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The united nations of liberalia RMB

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Free Federation of Klorgia1

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Welcome and Long live The United Nations of Liberalia! A region of ideas (and spirited one liners).

We are a unique and mighty region of many trades where intelligence, kindness, freedom and creativity thrive!

Please remember to endorse supreme founder and WA delegate Klorgia1 when possible.

We are a region of lush history, with many nations and regions coming together to make the Liberalia before you today!

Go to to enlist in the Liberalian Legionnaires for "free" "Today"!

News: The Vanguard Race has been decided!

Remember Tiananmen on more days than just it's anniversary. That will go a long way to making sure China never forgets the truth.

Embassies: Occupied Czechoslovakia, Rebels of the World, UFoMs The Density, The Western Union of Europe, United Fighters of Massachusetts, The Great Universe, Free Coalition of Governments, The Illuminati, The Milky Way Galaxy, The Embassy, Hollow Point, Lardyland, Gypsy Lands, Commonwealth of Liberty, United We Stand, International sovereignty pact, and 167 others.Existence, Tasmanian Trailer Park, Hetalia, International Debating Area, United Republic of Micronesia, Union of the Kind Ones, SECFanatics, Omnia, Worldly Debate Region, Confederation of New lands, Independent Powers of the New Earth, Pontbridge Islands, The Democratic Republic of Freedom, The Galactic Empire of Britain, THE NORTH Heart, Arconian Empire, Nudeia, South Pacific, Lady Rose, The Satellite of Love, True Land, Finns, Non Aligned Movement, The Czech Republic, Balugata, The Union of Imperials, Freedom and Justice Alliance, The Great and Mighty Region of Morshu, MentosLand, The Rose Garden, Embassy Hub, The Sands, Heian Japan, The Atheist Empire, The Divisive States of Quah, The Sea Of Love, union of the progressive nations, MARHAENISME for The World, Galactic Imperium, Krillin, Ecuador, The Pacific Northwest, HiberNationStates, Greater Koaland, Heiliges Remisches Reich, United Socialist Republics, United Federation Of Edwards, Bikini Islands, The Land of Subtopia, The Graveyard, Federal Republic of New Switzerland, The Puppeteria, Xedas, North Carolina, The Doctor Who Universe, NSDF, The Bar on the corner of every region, The Proletariat Coalition, CDW Federation, Ancient Lands, Star Frontiers, Strawberry Hill, Region Name, Just an open region, The Bay Union, Bus Stop, Fredonia, Japan, Europe but better, 0000, The Conglomerated States of Delfino, The Slide Countries, South China Sea, Groovy, The Assembly of Gentlemen, United Nations of Earthlings, Valentine Day, The Wonderful Group of Wonderful Nations, Allied States of the New Europe Union, PK of rthbnd, Queens, The Alliance of Grandfather Anrico, Zentari, Via Lactea, Israel, Trindade Capitalista, The Mappers Union, International Liberalism, Gensokyo, Turkic Union, the realm of insanity, Alyr, Neo Otaku Utopia, Montserrat, nasunia, The United Caribbean Island Alliance, Heavenly Palace, Gatchina Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Greenhouse, Capitalist Libertarian Freedom Region, gondor, Pawnsilvania, oozi area, The International Polling Zone, Monarchist and Democratic Alliance, The Alterran Republic, Dracalvaria, Eastia, Ocean Nova, Region of central Europe, TheFreedomRealm, Official European Union, Australia, Roman Byzantine Union, The Noodle Shop At The Edge Of Reality, Mongolia, democratic union of free states, Global Congress, Union of Democrats, Commonwealth of Maine, Novus Lucidum, Singapore, U R N, The Great Chili, The 1st Entente, the Communist Confederate Union, The Interdimensional Community, Veris Administrative Region, Scarif, ASEAN REGION, Chicken overlords, The Clover Confederation, The Confederacy of Aligned Nations, The Smolcastic Federation, The United, Asiana, Stans, The Great Experiment, New Epinadia, Australialia, The Wolf Clan, Ivory Tower, 314159265358979323846264338327950, Poles, Raven Brook, New World Union, The Moderate Alliance, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, The Democratika, Mercenaries R Us, Leftist Gang, Nazi Nations, Peaceful, Lasagna, UARVC, Neo Siberia, Southfield, The Music Box, Altay, Greater Middle East, Shipgod States, Solis, Hearts of Steel, The United Islands of the Atlantic, Sex, Free Union Capitalist States, and Alphonsine.

Tags: Defender, Democratic, Independent, Medium, and Regional Government.

The united nations of liberalia contains 26 nations, the 476th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Beautiful Environments in The united nations of liberalia

World Census researchers spent many arduous weeks lying on beaches and trekking through rainforests to compile a definitive list of the most attractive and best cared for environments.

As a region, The united nations of liberalia is ranked 9,454th in the world for Most Beautiful Environments.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Free Federation of Klorgia1Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Equality Has Quality”
2.The Kingdom of EaglenestInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We decide whether the future happens, and what happens”
3.The Eternal Empire of The Benain empireInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Blood and arms create a way”
4.The People's Republic of AdenalineLiberal Democratic Socialists“Justice and Equality”
5.The Kingdom of WanderlusZNew York Times Democracy“Denning already?”
6.The Republic of UooolFather Knows Best State“nozzle alignment is annoying”
7.The Empire of The Skull DragonNew York Times Democracy“So comes snow after fire, even dragons have their end”
8.The Federal Republic of TrendyNew York Times Democracy“Shop Till you Drop!”
9.The United Kingdom of AMERCIALANDPsychotic Dictatorship“the end result of socialism is communism”
10.The Republic of MynotokosLiberal Democratic Socialists“Glory to the ones before us”

Recent polls: “Favorite World Powers”“Hong Kong”

Regional Happenings


The united nations of liberalia Regional Message Board

Pizza puppett wrote:It's seem's the crownland's are ripe for the taking of anybody who wish so...

nah dont be that op

This will be fun

Eaglenest wrote:The Eaglenestian soldiers were enjoying a peaceful ride through the beautiful Cascade Mountains, but then, the commander radioed them of a threat he saw coming over the horizon. He radioed General Maple and told him of the issue, "They are not soldiers from the Crownlands sir! They have a lot of vehicles too!". Maple thought for a moment and then told him that he could do something to help them in battle, Maple called the air force and told them to give the soldiers heavy close air support as soon as possible, Maple did not want the Washington front to be slowed down, he still has faith in his soldiers ability to advace though. General Maple was still happy with the progress in the other states.


General Haig is happy with the advance in the Eastern States too.

ďNo speeches today, men. Prepare a defensive perimeter, Scatter the tanks to minimize losses to artillery and air strikes. We defend this area until we have orders to retreat.Ē

Pizza puppett wrote:It's seem's the crownland's are ripe for the taking of anybody who wish so...

Eaglenest and I have arranged how our war will conclude.

Adenaline wrote:This is going to be fun to watch.

By the way, we need to finish up the scene in Adenaline.

Rebels and Saints wrote:Eaglenest and I have arranged how our war will conclude.

Hopefully I didnít screw it up by sending soldiers to help.

The Benain empire wrote:Hopefully I didnít screw it up by sending soldiers to help.

You didn't.

Rebels and Saints wrote:You didn't.

And of course, all of you are free to take action as you wish. We'll improvise if needed.

Rebels and Saints wrote:And of course, all of you are free to take action as you wish. We'll improvise if needed.

As long as you can play and have fun, improvise your way through the problem till there isn't one.

Klorgia1 wrote:As long as you can play and have fun, improvise your way through the problem till there isn't one.

"Improvise your way through the problem till there isn't one."

This quote could literally be used as a description of my life.

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