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The United Islands of the Atlantic RMB

WA Delegate: The Paramilitary Republic of Wobbegong (elected )

Founder: The Broootherhood of UIJ

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World Factbook Entry

Welcome to the United Islands of the Atlantic (UIA)

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Flag and Discord Icon Idea: The Islands of Versilia

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    UIA Rules *Updated for 2019*

    BulletinPolicy by UIJ . 979 reads.

Embassies: Tyronia, The Bar on the corner of every region, Nationalist Commonwealth of Free Regions, The World of Remnant, The South Arctic, Free Market Federation, The Embassy, The Exarchal Republic, The West Republic, International Debating Area, Cobalt Network, Etharia, Empire of Andrew, Imperium of the Wolf, Aeia, LCRUA, and 30 others.Solid Kingdom, Regionless, RGBN, The Great Universe, The Warden World, POLATION, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Order of the Southern North, The Peaceful Coffee Shop In Chicago, The Sands, Dauiland, Singapore, The Atheist Empire, The Imperial Consortium, Avadam Inn, Japan, Kingdom of Nico, Versilian Hegemony, Valentine Day, Balugata, Laotis, Montrandecs Neighbours, Council of Constructed Languages, Fantasy Near East, The Grand Republicss, Leolia, Bus Stop, Zero Zero Zero Zero, Turkic Union, and Alvonia.

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Regional Power: Moderate

The United Islands of the Atlantic contains 31 nations, the 539th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Highest Average Incomes in The United Islands of the Atlantic

The World Census carefully compared the average spending power of citizens in each nation.

As a region, The United Islands of the Atlantic is ranked 2,612th in the world for Highest Average Incomes.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Paramilitary Republic of WobbegongInoffensive Centrist Democracy“State Nations”
2.The Intersociatas of The Islands of VersiliaDemocratic Socialists“Hail to thee, Lord of Light, blessed Allfather”
3.The Draconic Empire of Graag BromScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Kos mulāg fá kēn árk kos bozīk wá hokoronne árk vokul.”
4.The Empire of Republic of the Utabian IslandsMother Knows Best State“Unesmi niz durmion, bolivni onlés dusbient.”
5.The Irritated and Stressed RPrs of VaniriFather Knows Best State“Viva La Vaniri ! Kāore he Amerika ! Viva te moutere o !”
6.The Rogue Nation of PrusselandenDemocratic Socialists“Of course! Do you think this is a utopian paradise!?”
7.The Dwezel of Maor-ZelFather Knows Best State“Dwemer pride, stronger than bone.”
8.The Holy Riche of ElflandPsychotic Dictatorship“In tutela nostra Atlantis”
9.The Broootherhood of UIJLeft-Leaning College State“oh uh”
10.The Drone Collective of MaramosIron Fist Consumerists“The creators abandoned us, but we remain to find them”

Regional Poll • Satan Plays the Numbers:Day 5

The Draconic Empire of Graag Brom wrote:Well, well, well... It seems the winning number for Day 4 was 762, another win for the House! Our associates are most pleased with the return of fortunes and are looking forward to observing the remainder of this special period. A friendly reminder to tip your delivery driver, check the RMB for the latest bookie posting, and check out our latest numbers.

Voting opened 5 hours ago and will close . Open to all nations. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Recent polls: “Satan Plays the Numbers:Day 4”“Satan Plays the Numbers:Day 3”“Satan Plays the Numbers:Day 1”“Bread is Love Part II:Patriotic Pastry+ Edition.”“Satan Plays the Numbers:Day 2”

Regional Happenings


The United Islands of the Atlantic Regional Message Board

Foxfound wrote:(I thought I chose an option in the poll, though depending on how fast this is moving I may have missed one.)

(It's 1 per day until about the 15th or 16th, as I planned it to run for a week.)


(The Community of Les Fils de Lucifer: *exists*

Wobbegong: *Xenophobic space fairing zealous empire*


Graag Brom wrote:(1 could, in a sense, be incorporated into any of the rest from a perspective of practical multiversal philosophy, given various gods all variably exist in their own universes, those where they do exist anyways, and she simply worships the one[s] relevant to her in her own universe.

2 or 3 sound nice, lean a bit more towards 2 because the occultism is neat and I like paranoid jokes about Kingfishers.

5 in my mind would probably come with split personality disorder, or quite possibly severe case of narcissism. [I mean intermediary avatar or not, she's still knowingly worshiping herself if she's not in the former case or hasn't forgotten from her immortal memory limits...])

True, that it could. My intent wasn’t originally that but it makes sense, though it wouldn’t exactly be pantheism though I think.

Yeah, probably. I don’t know tbh. I’m quite lost with that whole thing.

That’s likely. I just had barely anything else that sounded decent.

Wobbegong wrote:(5)


Wobbegong wrote:(The Community of Les Fils de Lucifer: *exists*

Wobbegong: *Xenophobic space fairing zealous empire*



The Islands of Versilia wrote:


(5) She worships herself through an avatar of ego

I'm saying Wobbegong wouldn't like Les Fils de Lucifer)

Wobbegong wrote:(5) She worships herself through an avatar of ego

I'm saying Wobbegong wouldn't like Les Fils de Lucifer)



("Argonian archers, staggered line. Emperor Dinorous, they outnumber us three to one."
-Dino's second in command
"Then it is a fair fight."
-Dino, showing a rare smile)

The Stormcloak full helmet works really well with the Steel Soldier body piece. Now if only the gauntlets didn’t expose the fingers to frostbite...

(Truth is...Graag's game was rigged from the start.

Wobbegong wrote:(Truth is...Graag's game was rigged from the start.

(*Subtly hides Platinum Chip from dead courier in pocket before anyone notices.* I have no idea what you're talking about, we've got better odds than your average poll-picker could hope for from a game of chance such as this...

...Now in any event, poll's up and here stands the balances.

Valentine Z:10$

Direct House Profit:20$
Collective Debt to House:140$
Total House Profit:160$

(BTW, ĪŪ sulle.)

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