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I think the limited features of this game allow for us to linger on without actually 'playing' the game. Compare with that other game that was a constant time hog - no coincidence I quickly grew tired of it once I finished school and had to go to work every day. A young man's game if ever there was one.

I used to spend 12-14 hours a day running the International Communist Union. And I was at university too. And hmmm, 34-36 years old. It was too complex nobody but Thria and I would do any work. Every time we got so-called "help" they'd just goof off, so that was pointless. The last year it was me alone. The good thing was I just moderated and had a good "crew" and great RMB discussions, so it was easier just to modulate the conversations.

Tell you what though - I got harsh and booted people and members would complain - until I provided proof of backtracking where they'd come from. Always had a sixth sense of when "someone" wasn't right, and I was never wrong - not once. Drove me crazy to have people doubt me but they always shut up after. 🔴me

I once did an all night (into Sunday morning) recruiting session for Cuba, when my puppet Isla Pena got involved there after it was griefed. That was April 2004 - so I was 17 at the time.

My interest in that other game started a rapid decline in 2009 when I had to get out of bed for the 6AM update (cause it was US-based), log into IRC, do my attacks, and go back to bed for another 90 minutes before getting up for work. The serious players changed it from a fun nation simulation to a spreadsheet-orientated chore.

I return!

I can have a medal minted if you'd like.

Probably unnecessary.

Merry Christmas from our region to yours!

**Sends a large tray of homemade Christmas cookies**

3 bad login attempts! Who's been trying the door handle? This is why you use unique passwords for every website! (Sponsored by FnordVPN).

I've been stuck inside for a week now in isolation due to symptomatic members of the household. I'm completely asymptomatic, however I am very very bored. Back to work next week - designated key industry. At least there won't be rush hour traffic.

SC, asymptomatic people are the most infectious of all!

I only logged in to say "How is everyone enjoying lockdown?"

I nearly CTE'd a few weeks back.

Only the "Apocalypse Looms" email saved me. Lockdown is dull!

And asymptomatic people may stay carriers for months.

The joys of it the United Kingdom a half-decent region?

I've seen a lot of hearses in the last three weeks but that's probably because there's a cemetery up the road from where I work and I'm paying more attention to them than I used to. The lockdown is a mixed bag, professionally. It's nice being one of the few people that can freely roam the streets in unprecedented peace, but everyone is ordering packets so it's like Christmas in Australia.

Star City wrote:but everyone is ordering packets so it's like Christmas in Australia.

Urgh, at least Christmas would be over and done by now. Packets just continue to pile up with no end in sight.

I see that "Merry Christmas" from last year is still one of our most recent messages... so... uh... merry 2020 Christmas to folks!

It almost has been Christmas for a year. Per my comment, it's felt like that for the last 243 days.

Happy Holidays, comrades.

Hello everyone!



Happy May Day the first - international day of worker's stuggle. 🔴me

Oh! After all these years I finally made it onto the first page of rankings: 6th in the world for most stationary. 6,331.66 days = 17 years 4 months... same as the #1 nation, so the game only started tracking that in Feb 2004. That's longer than I'd been alive when I started playing NationStates.

Congrats on making the front page SC!

It was an exhausting 17 years of not moving, but it finally paid off.

I'm fairly sure I've been situated here continuously since August 2003 - dimly I recall moving into another region while doing foreign relations that summer... or maybe it was a defender regional liberation thing. It's a good thing I wrote this stuff down in my memoirs beforehand because I've forgotten most of the details.

Speaking of 17 years ago and stuff no-one can remember viewtopic.php?f=24&t=506670&p=38774525

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