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The Reunited Resistance Against Liberals RMB

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Republic of Codd

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World Factbook Entry

We are a group of conservative nations that were a part of The Resistance Against Antifa, following the disappearance of the original commanding general, the second in command ordered the creation of a new base of operations and the abandonment of the previous base due to irreparable damage to security. We are now operating as a military alliance against the liberal fascists.

Embassies: The Union of the Axis Powers, Republican Army, The Great Universe, The Greater Nazi Empire, Farkasfalka, Derovania, Union of Nationalists, Ancient Lands, Barbaria, The Coalition of Fascist Nations, The Test of Time, The Embassy, Zero Zero Zero Zero, SECFanatics, Edmundian Empire, MentosLand, and 14 others.United Imperial Union, Lardyland, Eastern Roman Empire, Axis of Storms, Sivella, National Socialist Ministries, Confederation of Corrupt Dictators, The Augusto Pinochet Vengeance Force, NationStates White Genocide Memorial, United Fascist Workers Association, The Holy Reich of Greater Germania, Altmora, Embassy Hub, and Albosiac.

Tags: Anti-Communist, Anti-General Assembly, Anti-Security Council, Anti-World Assembly, Capitalist, Conservative, Defender, Democratic, Independent, National Sovereigntist, Password, Regional Government, and 1 other.Small.

The Reunited Resistance Against Liberals contains 10 nations, the 1,400th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Gambling Industry in The Reunited Resistance Against Liberals

The World Census tailed known underworld figures in order to determine which nations have the largest gambling industries.

As a region, The Reunited Resistance Against Liberals is ranked 5,161st in the world for Largest Gambling Industry.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Democratic Republic of Hogwarts PrideCapitalist Paradise“You're a Wizard Harry”
2.The Republic of Restored FloridaNew York Times Democracy“Viva La Florida”
3.The Republic of United Irish PeoplesInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Never forgive, never forget”
4.The Kingdom of LagovIron Fist Consumerists“We will never comply we would rather die!!!!”
5.The Armed Republic of British Lanis EarlsRight-wing Utopia“Unity, Discipline, Work”
6.The Empire of TethonIron Fist Consumerists“We are the market”
7.The Republic of MogondaCivil Rights Lovefest“Peace and Freedom”
8.The Republic of CoddRight-wing Utopia“All For One.”
9.The Theocracy of Land of Catholic PeoplesIron Fist Consumerists“Deus Vult”
10.The Dictatorship of Dominion of SavageryCorporate Police State“BOW BEFORE ME OR DIE!!!!!!!”

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The Reunited Resistance Against Liberals Regional Message Board

I feel cool now, liberals are the most bad*ss killers on the planet. Weíve killed 9 billion, thatís more than the global population. Communism only has 1 billion, they ainít got sh*t on us. Even the ebil Muslims have less kills. Iím proud to have a 7 billion-1 k/d ratio.

The civitas islands, Punk Anarchy, and East Meranopirus

Haha, good joke.

No u.

So how does freedom kill 9 billion?

It doesn't, only communism can.

Thatís not what the factbook says.

Codd wrote:It doesn't, only communism can.

Well so can capitalism as evidenced by pretty much every country was they where industrializing

Codd wrote:This is my speech on The MT Army:

As you already know, The MT Army has been nominated for a commendation from the World Assembly Security Council. However, I can not, in God's good name, fathom any legitimate reason why The MT Army should receive such an honor from this distinguished international body. The activities of The MT Army warrant a condemnation rather than a commendation. The MT Army is the muscle of the Leftist Nazi region known as ANTIFA. More specifically, The MT Army is the main invasion force and the Gestapo for ANTIFA. The MT Army has aided Antifa and its allies in invading any region that did not prescribe to the far left ideology of ANTIFA, countless regions have been destroyed at the hands of The MT Army, including my own. The MT Army has taken part in spreading Leftist Nazism and the silencing of alternate views, especially conservative and right-wing views and ideas. As The MT Army and its allies state, they fight injustice and hate, yet what they really mean is that any ideology they do not agree with is "fascist" and "hatemongering". They fight what they disagree with and celebrate the trampling of free speech and the freedom of having your own ideas. Recently, there has been more anti-conservative sentiment which has allowed The MT Army to continue with their activities and has even encouraged them to do so. It is the RIGHT of EVERY region to have complete autonomy and the ability to follow any ideology and form of government it chooses. The MT Army stands against freedom and the rights of the people. Some nations and regions and even factions within the World Assembly may want to negotiate with these Leftist Nazis, but these tyrants cannot be negotiated with. Like a rabid animal, these Leftist Nazis are incapable of reason and tolerance of other views and ideologies. For many months now, Codd and its allies have led the fight against this new form of Nazism, and while the road has been long and hard and will continue to be so, we will never give in, we will fight them with every method available. We will continue to fight the Leftist Nazis with all our strength and will, and should Codd and its allies fall to the sickening rule of these Leftist Nazis, others will rise and continue the fight. While the World Assembly may applaud the tyranny of the MT Army and its allies, this war will go on. We are at war with these modern-day Nazis, and only the complete death and annihilation of The MT Army's enemies or the unconditional surrender of ANTIFA, The MT Army, and their allies will end this war. Some of you might call me a fascist and a warmonger, but I say this; The MT Army and its allies have struck the first blow, they have drawn first blood, they have made it undoubtedly clear that they want the destruction of any and all ideologies that they disagree with and the complete oppression of those who oppose their Leftist Nazi ideology. I call upon all nations and regions to stand against them and fight them through diplomatic means and military means. ANTIFA and its Gestapo, The MT Army, cannot be reasoned with, they have been brainwashed and turned into unredeemable fanatics to a poisonous ideology. No matter how long, no matter how difficult, total victory over these fanatics must be achieved at all costs, otherwise, this world will fall under the rule of these despicable tyrants. I thank you, the leaders of the world's nations and region for your time.

You dolt, leftists aren't nazi, the whole point of MT army is to destroy fascist regions, which unless you have less than 3 functioning brain cells is a VERY GOOD THING


Hogwarts Pride wrote:If it's socialism, we are naturally very suspicious.

I can see you hiding from the fire department from here.

Opens up the doors to the regional catherdral and returns to the altar

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