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The Iceberg Lounge RMB

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The King of the Underworld of Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot

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World Factbook Entry

Welcome to The Iceberg Lounge! Upscale nightclub of Gotham City, run by LinkThe Penguin.
The lavish lounge includes a large pool for pet seals and penguins in the center dining area,
Iceberg-like sculpture in the pool, a ship themed dance floor, and elegant polar dťcor.
A tuxedoed jazz band is often seen playing
Linkswinging tunes.

LinkEmperor's New Clothes
LinkGangsta's Paradise
LinkLone Digger
LinkBlue Moon
LinkThe Seventh Son
LinkBlue Suede Shoes
LinkIn The Cold, Cold Night
LinkAin't No Rest For The Wicked
LinkIn Hell I'll Be In Good Company

Official Bar of Hell: A Seven Sins Production

Your greatest passion became your greatest weakness, love, love conquers all.

  1. 36

    Hell's Bells

    FactbookCulture by The Stalker . 773 reads.

Embassies: Hell, Underworld, The Bar on the corner of every region, In The Flesh, New York, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Solid Kingdom, Heaven, Hippy Haven, Avadam Inn, The Illuminati, Regionless, Association of the Countries of the Free, Ozzy, Zombieland, Philosophy 115, and 2 others.The Embassy, and The Avengers.

Tags: Casual, Fandom, and Minuscule.

The Iceberg Lounge contains 3 nations.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Mining Sector in The Iceberg Lounge

World Census experts measured the volume of stuff removed from the ground to determine which nations have the largest mining industries.

As a region, The Iceberg Lounge is ranked 3,619th in the world for Largest Mining Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The King of the Underworld of Oswald Chesterfield CobblepotCompulsory Consumerist State“Love conquers all.”
2.The Exploding Pumpkins of HobgoblinIron Fist Consumerists“Hee hee hee time for some Goblin fun...”
3.The Contrariness of God Help the GirlAnarchy“The Fried Head of a Down and Dusky Blonde”

Regional Happenings


The Iceberg Lounge Regional Message Board

Penguin controlled-club penguin

The Stalker wrote:Don't really have elections, Underworld does elect a president, but only wa in Underworld can vote so even I don't vote.

But you are considered apart of the Kingdom of Hell, so you can participate in Department of the Seven Sins programs;

I. Department of Lust
-Hell's Bells, Hell Radio
II. Department of Gluttony
-Department of Gluttony: Foreign Affairs
-Hell's Bar: The Iceberg Lounge
III. Department of Greed
-The Trials to join Hell
-The Department of Greed: Underworld
-Hell's Outpost: Underworld
IV. Department of Sloth
-RPG Department
V. Department of Wrath
-The Department of Wrath
VI. Department of Envy
-Annual NS events
-Zombie Army: Zombieland
VII. Department of Pride
-The Kingdom of Hell
-History of Hell

Department of Lust
Devoted to cultural production, including the monthly publication of Hell's regional newspaper Hell's Bells, Hell Radio, and spreading the lustful word of our lord.

Codex: Hell's Bells, Hell Radio

Demonic Editor-in-Chief: The Stalker
Twisted Advice Columnist: Freddland
Senior Authors: Buer the Demon (15), Theistic luciferia (10)
Authors: Laveyan inferno (3), Zen beatitudes (3), Ingskalla (2), Domination republic (2), Assanria (2)

Department of Gluttony
Ambassador network established to strengthen relations with other regions and build alliances. Additionally working to annex and colonize likeminded regions and communities into joining Hell, and expanding the Kingdom.

Codex: Department of Gluttony: Foreign Affairs

Department Head: The Stalker

Official Bar of Hell: The Iceberg Lounge

Owner: The Stalker AKA Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot
Manager: OPEN

Department of Greed
Department of Immigration, devoted to growing the Kingdom of Hell through recruitment, oversees the Trials to join Hell, maintains Hell's outpost Underworld.

Codex: The Trials to join Hell

Department Head: The Stalker
Co-Heads: Big Jim P, Freddland, Cynical Alcoholics, Kyraina

Underworld: The fiery shores and entrance to Hell.

Codex: The Department of Greed: Underworld

President of Underworld: The Iron Helm
Overlord of Underworld: Daisy Johnson

Department of Sloth
Looking for a devoted member to establish a Hell Role-playing Game, and/or regional map.

Map: N/A
Codex: N/A

Department Head: Kyraina
Party members: The Stalker, Zen beatitudes, Laveyan inferno, Ingskalla

Department of Wrath
Hellion army, a subsidiary of The Kingdom of Hell, is an interregional provider of military protection and sin punishment.

Codex: The Department of Wrath, LinkHell Forum

Vice President of Wrath: Altmoras
Members of the Demonic Guard: All World Assembly nations in Hell providing the King endorsements.

Department of Envy
Handles the annual NS events / mini games including; the April Fools event, Nuke Day, and Z day.

Nuke Day: The Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Codex: The Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Z Day: Curing Zombies
Codex: Z Day Protocol

Zombieland: Z Day Zombie Army, Catch the Infection today!

Codex: Zombieland Z Day Protocol, Z Radio

Mayor Z: Mr Zombie AKA The Stalker

Department of Pride
Head department run by the four rulers of Hell, dedicated to leading the region and maintaining the established regional hierarchy.

Codex: The Kingdom of Hell, History of Hell

King of Hell: The Stalker
Lord of Hell: Big Jim P
Gatekeeper of Hell: Freddland
Magister of Hell: Cynical Alcoholics
Prince of Hell: Kyraina
Hell Elders: Boolaroo, Sathan, Sabana santa, War-salvaged soldiers, Mc johnny, Donkervader

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Sure we can build embassies with them, I gave you embassy power.

Can I become part of the Dept of wraith as head of stealth warfare

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It's Roulette at the Sands - Place those bets!

God Help the Girl and Penguin controlled-club penguin

Dr simon hurt

Dr simon hurt wrote:I don't know whether anybody here actually follows the comics but, for your information, Batman and Catwoman are getting married (to each other, yes) in 'Batman' #50 in just a few weeks time...

Catwoman called things off at the last moment: "If he's happy (and we could be very happy...) then he couldn't really be Batman any longer, and this city needs Batman more than we need to be happy."

(On the bright side, though, Selina has now got a series of her own again...)

Heh figures. Would have been interesting though.

The latest Force Flyer is out!


Zetaboards, the forum software of choice for many notable regions within NationStates, including Force, The North Pacific, The East Pacific, and The Rejected Realms, is being sold to TapaTalk. This means more than just a simple change of host; it means that things like themes, permissions, and working bbCode among other things that some regions have taken years to perfect will be gone. This shift is gradual and although many of the largest regions haven't faced it yet, smaller regions, Force included have. It hit us without warning and to compensate, we are shifting over to a self hosted forum at the moment. For us as a new region, the change isn't too major, but for many older regions with years of history in those forums, it's huge.
by Renegalle

Elections in Heart

The Heart elections were an interesting spectacle, with two candidates withdrawing, two standing, Southern States and Johnpre both withdrew, and Alemputo and The scottish republic battling it out for the office of Prime Minister, There was a debate and two press conferences, each featuring difference in opinions, interesting questions, and, best of all, each candidate showed lots of respect for the other, and in the end, Alemputo was victorious, but both candidates showed respect, in this intriguing election period.
by Lashnakia

Elections in Force and the Trouble with Crazybloxian

Early last month, Candidacy announcements began for Prime Minister of Force, the three that decided to run, were, Libertatis Regalis, Seoul-Pyongyang and Crazybloxian Empire, Now, we all know, that Libertatis Regalis was re-elected convincingly, however, the build up to election had controversy, Crazybloxian Empire was a controversial candidate, who had his election mainly based off RP, which was also a bit controversial, his inactivity was a downfall, not joining discord till late, and not answering questions, in the end he left the region, clearly seeing he was going to lose, This was unfortunate to have a candidate like that, thankfully the other candidates were very sensible, and the election ended peacefully.
by Lashnakia

PM Bennisia of Heart; A Region in Turmoil

A few months ago, some controversy broke out, with Bennisia II angered because he couldn't stand in an election, he kept constantly trying to prove he was right, which lead to more problems and complications, which ended in him being removed as PM of Heart, Bennisia II brought activity to Heart, but also brought problems and controversy, he ended up moving to New Western Atlantic, where there has been more controversy since, but that's for them to talk about, not me.
by Lashnakia

A New Future for RGBN

RGBN is a laid back region, once comfortably large and active (130+ nations) has been reduced to just 10. Being among our very first embassies, we took notice. An agreement between Force and RGBN was made handing over control over the region to Force and allowing the founder to lead as Governor. Now, under Force control, efforts are being made to make RGBN the great and welcoming region it once was through recruitment and a revamped system of laws and leadership.
by Renegalle


Total Population: 259
Force Population: 158
The New Kingdom Population: 36
Heart Population: 55
RGBN Population: 10

Total WA Members: 55
Force WA Members: 38
The New Kingdom WA Members: 6
Heart WA Members: 10
RGBN WA Members: 1

Copyright © 2018 by the Force Communications Ministry

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Post self-deleted by Sword bj.

The latest Force Flyer is out!


A New Constitution has been announced, Sword BJ has been given Dot Citizenship, three Cabinet members have resigned, the population decline has finally ended and growth has come back, Salibaic has been elected Prime Minister of Heart, and efforts are being made to grow RGBN's population.

A New Constitution for Force
Following nearly 8 months of work, a new Constitution has been implemented. This Constitution introduces the House of Representatives, rights of citizenship, classifications of law, the position of judge, shortened elections with fixed dates, and appropriate punishments for different crimes. Each region of Force shall elect one representative to the House for every 5 WA members it has. These representatives shall form the House of Representatives who are given the power to pass any new law (as long as it doesn't go against the Constitution) as well as remove any old law (laws originally passed by the House only). The creation of this House removes The Assembly which was only able to amend the Constitution and was made up of all citizens. Citizens now have the power to remove a representative by a simple majority vote; ensuring that representatives act in the best interests of the citizens. The rights of citizenship are also an important part of the new Constitution. Citizens who previously held no legal rights now hold these rights, preventing the government from stopping a fair trial, free protest, running in an election, publishing through an independent media outlet, or holding and expressing one's political views. Now, onto the next change. The judge is now responsible for handing out punishments on the advice of the jury while the prosecutor has the power to choose whether or not to pursue a case. This is a major change because it means that the Court's power is no longer concentrated in just one position. The addition of defined punishments for different crimes is also important because it means that the judge and jury can't arbritrarily hand out a punishment; they must only hand out an appropriate punishment for the crime. The shortening of elections is important because it means that more time can be spent on getting things done rather than focusing on elections. It's also true that people often vote only in the first few days of an election, so time that could be used working is instead used waiting for the results to be announced. The new Constitution of Force is a game-changer and will prove vital for the causes of democracy and prosperity in the region.
Sword BJ given Dot Citizenship
Following their resignation as Foreign Minister, Sword BJ was granted Dot Citizenship by the Founder, Renegalle. Dot Citizenship is the most prestigious award Force has to offer. Sword BJ was granted it for his extremely hard work, passion, and dedication to his office. What was seen from him is something that has never been seen in this office before; plans to change things actually being acted upon. Such passion and hardwork from a Minister has not been seen since Bieth resigned as Roleplay Minister almost a year ago. In Sword's tenure, he established embassies with The East Pacific and Wintreath among many others, convinced The North Pacific against building an embassy with the New Western Atlantic for its inaction against Bennisia, and remained omnipresent in the Cabinet, always willing to find solutions to problems, whether they related to his office or not. Sword will be missed as Minister of Foreign Affairs and his work for the office will not be forgotten.
Three Resignations: Ingloniania, Sword BJ, Lashnakia
This past month, the Force Government has been rocked by the resignations of some of its key members. On August 21, Minister of Roleplay Ingloniania resigned. Then on September 8, Minister of Foreign Affairs Sword BJ resigned. Just a day later on September 9, Deputy Prime Minister Lashnakia announced their resignation. In just 3 weeks, 3 Cabinet Members were gone. Why, some ask? We contacted them to find out.

Question Asked: Why did you resign?

Ingloniania: Well I resigned because I was getting really stressed because of the things I was expected of because I had a lot of other things that I had to do daily and I got really busy with other things such as friends, school, projects, etc.

Sword BJ: The real reason is I have no will to play NS anymore and the other reason is RL issues that prevented me from doing my tasks.

Lashnakia: As real life commitments and problems build up, I no longer feel able to serve Force to the best of my ability.

Population Decline Ends; Growth Comes Back
After months of slowly waning population in Force, new nations are finally coming again. Over the summer we went from 184 nations (in our capital region, Force) at the end of April to just 130 on September 19th. Luckily though, since September 19th, the capital has gained 25 nations; nearly a 17% increase. Summer in NationStates always is characterized by a drop in activity and the collapse of some regions, but Force has survived its second summer and is still going strong.
Rebooting RGBN
In our last edition, we discussed how we had taken over RGBN from its founder, Shenifar, to help to bring back activity and try to make it the large, friendly region it once was. Since then, Roleplay in the region has resumed and the population has almost doubled. Efforts are currently being made to re-establish law and a functioning government so that RGBN has a long future ahead of it.
[156 nations; 29 WA nations] Force
[62 nations; 7 WA nations] Heart
[36 nations; 6 WA nations] The New Kingdom
[18 nations; 4 WA nations] RGBN

[272 nations; 46 WA nations] Total (excluding provinces)

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The latest Force Flyer is out!


The Heart Government has been dismissed, elections for the House of Representatives have been held, elections for the Court have been held, and more Ministers have been dismissed and replaced.

Heart Government Dismissed
In an unexpected series of events, the Heart Cabinet narrowly voted for intervention into the regionís affairs by Force. Following this vote, Prime Minister Libertatis Regalis of Force dismissed the Heart Government and appointed a caretaker government. The caretaker government consists of Farallaracks, Lashnakia, Vamperiall, and Waltonburg-Vallonheim. Their primary job is to establish a new Constitution for the region, facilitate new elections, and oversee the next government for its first few weeks in office. This whole dismissal of the government though, has not been without controversy. The government willingly gave up control in the first place because of its inability to make the region more active and a declining regional population. Many say that the government should have stayed in place to fix things for itself rather than having Force once again interfere. Whatever the result, Heart is in for an interesting next few months.

First Elections for the House

The first Elections for House have concluded, resulting in the creation of a Legislative Branch in Force. Six people announced their intention to run, they were Great Latinoamerica of Force, Seoul-Pyongyang of Force, Marcelli of Force, Salibaic of Heart, Western Chosetus of Force, and Wracobia of Force. All six were elected, but for some of them it was very close.

Western Chosetus: 7-0
Seoul-Pyongyang: 4-3
Wracobia: 5-2
Great Latinoamerica: 6-1
Marcelli: 6-1

Salibaic: 3-0

Emergency Court Elections
Due to the absence of a Judge in the Court and the Prosecutor's job being heavily changed by the new Constitution, Emergency Court Elections were held this month. Only one citizen sought the position of Prosecutor, Sword BJ, and there were three contenders for Judge, Lashnakia, Western Chosetus, and Seoul-Pyongyang. After an unusually civil debate, voting was held. Sword BJ was unanimously elected Prosecutor and Western Chosetus was elected Judge.

For Sword BJ: 7
Against Sword BJ: 0
Abstain: 2

Western Chosetus: 6
Lashnakia: 3
Seoul-Pyongyang: 0
Abstain: 0

Cabinet Shake-Up
Three ministers, Seoul-Pyongyang (Minister of Defense), Fortis Draco Islands (Minister of Communications), and Mokkland (Minister of Culture) announced their resignations in October. After speaking with them, it is clear that none of them would be able to maintain activity, or complete a satisfactory level of work. The new Defense Minister, Vamperiall, has already ramped up things in the military, conducting several operations already, and getting people involved quickly! Lashnakia, the new Minister of Communications has been working hard to produce high quality content for The Force Flyer and Quantumland, the new Minister of Culture has created a new map for Roleplay which will be implemented in the coming weeks.

Opinion Editorials

"I think that the people of Force should be able to have more of a say in Democratic elections. This is because the citizens who aren't on the Force Chat on The Force Regional Forum are unable to vote. So I think that you should put a vote on the Force homepage on NationStates. Make it easier for the citizen to vote, and whats more, a telegram can be sent to everyone in Force to notify them about an election. This is just a thought to make Force a better place to be."


"Less than a week ago the Heart government voted to let Force intervene with the government to help Heart recover from the last few months of emigration. Libertatis Regalis, the prime minister of Force, also deemed that a rewrite of the constitution was necessary and that their goal was to get 75 residents within the region.

Heart has had a rocky relationship with recruitment in the past anyway, primarily because any recruitment it has ad, it lost because Force was the region in charge. Many residents left because this is where the action was at. Libertatis will not be able to reach that lofty goal of 75 members and be able to keep it for long.

Kicking out the government is also an unnecessary action. How does Heart have any leadership in the future if Force overtakes the region without retraining or future assistance? The answer is that they canít. All of the previous government officials are left in the dark and have no way of learning how to run a region, therefore leaving the region to fail in the future.

It seemed the only way to keep recruitment up in the region was to draw attention to it. My first governmental job was under the controversial Bennisia as the Minister of Communications (MoCom). He at least brought the desired attention to the region that it needed to get people to stay, even proposing regional mergers to keep the community strong."

[161 nations; 41 WA nations] Force
[54 nations; 4 WA nations] The New Kingdom
[38 nations; 5 WA nations] Heart
[22 nations; 8 WA nations] RGBN

[275 nations; 58 WA nations] Total (excluding provinces)

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Post self-deleted by Hermes express.

Hi, with over 250 embassies, the process I have for delivering news has become too inefficient. I feel bad for doing this, but I'm going to streamline by closing our embassies. If you'd rather keep the embassy open, please let me know on The NewsStand RMB.

If you want to keep up with the news, you can always add The NewsStand to your dossier, and catch up whenever suits.

Thanks for having had the embassy with us. It has genuinely meant a lot to have had your support for so long.

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