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The Moon RMB

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Oh My GOD! What were they thinking! He's a MODERATOR! of Sedgistan (elected )

Founder: The Full Moon of Parvani

Last WA Update:

World Factbook Entry

Welcome to The Moon.

All are welcome here, except for Martians. Go home, greenies!

Nothing much happens on the Moon, since there's no oxygen. But if you're lucky, you might find some neat craters! Lunar explorers are encouraged to drop into the MoonLight Bar, which is now hosted on our RMB since the forums imploded.

Cheese is our speciality, particularly the stuff with holes in it. It's freshly mined by captive astronauts, so take your pick. Just watch out for buried Transformers and roving Moon Princesses.

Conspiracy theorists should ponder: What if the Moon landings weren't faked - only the return to Earth? There's a reason they haven't visited in over 40 years...

Please endorse the delegate Sedgistan as it makes him feel important.

Embassies: San Francisco Bay Area, Space Sector RPRA, That Place Over There, the Rejected Realms, Katasia, the West Pacific, The Cuckoos Egg, Testregionia, Eientei Gensokyo, The Great Universe, and Cheddar.

Tags: Anarchist, Casual, Large, Magical, Neutral, Offsite Forums, Outer Space, and Pacifist.

The Moon contains 70 nations, the 211th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Highest Unexpected Death Rate in The Moon

The World Census paid their respects at cemeteries in order to determine how likely citizens were to die each year from unnatural causes, such as crime, preventable illness, accident, and government encouragement.

As a region, The Moon is ranked 1,813th in the world for Highest Unexpected Death Rate.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Oh My GOD! What were they thinking! He's a MODERATOR! of SedgistanAnarchy“Don't piss down my back and try and tell me it's raining”
2.The Thearchic Lunar Wasteland of Argent MesaPsychotic Dictatorship“Pray to me, my wretched playthings, and I will laugh!”
3.The Fishermen of CarriacouCapitalizt“The Fishermen of Carriacou”
4.The Radioactive Paradise of Plutonium MesaCompulsory Consumerist State“Our half-life shall be eternity”
5.The Misty Mountains of SedgisatanIron Fist Consumerists“All that glitters is not gold”
6.The Sedgistani Puppetmaster of LibertishAnarchy“3rd founder of The New Power Federation”
7.The Incredibly Inactive People of Sedgistan 2New York Times Democracy“You're smart enough to know that talking won't save you”
8.The Hedgemony of Privet SedgeAnarchy“The classier alternative to Leylandii”
9.The Suppressed Sedges of Sedgistan 6Anarchy“The newest Sedge”
10.The Zombie Hordes® of Liddell HartIron Fist Consumerists“Pardon me, but do you have any Matière Grise”
1234. . .67»

Regional Happenings


The Moon Regional Message Board

Sedgistan wrote:Refunds are issued in the form of vouchers

Ain't that always how it is..?


The Moon has cast its mighty two votes against the "Data Protection Accord" in the General Assembly. Those bureaucrats are quaking in their boots.

We have a poll! Everyone had better be voting, so long as it's not for Fratt.

We've also received a couple of embassy requests. If anyone wants control over Embassies so I don't have to make decisions, please pipe up.

Sedgistan wrote:We have a poll! Everyone had better be voting, so long as it's not for Fratt.

We've also received a couple of embassy requests. If anyone wants control over Embassies so I don't have to make decisions, please pipe up.

I gotchu fam

Just don't remove any of our current embassies without asking.

Parvani wrote:Just don't remove any of our current embassies without asking.

I take care of Jethnea, even when I was raiding. You should know me by now.

And you know me :P

I usually only accept embassy requests from friend's regions or if I like the name (like space themed ones).

Parvani wrote:And you know me :P

I usually only accept embassy requests from friend's regions or if I like the name (like space themed ones).

Does that mean GRA is a no go? XD

Can we pin this?

Interested in Building Your Dream Deck?

Disclaimer: This guide is intended to be for the benefit of all players/regions. Have fun reading! :)

If you found the guide helpful, please upvote this dispatch to help others find it!

Acharot,Aeilyia,After my bf,Agrionas,Alkaios,Anarchanan,A Priest,Aramanthia,Arinsky,Arostaska,Artheicus,Atlantic Hellas,Azenhai,Bablexa,Barknos Islands,Beldhame,Bijarkia,Birds work for the bourgeoisie,Black-Red,Bobosha,Buh land,Calmart,Capitalist Republic of Tobikistan,Chanaritans Islands,Commonwealth of Colombia,Damneria,Dasuzhou,Da Xin,Ddmmmmm,Democratic New Federdomarkuluo,DPHland,Dylrava,Elon Maristsion,Expired Visas 2,Fat Bavilwoothus,Federal Republic of Western Germany,Figghen,Fiorbania,Free Soutten,GetNuked,Gingerstesh,Gladii Hinc,GLANDING,Gonville and Caius,Grand Old Nation,Grasis,Greater United Joseon,Grutte Fryslan,H0ward C0unty,Halogoland,Hearkia,Hehehe Now,Hellioneforp,Hellisbecra Icenerpe,Hey Kweyt Universum,Hi I am a meme,His wife is mine,Homo heidelbergensis,Horusian Chaos,Hurgah,I am your father ish,I Cry Myself To Sleep,I Fricking want to die,Imgaykistan,IMOJ Founder,Indolos,Indonesianische,Ishvol,Islands of Anime,Jakob Boyts,Jesutes,J o Jian Capture Squad E7,Kagetori,Kat Green,Khaslan,Khrists,KV-VI,Kythizstan,Lanfosa,Lapexen,Le ant hill,Letera,Liberdicia,Lokolopo,Long cows,Lore Mipsum,Mabuvo,Macchiato,Mammalonia,Mbapolis,Medium Chungus,Minor Grecia,Modern Kalmar Union,Murder Murder Gun Shooters,Narbrian Frespolforl,Natocolsia,Neo Zeon II,Newfarm,NewHopeLand,New Opra,North paskovia,NovoMacondo,O COnada,Onaremaki,Opressionville,Ossufel,Outer Higonica Armyevillyp,Ozmar,Pandarenia,Parksleyville,Peariand Islands,Pencilcase,Pesto Spaghetto,Phillippine,Plear,Polilise,Popotas,Potera,Princess Pinky,PulchraLibertas,Puteraveneum,Qalla,Qewasd,Quigerasia,Rau o te Motu,Reasonableland,Redditian,Rivmlin,Rose St Clair,Saing Andexia,Saint Onaremaki,Sam Thesland,Samuel2,Shanghai industrial complex,Sidtum,Simpss,Sipania,South Ela,Starfallenia,Strictville,Striped Thigh Highs,Suda Abes,SuSouth Socialist Union,Syndicate 31,Syndicate 32,Syndicate 33,Syndicate 34,Syndicate 35,Syndicate 36,Syndicate 37,Syndicate 38,Syndicate 39,Syndicate 40,Talisman Protectorate,Telmson,The Bernie Brothers,The Dominion of Mankind,The Heavenly Record,The Holy Laborers of Our Blessed Mother,The hulk nest,Themon Losparnter,The Mountians,Theosiana,The Pie jj,The Pomeranian,The Realm of Greater Germania,The Rhizomatic Soviet of Mongolia,Therseestionvalkulde,The Sorian Islands,The Undefined,The Viola Solo,The West Bendies,Togood,Tongeria,Totalitan,Trade Farmers,Tropical Antarctic Archipelago News,Tygerus,Tyranaliah,Tyui,United Hellenic Cantons,United Land of the People,Uralium,Urquel Republic,URRSSS,Uwu-chan,Valanton,Vasselia,Viper head,Wake n Bake,Wexeror,Yaaht,Yelistia,-Yes Man-,Yuktoba,Zenci,Zi Britannia,Zimybabway2,


Trading cards? What's that?

The Northern Light wrote:

Trading cards are NationStates' own trading card game. You can generate, trade, and collect cards representing other nations, with each card having its own rarity and value. There is a whole dedicated market where you can buy or sell cards, and compete to rise through the rankings for most valuable decks, as well as increase the value of your nation's own card. Or, you can simply create your own themed collections, e.g., your friends, enemies, regionmates, best flags, and anything else you can think of!

Why should I start trading?

Given that players from many regions (including The North Pacific, The West Pacific, The Pacific, The Rejected Realms, 10000 Islands, and Texas, to name a few) have actively been involved with cards, deciding to get involved with this field will open players to an entirely new community to explore! (And yes, even game administrators, issues editors, and moderators are heavily active.) Of course, not just the wide-ranging community is to take note of, but you're also entitled to making a name for yourself, whether by collecting the most cards of a specific theme, achieving one of the most valuable decks to ever grace the leaderboard, possessing the most bank out of any player, or by becoming a philanthropist whom continues to serve as an example of pure generosity (people have actually done this in the past)!

Whoa. Sounds cool! But how do I start?

Each player has a (roughly) 20% chance to obtain a card pack from answering an issue. Answering these daily will reward you several packs, and the maximum you may store per nation is 9. You will know if you won a card pack by scrolling to the bottom of the screen right after answering an issue, as seen here:

... or by answering all your issues, going back to your nation's main page, and clicking on the card logo:

... in order to check whether you've won any packs! Each pack contains 5 cards, and some might already have bids placed on them. If you wish to quickly gain some cash, sell the card to that bidder, especially if said bid happens to be over junk value!

Junking is the act of trashing your card (done by clicking on the card and pressing "junk"; note that cards from rare rarity and upwards will require confirmation before junking) in order to accumulate a set number of "junked bank". This varies by rarity, with commons yielding a junk value of 0.01 bank, uncommons a value of 0.05 bank, and so forth. Players typically do this in order to quickly generate bank (since selling a card at auction takes a minimum 1 hour) and instantly pay for a card. Do this if you're short on time!

Of course, sometimes you won't immediately get a card you want. If you're caught in this situation, you are able to do the following: A) lodge a standing bid with the bank you have and wait for someone to notice, B) telegramming an owner of that card, or C) by posting on the card forum to have people quickly check whether they can sell a copy!

Once you gain a card (whether from buying or simply opening packs), assuming you wish to actually keep the card (and not junk/sell it), you can then A) start a collection (done by clicking "Create a collection" at your nation's card page and adding cards to said collection) and/or B) view the cards you have in your deck, and you may even use deck filter buttons to narrow down the list of cards you possess in case you want to view specific ones!

Finally, it's important to know that all nations possess an official deck limit for how many cards each nation may store. Once you reach said limit, you must consume a certain amount of bank in order to expand your current capacity, otherwise gifting becomes unavailable and your nation will be restrained from opening further packs (though you may still purchase more cards from auctions).

Expanding your capacity increases by the squared exponent of every whole number (i.e. 1, 4, 9, 16, etc.), and purchasing the Site Supporter badge from the store grants you double the permitted capacity (along with doubling the capacity you gain each time your limit's expanded).

To give you an idea, here is a table of the expansion costs for (both) regular users and Site Supporters (brought to you by Valentine Z):

Without Site Supporter

With Site Supporter


Cumulative Cost



Automatically given to all players














































































The list goes on, naturally. Don't think that this is the maximum number of cards you can store!

Any particular tools to help me trade?

Yes, actually! There are several useful player-created features to utilize at your convenience:

1. List of Cards in XML - Created by active code junkie and trader Ballotonia, this downloadable file contains an index for every single card in the game! In total, there are an estimated 180000 cards (per season), so use this list if you are aiming for a massive collection! [Note: it is highly advised that you download a text editor such as Sublime in order to better read this file.]

2. Card Queries Page - Created by (another) code junkie + trader The Northern Light, this tool allows players to look up cards of a particular type, including card rarity, badge type, government type, and more. Use this if you don't feel like manually searching for what you need!

3. Card Market Watch - Another creation by The Northern Light, this document serves to actively track the statistical data regarding the entire card market, including auction activity, every legendary's combined market value, the total amount of cards currently pullable, and just how generous the gifting has gotten; all of these are noted daily and recorded up to its date of creation (i.e. July 7, 2019).

4. The Gold Retriever - Created by Python enthusiast Valentine Z, this script runs on a Google Colab file that will (automatically) output the total amount of bank + deck value for each nation listed. As to how it's done, go to said file, click "Open in playground", remove the already-listed nations (i.e. Valentine Z all the way down to CPT-Symmetrical NationStates Universe), then put your own nations to run!

Final thing, please note that using a script that automatically performs card-based actions (including answering issues to obtain card packs, placing bids/asks, or junking cards) has been ruled illegal, per Eluvatar's and [violet]'s respective announcements, so if you plan on developing any of these tools... you'll probably realize that none of the players will actually use them. Other than that, have fun with coding!

Special thanks to Destructive Government Economic System for writing the entire guide!
Read dispatch

I don't care about pins, so go for it.

Who's GRA again?

I just accepted the embassy request to Cheddar. It amused me. I'm sure I don't need to explain why :P

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