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WA Delegate: The Rosy Red Republics of Podria (elected )

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Regional Power: Extremely High

The Leftist Assembly contains 472 nations, the 49th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Lowest Crime Rates in The Leftist Assembly

World Census agents attempted to lure citizens into committing various crimes in order to test the reluctance of citizens to break the law.

As a region, The Leftist Assembly is ranked 1,922nd in the world for Lowest Crime Rates.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The People's Republic of CedoriaCorrupt Dictatorship“Equality, Prosperity, Solidarity”
2.The Union of United Socialist Republics of LANDemocratic Socialists“The Red Dragon burns what it does not consume”
3.The Commonwealth of Free Beings of Comrade Itsuka KotoriLiberal Democratic Socialists“United forever, in friendship and labor!”
4.The Socialist People's Union of AgatepIron Fist Consumerists“Revolution makes Evolution”
5.The United Socialist States of ZaratovPsychotic Dictatorship“A Victorious People, the Glorious Might of Zaratov!”
6.The Kawaii Peoples Empire of YongDemocratic Socialists“団結による平和、調和、思いやり”
7.The Holy Lucky Gold Wilderness of ElorenLeft-wing Utopia“Ŭŋ∂ҽԅʄŧѻɽΐɐჷ ϑɲʈɚღԑშ, ßҩυიτѥs βɩσσðʂɫαιηєძ friendship”
8.The People's Republic of DPRK KoreaPsychotic Dictatorship“사람들 걱정은 마세요”
9.The Free Democratic Republic of Coung KomandsLeft-Leaning College State“Mors est ex vita impetum.”
10.The Socialist Republic of TannkremDemocratic Socialists“Ever onwards to victory!”
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The Leftist Assembly Regional Message Board

Going down to South Park gonna have myself a time

Geratrah wrote:Going down to South Park gonna have myself a time

Friendly Faces Everywhere, Humble Folks Without Temptation

Discussion/Creative Writing Prompt

Let's start a discussion. You are the leader of your nation's space agency. During a meeting, one of your board members makes a proposal.

"Director, as you know our scientists have been researching the solar system for quite some time. A team of dedicated researchers has found an anomaly. The researchers hypothesize that it could be a pocket dimension bleeding into our reality. This pocket dimension is incredibly unstable and our research on the impacts it could have on the broader picture are inconclusive. It's my opinion that we should focus our attention and resources to ascertaining what threat this pocket dimension poses to our reality before it's too late."

Another board member rises to their feet.

"Nonsense! I have been on this committee for 5 years and every time our researchers have looked into the possibility of pocket dimensions and whether they exist let alone pose a threat to us has yielded goose egg! Zero results. This is a waste of our committee's time, funding, and mandate. I motion to dismiss this 'pocket dimension' talk."

A third board member speaks.

"Now, wait a minute. You know damn well those studies were cut short. I think we should research this pocket dimension not out of fear, but rather to gauge the potential it holds for harnessing its energy for our power grid."

The committee stares at you and waits for your response.


As you can probably tell, this is heavily sci-fi so don't hold back your creativity or worry about our real-world laws.

I'll go first.


"I agree that we should continue to monitor and detail our findings from the anomaly. Whether it possesses energy that will be vital or it poses a threat is yet to be determined. Once our research team has found more conclusive data, we will present these findings to the legislature."

Unity in Diversity!


How does one join the assembly?

The Riverlands and the Levant wrote:How does one join the assembly?

enter your email in the settings page, then go to the wa and there should be an apply button, it'll send you a confirmation

I have voted AGAINST the World Assembly General Assembly Resolution "Repeal: “Right to Assemble”" with the majority of the region. Members of the region may vote however they please, but I have voted with the majority of the region.

Unity in Diversity!


I Am A New Member [Kyivens]

Kyivens wrote:I Am A New Member [Kyivens]

Kyivens wrote:I Am A New Member [Kyivens]

Podria wrote:I have voted AGAINST the World Assembly General Assembly Resolution "Repeal: “Right to Assemble”" with the majority of the region. Members of the region may vote however they please, but I have voted with the majority of the region.

Unity in Diversity!

How could we exist without the right to assemble???? We are an Assembly!

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