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The United Caribbean Island Alliance RMB

WA Delegate: The Commonwealth of Eyed (elected )

Founder: Nigelagua

Last WA Update:

World Factbook Entry

The UCIA was created to provide a place
for nations to thrive together. The UCIA is dedicated to providing resources to its citizens to make it a safe and prosperous region. United In Love and Service!

The UCIA has seen times of power and times fallen back into the dust. We run this region on the memories of our fallen comrades, and will continue running this region on behalf of the wonderful insights that had once filled our region. We will rise up once more, and return back with a golden age. Long live the UCIA!

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    The Regional Defense and Security Act

    FactbookLegislation by Nigelagua . 66 reads.

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    The Patriot Act of The UCIA

    BulletinPolicy by Nigelagua . 68 reads.

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    Constitution of the United Caribbean Island Alliance

    BulletinPolicy by Nigelagua . 126 reads.

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    The Complete List of NSCodes

    MetaReference by Testlandia . 82,428 reads.

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    Useful NS Sites and Utilities (updated: 4/19/2019)

    MetaReference by Nullarni . 71,232 reads.

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    NationStates Policies

    MetaReference by Llorens . 8,366 reads.

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Embassies: Israel, Jerusalem, Florida, ITALIA, The Embassy, The Dirt Alliance, Yarnia, The Bar on the corner of every region, France, Tropican Islands, United Empire of Islam, Agora, Avadam Inn, Non Aligned Movement, The Illuminati, The Gordo Alliance of Got Beef, and 13 others.Organization of United Sovereign States, Gypsy Lands, The Dawn of Unity, Autropolis, URA, Fredonia, United States of Femdom, Latinoamerica Libre, Gordon Ramsays Kitchen, Princium, RAMS, Philippines, and The United Ascendancy.

Tags: Capitalist, Defender, Democratic, Founderless, Free Trade, General Assembly, Password, Regional Government, Small, Social, and Sports.

The United Caribbean Island Alliance contains 6 nations, the 2,657th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Avoided in The United Caribbean Island Alliance

Nations ranked highly are considered by many to be the most inhospitable, charmless, and ghastly places to spend a vacation, or, indeed, any time at all.

As a region, The United Caribbean Island Alliance is ranked 8,467th in the world for Most Avoided.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Dominion of XuoezeCapitalist Paradise“Pulchritudo, Pertinacia Et Glacies”
2.The Republic of Co RosInoffensive Centrist Democracy“You won't ever fly fast enough to make time stand still”
3.The Republic of HoohochimetatPsychotic Dictatorship“Twirling Toward Freedom”
4.The People's Republic of IcepawDemocratic Socialists“Unity, Discipline, Work, Nationstates”
5.The Dignified Moral Peace Abode of RearladNew York Times Democracy“àicheadh ​​bhòtaichean de dhaoine = kushindwa serikali”
6.The Commonwealth of EyedLeft-Leaning College State“Respect the church on the hill. DGB. Avenge David!”

Regional Happenings


The United Caribbean Island Alliance Regional Message Board

everyone, we got raided again but its not as bad as the BH raid. They actually left our original factbook.


Yep, here we go again. That's the difference between TBH and other raiding groups. Back in the early days of playing this game (2007, different nation) this is how most raids were. While I don't like what the NPA did, they have some dignity and seem to carry out their raids with some class. I was never a raider but there always seemed to be a code of conduct they used in regards to natives. Those days are mostly gone and now its just destroy everything and leave as little as possible. While this raid is a pain to fix again I can respect the NPA for not obliterating the region.

Eyed, Icepaw, and Yokohi

Hello all. The raid was unfortunate, and because of the events in the past month, Co Ros has set up a password. This will protect our region for the time being.

Welcome back Rearlad!

I may have to switch my WA to another nation. This region is safe for the time being so I think that would be ok. I might not have to depending on how the situation plays out in another region I'm in but I wanted to give a heads up. Regardless of whether I switch it or not, this nation is staying here as I consider this my home. I'll would still be active here just not WA.

Cool. Thanks for staying here :)

My last pack of cards was all season 1. Anyone else have that happen?

*Sends you a diplomatic cable*

The United Regions Alliance is holding their Super elections at the end of July. Candidate gathering is taking place for all positions till July 14th. All members of URA regions are eligible to vote and run for positions in the Alliance Cabinet. If interested in running or voting please join the URA server. The following positions are up for election in the Super Election.

President, Vice President, Head of Security, Head of Liberation, Head of Recruitment, Head of Public Affairs and Head of Inter-regional roleplay. A timeline of election month and position descriptions can be found here.

United Regions Alliance

A guidebook to what happens, and what’s up for grabs during the super election season.
Hey there! If you’re reading this dispatch, chances are that you are interesting in the upcoming super election season, which is great!

First, we start off with an election timetable to keep dates and times in order. The Electoral Council has decided to use the standard following timetable:

You may realise that positions such as the Overseer of the Assembly, Head of WA Affairs or the Head of Elections are not on the timetable for January and July. This is because the Overseer of the Assembly is not a contested position, and thus their immediate position as Head of WA Affairs is not—instead, their term is renewed every four months by the President.

The Head of Elections also has their elections every April and October annually, which is not during the January and July super election season.

You will also realised that the Founder position is contested during the election as well. However, this does not mean that the Founder’s position is up for grabs. Rather, it is part of a biannual poll for people to vote if the Founder is deserving enough to keep their executive powers for another six months.

If you want to be a candidate on the ballot for the election, you need to start knowing what the respective heads do.

The President oversees the work in all the councils and checks in on the respective councils from time to time—to ensure that everything is alright and that there are no problems.

The Vice President assists the President in this work, and can take over the President’s job when the President may not be as active and may not be able to handle the bulk load of work for the time being.

The Head of Security directs the Security Council in ensuring that all member regions of the United Regions Alliance qualifies for membership. The Head of Security also directs their fellow enforcers in ensuring that there are no suspicious raiding activities in any member regions, and do well to comply with the Liberation Council in liberations.

The Head of Recruitment directs the Recruitment Council in going from region to region to attempt and entice regions into joining the United Regions Alliance.

The Head of Liberation directs the Liberation Council in patrols of member regions to keep track of vulnerable regions—such as those with an executive World Assembly Delegate—and assists in liberations.

The Head of Public Affairs directs the Public Affairs Council in arranging fun and casual activities for members of the United Regions Alliance, as well as attempt to spread the word about the alliance through other forms.

The Head of Roleplay directs the Roleplay Council in the maintenance of the alliance’s roleplay, such as keeping track of the census and production yields. Their word is final on many roleplay concepts, and they make sure it continues to go soundly.

Though not contested in January and July, I better explain the Head of Elections, who directs the electoral council in ensuring that elections are run smoothly, and so are their debates. The Head of Elections announces the victor of the election. Once again, do note that this position is only contested in April and October.

Would you welcome more information?
Message the following contacts:

or Nox ノッケス#1878 on Discord.
Ellenburg, or Ellenburg#8639 on Discord.

Read dispatch

If you need a link to the Discord please DM or telegram me.

Happy fourth of July!

The Mid Pacific will cease to exist on July 31st, since its founding nations are being relocated to Aive, its successor region. Therefore, we are forced to close our embassy with your region.

It has been a pleasure to have diplomatic relations with you, and we hope you the best!

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