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The Glorious Nations of Iwaku RMB

WA Delegate: The ☢️ CAUTION ☢️ of Enlais (elected )

Founder: The Libertarian Fascist Anarchy of Vando0sa

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Welcome to The Glorious Nations of Iwaku -- a silly region where everyone is cute and squeaky!

🧨We also have a large population of scary yandere nations as well so be careful! And be nice or Ozoi will eat you!🧨

🎇Please endorse delegate Enlais or get eaten by Aaron!🎇


☀️LinkWe WILL invade New Jersey someday! Free Edgar 2020!☀️

🌀Achtung The Pacific LinkFear and anguish reign!🌪

🏝YAY Summer!🏖

🌞LinkAaron's song of the week!🌅

Nya! /w\ You Revealed the LinkNeko of cuteness!
Well what about me, nya...... Signed- Realm of the neko goddess

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The embassy with Fylkirvegr is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

Construction of embassies with Sapril has commenced. Completion expected .

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Regional Power: High

The Glorious Nations of Iwaku contains 521 nations, the 30th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Lowest Overall Tax Burden in The Glorious Nations of Iwaku

World Census financial experts assessed nations across a range of direct and indirect measures in order to determine which placed the lowest tax burden on their citizens.

As a region, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku is ranked 21,980th in the world for Lowest Overall Tax Burden.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of Western SantosAnarchy“Don't die, don't kill anyone”
2.The Corporate Republic of The New Chinese StatesCompulsory Consumerist State“The people work for the benefit of the people.”
3.The Free Falling Nation of Boris DragosaniDemocratic Socialists“Each one of us is a cause of global warming.”
4.The Anarcho-Capitalism SuperStat of The Strangers ClubCorporate Bordello“Aren't freedom and guns like soooooo cool???”
5.The Mafia's Kaiserreich of Hurricania ImperiumCompulsory Consumerist State“Gott Mit Uns”
6.The Revolutionary Anti-Centrists of Tornado QueendomCompulsory Consumerist State“Gott Erhalte Die Extremists”
7.The Free Land of GoldwayAnarchy“Money is freedom”
8.The Madness of Anarchic Chaos and also InsanityAnarchy“Mission Accomplished”
9.The Free Land of InvestoAnarchy“Work hard, play hard”
10.The Hippie-eaters of AgressorRight-wing Utopia“We fight here, we fight there, we fight everywhere”
1234. . .5253»

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The Glorious Nations of Iwaku Regional Message Board

Lyrahza wrote:Because pancakes, while good, require multiple stacked in order to be good, toppings run off the sides, and are generally messy to eat.

Waffles only need one since they're commonly fairly huge, they can hold syrup, butter and whatever you want in the folds, making each bite pop with flavor. And they're much more messy to eat.

Clearly, waffles are superior. ;)


Lyrahza wrote:Because pancakes, while good, require multiple stacked in order to be good, toppings run off the sides, and are generally messy to eat.

Waffles only need one since they're commonly fairly huge, they can hold syrup, butter and whatever you want in the folds, making each bite pop with flavor. And they're much more messy to eat.

Clearly, waffles are superior. ;)

Ehh the size of waffles really depends. Also pancakes can be made into whatever shape you want them to be since all it requires is batter on a stovetop or pan as opposed to how waffles require a waffle iron in order to be made. Pancakes are also fluffier and it's much easier to just straight up bake ingredients into them. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion but I beg to differ on your claim that waffles are superior.

Lyrahza wrote:Because pancakes, while good, require multiple stacked in order to be good, toppings run off the sides, and are generally messy to eat.

Waffles only need one since they're commonly fairly huge, they can hold syrup, butter and whatever you want in the folds, making each bite pop with flavor. And they're much more messy to eat.

Clearly, waffles are superior. ;)

a strong message about the superiority of waffle

Niastia wrote:pancakes and waffles are both really damn good, why choose sides

Agreed, they’ve both got their pros and cons over one another, and at least in my eyes they come close enough to balancing out.

However, a fried egg over easy on buttered toast beats both of them any day ;)

Land Land Country Country wrote:Agreed, they’ve both got their pros and cons over one another, and at least in my eyes they come close enough to balancing out.

However, a fried egg over easy on buttered toast beats both of them any day ;)

To each their own

Apart You Guys Arguing Which Food Is The Best
Any Opinion On Trap God Himself Astolfo?

HubenButNotSerious wrote:Apart You Guys Arguing Which Food Is The Best
Any Opinion On Trap God Himself Astolfo?

...Pardon my ignorance, but... w h o ?

I just eat pure Nutella with a hint of waffle

Land of Supremestness wrote:I just eat pure Nutella with a hint of waffle


Oh, N-Day. I was clueless about the last one. Whatever that zombie event is, i think i sent zombies to a nation in my region, whoops. Heres guides for what im talkin about.


by New fakeland

While your nation will automatically be involved in Z-day, you don't have to actively participate, and all effects to your nation due to Z-day will be reversed once Z-day ends

-Some information here is based on last years Z-day. This year's Z-day may have changes.
-Some terminology I have used here may be different that officially used.
-I will continue making changes to this bulletin up to the beginning of Z-day, so check for changes at the beginning of Z-day.

What is Z-day?

Z-day (also known as zombie apocalypse, z-6, and more) is a special zombie-themed NationStates event, where your nation is slowly be invaded by zombies, and you have various ways to react to this.
This will be the 6th Z-day in NationStates history.

When is Z-day?

The date hasn't been revealed yet, but it usually occurs around Halloween, usually a weekend (the 28-29th) or the day before, and on Halloween (30-31st), and last 36 hours (and not actually a day).
For the exact time, keep an eye on the NationStates News

How is Z-day played?

At the start of Z-day, your population is counted as "survivors", and over time, infection will spread, slowly converting "survivors" into "zombies".
To access your "Zombie Control" page, on your nation's home page, click the biohazard symbol .

You are presented with 3 "research" options, each of which unlocks an "active effect", which you can use once every 20 seconds.


Active Effect

Cure the zombies

Allows you to send cure missiles to other nations, which converts "zombies" back into "survivors"

Fight the zombies

Allows you to send anti-zombie squads to other nations, which converts "zombies" into "dead"*

Embrace the zombies

Allows you to send zombie hordes to other nations, which converts "survivors" into "zombies"

*Note:"Dead" can not be converted back into "survivors" or "zombies".


  • Balder's official stance is "Cure"

  • You will not be able to do anything until your first research has completed

  • Even if you did not embrace zombies, it will still have "Hordes" in your superweapon research list, as this is based on the % of infected in your nation.

  • If your nation is hit by another nation, you will have to wait 2 minutes until you can perform an active effect.

  • Each game-hour lasts 1 real hour, but doesn't necessarily begin/end on the hour.

    Subsequent levels of research are more effective, but take longer to research.

    Your nation will also gain a "passive effect", which is the same as your "active effects", except it occurs automatically every hour to your own nation.

  • How to survive?

    To survive, you must rely on teamwork, as passive effects aren't enough on their own, and you can't use active effects on yourself.

    The basics of teamwork are: if you need help, ask. If someone else asks for help, help them.
    If you need help:
    - If you have a high zombie population, ask for cures for your nation.
    - If you're under attack by zombie hordes at you, say who is attacking you.
    If someone else asks for help:
    - If you have cure missiles, send them to people asking for cures, or who are being attacked
    - If you have anti-zombie squads, send them to attacking zombie nations
    - DO NOT sent anti-zombie squads to survivor nations, it will kill their population and decreases their effectiveness.


  • If saying a nation's name while in NationStates (e.g. in the Regional Message Board) putting an "@" in front of the name will turn it into a link (e.g. @New Fakeland becomes New fakeland). This means people can get to that nation with one click, rather than having to search for the nation.

  • If saying a nation's name outside NationStates (e.g. in a Discord or Skype chat) use the URL (the text in the address bar) for that nation's page (e.g. This means people can get to that nation with one click, rather than having to search for the nation.

  • Check out the "national happenings" at the bottom of a nations page, it will tell you what actions they've been taking, or have been taken against them. Use this to double check you haven't mixed up which nations are friend and foe.

  • Learn how to use the "Activities" page (from the top menu). You can see the recent actions in your region, filter it to show different things (e.g. show only foundings to see what nations have entered the region, so you can check if they're zombie nations).

  • If you are keeping an eye on some friendly nations (that may be inactive), add them to your national dossier. This will allow you to quickly check up on all of them using the activities page, to see if anyone has been attacked by zombies.

  • Notes to remember about Z-Day for next year:
    -Cure missiles can't be used until the first research is complete, which may take about 2 hours (depending on nation size, and scientific advancement). So after starting research, there's nothing to do for an hour or 2.

    -To get to zombie_control where you can research cures and such, click on the biohazard symbol on the menu near the top of your nation's page

    -to fire a cure missile, go to the nation you want to cure, and click the button at the top.

    The Issue

    Recent reports suggest the existence of an infectious virus causing its victims to display aggressive, flesh-eating behavior. The virus appears to spread via the exchange of bodily fluids, such as biting. This may be New Fakeland's darkest hour.

    The Debate

    1.“One is always tempted to err on the side of compassion, in these situations, hoping the infected might be able to be cured,” says General Renee Cho. “And that would be a terrible mistake. We must marshal the full force of New Fakeland's military might against these undead abominations while we still have the ability to do so.”


    2.“No! No!” cries bespectacled science type Wojciech Ono. “I know this looks bad, but these people aren't monsters! They're husbands, wives, brothers, children! Our efforts must go into researching a cure—a cure that could not only save New Fakeland but also our neighbors in Balder! Working together with our fellow nations is the only way out of this nightmare!”


    3.“I'm going to just float something here,” says political advisor Kitty Kaine. “What if instead of gunning down our infected, or throwing money after a cure that may not even exist, we get on board with the zombie apocalypse? If we work with the zombies, not against them, maybe this needn't be so bad. Perhaps we can even figure out a way to sustain an undead population indefinitely.”


    [] Cure research
    [] Zombies
    [] Anti-zombie squad

    [nation] was struck by a Cure Missile from [nation], curing [number] million infected
    [nation] was ravaged by a Zombie Horde from [nation], infecting [number] million survivors.
    [nation] was cleansed by a Tactical Zombie Elimination Squad from [nation], killing [number] million zombies.

    World Z-day page: page=zday_tally
    Your Z-day page: page=zombie_control

    Read dispatch

    Zombie Thing.


    N-Day is an opportunity for nations to come together and exchange nuclear weapons in a fiery Armageddon of mutually assured destruction.

    To Participate

    1. Once N-Day begins, join a Faction. Nations outside a Faction can't attack or be attacked. You can join a Faction when you're ready and leave when you're not (to stay safe).

    2. Watch your nation automatically generate Production at a rate of 1 every 2 minutes. Use it to build Nukes and Shield.

    3. Launch Nukes at other nations and use Shield to shoot down Nukes that are launched at you.


    The simplest way to play N-Day is to join whichever Faction seems most fun and start targeting Nukes at its enemies while shooting down anything incoming. Your Faction page's icon bar shows everything you need to know, including who's targeting anyone in your Faction, and who your fellow Faction members are targeting.

    Attacking: Step by Step

    1. On your Production screen, spend some of your Production to build Nukes. These go into your Stockpile.

    2. On another nation's Nuke page, click/tap the TARGET button and select the number of Nukes to use.

    3. Once Targeted, it takes 10 minutes for your Nukes to reach a READY state. Note that your Targeted page is public: All nations can see who is targeting whom.

    4. When your Targeted Nukes are ready, click/tap LAUNCH.

    5. Your Nukes are now categorized as Launches for you and Incoming for your target. Launched Nukes take 3-5 minutes to reach their target. When they do, they earn Strikes for you and inflict Radiation on the target, which reduces their rate of Production. This also earns Score for your Faction and reduces the enemy Faction's Score.

    Defending: Step by Step

    1. On the Production screen, spend Production to build Shield.

    2. Find Launched Nukes to destroy. Your top priority is any Incoming Nukes launched at you. Secondarily, you may wish to target Incoming Nukes on anyone in your Faction (see your Faction's Incoming page), and also keep an eye on Targeted Nukes that may threaten you or your Faction in the near future.

    3. Click/tap DESTROY to deploy 1 Shield per Nuke.


    Strategically, it may be wise to avoid attacks on nations or Factions until you are confident of obliterating them, since this eliminates the possibility of counter-attack. Smaller-scale attacks, which damage but don't destroy an enemy, can lead to an escalating series of grudge-related nuclear exchanges.

    On the other hand, targeting an enemy can be an effective warning. And it takes Nukes 10 minutes to be ready to launch, so you can't leave it too late.


    Each Nuke that reaches a target causes Radiation damage, which reduces the target's rate of Production generation and counts as a Strike for the attacker.

    A Faction's Score is Strikes minus Radiation.


    N-Day lasts for 24 hours, after which point, an Arms Control Agreement means that no Nukes can be launched. (In-flight nukes can still land, however.)

    The "winner" is the Faction with the highest score; if, that is, nuclear war can be said to have a winner. Which we say it can. It's the Faction with the highest score.


    Once N-Day begins, Factions can be founded by a Regional Officer of any region. Any and all Regional Officers of that region can update the Faction's official text to issue instructions to Faction members.

    Factions can be made open to all members, or restricted to the region's members only.

    You can leave your Faction, which is a good way to stay safe if you're signing off for the night. However, you can only do this if you're not engaged with the enemy! That means:

    • You must not have any nukes targeted or launched at another nation; and

    • No nukes can be targeted or incoming on you.

    Note that in practice, this can make it challenging to leave a Faction, since you may be frequently targeted.

    While outside a Faction, you cannot be targeted, and do not generate any Production.

    Before joining, it's worth making sure a Faction isn't currently under mass bombardment.


    Nations are randomly assigned a specialty.

    Military Specialists build Nukes faster: They receive 50% more Nukes when converting Production.

    Strategic Specialists build Shield faster: They receive 50% more Shield when converting Production.

    Economic Specialists can accumulate more Production: Their cap is 200% higher.

    Cost of Nukes/Shield in Production Points

    Military Specialist

    Strategic Specialist

    Economic Specialist

    1 Nuke




    1 Shield





    Nations generate Production automatically at a rate of 1 Production per 2 minutes.

    Production can be spent on Nukes or Shield.

    If not spent, Production accumulates up to a maximum of 50 for Military and Strategic Specialists and 200 for Economic Specialists.


    Nukes are purchased with Production, kept in stockpile until ready, then targeted and launched at an enemy nation.

    Launched Nukes take 3-5 minutes to reach their target. While in-flight, they can be shot down by any nation using Shield. If they're not, each Nuke generates 1% of Radiation in the target and earns 1 Strike for the attacker.


    Shield can be used to knock out Launched Nukes. You can shoot down any in-flight Nukes regardless of who they are aimed at.

    Locate in-flight Nukes under Launches or Incoming, and use the DESTROY button to eliminate them at a rate of 1 Shield per Nuke.

    It is possible to waste Shield if multiple nations deploy Shield simultaneously to knock out the same Nukes.


    Target a nation by viewing their Nuke page and clicking/tapping TARGET. You may then select how many Nukes to target from your Stockpile.

    It takes 10 minutes for a Targeted Nuke to reach a READY state, after which it may be launched.

    If not launched after 1 hour, Targeted Nukes automatically return to your Stockpile.


    Radiation is generated in a nation when it is struck by a Nuke.

    Radiation proportionately reduces a nation's Production generation rate. For example, 20% Radiation reduces Production generation by 20%.

    When a nation is 100% Radiated, it is destroyed and no longer able to launch any Nukes nor use any Shield.

    Radiation is irreversible.

    You can leave a Faction when irradiated, but this does not affect your Faction's score.


    A Faction's score measures strikes and radiation that occurred while those nations were a member. It is unaffected by nations joining or leaving the Faction.





    Used to buy Nukes and Shield. Automatically generated by all non-destroyed nations in a Faction.


    Unholy instrument of death and destruction.

    Stockpiled Nuke

    A Nuke that has been purchased with Production and is sitting idle, awaiting a target.

    Targeted Nuke

    A Nuke that has been targeted at a nation. A targeted Nuke takes 10 minutes to achieve a READY state, after which it may be launched.

    Launched/Incoming/In-Flight Nuke

    A Nuke that has been launched at a nation and is currently chewing up 3-5 minutes of in-flight time.


    A unit of defensive technology. Possibly involves lasers or satellites or something.


    A record of how many Nukes have successfully landed on targets.


    A record of how many Nukes have struck the nation. Reduces Production generation.


    A group of nations sharing a common interest in survival and/or bloodlust.


    Strikes minus Radiation.

    Read dispatch

    Nuke Thing.
    N-Day’s in 4 days, neat.

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