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Founder: The Estado Militar Fascista of Greater New Hispanyoan Empire

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Welcome to the New Iron Order!

Where Fascio-Nationalism thrives and we live by honor and pride for who we are!

We are true believers of the Fascist ideology and its work, as well as the idea of pure nationalism. May we live together as the Novus Ordo Ferrum and become a united Fascist state.


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We are proud fighters against the burgeoise ideals, the materialistic evils and malicious ideas of the communists and the left.

We are a bundle of rods tied together as one! Strong and unbreaking.

Degeneracy will absolutely NOT be tolerated.
Commies, weebs, antifa scum and all of their other forms will be banjected on site.

Embassies: Fifth Empire, United Fascist Workers Association, The Holy Reich of Greater Germania, J o J, Farkasfalka, Union of Nationalists, The Coalition of Fascist Nations, Italia Fascista, The Glorious Peoples Red Army, Altmora, The Metaxist Front, Fascist Allies of the world, American Patriotic Front, Virtu League, The Obsidian Order, The Interregional Axis, and 19 others.The Black Axe Coalition, The Union of The Greater Axis Powers, The Gaztin Pact, Neutral Zone, Fascism United, League Of Rome, Albosiac, The Imperium of Man, Nuevo Amanecer, Fourth Inquisitorial Mandate, The Galactic Vanguard Empire, The Grand Dominion, The Greater Phoenix Alliance, NationStates Right Wing, International Society of Julius Evola, Federation of Anti Communist States, Genua, The Holy Reich, and The Great Alliance of Fascist Nations.

Tags: Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Communist, Anti-General Assembly, Anti-Security Council, Anti-World Assembly, Fascist, Imperialist, Invader, Medium, National Sovereigntist, Patriarchal, Regional Government, and 3 others.Religious, Serious, and Totalitarian.

The New Iron Order contains 19 nations, the 830th most in the world.


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The Highest Poor Incomes in The New Iron Order

The World Census studied the spending power of the poorest 10% of citizens in each nation.

As a region, The New Iron Order is ranked 5,667th in the world for Highest Poor Incomes.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The ☩THEO☩TECHNATIC☩IMPERIVM☩ of Temple StateIron Fist Consumerists“☩DEVS☩VVLT☩”
2.The Republic of The TimerPsychotic Dictatorship“I AM AL ASIS QATARI”
3.The Dominion of United AeraIron Fist Consumerists“Innocentia Nihil Probat”
4.The Fascist Utopia of The Oneundreth ReichIron Fist Consumerists“You can't kill me, I'm an idea.”
5.The Greater Finnish Realm of Fascist NorthPsychotic Dictatorship“The Common Game of New Tomorrow is the Deal of Today”
6.The Protectorate of NorsifPsychotic Dictatorship“United we stand.”
7.The United States of Npc americaDemocratic Socialists“You Can't Stop Progress”
8.The Dictatorship of Blood Coast EmpireIron Fist Consumerists“Blood makes Strength”
9.The Empire of The Greater Spanish StateFather Knows Best State“Unity through Nationality.”
10.The Grand Duchy of Axis AmbassadorFather Knows Best State“IN SERVICE OF IMPERIAL OUTREACH”

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The New Iron Order Regional Message Board

Oh hi Mark.

Ave! Everyone. A Fascist salute to you all!

It is pleasing to see such a warm and active response to the poll. Truly, Hispanyo himself voiced his strong appreciation. As a person, I do aim to not give half-baked cake, and admittedly, have inclination to being self-critical at my own content. Which I suppose is good in a way, not that it necessarily makes my own life much easier.

I am waiting on until everyone has (more or less) said their pieces and so, I'll put my own stick into the pile last. The first to create it, the last to end it. I think this is fitting for the author who begins the story to the reader and provides the closing words in the last chapter of the narrative. And at the same time -as I articulate my stance- hopefully get some decent commentary churned out in reflection to the opinions of the rest of you fine people.

I feel, that as Director of Ideological Affairs, I can do service to our fascism by facilitating a discussional & observational environment of consideration and analysis for these different perspectives -subtleties derived from personality- to the questions for the fascist. And that it will help in this goal by making a summary-sort-of. That I take a look at what has been said, speak on it, and then speak my own concluding thoughts for the HOT TOPIC, which will neatly, give motion to propel us onto the next one.

Oh, but fascism has no room for personal taste and flavor! Mhm, a misfire that one perhaps. A common misfire. A misfire of tyrannical representations. Representations of fascist drone-tyranny. Society of drones. You get it, it? Now then, us drones, let's break programming.

While without reproach denying individualism, yes, it is despite it being so good to make the meaningful catch that fascism is not in denial of personality and individuality; there is a vital difference in supporting individuality through collectivism than to negate social facts through the cult of singular supremity.

To highlight from my previous speeches, in order to get some preliminary sense:


"Perhaps you've simply taken/mistaken individuality and individualism as one and the same brother. Many individuals make up a whole collective, the self-determination and order of each individual moving forward the ancient wheels of life on a much grander scale. But take the message of individualism, and then when the individual supreme holds all the ropes in his/her hands, what might is there left to come and stop self-harm?

So many times I've heard that to embrace fascism would be to change our societies into mindless battalions of drones, all uniform and the same of the same. In truth, fascism is not a call for standardization of variety to a colorless and character-less goo rather than -more accurately- the harmonization of distinction. The beauty of fascist collectivism is that it doesn't seek to eliminate the distinctiveness of each individual, unique and interesting personality, but rather, to help each person utilize their own specialties to benefit the collective as a whole and to have a strong collective spirit, which transcends the individuality of each individual.

Individuality does not equal individualism. Individuality is when every person you meet is a new and interesting experience, and sometimes a new personal challenge for you to get along with this different person. Individualism is when you have individuals who are self-obsessed with themselves, who believe that they should be allowed to exist and operate as supreme, in other words, that there is nothing that is or should be more important or above themselves as "Me", and that they have no real obligations towards others that they should observe. In individualism, only money acts as a motivator for people to get things done, there is no consideration for non-materialistic incentives, such as the welfare of the group. Individualism is the satanic ethic of putting more worth to each individual as an individual itself, above all externalities with historical and cultural significance; legacy and power...rather than a refined cog of a machine. Not all cogs are similar, some are small, some larger. Some take more time to go round and others less (Metaphor explanation: action VS thought: immediate results VS long-term planning/vision). Et cetera. That's the beauty, there's diversity in unity. It is a testament to the power of unity. There is no such power present in an army of clones that think and act the same because there are no differences between each clone that could challenge their dedication to one another. The Power of unity can only be seen when an invisible hand makes different people act as one. The Commanding presence of the fascist spirit, The heartening hand of the fascist spirit, for the fascist identity.


"Fascism is by all accounts, a universally applicable concoction, one that can be revered, followed, fought for, and actively and practically implemented in many cultural spheres of the world, with each local variation perhaps being slightly different through adaptation to local circumstances and necessities -the more or less unique situation of each area or region- and their spiritual mindset, historical peculiarities et cetera. While the core message, values, principles, and ideas and ideals of fascism often remain the familiarly recognizable same, fascism is also an idea of total bonding; total bonding between the spiritual essence of fascism and the individual, and his/her personal faith of/in fascism, and as such, the meaning of fascism can and may vary person to person and have differentiation in color and composition, with each fascist being tied to fascism through different reasons and have different motivations for fascism in the level of meaning. Being a fascist is being a fascist wholly, strongly, and in such a relationship, fascism has a personal place and meaning in every individual who adheres to its teachings."

(From my older article: "Fascist Reflections: Riflessione Fascista")

While the focus point of approach in the above one was in regards to the question for the meaning of fascism between fascists, the point applied there, I think, serves here too with the different perspectives you've shown. All of us however, approach it from basic underlying aspects that we acknowledge as just. So there is no sectarianism.

With these in mind, there are things that are to be known and understood with a grip on the senses of thinking and feeling; guarantees to be held absolute. And you are to expect me to exercise my re-found position to hone the integrity of this region's membership to our shared bonds, among others possibilities. If it is up to me, the people of the respectable New Iron Order shall nut be like our antithetical alienator factor, that which works towards disconnecting people from our message and manifesto.....In simpler terms, the ANTIFA in the world. Clueless many of their barricade-warriors are when asked to the realities and nature of fascism, but this does not stop them from looking ridiculous in their hypocritical quest for our silencing. A War against "hate", on nothing but hate and hatred. Who are the ANTIFA, if not the haters themselves? Well, this topic might just be touched upon at later times, courtesy by none other than yours truly, the one you know from times before. It is okay to stay hopeful!

I want everyone who carry the banner of fascism to have a sufficient sense and understanding of what they stand behind, I want to give YOU weapons to defend YOURSELF and your COMRADES against intellectual and ideological attacks, to counter in defense and argue in offense. If people ask you about fascism, I aim to make it so that you can give some answers. So, listen to your teacher well, and remember the lessons for the life's path you will travel! The path will become clearer, rocks and holes you will notice well in time, no need to fall and forget time! Sleep in non-time.

Hail Fascism!

-Faithfully, The Director Fascist North.

A statement is intended to be written and sent to the region in the near-future regarding my promotion to the position of Director of Ideological Affairs. I would like to say something and give some details, and not just, "happen", The you'll then wonder about in solitude.

The Pink Fluffy Sheep wrote:Oh hi Mark.

Who is Mark

Post self-deleted by Fascist North.

Please take a moment of silence to reflect on the victims of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and the U.S. Pentagon 19 years ago on 9/11/01. The innocent lives lost and upended, the selfless first responders, and especially the brave men and women who fought for justice in the aftermath across the world, some paying the ultimate sacrifice. To all Americans, please remember that despite the current political climate and the varying differences we all have, we share that common identity with one another, we are Americans, and we should all set those differences aside on this day to pay respects to those who sacrificed and lost so much on that day. To all British, Canadians, New Zealanders, Australians, and the rest of the coalition nations that provided assistance to the American Armed Forces in the subsequent "War on Terror", thank you for your nation's sacrifices. Terrorism targeting innocent people is abhorrent, and should never be allowed to take place, regardless of your ideological stance.

Fascist North wrote:Who is Mark

He is referencing The Room, the favorite line to start an online conversation with. Especially a trolly conversation. I think The Room has been called the worst movie of all times by most critics.

Is it bad to say that Im a muslim irl?
A Sunni not a Shia thankfully

Good day, The New Iron Order. IF YOU ARE IN THE WA, please vote NO on the current Security Council resolution to liberate Syria (If not then obviously disregard this message). The region was taken over by raiders who have taken to creating a new community out of a dead unused region, and Kuriko is using this as a tool to further their political career. The region of Syria had little to no native activity left, and the Hydras came in to create a community, considering they didn’t mess with the flag, RMB, embassies, or WFE. They are not “oppressors” as the resolution claims, if they were they would have destroyed the region while they had the chance. I find it to be generally in the The New Iron Order's best interest to vote against this farce of a resolution, despite being 100% against the WA.

New HOT TOPIC courtesy of yours truly ;]

My comments to the previous one will be delayed a bit. But don't let that stop you from talking about this subject. I will catch up.

Greetings regional allies!

Are you interested in N-Day, but can't seem to find the right faction for you? Look no further! The N word Pact has been created for all fascist and ideologically aligned nations, with the faction operated by J o J and major contribution and input from the Fifth Empire and The New Iron Order! All allies are welcome to join this faction to participate in N-Day5 with us, the faction will be set as open to all nations. Make sure to bring your puppets with you, and remember to leave the faction if you go offline so as to not leave your nation(s) as sitting ducks. Targets will be selected and announced in the WFE of the faction. Hope to see you on the nuclear battlefield!

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