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The Moderate Alliance RMB

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The 13 Confederacies of Christian Confederation

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This is the Moderate Alliance!

The place where center leaning right and leftist nations can have discourse and productive civil dialogue.

• Complaint Department.
• Safe Spaces.

No bullying
Treat others like you want to be treated

It's not that hard, it's just simply kindness.
If you fail to follow the two simple rules, you know what will happen. BANJECTION!

You need to speak your mind and be blunt, straight to the point.

Official news partners:
-The Independent Newspaper
-The NewsStand

Member of:
-Anti Fairy Pact
-Assembly of Regions
-The Amethyst Accord


Join our Discord:
LinkYou won't regret it!

Flag Makeria wrote:It's been fun. But now I must say goodbye.

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Tags: Anti-Communist, Anti-Fascist, Capitalist, Casual, Cyberpunk, Democratic, Featured, Future Tech, Imperialist, Industrial, Isolationist, National Sovereigntist, and 9 others.Outer Space, Past Tech, Post Apocalyptic, Post-Modern Tech, Religious, Role Player, Small, Social, and Steampunk.

The Moderate Alliance contains 8 nations, the 2,127th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Pro-Market in The Moderate Alliance

This data was compiled by surveying a random sample of businesses with the question, "Do you believe the government is committed to free market policies?"

As a region, The Moderate Alliance is ranked 6,496th in the world for Most Pro-Market.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Colony of Cleo CityCapitalist Paradise“When in doubt, beat up a peasant”
2.The Confederate Disputed Lands of Confederate CubaIron Fist Consumerists“The only words I speak is American.”
3.The Neo Dragon Republic of Dragons of Power2Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Dragons are awesome!”
4.The Republic of South Gart IndensIron Fist Consumerists“Peace and Justice”
5.The 13 Confederacies of Christian ConfederationIron Fist Consumerists“May God guide and bless the Confederacy”
6.The Supreme Society of AhneewinInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We were, We are, We will be”
7.The Republic of WacmanInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Welcome Home”
8.The Federation of TBHInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Tattling Boring Haters”

Regional Happenings


The Moderate Alliance Regional Message Board

Read all about it!
- Card Raiding in Rejected Times
- Read the diplomatic Cable
- The Loranian Times Issue 2 reveals NS's new law firm
- Pecking order revealed in Loranian Times Issue 1
- UP Cup in the UPBC chronicle
- Koem Kab's defeat was in the cards. Card News Edition 5
- Market crashes in Card News Edition 4
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- War ongoing in New World Union Chronicle vol 2
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- Weekend edition of NS Today -
- Get your Daily Line and place a sports bet

Get involved!
- It's hypnotic! Choose your own adventure.
- Cast your vote in your Eligible Polls
- Craps! The Sands turns three!

Happy 4th of July, To my non Americans that's Independence Day! When we gave king George what he deserved and told him to shove his Colony. God Bless America!

My friends in SECFanatics has been masicured

The real new poll! How do you feel about living in your NS country? Sorry. I accidentally restricted it residents initially. It's open now

How to Solve The Defund Police Problem in 5 easy Steps.
1. The Dem Cities Defund or Disband Police, The Rich get Private Security or Leave, Those who can will flee the cities, Everyone else will arm themselves, The Crime Rate will go up (as it already has), Anarchy Insures.
2. The Rest of the country becomes solid Republican, The Country becomes Strongly pro 2A, The Cities become no go zones.
3. Republican President orders the cities be retaken Or The Citizens get Tired of the Anarchy and Elect Republicans Across the Board.
4. Order Restored, The country abandons the Democrats and there Insane Leftist polices.

Greetings People!

We are happy that your Government/Administration has decided to open an embassy with us. As you can refer to our WFE and dispatches, we are a community of like-minded individuals and political parties. If you wish to join our community, please feel free to contact us.

Thank You

United Hindu Forces wrote:Greetings People!

We are happy that your Government/Administration has decided to open an embassy with us. As you can refer to our WFE and dispatches, we are a community of like-minded individuals and political parties. If you wish to join our community, please feel free to contact us.

Thank You

We would love to join your organization

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