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The Republican Antilles RMB

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Community of The Republican Founder

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~Interim Government~

Coat of Arms:LinkFor The Antilles


Our Discord: LinkHere

LinkOur National Anthem

Our Constitution, just recently approved...Linkhere

Our Legislative

Also, join this server, which discusses UK politics, if you're into that sort of thing...LinkThe Motherland

There is no endorsement cap. Cheers and Welcome!

Embassies: Fredonia, The Embassy, The Amish Republic, Vodkalandia, Republic Of Thanos, Girls und Panzer, Westfalen Westphalia, United Faction of Nations, The United States of Thaivania, The Okchi Union, Free Union Capitalist States, Republican Antilles General Assembly, The Wolf Clan, Union of Allied States, Libertatem, The H Union, and 1 other.Montrandecs Neighbours.

Tags: Democratic, Free Trade, LGBT, Minuscule, Offsite Chat, Password, and Regional Government.

The Republican Antilles contains 4 nations.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Scientifically Advanced in The Republican Antilles

World Census researchers quantified national scientific advancement by quizzing random citizens about quantum chromodynamics, space-time curvature and stem cell rejuvenation therapies. Responses based on Star Trek were discarded.

As a region, The Republican Antilles is ranked 10,786th in the world for Most Scientifically Advanced.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Community of The Republican FounderMoralistic Democracy“In unity, we prosper.”
2.The Free Land of Cascadian TribesLeft-Leaning College State“Forever wandering”
3.The Republic of Capemas FounderCapitalizt“Strength Through Freedom”
4.The United Socialist States of Lea LogiaDemocratic Socialists“By The People For The People”

Regional Happenings


The Republican Antilles Regional Message Board

Judging by the recent announcement made, I would like to let everyone know that every citizen here is welcome to migrate to the region of Westfalen Westphalia if they want to. Westfalen Westphalia is a known friend to RA, and has set up the dual-citizenship pact with it in the past. Therefore, consider yourselves automatic citizens if you arrive! The invitation is extended towards government leaders of RA as well.

I am sorry it has come to this, people of Antilles. I wish you all luck.

I, however, will not be around here till the end. I hope to see some of you pop in the Westfalen Westphalia rmb, later. Otherwise, adios!

Hey people, what's shaking?

Alpha Wolf wrote:Hey people, what's shaking?


Evile Puppet wrote:rip

I died? :)

Alpha Wolf wrote:I died? :)

not yet

the republican Antilles died

Evile Puppet wrote:not yet

the republican Antilles died

Sorry to hear, we can shelter anyone who isn't sure where they are going yet.

lets get a big F

Armenia-Kronia wrote:lets get a big F



Thoughts Of The People

Q: The Westphalian Post, as the newspaper nation of Westfalen Westphalia, and a handsome devil, what are your thoughts on the region and its affairs?
The Westphalian Post:"I believe this moment in Westphalian history is certainly interesting, as we are headed into the fall. One of our allies has fallen and disbanded, NWE seems to be doing its own thing, and publication has been delayed thanks to many of my reporters having been kidnapped by the infamous 'Yang Gang'. Overall, I believe we should focus more on ourselves and building back up our culture."

The Weather

Absent, with screaming heads and pixie migrations...the satellite dish has been knocked off.

A Political Awakening

In the last week, after talks of the possibility, Westfalen Westphalia's first officially recognized political party has been created. Named the 'White-Mane Royalist Party', the political party created by Ecotopia2 wasted no time in setting down the issues it stands with. The party aligns itself with the Monarchist ideology, with the belief that we should empower the role of Emperor, stick by traditional Westphalian values, and strengthen the culture of Westfalen Westphalia. One proposal given in the party's dispatch (nation=ecotopia2/detail=factbook/id=1257487) mentions how the party wants to create a "museum" of arts in the region, filled with works from the regions residents, in order to attract new ones from outside our borders. The party currently has three members (Ecotopia2, The Evile Republic, and Flame1). When asked how he feels about the creation of the White-Mane Royalist Party, Ecotopia2 replied that he was "..glad that slowly, but surely, Westfalen Westphalia is moving towards becoming more politically proactive region. We White-Manes are fortunate to have the requirements, and are proud patriots of this great region".
Already, there is talk of perhaps more political parties on the way, with one example being the proposition of creating a 'Cheesecake Party', to which the Emperor Nuer-Texias would be welcome to join, according to the nation Wandering Wallabies on discord. Whether this will prove to truly be a revolutionary moment in recent Westphalian history is yet to be seen. This is The Westphalian Post, out.

The Emperor, Missing?

The Westphalian Emperor Nuer-Texias has not been seen that much, only popping out occasionally with a greeting or remark to the region, before returning to hibernation. When we sent the Emperor questions for the interview we were arranging with his majesty, we have not heard from him since, which is indeed very peculiar. Since that point, Nuer-Texias has not been seen in public.
This is not the first instance of a missing person's case in Westfalen Westphalia. For example, most of the staff being kidnapped last week, reportedly by the 'Yang Gang', which has delayed our reporting on the region for quite a while. Then there's the case of Eclandia, a former member of The Council Of Elders, who after missing for a month finally showed up last weekend deceased, lacking 4 fingers, as well as a head. Nobody knows if the 'Yang Gang' was behind this tragedy or not, though they are a suspect. Is it possible even, that our very own Emperor Nuer-Texias has been kidnapped, too? Will he reply to our messages?? Will Flame1 be the next Goku?
Unfortunately, we can only speculate, and pray for those lost to return to us. This is The Westphalian Post, out.

Rest In Peace

Over the weekend, Hulldom, founder of the region The Republican Antilles, announced that the region, a known ally of Westfalen Westphalia, will soon be demolished. Proceeding to do so officially on Wednesday of this week, the reason behind this comes from the inactivity of the region, and the failure to attract new nations into its borders. Deciding enough was enough, Hulldom this week finally decided that it was time to pull the plug.
Unfortunately, because the region's discord was deleted, The Westphalian Post was unable to find a direct quote announcing the decision. In response to this news, many regions, including Westfalen Westphalia offered refuge to citizens of The Republican Antilles, who will inevitably be kicked our before the region itself shuts down. This is The Westphalian Post, out.

To New Web Forums, And Beyond

In a recent move by Cannula, leader and WA of Westfalen Westphalia, and Wandering Wallabies, a new offsite forum has been created.
"Greetings. Let me introduce you to the new off-site RMB:" -Wandering Wallabies 09/15/2019
According to its creators, the forum's purpose is to serve as a platform for information concerning Westfalen Westphalia. If things go according to plan, newcomers as well as current residents will be able to regularly use the site, and access sections relating to our region, helping promote what makes Westfalen Westphalia great. As of now, the site is up and running, Aside from the occasional update, the forum has largely worked upon, and has been made ready for public consumption. This is The Westphalian Post, out.

Question Of The Day

"Who is interested in forging a leftist and green political party" -New Technocratic Prussia


***The Westphalian Post is a Westfalen Westphalia non-profit newspaper dedicated to covering native events, as well as a few inter-regional ones as well. We provide our news to Westfalen Westphalia and most of it's embassies. If you have read The Westphalian Post and want to support it, contact us via telegram for a subscription, or if you have a news story you think we should cover. Thank you!***

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The Westphalian Post is proud to have delivered news to this region, and wishes readers here a good time reading our last edition to this region.

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