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The Federation of the FA RMB

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Republic of Kinslavia

Last WA Update:

World Factbook Entry

After being ejected from Da Brotherhood for refusing to comply with the demands of the tyrannical dictator, our brave founder Kinslavia created a new Coalition with other rejected friends, creating The Federation of the FA.
To those that suffer under extremist rule, we are here for you! This region will always be a safe haven for all.
We have MANY opportunities in our region:
- Regional Government (telegram Kinslavia)
- We are OPEN for embassy requests! If you agree to be kind and faithful to us, we will be stalwart allies to you.
- Regional Map (currently under construction)
- Lively conversation in the RMB
Members with Colonies:
-Please put all colonies in The Colonies of The FA. Password is Colony.

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    The Friendship Alliance-Phoenix Syndicate War

    FactbookHistory by Danubia-slavia . 55 reads.

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    Members of The Federation of the FA (subject to change at any time)

    FactbookOverview by Danubia-slavia . 71 reads.

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    Proposed Constitution of The Federation of the FA

    BulletinPolicy by Kinslavia . 39 reads.

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    The FA's beginning

    FactbookInternational by Kinslavia . 22 reads.

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The Federation of the FA is home to a single nation.


Today's World Census Report

The Nudest in The Federation of the FA

After exhaustive surveys, the World Census calculated which nations have the greatest acreages of flesh on public display.

As a region, The Federation of the FA is ranked 6,512th in the world for Nudest.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Constitutional Republic of Celt-asiaNew York Times Democracy“Freedom is the only option”

Regional Happenings


The Federation of the FA Regional Message Board

AoR Polls:

A debt brake is a monetary policy that requires governments to balance their budgets every monetary year. A balanced budget sounds good right? It limits government debt, and nations such as Germany and Switzerland who have implemented it in our own world have been able to drastically reduce their debt after its implementation. It is often hailed by fiscal conservatives as a way to limit wasteful spending. But it may not be all good. Critics argue that debt brakes can cause pains to public services, since the government cannot spend extra funds to fix things like roads, hospitals, and public transit. Critics also warn that the policy could hurt in times of recession. During economic downturns, governments typically lower interest rates and increase spending to give the economy a breath of life to keep going. A debt brake severely limits the government's ability to respond to economic downturns, many would say, and is in the long run bad for the national economy.

What do you think? Are debt brakes a good thing? Should we all implement one? Or are they not the great policy fiscal conservatives claim they are?

Vote in our poll here: page=poll/p=150756

SOURCES: - (video-english) - (text-Deutsch)

To The Federation of the FA,

Greetings and salutations!

The Shadow Cult of Jocospor will be on holiday from January 1st to February 1st of 2020, and as such will be unavailable for contact during this time.

Should you have any business to conduct with the CCD, please go through the Foreign Office during this time.

an imprint of Confederation of Corrupt Dictators
"All the gos' - and fast!"

30th December, 2019.
Published from Confedereichstag II, 1 Emperor Avenue, 3926, Vocryae, Jocospor

NOTICE: Jocospor to go away on sabbatical

VOCRYAE: The heart of the Confederation, The Shadow Cult of Jocospor, will be absent from NationStates from January 1st to February 1st 2020.

The move comes after a particularly taxing series of months for the Imperial Empire. "Administrative systems require revising in the wake of the Second Jocospite Civil War," one spokesman said.

Some have criticised His Excellency Murdoch Kellner, who has only just been appointed 8th Viceroy of the Confederation. "Surely he doesn't need a break just yet?" a Valeroxian janitor exclaimed.

In light of Kellner's absence, Imperial Law mandates that the Chancellor of the Supreme Judiciary take over operations of the Confederation. Consequently, Depackya's Aleksandr Ivanov will serve temporarily as Acting-Viceroy.

The Imperial Empire is confident that the Confederation will continue to prosper in its absence.

Kellner: "I will be leaving many instructions for my Supreme Council to act upon."

In this month of relief, the Imperial Empire will also be turning its attentions to locating a legitimate candidate for the Imperial Throne.

"I look forward to reestablishing the Seuiwerd line," said Rogger Wolfe, Jocospor's first Regent. "Somehow."

Confederation nations wishing to contact the Imperial Empire during its absence should do so via the Supreme Council. Unless in the event of a regional emergency, the Imperial Empire will have no dealings on NationStates.

Wolfe and his family have confirmed that they will be remaining in Vocryae. Kellner and his wife, Audrey, will be holidaying by the beach in Tosselton.

This publication is brought to you by the Office of the Viceroy, the offices of the Social Assembly and Confederation State Broadcasting. Enquiries should be sent to Jocospor.

Printed with the express permission of the Viceroy of the Confederation, His Excellency Murdoch Kellner. Authorised by the Imperial Palace, Regna loreau. Copyright 2019.


Read dispatch

Thank you for your time, and have a nice day!

Hail the Confederation!

The Retropunk Eperopolis of Castelia
Secretary of State
Confederation of Corrupt Dictators

Hello everyone!

As you are associate regions of the AoR, I wanted to keep you informed. On 10. January, 2020 we will be having an election for the House of Delegates. The House of Delegates will be elected via proportional representation. As associates, you are not permitted to vote in this election, as only member regions have full voting rights. But I feel like it is important to keep the associate regions up to date on what is going on.

Thank you!

Here, you will find a link to our first ever document: The Assembly of Regions Political Party guide.

Official Assembly of Regions Archives

by Assembly of regions archives office


Date Published

LinkParties Participating in the 10 May Elections (Master List Coming Later)


LinkHow do AoR Elections Work?


LinkHow do I get Involved in the AoR?


Upkeep provided by the Assembly of Regions Government
Last Updated: 9 May, 2020
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Hey everyone!

I just wanted to give you an update from the Assembly of Regions! The elections for the House of Delegates for the AoR Parliament are underway. The ballots will up open until 10. January, 2020 when the official results will be announced. This region is an associate region, so you are not eligible to vote, but these elections will be imperative as it will determine what programs the AoR will open or close, what new security regulations we need, what programs Associate Regions should participate in, and more.

We thank you for being an Associate Region of the Assembly of Regions, and we promise to keep you updated on the results.

Hello citizens of the Assembly of Regions! We have the results for the Assembly of Regions elections in! The following results have been looked over and finalized by the Constitutional Court of the Assembly of Regions:

UGD: 31.3%
DUP: 21.3%
FED: 21.3%
CSP: 13.8%
MFP: 8.8%
REG: 3.8%

Can Your region join our region? Merge I mean

Aor events and activities office

Assembly of Regions

Hello everyone! I would like to remind you all that the AoR Clubs and Roleplay convention starts today! Stop by the Assembly of Regions RMB and put forth any ideas for AoR clubs and roleplay so it can be further developed by me and my fellow cabinet members into a full inter regional experience. Looking forward to your insight! Telegram me if you have any questions or concerns.

To The Federation of the FA,

Embassies between our regions have been scheduled for closure. Please view the enclosed dispatch for our reasoning behind this decision:


Hail the Confederation!

Sincerely yours,

The Retropunk Eperopolis of Castelia
Secretary of State
Confederation of Corrupt Dictators

Oops! Fat fingered moment! I accidentally clicked to close our embassies. Fixed now.

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