the chaos and destruction at the Old Pass. Jess had been kind enough to help patch up Tacet's wounds and inform them about the nature of the extreme violence occurring throughout the Dallas territory.

Jess - "The Alliance, they were originally five different settlements scattered about the outer regions of Dallas. That was until they united together under a Council nearly ten years ago. The settlements retained autonomous operations while a Militia was formed under direct control of the Council. Everything went fine, people prospered. Until the Collectors arrived. At first they demanded a tribute. The Militia thought they could take them on, but the Collectors had them outnumbered 2 to 1. The Collectors forced the communities to give them supplies. That was fine for a year until the Collectors mysteriously got a batch of vehicles running. They demanded the communities provide them with fuel, and when they didn't the Collectors would kill somebody. The tensions brewed until war finally broke out. That's where we are at now. But things have only gotten worse. This group with their robot army is going about slaughtering anyone they can find, Alliance or Collectors."

Tacet and Igneous realized that the situation was far out of their hands to control. They considered heading back to Hog's Horn before Jess stopped them.

Jess - "There have been rumors. About something in the city. Giant metal birds flying through the city. It might be the controllers of the robots. Nobody is willing to risk the dangers, but it's the only thing that can save Dallas from complete destruction."

Tacet and Igneous knew their mission was to keep the war brewing, but if Dallas gets destroyed, there might not be much the Legion can do to rebuild it. They decide to head into the city to learn more about the robots and get to the bottom of the conflict. They hear a distant commotion and fighting. They follow the distant sounds of war and eventually traverse to an abandoned radio station where the people with the "Giant metal birds" have established an outpost. Igneous scouts out the surroundings while Tacet keeps a close eye on the soldiers she sees. Eventually, Igneous comes back.

Igneous - "Surroundings look mostly clear. These have to be the people controlling the robots. No one else here has that kind of technology. I say we head back. This place is beyond saving."

Tacet shakes her head.

Tacet - "No! Caesar sent us on this mission, and I'll be damned if I fail. Come on, there is only one way we can get to the bottom of this."

Tacet steps out into the open and approaches the outpost. Igneous curses and reluctantly follows her. They approach the outpost with their hands up.

Tacet - "Hello? We have come to talk!"

Blood, Honor, and Steel

Chapter 3 - The Encounter With the Legion | BoS Outpost Delta, Dallas, Texas | October 19, 2161 | 06:20 PM Zulu |

Despite the expansive resources of the Brotherhood of Steel and reconnaisance operations, not many BoS soldiers have known about the presence of Caesar's Legion, those who do know, are the ones who have ventured into the regions, villages, and valleys of the Legion for recon operations. The Legion has also not heard of the Brotherhood of Steel, only wasteland myths and rumors. But in Dallas, it will be the first time, Caesar's Legion and the Brotherhood of Steel make direct contact.

Head Paladin Nova, now in casual military clothing, tied her combat boots and walked over to the Courtyard to inspect the training of the Initiates. Knight Klotz was leading the marching in unison with the new Initiates and sang a cadence. Others were trained and doing routine exercises, firing range shooting, or other military training. Nova then walked into the medical bay, where a medical scribe was monitoring Paladin Cross. "How is he? Nova asked. "Well, he took a good beating, but he'll recover soon enough." Nova sighed in relief, "Good. Notify me when he wakes up." The medical scribe nodded, "Yes, Head Paladin." Nova went over to the Engineering Bay to where all the BoS Power Armor was being stored and held. She went over to Paladin Cross' T-45 PA to inspect the damage on it as the Engineers attempt to work on it. "So, how is it?" She asked. "Well, now the main chest plate is damaged and part of the power armor frame is cracked and broken." He'd say. "I swear these damn greenskins are a f*cking nuisance." Nova nodded her head, "Tell me about it." The Engineer sighed, "It might take me a few days or so to repair it. We're gonna add extra shielding to the PA." He'd grab a wrench and start adding and repairing a few pieces together. "Alright. Good work Engineer." Nova said as she patted his back. "Thanks." He said. She walked over to her Power Armor and hopped in. She then grabbed her automatic laser rifle and began to patrol the area when an urgent message came over the radio, "This is Viper 5-2, to all callsigns. We have unidentified civilians at the front, I say again, we have unidentified civilians at the front." He said. "Are they hostile?" A BoS soldier said over the radio. "Negative, they have their hands up." He said. "Copy, this is Golf Actual, I will be heading over there." Nova said as she rushed to the front with the other BoS soldiers. "Roger that Golf Actual." Viper 5-2 said. Nova and a couple of Brotherhood soldiers in full T-45 Power Armor and BoS military fatigues rushed to the front to find Viper 5-2 and the other Brotherhood personnel whom was assigned to patrol holding the civilians at gunpoint with their gatling lasers, miniguns and laser rifles. Nova approached the group of civilians, noticing Tacet and Igneous dressed in their Legion uniforms. "State your business civilian." She said. The Legion had never seen such armor before, only in holotapes and rusted raider versions.

Caesar's Legion and the Brotherhood of Steel had officially made direct contact even if it was during such an unfortunate situation. Now, what of Caesar's two most respected Legionnaires wished to discuss with the Brotherhood of Steel, that will be a story for another time.


New Decandsor


Chapter 4 - Books Are Filled With Knowledge

Scribe Willard sat at his terminal, logging a few supplies. He had heard of the incident that was occuring at the front but paid no mind to it. He began to pace around the room, inspecting the pre-war items that recovery expeditions have collected from the several districts of the city. A Senior Knight, Henry Lancelot, stepped into the room, "You called for me, sir?" He said. "Knight Lancelot? Are you willing to go on a recovery expedition?" Willard asked. Henry nodded, "Of course, sir. What do you need?" He asked. "I need pre-war books from the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library. Our Scribes want to inspect its contents." Henry nodded, "Alright sir, anything else?" Willard nodded, "Yes actually, our Scribes also want you to recover any pre-war relics at the Perot Museum, but be careful on your journey. The streets are filled with raiders, ghouls, super mutants and the like." Henry nodded, "Will do, sir." He saluted, "Ad Victoriam!" Willard responded, "Ad Victoriam, Knight!" A moments after, Henry arrives at the barracks and gathers a couple of Initiates and Paladins, "I need a few volunteers for a recovery patrol!" He shouted. As if on cue, many Initiates lined up to join the Senior Knight on the expedition. After a few minutes, he assembled his squad and told the rest whom were not chosen to return to their duties and as such they adhered to his order. Paladin Heather "Bullseye" Casdin approached Senior Knight Lancelot, "I'll come and join you." She said. "Besides, you might need the training once in while, Lance." She said in a joking manner, playfully jabbing Henry in the arm. He chuckled, "Let's just hope you can manage yourself out there." He responded jokingly. The squad quickly rushed to the Vertibird that had been waiting for him and Paladin Casdin had gotten on the minigun. The Vertibird quickly flew towards their destination, avoiding the long , dangerous and harsh terrain and streets of Dallas.

FreeAmericanStates wrote:While the Federal Forces on the outside were saying completely the same, no more or less aggressive actions taken by the Federal Troops then earlier. As Erick is walking with the troops he sees a couple of Federal Troops and officers moving around some wet dirt with a stick making marking in it. But, Erick followed the troops to the tent he was told to enter and right before he entered and the flaps were opened Erick seen a Federal Sniper with a rifle aimed at his head from inside the tent and with barely even a sound Erick was shot in the head with silenced Sniper Rifle and his body quickly dragged into the tent. After which Federal Forces began to rapidly increase the number of troops deployed at the border and suddenly a few more Federal Snipers appeared. Federal Forces are confident that without a leader for the raiders and with under siege this battle will be relatively quick. Shortly after the raiders began noticing scouts that went out of sight for to long ended up dead with a bullet in the head and yet no gun shots were ever heard or seen.

. . .Just the Beginning


The Raiders were no match for the superior armed and powerful Federation troops. The Guards were quickly taken out. The Raiders inside the settlement noticed the commotion and began lining the walls, only they numbered far less. Around thirty began opening fire from the walls while the others in the community, too cowardly to fight, either ran to hide or snuck out of the settlement.

In the distance on the road, a Ghoul watches. An agent from Mr. Anette, he sits in a foldable chair, drinking a bottle of whiskey. As he watches the precision of the Federation, he smiles and laughs.

Ghoul - "Silencers. Hehe. Those clever little bastards. I love them already."

He takes another sip from his bottle as he watches the battle unfold.

Wasteland Alive wrote:. . .Just the Beginning


The Raiders were no match for the superior armed and powerful Federation troops. The Guards were quickly taken out. The Raiders inside the settlement noticed the commotion and began lining the walls, only they numbered far less. Around thirty began opening fire from the walls while the others in the community, too cowardly to fight, either ran to hide or snuck out of the settlement.

In the distance on the road, a Ghoul watches. An agent from Mr. Anette, he sits in a foldable chair, drinking a bottle of whiskey. As he watches the precision of the Federation, he smiles and laughs.

Ghoul - "Silencers. Hehe. Those clever little bastards. I love them already."

He takes another sip from his bottle as he watches the battle unfold.

Shortly after, Federal snipers continued the siege sniping at raiders who were firing back and after most in high locations were taken out , while most Federal Infantry and Grenadiers moved in and made short work of the remaining forces thanks to the heavy amount of cover fire and quick work as well as how disorganized the raiders became. The Ghoul observing seen the Federation snipers take out hostile snipers first then give covering fire and take out impotent targets slowly lowering the raider's leadership even more while the Federal Infantry went after normal targets with their assault rifles and Grenadiers went after groups of hostiles close together blew them up with grenades and sprayed them with SMG fire. After the battle was over their was almost no casualties on the Federal Side and on the raider side there was a large number of casualties almost all of them were dead and the Federation even captured hostile raiders who were attempting to flee. Federal officers were beginning to have a debate on whether to just execute them or bring to the Ghoul. However, conveniently some Federal troops had found some rope that can be used to give the raiders hangings if needed.

Smash and Grab, pt. 9
Having been alerted to its existence by the "Commonwealth Navy", Minutemen swarm over a military barge discovered still at port on the North End near the Old North Church. While a team figures out how to get inside the security gate containing a suit of T-60 power armor, other Minutemen search the shipping crates for valuable military supplies.

The haul is... disappointing. A smattering of AER9 urban laser rifles (10), a few assault rifles (30), some ammo, a few fusion cores, a couple of complete sets of combat armor (5). Most of the shipment is composed of military rations and other essential military goods like canvas, rope and blankets. The only thing particularly interesting was an engraved Plasma Glock that apparently was being shipped to the commander of Fort Hagen when the bombs dropped.

The team got the security gate open and realized... none of them knew how to operate a suit of power armor. One hopped in and almost wrenched his leg off trying to figure out the controls. They were forced to send a runner to Goodneighbor to radio for the NEC military to send someone who knew what they were doing.

Nate arrived by vertibird post-haste. "Now what in the world are you doing here?" he murmured, walking up and admiring the piece. "You're a long ways from home." He turned to the Minuteman commander. "You want to learn how to use this fine piece of American engineering?" he asked.

It took several hours just for the commander to get the basics down. Nate hoped the man would get some time to practice before he tried to take it into combat. And just like that, a thought occurred to him. "Say... have you men ever actually trained in military tactics?"

"We found a few manuals," the Minuteman commander explained. "We've passed them around the various Militia contingents."

"But you've had no formal training?"


Nate sighed. If he could convince Walsh, his evacuation might have to wait.


Equipment retrieved:
1 T-60 power armor
8 fusion cores
10 AER9-style laser rifles
20 M-16 assault rifles
1 Engraved Plasma Defender (Glock 86)
5 Combat Armor + Helmets
2 inoperable IFVs (repairable)

A Good Neighbor, pt. 5
Colonel O'Riley, the commander of the Jamaica Plain Minutemen, looked up from the orders he had in his hand. "And I'm supposed to believe you're some sort of... pre-war officer?"

"That's right," Nate replied, face straight. "Frozen by Vault-Tec, rescued by... well, Vault-Tec."

"And you're here to train my militia?"


"What makes you think my soldiers need training?" the Colonel asked, his frown deepening. "We've been around the block a few times, Colonel Delaney. I think we can handle ourselves."

"You a betting man?" Nate asked. "You willing to bet money on it? How about some maneuvers - a squad of your best men against my squad."

Colonel O'Riley regarded the other man for a moment. "All right," he finally said, "You're on. Have your men assemble at the old Rationing Site. We'll put them through some exercises; if your men beat mine, you get your training."

"Roger that," Nate replied. "May the best men win, Colonel."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Well, I guess I owe you an apology," Colonel O'Riley remarked, seeing all his men lying on the ground breathing hard while Nate's men had only just broken a sweat. "Of course, you have to realize, these aren't professional soldiers, they're just farmers and local businessmen who soldier on the side."

"Even weekend soldiers can fill military standards," Nate replied. "And that's why I'm here. You willing to let me do my job?"

"Yeah," O'Riley replied. "And if you can get my boys up to the standard of your boys, I'll write a letter of endorsement for you."

"Get me your sergeants," Nate answered. "I'll train them first. Then they can do the job of drilling your men for me."

"Right away... sir," O'Riley answered.

Thanks for your long alliance with Vault Tec, sadly were shutting down.
President of VT- New Georgia remanint

Flower Child's Nuka World Life! Pt. 1

Flower Children are seen littering the Market, buying guns and ammo, socializing with other Tyrants, harassing the slaves, and other delightful things. With the Flower Children around in the Market, they help assist the Tyrants in guarding over the slave-operated vendors in the Market. Flower Children also tend to the Brahmin, making sure they are fed and in good condition for trading purposes.


The Flower Children have their drinks at Cappy's Cafe, yet the bartender was a weakling compared to the brutes of both Tyrants aqnd Flower Children that walked within the Cafe, both the Flower Children and Tyrants had their way with the slaves that workes in there, harassing them, threatening them, even sometimes getting rowdy with them. Flower Children and Tyrants alike shot up Chems, socialized, and even playing with local prostitutes while in Cappy's Cafe, Cappy's Cafe is a hotspot for relaxation or socialization, often being occupied when Flower Child and Tyrant duties are completed, the Raider then has time to relax before being commanded to do another chore or operation.



Crimson Lions

After they took over Diamond City, Chem caravans still came in and out. Dealing with the local Chem businesses in Diamond City, these Chems were abnormally high quality than Chems made from your average joe wastelander. These Chem caravans were quite frequent, yet they shown no signs of having any Tyrant or Raider linkage between eachother. It was weird...

Contingencies, pt. 1
With the fates of the delegations still pending, and with a potential new threat in the form of Fusion City which had taken the Emerald City right underneath their noses, Acting General Hollister and General Madsen have agreed it is prudent to prepare for the worst.

Boston is practically an island, with the sea bounding its eastern reaches and the Charles and Mystic rivers forming a water boundary around the west and south. A number of different bridges cross the Charles into the Boston area - the Minutemen have decided to blow up all but two of them. The one leading to Bunker Hill would remain, as would the broken one by the Egret Tours Marina. This would allow them to better control the flow of traffic into Boston and make it harder for enemy combatants to enter the city.

Artillery took care of most of the North End bridges. A team had to be dispatched for the last bridge, the one with the tugboat stuck in it. Approaching along the Cambridge side of the Charles (so as to avoid Hallucigen), the team rigged a mini-nuke in the pilot house of the tug. The resulting explosion shattered the tug and turned the bridge into twisted scrap metal. The Oberland bridges were dealt with much in the same way, though regular dynamite was used instead of the limited stockpile of mini-nukes. The Overpass bridge was left alone since no one could get up to it, which left the bridge by the WRVR station. Wanting to conserve their supply of explosives, the Minutemen took sledgehammers and picks to it, breaking it up and disassembling it themselves.

Once the desired bridges were destroyed, the Minutemen set up checkpoints at the remaining two bridges, searching all caravans and traffic coming through.

An Extended Lease on Life, pt. 2
The All-Saints Cathedral, while no Notre Dame, was nevertheless a massive space that took Acting High Priestess Sugar Belle's breath away when she walked into the sanctum. Ornately carved oak pieces and gold filigree adorned the worship space, seemingly untouched by time itself.

The Apostles had been forced to pick the lock on a side door as the main door was barred with iron. It looked like the priests had done their best to keep the cathedral from getting looted in the chaos immediately following the bombs. The same could not be said for the rest of the university campus, which looked like a tornado had swept through the area.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" asked Berry Good, the Acting Priestess Hospitaller.

"It's exquisite," Sugar Belle replied. "I feel... humbled. Like I am a speck of dust in this universe - but a speck of dust dearly treasured and loved." She turned to her lieutenant. "I think this would serve as an excellent headquarters, don't you think?"

"Indeed!" Berry agreed. "Oh, isn't it just been grand, Sugar? I'm not sure when I've felt this optimistic about our future. A new home, far away from raiders, far away from Orcs..."

"Far away from the nightmarescape that is the Commonwealth," Sugar agreed. "Here, we might actually be able to thrive, instead of just merely surviving."

Berry suddenly gasped. "Is that a working pipe organ?" She dashed over and tried the keys. "Darn it, doesn't work," she remarked dejectedly.

Sugar Belle hid a smile. "The organ can't work if there's no air," she chided. "Here, let me get the bellows."

The bellows proved to be a problem, as the cloth material had been eaten away by time. "Darn it again," Berry said.

"I'm sure we can get it fixed," Sugar Belle said comfortingly. "Once we're settled in here, we can look into remaking it."

Berry perked up. "Oh, thank you," she said.

Sugar Belle only smiled. She looked around again at the nave. "C'mon, let's explore the rest of this place before it gets dark."

As they walked out, Sugar Belle spared a thought for Petunia. She hoped she was alright, she hadn't heard any word from Bunker Hill since arriving in Halifax. Sugar Belle couldn't wait to surprise her with the cathedral.

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