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Aegis government commission

AEGIS Alliance


As you may have noticed, the region AEGIS Alliance is deconstructing embassies with this region. This is because it has been invaded by the inter-regional organisation known as 'The Legion', and will be used as a springboard for future invasion attempts. I am a representative from this organisation, notifying you of this. We feel the need to tell you this, as you are an alive and active region that it may be of interest to.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you or your region.


Post self-deleted by Crazybloxian Empire.

Mathematic publication office


Pi Journal has been release!:

π journal July 2019 (RELEASED)

by Mathematic publication office

π journal

What's in this edition
• The magic number: 1729

• This month's poll: Result and analytic

• About the OEIS.

• Writer and Subscription

The magic number: 1729 (by Hindu Mahasabha)

1729 is the natural number following 1728 and preceding 1730. It is known as the Hardy–Ramanujan number, after an anecdote of the British mathematician G. H. Hardy when he visited Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan in hospital. He related their conversation:

I remember once going to see him when he was ill at Putney. I had ridden in taxi cab number 1729 and remarked that the number seemed to me rather a dull one, and that I hoped it was not an unfavourable omen. "No," he replied, "it is a very interesting number; it is the smallest number expressible as the sum of two cubes in two different ways."

The two different ways are:

The quotation is sometimes expressed using the term "positive cubes", since allowing negative perfect cubes (the cube of a negative integer) gives the smallest solution as 91 (which is a divisor of 1729):

Numbers that are the smallest number that can be expressed as the sum of two cubes in n distinct ways have been dubbed "taxicab numbers". The number was also found in one of Ramanujan's notebooks dated years before the incident, and was noted by Frénicle de Bessy in 1657. A commemorative plaque now appears at the site of the Hardy-Ramanujan incident, 2 Colinette Road, Putney.

The same expression defines 1729 as the first in the sequence of "Fermat near misses" (sequence A050794 in the OEIS) defined, in reference to Fermat's Last Theorem, as numbers of the form which are also expressible as the sum of two other cubes.
Edited by Mathematic publication office

This month's poll: Result and analytic

Result: 2 votes for 0 digits (don't know what π is), 1 vote for 1-3 digits, 5 votes for 3-5 digits, 5 votes for 5-10 digits, 2 votes for 10-20 digits, 1 vote for 20-25 digits, 1 vote for 25-50 digits and 1 vote for 50-100 digits.
Analytic: 3-5 is one of the most popular votes because they are the digits of π learn in school. 5-10 has the same votes because there are 8 digits and 10 digits appear in most calculator.
(PS: Inven say that he only recited 51 digits, so don't amaze him for recited too much digits of π.)
About the OEIS.

From next month, we will write about a sequence in OEIS. Here is the introduction:
Most people use the OEIS to get information about a particular number sequence. The sequence database was begun by Neil J. A. Sloane (henceforth, "NJAS") in early 1964 when he was a graduate student at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. He had encountered a sequence of numbers while working on his dissertation, namely 1, 8, 78, 944, ... (now entry A000435 in the OEIS), and was looking for a formula for the n-th term, in order to determine the rate of growth of the terms.

He noticed that although several books in the Cornell library contained sequences somewhat similar to this, this particular sequence was not mentioned. In order to keep track of the sequences in these books, NJAS started recording them on file cards, which he sorted into lexicographic order.

Here is a scan of the page in NJAS's thesis notebook with the very first collection of sequences. (The sequences mentioned are A000027, A000217, A000292, A000332, A000389, A000579, A000110, A007318, A000058, A000215, A000289, A000324, A234953 (= A001854(n)/n), A000435, A000169, A000142, A000272, A000312, A000111.) This is the acorn from which the OEIS grew. The date is January or February, 1964.

The sequences were transferred to punched cards in 1967, and were made into a book in 1973 ("A Handbook of Integer Sequences", by NJAS, Academic Press, NY). This book contained 2372 sequences.

[Incidentally, today these cards are sometimes referred to as "punch cards" (sic). This is wrong, they were always called "punched cards". Anyone who says "punch cards" is showing they know nothing about the subject. Saying "punch cards" is like saying "hike boots" or "walk stick" or "chew gum".]

NJAS joined AT&T Bell Laboratories in 1969. Following the publication of the book, a large amount of correspondence ensued, with suggestions for further sequences and updates to the existing entries. Many people remarked how useful they found the book, and how surprising it was that no one had published such a collection before.

By the early 1990's over a cubic meter of correspondence had accumulated. A Canadian mathematician, Simon Plouffe, offered to help in preparing a revised edition of the book, and in 1995 "The Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences", by NJAS and Simon Plouffe, was published by Academic Press, San Diego. It contained 5487 sequences, occupying 587 pages. (Incidentally, Simon Plouffe is now one of the Trustees of The OEIS Foundation Inc..)

Again, once the book appeared, many further sequences and updates were submitted from people all over the world. NJAS waited a year, until the size of the collection had doubled, to 10000 entries, and then in 1996 he launched The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences® (OEIS®) on the Internet. From 1996 until October 26, 2009, this was part of NJAS's home page on the AT&T Labs website.

During this period, from 1996 to 2009, the database grew by at least 10000 entries per year (18000 new sequences were added in 2009 alone). If it were to be published in book form today, the OEIS would require over 750 volumes, each the size of the 1995 book.

Starting in 2002, NJAS added a group of associate editors to help process submissions. However, because they did not have access to the computer where the database was maintained, almost all the work of updating had to be done single-handedly by NJAS. This involves processing 100 or 200 emails every day, and was getting to be beyond what one person can handle.

In 2009, therefore, it was decided to make a drastic change. NJAS set up a non-profit foundation, The OEIS Foundation Inc., whose purpose is to own, maintain and raise funds to support The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences® (OEIS®). On October 26, 2009, NJAS transferred the intellectual property of The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences to the Foundation and work was begun on moving the database from NJAS's home page at AT&T to a commercial hosting service.

Here, however, we ran into a very serious problem. In the summer of 2009, when we tried to get the OEIS working as a wiki, we discovered that the Mediawiki software was not capable of handling the kind of queries that arise in looking up sequences. This was a disaster.

It took us over a year to resolve this problem. In the end, Russ Cox completely rewrote all the programs needed to maintain the database and answer queries - a huge task! NJAS's colleague David Applegate has also been of enormous help in getting the new system working. As a result of their work, the new OEIS was finally launched on November 11, 2010. It is now possible for anyone in the world to propose a new sequence or an update to an existing sequence. To do this, users must first register. A group of about 130 editors has been formed, whose job it is to review submissions before they become a permanent part of the OEIS.

So, after nearly two years of struggle, the OEIS was finally able to operate without NJAS having to approve every change. After 46 years of running the database, this came as a great relief to him.

Writer and Subscription

Hindu Mahasabha and Mathematic publication office.

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And try our new poll:
What's your favourite number?

The UEN Newspixels

The Sharky Shark is coming!
Yeark da shark has eaten 2 Stickman pancakes with Maple Syrup this morning for breakfast! He has also eaten 2 Stickman beachsand wiches with ham and 2 Stickturkeys for dinner! So if you don’t want to be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner, join his region Sharkyland 4 sharky sharks (for sharky sharks only) so he won’t eat you!





Report this ad[i] Report ad here! ⬇️page=dispatch/id=1235067

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Back from sleep like a gambler with a hangover.

Radio New Vegas 8

by Nevv vegas

This is Radio New Vegas, and I'm your host, Mr. New Vegas. And in case you're wondering if you've come to the right place, you have.

Whoops, better put on my newsman fedora, here.

Quarry Junction resumes operation

Secutritrons have cleared out the last Deathclaw nest at Quarry Junction, allowing humans to safely move around there. The FEZ Of New Vegas has contracted an NCR construction company, the Brotherhood of Mines, to mine construction material for New Vegas. It seems that these stones will be used to rebuild New Vegas to its former glory.

Firefights at Camp Guardian, Domino eludes Bounty Hunters and Rangers

An assault of Bounty Hunters and Desert Rangers on Camp Guardian to capture Dean Domino dead or alive has ended with Lakelurks being discovered in the area. Domino has seemingly escaped, as his body his missing and has left no clue to his whereabouts. He has presumably gone east.

The Collected Writings Of Randall Clark

Col. Franklin Wallace and a Follower archivist have went around Zion, collecting the writings of a survivalist in Zion Valley, Randall Clark. They have compiled his writings on Post-War Utah and Zion Valley into a book, it is available for purchase in Vault 21, Novac's Motel, the Nash Building in Primm and Zion itself. When asked about his future writings, he said that he intends to compile writings from the Sierra Madre and Big MT for his next project. The Sorrow Tribe, learning of their deity's fate, has given an official burial to Randall Clark. The book also includes Franklin Wallace's notes about the tribes of Zion Valley and some text from Vault 22 dwellers.

Raider Coalition loses Horowitz Farmstead, retreats into Jacobstown ruins

A successful assault consisting of Securitrons, the Shadow Company, Desert Rangers and Westside Militia has resulted in the Raider Coalition retreating from the area into the Jacobstown area. Some have tried to escape into Vault 22, but a battle there ensured that those who went there are either dead or captured. Civilians are strongly advised against venturing into Jacobstown, as heavy combat activity is present in the area.

Legion Civil War

Caesar's Legion has descended into Civil War as the Aurelius of Denver has led a coalition of recently-annexed tribes against Vulpes Inculta's government. A third group has emerged, consisting of various officers, petty and higher, led by the Praetorian Guard's leader, Lucius. Civilians are heavily advised against venturing east of the Colorado River.

Today's headlines were brought to you by Primm. Primm. The other New Vegas.

Hey New Vegas, have you ever said you loved someone when it wasn't quite true? Sure you have. But you shouldn't. Because It's a Sin to Tell a Lie. Heh, up next.

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Do you still do newspapers?

Like a bit of ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ and a little bit of ♭♩ ♮♪ ♯♩?
Well, you're in luck! Come over to Laraniem to argue with many other nations over instruments!

Which instrument is the all-time best?

Green links r da bezt

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haven't seen any new news deliveries on our RMB, is news going slowly this time of year?

new issue of the Union Truth:

The Union Truth
Regional Newspaper - Main Page

The Union Truth
The Union's greatest news


On July 31st, 2019 at around noon CDT Nova Blazeville, President of the Democratic Union of Free States, dismissed Arkhamanishka as Director of the Department of Home Affairs. This came as a surprise and shock as Arkhamanishka had been a key supporter of Nova Blazeville's campaign for President and was also a deputy in the coalition between the Democratic Progressive Front, Democratic People's Union and National Conservative Federalist Party's coalition. The official reason given by the President himself when he announced this on the region's discord and RMB was inactivity. The President's administration has been plagued with inactive cabinet members he could not get anything accomplished for most of the term, with elections coming in august the President has decided to focus on leading the region more and has started purging the cabinet and administration of any inactive or non-competent members. It is unclear whether Arkhamanishka will continue serving as a member of the House of Delegates (Lower House of Parliament). It is also worth noting that the President also dismissed him from the Defense Committee and it is likely he will dissolve the committee as it no longer serves a purpose.

As Arkhamanishka's replacement the President appointed The montonian as the new Home Affairs Director, The Montonian is a independent and is serving his first term as a member of parliament, he has a decent popularity among voters following the trend in the rise of popularity of independents throughout the Union.

The Democratic People's Union was a fairly new political party in the Union as such its dissolution has devastated the political landscape. This is certainly a blow to the Central Coalition (DPF + NCFP) as they are now one party short, it is increasingly likely now that the Union could see rival coalitions especially as the Social Democratic and Justice Party have been silently giving support to the Liberal Progressive Union. A second possible center coalition could form that would impact all future elections.

President prepares to meet with Prime Minister for new legislative agenda!
The President has planned to meet with the Prime Minister to establish a new legislative agenda, this is a new effort by the President to work closely with members of parliament to create and pass new laws. This meeting had previously included Arkhamaishka but since he has been dismissed he will not be attending. The President wishes to fulfill more of his campaign pledges in new laws such as reforming the electoral system and bringing more culture and activity to the region! It is unknown if other members of parliament are invited as this meeting will take place on the Executive Discord Server, however the channel it is viewable by visitors, and all the readers may expect a issue regarding what legislative plans are in store for the Union.

Union Historical Committee Founded by older Citizens!
The Union Historical Committee is founded by older citizens of the Union it is primarily headed by The free united commonwealth (who currently serves as Director of Union Intelligence in the cabinet), their aim is to preserve union history. In recent weeks they have made two dispatches on Former President's and Former Provisional Governments. Check them out here: Union Historical Committee

High knight kingdom, Executive Editor and Publisher
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Nova Blazeville wrote:haven't seen any new news deliveries on our RMB, is news going slowly this time of year?

I've been taking a lot of time off. I'll drop off some papers for you now though!

We're playing ♠♥Baccarat♦♣
Two hands are dealt, Punto, and Banco. Which will score higher? Stake is ten chips. Winning bets on Punto pay ten chips. Winning bets on Banco pay nine. Winning bets on a tie pay ninety chips. For more detailed rules, see here.

The latest Force Flyer is out!

Issue XXV

Force rejects invitation to Federal Union! Military does an oopsie that costs weeks of work! Elections - elections everywhere! This month's RP news and a column of Gossip, all in this month's edition of the Force Flyer!
A Federal Failure by The Chariot

Just a couple weeks ago, Force took another gander at the meta-region game. The Federal Union had many regions on friendly terms with Force: Aukumnian Imperium, Red Wolf Alliance, and The Wolf Clan, as well as New Western Empire and The Democratic Republic. Other regions such as Thaecia were planning to join.

In the negotiations, Force was seen as the no-man. Being the stubborn region who would not agree to most plans was a signature. Understandable, though, as Force has had a bad history with meta-regions. With the catastrophic Supreme Commonwealth of United Territories, and the alliance that just wasn’t up to PAR, under its belt, Prime Minister Libertatis Regalis was not optimistic about this new one.

After less than a week of involvement in the negotiations, Libertatis would hold a vote, to which the Force cabinet refused to join the Union. Despite heavy encouragement from the Ministers of Defense and Foreign Affairs, others in the cabinet would refuse to join out of fear that it would detract from activity or infringe on sovereignty, despite claims by the Union that the latter would not come to be.

Ultimately, after two failed attempts, it would seem that Force’s third try charm is not trying at all.

The Investigator - Success In The House Unwrapped! by Carropia

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article do not necessarily represent the official views of the Government of Force.

Almost 1 year after it first convened, the house has come off its best term yet. With big names such as Libertatis Regallis our current Prime Minister, The Chariot long-time Minister of Defence, as well as long-time Representative Carropia.

This three-headed giant of a group was able to pass quite a few bills into law, namely the Deputy Installment Act, The House Framework and Speaker Act, and the Government Transparency Act. To many in the government, as well as the citizens of Force this was refreshing, the House struggled to consistently pass more than 2-3 bills per term. This has to be the addition of Chariot and Libertatis, Carropia the third member of this all-star cast hasn’t had another prominent member since the removal of Salibaic. In an interview with Carropia, he said, “You know it was refreshing to have those guys out there with me, I’ve been in the House a long while and have struggled alone for far too long, it was very nice.”

After this productive term, the people of Force once more have confidence in the House, the real question is whether they can keep up without Libertatis? While Tigslarlowducken, Caduceo, Lashnakia, Loomburg, Sir Sword bj, and Carropia are all Reps. this term, the House has seen no progress yet a lot of drama. Hopefully, this new cast can turn it around and repeat the successes of the last term.

For more information, contact The Chariot through Discord (waste#3257)

Prime Minister Elections by Salibaic

The july Prime Minister elections were rushed this time due to Renegalle and the former Prime Minister going away and thus could not deal with the election. The only candidates for PM this election was Sir Libertatis Regalis. Obviously he won the election with all votes for him. Not much was said in the debate but the cabinet has stayed the same. That there really was this election. See you at the next one.
A Special House's Elections by The Chariot

July’s House elections were… not ideal, to say the least. Following one of the most successful Houses in Force’s history, one of the least would turn up. Four people registered to run, only two answered the debate questions. Carropia, The Holy Generous Dystopia of Caduceo, The Military State of Tigslarlowducken, and Elysium forests ran, with the last two not answering debate questions. After a nine-voter turnout, all were elected into the House. Quite ironically, the two nations who did not answer debate questions would go on to be Speaker and Deputy Speaker.










Elysium Forests






The results? Tigslarlowducken would show blaring unprofessionality in his run as House Speaker, knowing barely even his duties. Elysium Forests went totally silent after being appointed deputy, later revealed to be due to a vacation. And so, House Bill 13 was passed. This bill allowed for the Speaker to call upon special elections to fill the House. And then perhaps one of the most qualified Houses ever would come to be.

Powerhouse candidates, all respected members of the Cabinet, would run for the house en masse. With New Legland, The Chariot, Lashnakia, Loomburg, and Sword bj would run, with candidate Atharia (The only non-cabinet candidate) dropping out of the race. With only 4 House seats to fill, the race became not a question of who to vote, but who not to vote for.




New Legland


Not Elected

The Chariot








Not Elected




Sword BJ



Subsequently, Tigslarlowducken was voted out of his Speaker position, and emergency elections for it are being held currently.
July Roleplay News - Decolonization, Annexation, and Nuclear Reactions by Salibaic

Seoul-Pyongyang has had his homeland vacated by the State of Renegalle. In response, Seoul tried to reannex his homeland but was blocked by Salibaic. This has lead to Seoul denouncing Salibaic and shutting down embassies. Especially when Salibaic forcibly removed Seoul from their colony.

Renegalle and Salibaic are decolonizing to help create a better world. The first steps have gone well so far but we are still yet to see the results this may produce on the world.

Elysium and Adlania left the UN after being told time after time not to control nuclear weapons. This lead to Elysium building up an arsenal of nukes which it used to threaten Salibaic and Renegalle. Renegalle was already hated in Elysium after the great wars which saw Elysium lose more than ¾ of the economy and caused major infighting in Elysium. The threat was not put down. However, Elysium did rejoin the UN and gave up the nukes although defense experts from Renegalle and Salibaic both say Elysium will most likely still control nukes.

The UN voted to condemn Sibir after it lied to the international community about Renegalle and Salibaic owning nukes. Salibaic in retaliation to this setup a UN vote but it failed after Sibirs allies came to his aid. Elysium also backed Salibaic proposal.

Elysium has proclaimed that Sibir is not a nation but a terror organization and thus occupied former Elysium land that belongs to Sibir. Sibir in return handed over the land to Marcelli. Elysium then tried to annex the land back and almost succeeded if was not for Sibir alerting Marcelli. This has lead to an escalation with Elysium starting navel exercises outside of Marcelli land and launching missiles into the sea near Marcelli’s mainland. Both nations have also banned trade between each other.

For more information, contact Atharia through Discord (Trisword#6166)

Three Weeks, Too Weak by The Chariot

Recently, Linkthe Force made its first and only occupation and refound attempt failed. Miserably. Goddamned ASSholes.

The attempt was made on AMYR, a region Caduceo desired for its name. With efforts from Caduceo, The Chariot, Renegalle, Salibaic, ImperialRussia, Empire of Elysium, and Carropia, the three-week occupation was fraught with ups and downs, from defenders, to failed refound attempts. On the 30th of June, the final attempt was made. Renegalle, Caduceo, and I left the region while Salibaic was delegate, using his powers to ban the native, The Republic of District-VIII, 30 seconds before the update.

And then... Artificial Solar System refounded it.


Lashnakia and Carropia have… proclaimed their love for each other in the Halls of the Government? Who knew that gays still existed after Pride month? (Pls don’t crucify me)

Teacher Chariot and assistant Elysium put the rowdy children of Force to bed. I’ll just leave you to interpret that one. Also, I was muted in 4 separate channels for it.

Hey… they say that… The State of Renegalle actually did work for once? Getting his subjects to do stuff? What’s this? He even got into anime! Maybe Force is actually going uphill! He still doesn’t make the trigger bot though. :(

Minecraft server is coming soon. Maybe. Blame Libertatis that it hasn’t come yet. But don’t blame him too much, since he donated stamps after Force’s population plummet.

Also, rumor has it that I might be impeached for saying “Shut up” in a public TG. Anyone know more? Asking for a friend.

And did you hear about our possible candidates for the next Prime Minister elections? They say that we’ll get a fresh roster, with Loomburg and Sword BJ all but confirming their bids. Also the Cheese Party.

Communications Team

> Caduceo - Minister of Communications and Professional Cookie Distributor

> The Chariot - Senior Editor and Columnist for Chariot's Chitchat

> Salibaic - Editor and Columnist for the Monthly Roleplay Updates

> Carropia - Editor and Columnist for The Investigator

For more information, contact Caduceo through Discord (SupportNerd#4356)
or apply forLink Civil Services!




WA Nations




The New Kingdom















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Good Afternoon Regions & Nations with embassies with the Andromeda Galaxy Coalition!

Please help me in my process to find the correct formulas in establishing a functioning region by stopping by the AGC and voting in our recent poll.


Post by The empire of balestria suppressed by The NewsStand.

Alyoo men!


We’ve been gone for 130 days and now we’ve come back! We’re looking forward to bringing the news to the DRF again! So what’s happened? We’ve been relatively quiet but recently we’ve had a call for a trial of a nation, big embassy closure and build up to an election!

All this and more in this edition of the DRF Chronicle...

Breaking News:

1. Embassy shut with the Union of Allied States

Over the last two weeks, the main 5 nations in the cabinet have been hard at work trying to figure out what to about the UAS. This came to their attention after East Meranopirus published a dispatch and RMB post stating that the UAS has couped him as president, attacked him verbally and had become anti-democratic. The president of the UAS, Chokoku, was quick to put down those statements and was asked to testify to the cabinet. Chokoku said that region was still democratic, hasn’t changed their constitution and in fact, he was being attacked instead. Following this, the cabinet decided to fact-check and made the decision to close embassies. Zweites Preussen announced the closure on the DRF RMB, basing the decision on the UAS lying, taking away rights and couping their president. There has been no reply from the UAS over this act.

2. Abbots called to trial

2 weeks ago, New Excalibus announced that they were leaving NS and TCC. In reply to this, Puetavisa published a message which branded Great Apathonia and Abbots as traitors. This was because of their spamming on discord during Excalibus’ troubles and were accused of ‘making things worse’. Apathonia was then (ban)ejected from TCC, but Abbots being a DRF citizen, could only be properly punished from inside the DRF. So, Puetavisa decided to call for a trial of Abbots in DRF Court. Many nations came out in support of Abbots last including the PM. At time of publication, the DRF Court sub-region had just been made and everyone was getting ready. At the moment, things look in Puetavisa’s favour as they work in law IRL. BUT, Puet needs to persuade the judge why Abbots’ crime is treason against the DRF. It should be opened in the next few weeks.

3. August Election

17th August has been announced as the date for the DRF’s next general election, with two nations already announcing their candidacy for the election. This follows a successful 4 months of Zweites Preussen premiership. It looks in the balance of who’s going to win, as it looks like Zweites was very popular over the last few months but at the moment, he’s not standing so it is very much hard to call. This is only the second election without political parties, so we hope to see no voting blocs. The winner would be Prime Minister until October.

Interregional News:

1. Puetavisa becomes Archduke in TWC

Recently, we heard the news that the Foreign Minister of The Wolf Clan had just been promoted into the region’s hierarchy. This marks what has been a great rise through the ranks in TWC for Puetavisa.

2. DRF aligns with East Meranopirus

Following the controversy with the UAS, East Meranopirus along with Handal Ands decided to start their own region that followed democratic values. After the DRF decided to close embassies with the UAS, Zweites Preussen announced that the DRF was going to try and strengthen ties with The Democratic Union, the new region.

And so, that concludes this weeks news! We’ve had a lot go one recently and hopefully it helped you understand it better. If we did get any facts wrong, please TG me.

Thanks for reading!

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Today in the Austro Hungarian Imperium, we ask what the title of your Head of State is:

And we also present the Imperial Gazette, which is the official record of Government in the Imperium:

The Imperial Gazette
The Official Record of Government in the Imperium

October 5th, 2019

Reichstag Elected

Aav, Phillip Stuart, and Esteban Nervi have been elected as members of the Reichstag - they will serve for up to two months as legislators in the region.

LinkRelevant thread.

October 1st, 2019

Reichstag Dissolved, Election Called

The Imperial Crown today dissolved the Reichstag due to major inactivity of its members. As a result, an election has been called (and all citizens are invited to run!).

The sign up for the election is Linkhere.
Termination notice Linkcan be found here.

Chancellor Resigns

His Royal Highness, Nathaniel Kuznetsov-Penrose gave his resignation to the Imperial Crown today, and it was accepted. The Imperial Crown will oversee its government directly for a time.

September 23rd, 2019

Imperial Crown Orders Creation of Stamp Donor Medals

Their Imperial Majesties', before their Council of State, ordered the creation of three (10k, 30k, 60k) medals for those generous members of the region who donate telegram stamps. These orders can be read Linkhere.

Imperial Postal Service Begins Stamp Donation Campaign

The Imperial Postal Service has begun its campaign for members of the region to donate stamps, including the aforementioned medals! The guide to donation can be found Linkhere.

Official RP Opens Treaty to Signatures

In the official regional roleplay, the Kingdom of Stiegae has proposed and pushed for the formal signing of the Treaty on Imperial Cooperation, and all nations are invited to sign. The relevant thread can be read Linkhere.

September 13th, 2019

Imperial Minister of Foreign Affairs Dismissed

The Imperial Crown, on the advice of the Chancellor, has deprived Micheal Kassel of his position as the Imperial Minister of Foreign Affairs, and as a member of the Council of State. Reasons and details are provided in the Linkrelevant thread.

September 9th, 2019

Political Parties Subject to New Regulation

The Imperial Crown, having sought the advice of its Council of State, has introduced regulations relating to political organisations and parties. It can be read Linkhere.

Law Index Launched

To aid in citizen reference of the legal code of the Imperium, a law index has been compiled for the present and future. It can be found Linkhere.

September 8th, 2019

First Reichstag Bill Passes

The Reichstag (in a unanimous vote) approved the Rules of the Reichstag Act , which subsequently gained Imperial Assent. It can be read Linkhere.

September 4th, 2019

First Foreign Update Released

The Imperial Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in co-operation with the Imperial Ministry of Civil Affairs, has produced the first foreign update from the Imperium. These style of updates ensure that our voice is heard in other regions, and provides an opportunity to show off the work of the region.

The formatted image can be Linkread here.
Or the text version can be read Linkon our forum.

New Cabinet Appointed

HRH Nathaniel Kuznetsov-Penrose (Baellor) recommended to the Imperial Crown that a new cabinet be appointed. Both the current Secretary of State for Regional Roleplay and the Minister of Foreign Affairs were maintained, with the Right Honourable LilStapler being recommended as the new Minister of the Interior. Given that both the Secretary of State and the Foreign Affairs Minister are not members of the Reichstag, that body was asked to approve the appointments. That permission was duly granted, and the Crown thus made the appointments. LilStapler was duly appointed to the Council of State.

The formal thread can be Linkread here.

September 2nd, 2019

Reichstag President Elected

After a brief nominations period, the first Reichstag president has been elected. The Rt. Hon. Brihimia was approved with 3 Ayes, and 2 Abstentions. The new President has already begun work to ensure the success of the region's legislature.

The vote can be Linkfound here.

New Bills Proposed

In less than a day since the President was chosen, Reichstag members have proposed bills. The primary bill under consideration is the Reichstag Rules Bill which outlines the proposed rules of order of the legislature. It, and other proposed bills, can be Linkread in the Reichstag forum.

Imperial Crown Creates Orders of Chivalry

On this day, the Imperial Crown laid before the Council of State three orders. The purpose of these orders is to create three chivalric orders, which will be granted to members of the region for commitment to, and work for, the region. The orders can be Linkread here.

August 31st, 2019

Reichstag Election Concludes & Their Majesties Give Speech from the Throne

The first Reichstag (regional legislature) has come into session, with Brihimia, Wynny (Wynchester), LilStapler (Stapleburg), and Gabriel Xavier (Rhodoki) being elected. In addition, HRH the Count of Hohenems (Baellor) has also been given a noble seat.

Their Majesties speech from the throne outlined the goals of their government for the coming term, in addition to opening nominations for President of the Reichstag. They further formally appointed HRH the Count of Hohenems as the Chancellor. The speech can be Linkread here.

Minister of the Interior Resigns

The Imperial Crown was sad to accept the resignation of Wayne P. Oinkzy as the Minister of the Interior. His seat within the Cabinet and Council of State was formally vacated.

August 29th, 2019

Voting Opens in Reichstag Election

The ballot booths for the first Reichstag election have opened, and all citizens are invited to cast a ballot!

If you are a citizen, you can Linkvote here.

If you wish to apply for citizenship, do so Linkhere.

August 28th, 2019

First RP Event Kicks Off

The first event in the official RP has kicked off, with the International Diplomatic Corps inviting all of the leaders of the Imperium to partake in diplomatic discussions at a summit from the 1st September.

Nations may reply to the invitation in Linkthis forum thread.

August 25th, 2019

Official Regional Roleplay is Launched!

After a period of consultation and public discussion, previously gazetted, the Ministry of Civil Affairs has officially launched the Regional Roleplay!

You can read more about it Linkat the information thread - it is open to all citizens!

Citizen-led Roleplay Application Thread Open

The aforementioned Ministry has further opened the Citizen-led roleplay application thread, so that citizens can run their own roleplays!

LinkThe relevant thread has the form and further details.

Imperial Proclamation Signed

Their Majesties have signed an Imperial Proclamation outlining the powers of the Imperial Crown in regards to the creation and issuing of decorations, medals, and orders. LinkIt can be read here.

August 24th, 2019

Inaugural Reichstag Elections Begin

Their Majesties have issued a writ of election for the regional legislature, the Reichstag. All citizens are free to run for the four seats up for election by replying to Linkthe thread on the forums.

August 21st, 2019

Regional Map Launched

Their Majesties have officially launched the Regional Map!. Citizens are free to claim spots on the forum from now, and they can do so on the Linkofficial forum thread.

August 20th, 2019

Regional Roleplay Consultation Begins

The Government has launched the Regional Roleplay Public Consultation and invites all citizens and residents to take part. The rules and outline of the official regional roleplay will be discussed, and will form the backbone of RP in the region in the future.

You can take part in the Linkdiscussion on the forum now!

August 18th, 2019

Cabinet Changes

The Imperial Crown was sad yesterday to accept the resignation of Willem-Alexander as the Imperial Minister of Civil Affairs.

On this day, the Imperial Chancellor (Baellor) recommended that His Imperial Majesty, the King of Hungary (Stiegae) take over that position, with Benito (Le royaume de marie) being appointed to the subordinate position of Secretary of State for Regional Roleplay.

The new Secretary of State has also received a seat on the Council of State, and shall be styled as "The Honourable".

More can be read at Linkthe appropriate thread.

August 9th, 2019

New Imperial Minister of Civil Affairs & of the Interior

On this day, the Imperial Chancellor (Baellor) recommended that, and received the requisite approval such that, Willem-Alexander van Orange (Maison saint-pierre) be appointed to the position of Imperial Minister of Civil Affairs, with The Hon. Wayne Oinkzky being moved to the position of Imperial Minister of the Interior.

The new Imperial Minister of Civil Affairs has also received a seat on the Council of State, and shall be styled as "The Honourable".

More can be read at the Linkappropriate thread.

August 8th, 2019

Imperial Minister of Foreign Affairs Appointed

On this day, the Imperial Chancellor (Baellor) recommended that, and received the requisite approval such that, Christopher Weilbourg (Verxorus) be appointed as the Imperial Minister of Foreign Affairs. By virtue of his position, the new Imperial Minister has received a seat on the Council of State, and shall be styled as "The Honourable".

More can be read at the Linkappropriate thread.

August 6th, 2019

Imperial Minister of Civil Affairs Appointed

On this day, the Imperial Chancellor (Baellor) recommended that, and received the requisite approval such that, Wayne P. Oinzky (Wayne-oinkzky) be appointed as the Imperial Minister of Civil Affairs. By virtue of his position, the new Imperial Minister has received a seat on the Council of State, and shall be styled as "The Honourable".

More can be read at the Linkappropriate thread.

New Government Information Published

The Imperial Crown has seen it fit to create a forum thread which will be kept up to date will all current government members. It will be kept up to date with the latest information, in line with information published in the Gazette, and elsewhere.

It can be Linkfound here.

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We're shooting 🎲🎲 Craps 🎲🎲!

The shooter throws two dice. Don't Pass bets win on a 2 or 3. Pass bets win on a 7 or 11. Don't Pass bets break-even on a 12. Any other number gets called the point, and the shooter keeps rolling. If a 7 is rolled before the next point, Don't Pass bets win. If the point is rolled before the next 7, Pass bets win. Field bets pay out if they match the point on the first throw. Stake is 10 chips. Place your bets!

Report on Recent DOS Trolling in the Region and Suspension of Relations with United Empire of Islam

The Ministry of Foreign and External Affairs, Government of India informs the NationStates public about the recent troll/spam attacks on our RMB via this Official Report.

Since 10th of August 2019, a serial trolling trolling/spamming is being tracked and combated on our RMB. Multiple Moderator reports have informed the Government that the activities are carried out by 'Hamramstan', a NS user and ex-Indian, tagged as DOS (Delete on Sight) in May 2019. The nation was banned and ejected from India after it was found being indulged in malpractices. (Report 1, Report 2).

Though active admin members like Indusse, Zealandiana and Hindu Mahasabha combated with the trolling and took quick action, still some protective measures like appointment of Security Officer and locking of region was carried out, keeping in view the Independence Day Celeberations.

The Intelligence Beaurue of India is in talks with WA Delegate Hindu puri to permanently tackle the situation, which includes appointment of Special Squad and some other confidential steps.

The region has also decided to close down embassies and suspend relations with United Empire of Islam (UEI), keeping in view, how their regional members entertained the posts of Trolls, and the failure of their Government to take any action. Active trolls like Jihadi mulk are still in a safe shelter in UEI. Though the UEI Government has assured of any support against trolling and bilateral talks, the Government of India is not convinced, keeping in mind the lack of cooperation from UEI in past as well. Some members of UEI carry anti-India and anti-Hinduism sentiment which makes it difficult for diplomatic talks, as in the past, such talks failed from our side, due to the comments and behaviour of some UEI regional members. But the Government of India is still optimistic, as the Government of UEI has officially assured of bilateral diplomatic talks. WA Delegate Hindu puri and Prime Minister Awell Islands are personally handling the issue and looking to construct a set of rules and favourable environment to communicate with the Delegation of United Emoire of Islam.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Issued By:
Ministry of Foreign and External Affairs,
Government of India

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Today in the Austro Hungarian Imperium we ask of what political persuasion your national government is region=austro_hungarian_imperium#poll

Stiegae wrote:The Imperial Gazette
August 24th, 2019

Inaugural Reichstag Elections Begin

Their Majesties have issued a writ of election for the regional legislature, the Reichstag. All citizens are free to run for the four seats up for election by replying to this thread on the forum:

Also in the Imperium, we are probing our residents (and the nations of the world) about their primary national religion!


Post by The empire of balestria suppressed by The NewsStand.

hey everyones

My heart goes out to all the victims of the Midland-Odessa shooting.


It’s been 17 days since we last published a news article and we have a fair bit of news for you! Things have happened and some you might not have heard before, so sit back, relax and enjoy this edition of The DRF Chronicle!

Breaking News:

1. Zweites Preussen elected PM

In our last edition, we brought you the story that the 17th August would be the date of the next DRF General Election. There were three candidates standing, and here at the Chronicle, we successfully predicted the win going to Zweites. This win all but confirms Zweites being PM for six months by the end of his next term. The new PM also made changes to the cabinet, to note a few, Abbots becoming Foreign Secretary, The excalian-freedonian puppet becoming Home Secretary and Matroyska becoming Chief Justice. Another move made was the decision to not have an RP Minister, which was backed up and eventually all questions were answered. We look forward to see what our new PM will provide for the region in the coming months and what impact it could have in the region.

2. Puetavisa temporarily drops charges

A story that broke really recently was this, and it shows another turn in this ongoing trial. It started when Abbots declared that he was off the hook on the DRF RMB, only to be put down by the leader of the charges, Puetavisa. The trial so far hasn’t been able to make much progress, and if it were to continue, Puetavisa would have to present his reasoning to the court. Puet replied on the RMB with this post to almost sum up why no progress has been made, but also to reply to Abbots:

Puetavisa wrote:Is that so?..

I’ve decided that I’ll drop charges on you only within the DRF until further notice. You are simply not worth my time, and I’m not going to put forth the effort to humiliate you further, as you clearly do that by being yourself.

I’m willing to negotiate actually pardoning you, but only if you don’t bring more people to state your case for you. You aren’t pardoned yet, but I’ll think about reevaluating your status as a traitor and a terrorist to the Crown once you prove to me you can somewhat tone down your toxicity.

Man to man, mono y mono.

Ta-ta for now,


And so, we still don’t know what the outcome of the trial will be, we have a potential end to the event or we could see a continuation of the trial in the future. It seems that Puetavisa is willing to end this matter completely, which might come as a shock to some, following his passionate call for this trial. Unfortunately from the moment this trial was called two months ago, everything has been up in the air.

3. API recruitment begins with fairly limited results

One of the ongoing promises of a DRF PM candidate is to boost recruitment, but no one really got it going. That’s until now of course! Before the election, it was announced that Zweites Preussen had started API recruitment with DRF Office of Recruitment. This continued after Zweites’ re-election and then, earlier this week, the DRF welcomed the first recruit from this process, Hosecannon. The PM was very pleased about this new arrival, and alongside some other new members, it takes the DRF population up to 20.

Interregional News:

1. New Foreign Secretary shows eco-friendly stance

Newly appointed Foreign Secretary, Abbots has begun to make the region more eco-friendly through embassy requests over the past week. Embassy proposals were made to Environmental Protection Council and Paris Agreement, both are very influential regions in the world. This means that DRF is supporting the eco-friendly movement, which hasn’t been shown before. With a new Foreign Secretary comes new plans, and maybe these plans involve more eco-friendly options.

2. PM denies chance to join TWC kingdom

The DRF and TWC have recently improved relations between each other, both having embassies and speaking on the respective RMBs, even Skundi was given the title of Knight of the Grand Wolf! But when Alpha Wolf suggested of the DRF joining as a state, the PM opted for the independent option and the proposal was turned down. Had the PM agreed, there would’ve been a regional poll to decide on whether the DRF should join. We don’t really know what DRF citizens think about TWC, so it is highly likely that the citizens would vote against the proposal.

And that concludes this edition! Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it, learnt something from it or just stayed up to date. Any comments should be sent to DRF State Broadcasting or Skundi.

Next exclusive article: We hope to interview our new Foreign Secretary about his stance, his plans and his job! Keep on the lookout for it!

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Following our interview with the DRF Foreign Secretary, the Foreign Minister of The Wolf Clan decided to get in the act and asked for an interview as well. Being a good friend of the DRF, we spoke to Puetavisa about TWC, the trial and just NS itself! All of this interview was what was sent to me and all words are 100% authentic. Enjoy!

So, can you just start by explaining your history on NS (like what regions you were in etc)?

Well, I found out about this game by reading the books “Jennifer Government” and “Machine Man” in college. I remembered how good those books were, and through a quick Google search, I found out about NationStates!
I got a recruitment telegram from Ridgefield, and earned a government position within weeks. I tend to get bored of regions, so I moved to KAISERREICH and obtained a title within the nobility there.

Later on, I reunited with some old friends in Hegiroth, which then became The Clover Confederation. Alpha Wolf shot me a DM on Discord, asking who I was. We soon became good friends, and I took up what I thought would be a break from TCC, as I frankly found it hard to balance NS and my life, as my son was born around this time.

The rest is history. I found the balance between real life and gaming, and now hold positions in multiple regions and organizations.

And you are now Foreign Minister for The Wolf Clan. How does it feel to represent one of the most famous regions in NS?

It was very surreal at first. I never thought I’d be as well known and prominent as I am now. I went from being a Chancellor for a region of 10 people, to being a public figure in the world of NationStates. It has been an extremely good opportunity, and I’ve helped build the region up, along with the help of the rest of The Wolf Clan officials and citizens.

You had a great first few days on the job, have your plans changed from what you thought when you were first appointed?
No, my goals were very broad. I wanted to form the monarchy, and I made my deadline of obtaining 5 states 3 months ahead of my deadline. I wanted to create a more set government, and we now have a parliament and have ratified our constitution. Who knows what the future will hold?

In July, you called for the trial of Abbots for treason, why exactly did you do this?

He allegedly led to the crumbling of TCC, which in turn, resulted in the immigration of Rughzhenhaide to The Wolf Clan. It was bumpy at first, but I’ve realized that Rugh coming to TWC has been a huge help, and the situation seems to have settled down.

On Sunday, you announced you’d dropped the charges for now, but not for good. How likely are you to bring the charges back?
It’s hard to say now. I’ve come to realize that there’s no need to press charges and publicly shame him, as he does that regardless. Why overwork when he does it naturally? I have more important things to deal with. ;)

And now onto a different subject, and I’m sure lots of people want to know this, who is the heir to Hannibal Soto?
The lore of “Hannibal” is something I don’t even know yet. I’ve come to love this alias and character, as I’ve used it for over 5 1/2 years now. I tried assassinating Hannibal, but it’s such a cool character and a very fitting name for me as well. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

How long are you wanting to stay in TWC for? If you plan to leave in the future, do you prefer moving around a lot or staying just in one region?
I plan on staying in The Wolf Clan until Alpha Wolf and Apostate get fed up with me. Haha!

I’ve been looking for a region like this; one big enough to stand its own, but small enough to where everyone knows each other. Best choice I’ve ever made.

And finally, what are your thoughts on puppets?
There was once a time when I had about 200 puppets, and I just found it stressful and tedious to log into them everyday. Today, I maintain about 10-15. To each his own, though!
I’m not going to tell you how to play the video game; if you like having a thousand puppets, good for you!

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Under Zweites Preussen’s new government, Abbots became Foreign Secretary. We decided to interview him over what might happen and what plans were made for the future. All these words are what was sent to me and are 100% authentic. Enjoy!

1. How do you feel about being the DRF’s Foreign Secretary?
I Feel Great About Being The DRF Foreign Secretary Always Loved Regional Goverment

2. What are your plans for the future?
I Feel Like We Need To Bring Our Name Out In The World Allying More Regions and Improving ties with one we already have example The Clover Confederation

3. What is your opinion on opening embassies?
My opinion on opening embassies Is We Need More embassies As embassies Somewhat Provide Safety

4. How do you plan to maintain or even improve relations with other regions?
I Think We Should Be Careful On Who To Ally But Improve Relations with Region we already have allied And (The DRF wont Join Any Region)

5. You have been brought to trial in DRF court by Puetavisa, who happens to be the Foreign Minister of TWC. How will you overcome this boundary when in talks with him?
Already Talked To Puetavisa On Discord He Seems Like A Chill Guy

6. What is your view on current goings on in the world (feel free to name a few events)?
With The Clovers leaving The Wolf Clan For Suppression Of Freedom Of Speech I Think We Shouldn't Interfere and Let The Clovers figure it out And Me And New Excalibus Are Chill Now So That's A Good thing

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New And Updated

The Imperium is growing rapidly, and we have lots of news!

Stiegae wrote:The Imperial Gazette
September 2nd, 2019

Reichstag President Elected

After a brief nominations period, the first Reichstag president has been elected. The Rt. Hon. Brihimia was approved with 3 Ayes, and 2 Abstentions. The new President has already begun work to ensure the success of the region's legislature.

The vote can be found here:

New Bills Proposed

In less than a day since the President was chosen, Reichstag members have proposed bills. The primary bill under consideration is the Reichstag Rules Bill which outlines the proposed rules of order of the legislature. It, and other proposed bills, can be read in the Reichstag forum:

Imperial Crown Creates Orders of Chivalry

On this day, the Imperial Crown laid before the Council of State three orders. The purpose of these orders is to create three chivalric orders, which will be granted to members of the region for commitment to, and work for, the region. The orders can be read here:

In addition, you have likely missed previous updates, which can be read in The Imperial Gazette.

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