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The Okchi Union RMB

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Empire of Gregouria (elected )

Founder: The Federation of Artsotska

Last WA Update:

World Factbook Entry

Welcome to the Okchi Union!

•1st Year Anniversary•

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You have entered a very interesting region, a place full of realism yet fantasy. Welcome to this wonderful and peaceful region dedicated to protecting our fellow members and guaranteeing freedoms amongst ourselves.

LinkSong of the week

We also look forward to opening embassies and embracing foreign relations. We look forward to establishing strong ties with anyone and everyone.

*Every week is equal to one year.

Foreign Offices are Open 5 days a week and active according to PDT (6:00-19:30).

New GenSecs Needed for Supreme Court! Ask Supreme Court Moderator

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    The Okchi Union || Constitution

    FactbookLegislation by Okchi Union Office . 39 reads.

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    The Okchi Union || Welcome

    FactbookOverview by Okchi Union Office . 49 reads.

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    Roleplay Rules

    MetaGameplay by Ulani . 9 reads.

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    The Okchi Union Officers

    FactbookHistory by Artsotska . 46 reads.

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    List of Major Wars in the Okchi Union

    FactbookHistory by Artsotska . 19 reads.

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    Okchi Travel Ban List

    BulletinPolicy by Artsotska . 19 reads.

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    The Treaty of Lexington

    FactbookInternational by Artsotska . 9 reads.

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    Political Leads

    FactbookPolitics by Parliament Moderator . 40 reads.

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    Civilization Index

    FactbookMiscellaneous by Artsotska . 31 reads.

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    National Anthems

    FactbookInternational by North Sorrika . 29 reads.

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    Chancellors and Leaders of Artsotska

    FactbookHistory by Artsotska . 76 reads.

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Embassies: Okchi Union Supreme Court, Okchi Union Parliament, Donjia, Japan, Greece, United States of America, SECFanatics, Lardyland, Bus Stop, Groland, Embassy Hub, Kylden, India, The Embassy, United Bird Nations, PieTopia, and 66 others.Arconian Empire, Memeland, Union of Democrats, Europe but better, The Dank Meme Alliance, Hollow Point, Camerania, The New Dogecoin Union, Monarchist and Democratic Alliance, RGBN, Christmas, Singapore, Bigtopia, Luxembourg, Anti Fairy Pact, Kostenlos, Obsidian, The Great Universe, New Central European Union, Gay Equality, Reality, Weed, Krillin, Dream Land, Pravda, Union of Shoddy Subaverage Republics, Thaecia, The Cool Kids, Bhutan, Janus, United Otter Emirates, Apothia, The Kartoffelreich, Laraniem, Realm of the Whispering Winds, Chicken overlords, Winterfell, Gypsy Lands, HALO UNIVERSE, Free Market Federation, Meat, TheFreedomRealm, The Music Box, Westfalen Westphalia, Nation of Balestria, Balugata, The Democratika, The Republican Antilles, The United Empires of Carson, The Alterran Republic, The World Wide Furry Confederation, New York, The Impure Land, dehydrated water, NationStates Recruitment Centre, Bharat, The Commonwealth of United Free Nations, Montrandecs Neighbours, Union of Independent Regions, Indonesia Raya, FNAF, The Panic Room, The Proletariat Coalition, Hiyamashu, The Sands, and Skyreach.

Construction of embassies with The Monarchy alliance has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with Bangui has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with Spartacist Union has commenced. Completion expected .

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The Okchi Union contains 49 nations, the 291st most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Developed in The Okchi Union

The World Census compiles a "Human Development Index" by measuring citizens' average life expectancy, education, and income.

As a region, The Okchi Union is ranked 8,906th in the world for Most Developed.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Unified Empire of MersdonInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Forwards Towards the Guns!”
2.The Dictatorial Sultanate of TamanrassetFather Knows Best State“ثق ولكن تحقق”
3.The Federation of ArtsotskaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Freedom always allows new and old opportunities.”
4.The United States of Quitman MississippiInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Keep Quitman Great!”
5.The Principality of BergesenLiberal Democratic Socialists“To the development of a better world.”
6.The Metropolitan Republic of Fourt ElizabethInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Diéu öch monélvé lé Droitanöv.”
7.The Federal Republic of North SorrikaCivil Rights Lovefest“One day you'll be featured! ✔”
8.The Autocracy of The East Europan Imperial AllianceFather Knows Best State“For the everlasting glory of the Emperor, King of Kings”
9.The Empire of GregouriaCapitalist Paradise“Felpu'on u'ko'ola de velion.”
10.The Republic of RutabagaAnarchy“Rutabaga”

Regional Poll • Election: Parliament

The People's Republic of Evileian wrote:Seats will be distributed based on the percentage a party gets.

Voting opened 1 day 21 hours ago and will close . Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Recent polls: “Speaker of Parliament”“Election: Minister of Defense”

Regional Happenings


The Okchi Union Regional Message Board

Al-Hadun wrote:Advertisements for my region are allowed?


Howdy. 50th nation here.

The East Europan Imperial Alliance wrote:Howdy. 50th nation here.


50 nations wohoo

Artsotska wrote:NICE!!!

I'm a bit curious, what exactly is the RP/lore here?

Most of our roleplay is for politics and stuff. We have a Parliament and Supreme Court. We currently stand as a regional union from some planet far from earth. If you have any more questions, telegram me.

Oberstan wrote:Nice!

I mean.... Are they?

what did I miss?!

Ocasio-Cortez wrote:what did I miss?!


Fun Fact:

The Earth organization, the United Nations, was dissolved in 2124 A.D. due to the Armageddon event.
The current earth year is 4076 A.D. while the current Norrandian year is 2161 G.C..
At the time of ear, UNASF had colonized Mars. The war had involved the colonists which lead to a civil war (which led to why we exist). This was the first interplanetary war in human history.
The Armageddon event was an apocalyptic war on earth between humans and vampires. The only surviving UN department to be involved with the war was UNASF (United Nations Aerospace Force). It lasted from 2124 AD to 2401 AD. This war was mainly led by the Roman Catholic Church at the Vatican and the Kingdom of Grenada (as the enemy). The Vatican declared this the "Holy era".

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