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The Fallout Wasteland
Est. July, 26 2015

"War... War never changes."
In the year 2077, a nuclear war plunged America into a fiery holocaust, only to set another bloody chapter in human history. The year is 2175, and there’s always a new story in the wastes.

Welcome to The Fallout Wasteland. You may create/join a faction. Moderators will enforce the rules pinned below. Please join the Discord (linked below) to join the community. To be placed on the map, make a request on the #map-request-wing channel of the Discord.

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The Fallout Wasteland contains 55 nations, the 321st most in the world.


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The Nudest in The Fallout Wasteland

After exhaustive surveys, the World Census calculated which nations have the greatest acreages of flesh on public display.

As a region, The Fallout Wasteland is ranked 9,008th in the world for Nudest.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of A New PlaceInoffensive Centrist Democracy“(absent)”
2.The Irradiated Wasteland of Xenophobic NeedlesInoffensive Centrist Democracy“I empty my explode like a blood sausage!”
3.The Rogue Nation of Separatist RebellionAnarchy“Freedom!”
4.The Seething Void of Iok-SototLibertarian Police State“¯!_(ツ)_!¯”
5.The Atomic Empire of NukatopiaFather Knows Best State“war never changes”
6.The Barren Remains of Wasteland AliveLibertarian Police State“War, War never changes.”
7.The Community of Payday GangCompulsory Consumerist State“Time to break a little bad.”
8.The Republic of United territories of the InstituteLeft-Leaning College State“For a better future”
9.The People's Republic of InterplayInoffensive Centrist Democracy“By Gamers, For Gamers”
10.The People's Republic of Red OrleansLeft-wing Utopia“Liberte, egalite, fraternite, ou la mort”

Regional Happenings


The Fallout Wasteland Regional Message Board

Consolidation Of Power Part 1

"My lord.." Collins took a quick bow before the Emperor's desk.
"The Surveyors reports are in. Would you like me to go over them with you now?"
The Emperor rolled his eyes and poured himself and Collins a drink.
"Drop the formalities my old friend. Speak to me as the friends we are." He placed the drink before Collins and lit himself a cigarette placing the pack and lighter on the table.
"I apologize. Just a force of habit as of late." Collins replied as he took a sip of his drink and reached down pulling a handmade map out spreading it across the desk.
"These are the zones that the Surveyors marked as needing conquest in order to bolster our Imperial presence through most of Illinois. I would suggest going for Charleston first. It is in the most immediate zone."
The Emperor eyed the map and nodded his head.
"I agree my friend. Tell the troops to ready themselves. I wish for Violet to take lead on this one." The Emperor finished his drink and set the glass down.
"Of course. Right away."

The Following personnel and equipment have been allocated to taking Charleston and the Surrounding area:
*1,000 Soldiers
*5 IFV's
*30 Suits of T-45f Power armor
*2 Sherman Tanks

"The Emperor has made it clear, We will capture the city of Charleston and the surrounding area. All accounts of the area suggest we have FAR superior firepower so let's use that to our advantage. I want a quick and powerful strike to subdue them with as little Casualties as possible."
Violet ordered.
"Lets move Quick, Ignore civilians unless they pose an immediate risk to you. The objective is the Capturing of the City center. If we have that we have control over the area. Understood?"
"YES MA'AM!" Was the resounding reply.
"Excellent! Let's move out! Make the Empire proud!"

Due to the lack of Firepower and no known military force besides a local militia guarding the city the Imperial forces focused their Attention in one zone. Pushing Straight down the middle.
As they approached the City many of the Citizens began to panic at the sight. Seeing such a large force was practically unheard of in this area. Many of them scattered indoors except for the Militia who took up positions on rooftops and behind makeshift barricades.
However these Barricades stood no real chance against the Power of Missle Launchers that blew them away as well as the attackers behind them.
The Tanks Cannons focused on the Rooftops where the Militia were dug in too well to be Flushed out.
They fired collapsing sections of the roof and sending Militia members falling to their death.

The Militia in The street that scattered from the barricades before their destruction were mostly gunned down by the Approaching imperial forces. Those that survived this second attack made their way to the City center but found themselves just as screwed as their fallen comrades.
As the Streets were cleared the Imperial Forces backed by the Sherman Tanks approached the City center but Violet gave the orders to halt a short ways before.

The offer was simple but the Militia hesitated.
The Sherman machine guns were aimed at the Defenders as was every imperial gun in the Area.
The militia finally conceded and threw their weapons to the ground surrendering to the Imperial forces that now owned Charleston.

News of the Capture was sent to the Emperor and an Imperial Flag was raised above the city.
A Governor for the city of Charleston was chosen from the Local inhabitants and an Ambassador was sent to support the City.
Shipments of Weapons, Armor and Supplies would begin to roll in.

(Gained: 2,000 pop)
(Losses: 125 Imperial Soldiers)

Battle of Lafayette 4/4

With the Copperhead’s having abandoned the defence. A large opening was left around the Freeway along Pinhook road. With a large assault into Freetown the Union army was able to break into the rest of the city. With the Wild Ones making their final stand in Lafayette University, the campus turned red with the amount of dead there. The Cajuns chose to stand and fight as well, turning their base in the Cajundome into a vulnerable fort against the Union. Leaving the union to starve them out as the army cleared out the rest of the city. Regulars eventually had to smoke them out of the fort by setting fire to the center, burning it to the ground. With the three main factions dealt with. The smaller raider crews routed. Leaving little left to resist Lafayyet’s annexation.

With the city’s annexation, much of the nearby settlements and farmers were quick to apply to the Union for protection. The former residents of nearby Rayne were also quick to settle in the now cleared Lafayette. Having been forced out by the Copperheads residing in the area. Along with moving their cam into the airport. The union formed an outpost in the nearby town of Abbeville.

1046 Men lost, Lafayette annexed. 1967 Pop gained

Yak was tired of holding onto this gold bullion, the contacts he knew declined the purchase of it. Yak knew that north of Memphis was a cluster of other groups and parties, so he decided to go south to avoid the possibility of losing the bullion or getting a Crewmate injured. Yak designed a plan, go to the bottom south and work the way along the coast from Louisiana to Florida, although this would be mainly about the purchase of the gold this would serve as a reconnaissance mission as well. Yak alerted the Brigands at the HQ via HAM Radio, detailing the job. 5 Crewmates volunteered to go on the exploration. The Crewmates packed up food supplies, an AA-12 Shotgun, medical supplies, water, the 9 bars of gold bullion, and ammunition before they started the walk south of Tennessee and towards the coast of Louisiana.

This will take 5 1/2 days to complete, 5 Crewmates is temporarily away on the exploration. (9 IRL hours)

New Franken wrote:Resurgence: Part 5
As the Phantoms flew overhead they were then redirected to recon the area around Grand Rapids for the enemy. Stuka 2 reported enemy contacts near Holland as large groups of infantry could be seen moving southeast along the old route 40 towards Kalamazoo and more heading northeast to Grand Rapids. Stuka 4 reported 40 enemy tanks heading towards Grand Rapids from Muskegon. Within minutes of this report, the Führer issued orders for the base at Kalamazoo to engage the enemy infantry heading towards them. The defenders at Grand Rapids would wait for the attack and ward them off with mass artillery fire from inside the city. Three artillery platoons, totaling 36 guns were ordered to Grand Rapids immediately from Lansing and should arrive just in time. Lastly, Stuka 1 spotted the enemy airfield near Muskegon. Gunfire roared into the sky causing only minor damage as he increased his altitude getting out of range. The Shi-Zao scrambled some of their fighters but before they could get into the air Stuka 1 was long gone. "Stuka 1, Stuka 1 this is Base Alpha over." "Base Alpha this is Stuka 1 Over." "Stuka 1, Stuka wing must return to base. Be advised Falcon wing is about to depart. Friendlies in the air. Over." "Acknowledged Base Alpha, Stuka wing confirms friendlies in the air. Over." "Acknowledged Stuka 1. Out."

Resurgence: Part 6
Battle at Allegan
When the brigade left Kalamazoo to confront the Shi-Zao infantry the confrontation was destined to be at Allegan, the quickest road from Holland to Kalamazoo. When the Reichtrooper infantry brigade approached the town scouts reported enemy entrenchments in the town and around it to avoid an easy flank utilizing rivers in the area. This would be the first major battle that the Stoner 63 would be tested.
Three battalions crossed a bridge to flank the town from the south while the rest of the brigade spread out over a short front of three miles, not including guarding the flanks. Skirmishes break out on the flanks as Reichtroopers and Shi meet each other. Delta Battalion was the first one to stumble on to the first major Shi fortifications at Padgham Airfield. The open field was turned into a makeshift shallow trench allowing for good sightlines for machine guns. The battalion got pinned down by three different emplacements.
"We are pinned down!" shouted a soldier; "Where is the HWP?" "Corporal! Get on the radio! Request heavy weapons support!" ordered the Leutnant. "Delta 7, Delta 7, this is Oscar 3. Over!" shouted the Corporal on the radio. "Oscar 3 this is Delta 7, go ahead." "Delta 7, we need HOTEL WHISKEY PAPA support at the airfield. Acknowledge. Over." "Oscar 3 HWP support request acknowledged. Over." A short time later a heavy weapons platoon arrived. "Sir the HWP is here!" the corporal shouted as a soldier in T-45 power armor, carrying a M2 HMG by himself, walked near their cover. "Sir heavy mortars are being set up now, we will take care of this in no time," exclaimed the soldier in power armor. Seconds later the fhmp sound of the mortars being launched could be heard behind them and explosions all around the enemy position moments after. Once the barrage was over the grounds were quiet. The men moved in to secure the area, keeping an eye out for more enemy tangos. The soldiers then took the hangers and the other grounds buildings.
"Bravo, Bravo, this is Victor 7 over." "Victor 7, Victor 7, this is Bravo go ahead over." "Brigade command has ordered to take the bridge at the center of town. Over." "Victor 7, Bravo acknowledges." Bravo company moved down the middle surprisingly not as much resistance as expected. They had to clear out a sparsely defended neighborhood and a small high school. As they advanced up the small peninsula leading to the bridge over the lake. Shi forces emerged from the buildings near the bridge manning their gun emplacements. "Heavy MGs!!" shouted a sergeant. The soldiers spread out taking cover behind buildings. They moved forward around the rear of the buildings trying to get a good angle of the HMG. One squad got close enough; "Grenade out!" shouted the grenadier. The grenade landed right in the ammo containers destroying all the ammo and killing the crew. When the MG stopped firing the Reichtroopers charged the enemy position firing their automatic rifles and forcing anyone still alive over the bridge. About an hour later the battalions that flanked south were pushing Shi forces back into town up route 40. They requested some assistance when the density of fire became to much. The battalion crossed the bridge and headed south pinning them in a cross fire. The Shi forces broke and retreated back towards Holland. Some Shi forces were stuck in town when the Reichtroopers crossed the bridge to meet the other battalions and were captured.

Of the estimated 4,000 Shi-Zao forces they suffered 1,720 KIA and 240 captured.
Of the 6,000 man Reichtrooper Infantry Brigade; 108 KIA 476 wounded.

A Rocky Border
Expansion 5 of 6

Nuon Reap had his work come easily. Colorado was terrified, and the lands in his next objective fared a grim fate. Colorado Springs and Burlington were directly in Revolutionary Middleland's war path. When the last bit of flat and fertile land would be taken, Middleland's expenditures into the former state would likely cease. Though, Middle could use the stone from the mountains to funnel efforts for "the most truly most idea top pro complex of Middle". Reap's small detachment of men would prove that Revolutionary Middleland had no intention on stopping it's agrarian revolution. By this point, the arms production had covered its bases and the people were now seeing some semblance of better gear than pipe guns and needle rifles. The excess of the factories' production finally made its way to lesser army groups.

Nuon Reap's detachment of 3,300 would gather on the emptied out ghost town of what was Pueblo for a quick and decisive northern strike. It took a week of preparation before the forces had been deemed sufficient enough in gear, training, and logistical positioning. One reason for this major jet lag was the conflict in Northeastern Nebraska. Still, come the dawn of the next day, the black uniformed and red scarved troops would begin yet another sequence of tragic eviction and slaughter. The residents-- still not consolidated in any militias-- believed that Middles' ambition was to seize the remains of Denver, and so the brave fled to protect there while the cowardly fled beyond there to the mountains. Whoever was left was caught in the midst of a regrettable storm of human malice.

The rural farmlands saw the least amount of fighting respectively. Still, some brave hamlets stuck it out and repelled several waves of Middle's onslaught before eventually caving in. In some instances, platoons had reportedly ran out of ammunition just in an attempt to neutralize an entrenched farmhouse cellar. Nuon, not wanting to have his sole chance at proper power tarnished, skipped the firefights entirely, just torching houses from afar and moving on, not caring if the enemies lived or died. No, the big enemies were in Burlington and Colorado Springs.

A splinter of 315 cavalry rode towards Burlington, their torches illumining the decrepit roads. What followed would be one of the worst r*pes and slaughters in regional history, the town embers by daylight. Nuon was not tolerating any wasted time, so the next blow would have to be decisive.

Colorado Springs was fortified, and extremely so. The leaderships' impatience was nearly catching up with him, so he directed all available forces to snuff this last spark out, even if he compromised the security of more rural consolidation. Three mornings later, the brunt of Revolutionary Middlelands' force smashed into the city from the south. The predictable attack location meant that they would have to clear an immensely fortified suburbia. Rockets flew, shotguns tore men to shreds, and improvised nail grenades on both sides' behalf made a prominent debut in colorado.

Eventually, Middle did win the battle, but only gained 1,488-some people due to casualty complications. 333 potential citizens have likely resorted to guerrilla warfare in the region due to being re-organized but it wasn't the end of the world. Not something a few troop movements wouldn't fix.

Nuon Reap just had one more objective, and he would finally be recognized...

Fifth Imperial Remnant wrote:The Rail Debacle
Revolutionary Middleland
Nearly two hours had past since Middle's desperate Calvary attacked Alliance.
Their blitz had caught the Alliance Army unprepared, resulting in large causalities.

If it weren't for the concentrated efforts of those in Power Armor the battle would have rout the Alliance forces to a defeat.

Two out of the five T-45 Power Armor wearing soldiers took a direct hit from the anti-tank rockets with the resulting impacts shattering their armor. Unarmored soldiers near them would be hit with shrapnel.

The attacks did not have the intended effect as Middle's men hoped it would. Partially this was due to the intact radio comms in the Power Armor. This gave the Major the ability to relay orders quickly among the Power Armored units. Seeing as most of the wearers were somewhat regarded as officers by the militia, the other troops would obey their commands.

Upon seeing their compatriots cut down by rocket fire, Major Geary ordered remaining Alliance soldiers to either hold their position or pull back. With the enemy effectively being encircled in this field of battle, the rest of the engagement would be carried out on the Major's terms. Alliance soldiers with good marksmanship placed themselves in concealed positions around Carhenge and began picking off any Middle soldier that poked it's head out.

Seeking to draw away fire from a planned Power Armored blitz into Carhenge, Alliance soldiers would amass on one side and begin a slow advance with lots of gunfire.

Damaged rail lines were pretty much irreplaceable at this time for Alliance. As such, heavy fighting would ensue to either prevent damage from happening or continuing.

The fighting was slowly dying down as Middle's cells where whittled down by larger Alliance units. The Rail Guard proved admirable in their close range fighting with Middle's men with both marksmanship and bayonet.

Alliance Skirmish
The desperate attempt at diversion was failing, and while remnants of the attack force had routed with the heavy weapons platoon, the invariable fact of an Alliance advance was bearing down upon them. For many minutes, the rattling of pipe guns, maxims, and even the 50 caliber filled the night skies as the entrenched Middle militants tried with every fiber in their being to suppress the defenders long enough for a proper retreat. While Revolutionary Middleland still cut the men down, their own men were being dropped by the occasional lucky shot from Alliances' troops.

Eventually, the last machinegun round ran out after hours of tap firing and a push and pull stalemate. The marksmen were subdued, but the fatal mistake became too apparent-- the power armor coming straight for them had somehow evaded Middle's detection. The few cells of Middle (the leading organization) there were rigged up any remaining explosives onto their persons, and waited until every last round of ammunition had ran out.

"Middle, most awesome, most mighty, most far-sighted!" A female cell bellowed, raising a flag hanging from a bloodied edge of rebar. The red-scarved troops followed. With hastily made cloth fuses attached to their clothes, the 80-some final defenders drew bayonet, axe, or even wooden club and began a blatant suicide charge-- straight for the power armor. As bullets and plasma tore into them, and their own bodies detonated, the snow was painted red by the bodies of the poor souls conscripted to a life like this. A few made it to the foe, hopelessly smashing or stabbing or even detonating, but by the time they were mowed down, the fields had gone silent. The lead flagbearers banner laid against the searing chunks of someone who took a direct hit from a laser. There weren't even any wounded to take prisoner.

This seemed to only prove to Alliance that the enemy they were facing had been truly psychotic

Rail Battles

The southeastern rail sabotage company had been stalled, as the Rail Guard had proved to be a worthy and competent foe. Middle cavalry lanced Rail Guards with hyper-elongated bayonets, Rail Guards shot down the enemy medics, it had become a cacophany within mere moments. A horse-drawn pickup truck with a Maxim embedded into it and Middleland's flag childishly sprayed onto the sides sporadically fired, emerging from the snowed-out brush. Its bullets peppered the tracks and any combatant foolish enough to be in hand to hand combat near them. This gave the infantry some momentum and cover to continue their sabotage through any means necessary, while opposing sides continued to beat the ever living crap out of each other not even 5 meters away.

The Northern group still was not spotted, attempting to find more rural tracks not well cared after by the Rail Guard. If they managed to cut this part off, the militias would be thrown into chaos.

Fifth Imperial Remnant wrote:
Outskirts of Ogallala

While Alliance rooted out Middle Calvary on the home front, the squad of T-45f Power Armor soldiers had reached Ogallala and began their infiltration into Middle territory. Based on their debriefings, any soul past this region would be regarded as an enemy combatant and eliminated with extreme prejudice. The f model was the most advanced kind of T-45 Power Armor, kited out with better sensors and servos that restricted the capabilities of other models of the T-45. Carrying with them was an array of energy and ballistic weapons as well as a few pieces of melee weaponry.

Their mission was to scout out enemy locations as well as to engage any and all instances of Middle infrastructure they came across. The hope of this operation was to put a dent in Middle's preparations against Alliance. With the force multiplying affects of power Armor, (During the Sino-American War, 4-5 units were considered enough to clear a town of hostiles) true hell would come to any force that would be moved against them.

A Sad Sight

Just as the defector had foretold, there had been nothing left. Ogallala was a half-burned, half-looted shell of its former self with no residents there whatsoever. As the storm began its gradual descent, the power armored troops could tell that this quietness wasn't just the people hunkering down for winter. As they travelled about the ruins, they came across a startling sight-- a mass grave containing dozens of rotted civilians, former combatants in NCR uniforms, and even some fresher-looking corpses from Middlelands' behalf, distinguishable from the red scarf and black uniforms present through citizen and soldier. Most inhumanely of them all, a methane collection tank sat next to it, pipes feeding in and out of the sickening display of brutality.

Recon Flights

The RAR's spy satellites being in the condition they are, General Winchester has ordered the institution of reconnaissance flights across the so-called Federation. 3 RC-130 reconnaissance planes will be conducting high-altitude flyovers looking for military and industrial sites of interest. If necessary, close-up photos can be taken later. The planes take off from Fort Knox and fly north at high altitude to avoid any potential anti-aircraft. One goes over Ohio, one into Indiana, and the last goes straight up the middle.

Consolidation Of Power Part 2

Directly below the southern Imperial boundary rested what was known as no man's land. A piece of land neither owned by the Empire nor Fiefdom to the south.
To be honest there wasn't much to the area. A collection of small towns and Simple people. Farmers, Laborers and settlers.
The largest of these these towns being Alton Illinois though to call it large by any means was a stretch of the word.
The Emperor however had quite an interest in the claiming of this tile for both agricultural and production reasons.
A plan was drawn up to boost the region both Economically and Militarily however he would have to get the local inhabitants to see his vision for the next Imperial piece of land and he was hoping it would be without Conquest.
The plan was given to Relos who had successfully negotiated the Peaceful annexation of Des Moines as his ability to "Negotiate Terms" was quite renown throughout the Imperial Provinces.
A Horsedriven Caravan was sent to the town of Alton with the Following Items and Personnel in an effort to persuade the Population:

*10,000 Caps
*1 Week of Imperial Grown Food Rations for 50 people
*100 Pounds of Brahmin fertilizer
*100 R-91 Assault Rifles
*50 Military Guards

The Caravan arrived a few days after being sent and to the Surprise of Relos was allowed into the town without any provacation. Perhaps simply thought to be traders.
The town of Alton had no official leadership and very little in the way of Law enforcement.
Though this didn't worry Relos and simply made the job of winning the Town over even easier than he originally thought.
An Abandoned building was converted into An Imperial aid center and for the next few days the Team passed out these Supplies and rations all except for the Caps to the Townspeople and before long it was the talk of the town. People grew to enjoy the help.
The food Rations fed the hungry and down trotten while the Brahmin Fertilizer helped to Support the needs of the Local Ranches and Farms.
The R-91 Assault Rifles gave people a sense of security and the ability to better protect their land when compared to the weaker firearms they had once used.
After a few more days of this the Imperial group split up and began going door to door garnering support for the Imperialization of Alton and to no surprise the people agreed with eager hearts upon seeing the wealth and supplies such a thing brought.
The Town of Alton would undergo numerous changes thanks to their new found Imperial citizenship.
More supplies would be sent out, Veteran Imperial farmers would be sent to the town to teach the farmers of Alton how to better run their farms and Ranches, A military presence would be made in the town and an Election was held to find the Governor of Alton which in a surprise turn a young woman by the name of Alicia was elected.
To further support the economy of Alton and bring work for those who were not as Agricultural inclined a Small Armor factory would begin construction there and would likely be ready in 14 IRL days.
Those who helped build the factory would be paid from the Imperial treasury until the Factory was underway.
The town of Alton was well underway to becoming a productive Imperial Township.
(Losses: 10,000 Bottle Caps)
(Gains: 2,000 Pop)

Moving Assets from Scott AFB

With the Civil War brewing in the Fiefdom the Emperor has decided to remove Imperial Assets from Scott AFB under the fear of attack and damage.
The C-47's that were once stationed there are loaded with the Imperial owned VR pods used to train Imperial Pilots and the C-47's and VR pods are recalled into Imperial Territory.

Lafayette arms

With the raiders having been cleared out, the resources left over is up for grabs for anyone willing. Already the corpses had been cleared and looted by incoming scavengers. The raider homes being occupied by more productive individuals as well. The large factory made within the LU campus had been damaged pretty moderately from the heavy fighting, but was still repairable after some prospectors took a look at it. With a new workforce having already moved in the new settlement began repairing the factory to supply Lafayette some new jobs. With the hopes of attracting more people from baton rouge.

Large Factory under repair, finish in 17 days

The 5 Crewmates entered Louisiana, prepared to go east if nobody was worth selling to. The Crewmates patrolled Louisiana, looking for some sort of civilization or caravaners to come across. They were also prepared with an arsenal of fully automatic shotguns if things went wrong. Having the 9 bars of gold bullion they continued their travels throughout Louisiana in search of a source of trade. These people would stand out from your average wastelander, wearing suits and dapper hats rather than rags and torn fabrics. They decided to head south in Louisiana. The Crew encountered Raiders and Ghouls along the trip to Louisiana, taking camp in abandoned storefronts and isolated locations as to remain safe and secure from the dangers of the wasteland.

Baton Rouge Union

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