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Teralyon wrote:CONDEMN the Puppy Kicker.

You had me at this.

Sign me up!

Did you post a pirate pun for Punday Monday?

Congratulations, you're a winner, baby!


Ha! That was great Tera! And the first line absolutely got my attention :P

Soviet Union- wrote:Hi

Hi! And welcome to TWP!

Almost human

Rain rain go away
Come again some other day
Sogginess abounds

That wet cave smell ... >.<

Greetings TWP.

Boris cultian


Darkesia, Wickedly evil people, and Boris cultian

Q: Eli why did you vote against the condemnation of Ever Wandering Souls?

A: Because only an idiot would vote for a condemnation from a bunch of self satisfied backslapping wanna be's. In fact the Security Council should be abolished. Souls should go crush their egg sucking regions.

*sips coffee*

BBD, better limber up, a puppet birthfest is under way


Ahoy, mateys!

Avast ye: Haikuesday is here, and ye must write pirate-themed haiku that are sharp as a cutlass.

American buccaneers: today is Voter Registration Day. Yer captain declares that unless you're a lad, ye must be sure to register!

Endorse your Pirate King Bran Astor, then endorse everyone else responsibly.


Post by Huomio suppressed by Bhang Bhang Duc.


by Huomio


Huomio (styled Huomio!) is a social media service created by Kristjin Kevalich, Andreuz Wadalaiy and Faloe Mirosako of Pantheon Inc. In this app, you can share and react to different videos online. Announcement of the app came in on May 4th, 2006. Beta testing started September 3rd, 2007 (beta testing was originally gonna be on August 3rd, but the Great Matchaiwan Conflict was occurring, and the fighting came to their area). The app was fully released on March 18th, 2008, just in time for Innovation Day. Since then, over 150 million people have been using the app, and it is considered one of the best apps in Treciene.

Huomio is the Finnish word for Attention, in which the app alerts you of news and briefings every day. You can follow people, make friends and play games to create progress. The name Huomio came from Kevalich, who was of Finnish Heritage. The app's quote is "Connecting Everyone to Create Anything", which implies that the app should attract people to post and get popular while inspiring people to get popular, in which they also inspire people to get popular, and so on. The headquarters of Huomio is in Crowntelevon, the capital of Treciene. Sadly, Pantheon Inc. filed for Chapter 10 Bankruptcy on February 19, 2014 after some controversy in the app. Despite This, Kevalich, Wadalaiy and Mirosako created a new corporation, Entryville, and this started the golden age for Huomio. Huomio still thrives today.

In 2020, Huomio was made available to the citizens of Badjurstan, After this, the Badjur language site Lingo-Lango had partnered with Huomio, so new Badjur language lessons can be learned. SCP Faudation uses the service, and strives to own the company. Americaaaa also uses the service. Sadly, Huomio is banned in many countries, like New Ryansville and Greater Northern Pokemon Reich.

Here is the Information about Huomio.

Created By:
(Formerly Pantheon Inc.)

Kristjin Kevalich
Andreuz Wadalaiy
Faloe Mirosako

Iliminich Street, Crowntelevon, Treciene

Release Date(s):
Beta Testing: September 3rd, 2007
Full Release: March 18, 2008

Area Served:





App Description:
Huomio! There's something you should see!
Welcome to Huomio, the app where you connect!

Get the latest scoops from your device!
Set down your reactions about scoops!
Follow channels to never miss a scoop!
Post your own scoops for people to see!
Chat with people or channels anytime!
Play some games and earn progress!
Just have some good old fun!

Huomio is guaranteed to give you a laugh.
Get it now for free!

These are the list of people who are most:
Liked, Loved and Followed.

Most Liked:
1. Reilly-Baade Offical, 4,192,102 Likes
2. The Sus, 3,810,891 Likes
3. Ross Shapekid, 3,500,000 Likes
4. CHesTer Tixaloma, 3,173,564 Likes
5. Royal Cross, 2,999,999 Likes
6. Tintuval, 2,831,103 Likes
7. Channel 19-St. Torenix, 2,102,381 Likes
8. AAAAAAAAAAAAA, 1,413,104 Likes
9. HuomioOffical, 1,291,103 Likes
10. Entree Meal, 1,241,491 Likes

Most Loved:
1. HuomioOffical, 3,410,108 Likes
2. RossShapekid, 3,125,215 Likes
3. Kin Taka Music, 2,386,578 Likes
4. Reilly-Baade Offical, 2,193,183 Likes
5. Entree Meal, 1,893,104 Likes
6. SackPack, 1,725,100 Likes
7. Royal Cross, 1,423,279 Likes
8. King Priestan III, 1,267,194 Likes
9. GaMeR gUs, 1,100,982 Likes
10. Nongalia, 897,565 Likes

Most Followed:
1. RossShapekid, 2,500,000 Followers
2. The Crowntelevon Times, 2,190,000 Followers
3. Reilly-Baade Offical, 1,830,140 Followers
4. GaMeR gUs, 1,578,134 Followers
5. Winterfrost Wireless, 1,310,211 Followers
6. King Priestan III, 1,015,143 Followers
7. The Seokandaze Publish, 919,000 Followers
8. Wokoz Twins, 902,192 Followers
9. Nijurie Kintaskuro, 804,019 Followers
10. Channel 19-St.Torenix, 800,192 Followers

Countries Using Huomio
The Emirate of The Emirate
SCP Faudation
Novos Romanos

Countries Banning Huomio
Greater Northern Pokemon Reich
New Ryansville

Read factbook

Invest now.

Boris cultian

Salt crust on my lips,
Doubloons safe in my pocket;
Ahoy me hearties!

Wickedly evil people wrote:BBD, better limber up, a puppet birthfest is under way

Puppets being thrown
Out of this our fair region.
Trebuchet Mk V.

Bhang Bhang Duc wrote:Puppets being thrown
Out of this our fair region.
Trebuchet Mk V.

I promise... that one day... I will come back ... And THEN... I will endorse you as long as needed to restore the influence you spent to eject all my puppets!

(That would be like one update or so, right?)

Boris cultian

Making puppets walk
The plank costs very little.
Duty and pleasure.

Fuentana, Willow Gate, and Boris cultian

Bhang Bhang Duc wrote:Making puppets walk
The plank costs very little.
Duty and pleasure.

Oh, it's Haiku time
Once Syria will be free
goblin keeps his word

Boris cultian


Post by Boris cultian suppressed by Bhang Bhang Duc.

Boris cultian

Goblin 71 wrote:Oh, it's Haiku time
Once Syria will be free
goblin keeps his word

I am pretty sure a haiku has to be something involving nature and/or love.

Boris cultian wrote:I am pretty sure a haiku has to be something involving nature and/or love.

Aaarh begone scurvy knave, head back to your puppet master.

(Once upon a time people used to disguise their puppets, nowadays....)

Boris cultian wrote:I am pretty sure a haiku has to be something involving nature and/or love.

Goblins are very natural and lovely being! But okay:

West Pacific, hear!
Once Syria is in bloom
my love will be yours.

I'm new I don't really know Wich region to!!

Jm land wrote:I'm new I don't really know Wich region to!!

Welcome! We'd love to have you stay in the West Pacific. You can do so by ignoring all recruitment telegrams, going to your telegram settings and there, click 'block all' for recruitment.

Then you can read our helpful new player guide here:

All your chocolate belongs to Darkesia

Quick Contacts


Foreign Affairs:


World Assembly and Recruitment:
Aelitia Astor#5388

Cultural Trust & The Western Post:

Regional Guides:


Hello and Welcome to The West Pacific!

Congratulations! Your nation was founded in NationStates' premier meritocracy! In this guide you'll find all you need to navigate this game and join our community here in the West Pacific.

TWP Quick Links: The West Pacific - LinkForums - LinkDiscord - Master Dispatch

What is NationStates?

NationStates (NS) is a nation simulation game where we, the players, run nations and band together in regions to have a good time. First and foremost, there is your individual nation. This is what you see with when you login to NS. You have the authority to govern it as you see fit by answering issues, which change your laws, statistics, and rankings. You can find these using the different symbol tabs on your nation page. You can also join the World Assembly, apply for regional citizenship, and join the regional government, which you'll read about in the next few sections.

Back to Top

Regions and the World Assembly

Every nation is a part of a region. Like you, they start out in one of the five feeder regions. From there, you can either stay where your nation was founded or move to a different region. Most regions have their own systems of government that have been created by the players who live there. Each region is headed by a Delegate, who is the nation with the most World Assembly endorsements.

The World Assembly (WA) is similar to the United Nations in the real world. In this body, resolutions and laws are passed that all WA member nations must abide by. While no one can force you to join the WA, we highly recommend it, as it is a first step toward becoming more involved in the region.

While you can create as many nations as you like, you are only allowed to have one nation in WA. Anyone who violates this will have their nation deleted by the game moderators. Once you have joined the WA, you may vote on proposals in the General Assembly (GA) and Security Council (SC), and endorse other nations in your region. The West Pacific believes in the inherent sovereignty of nations to govern their own nations without being forced to follow the WA's resolutions. For this reason, we encourage you to vote against new General Assembly resolutions, and vote for repealing past resolutions.

As mentioned earlier, the nation with the most WA endorsements in a region becomes the Delegate, gaining executive power in the region. For those reasons, if you decide to join the WA, be sure to endorse our Delegate Dilber and the Guardians. To endorse a nation after you join WA, find their page and then scroll to the bottom, where there will be a button to endorse. If you have any further questions about the World Assembly you can read the WA FAQ, ask them on the Regional Message Board (RMB), or send a telegram to our current Delegate, Dilber. Heís a great guy and will kindly help with and questions or concerns you may have!

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All about The West Pacific!

Here in The West Pacific, we use a meritocratic system of government with the Delegate at its head. The more active you are in the region and the more capable you show yourself to be, the more opportunities you will get for responsibility and advancement. Because of this, we are one of the most continuously innovative regions in the game. The regional government is made up of the Delegate, Dilber, the Guardians, Ministers, Deputy Ministers, and staff. All positions are appointed by the Delegate based on merit except for the Speaker of the Hall and the Hall of Nations Guardians, who are elected by the members of the Hall of Nations.

Members of the Hall of Nations are citizens of The West Pacific, while all other nations are only considered residents. To join the Hall, you must make an account on our forums, Linksubmit a citizenship application, and repeat the citizenship oath. Your application will be processed within a few days, or up to a week during election cycles, so be patient. Once you've been accepted, congratulations! You're a citizen of The West Pacific and have full voting privileges in the Hall of Nations!

After applying for citizenship, you can join one of TWP's government ministries to get more involved!

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TWP Ministries and other volunteer opportunities

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (FA) is the West Pacificís diplomatic corps. This ministry develops relations, organizes interregional events and helps spread our culture. You will have the opportunity to interact with other nations on a regular basis while helping advance West Pacifican interests abroad. It is always looking for new ambassadors, so become one today!

In order to apply, send a Discord message to one of the current Ministers, Giovanniland or Fuentana, at @Giovanniland#8272 or @Fuentana#3423!

The West Pacific Armed Forces (TWPAF) is a sovereign military that offers Invader and Defender operations for regions by using techniques called raiding mechanics to take over other regions. For front line action, you usually need to be available at "major update" (12:00 AM EST) or "minor update" (12:00 PM EST). But if you can't be online at updates, you can join the Reapers division which supports occupations. Check out this dispatch to learn more about raiding mechanics, operations and ranks.

LinkApply here!

The Ministry of World Assembly and Recruitment (WAR) is in charge of recruiting residential nations to the World Assembly, bringing new endorsements to the Delegate, developing authorship of GA and SC resolutions, and enforcing the endorsement cap. WAR is a great fit for those that like to help strengthen the region, help new nations and support the Delegacy.

LinkApply here!

The Cultural Trust is the home of regional culture. It's not a ministry, but rather a part of the region in which anyone interested in the Trust's communities can join! The Trust is divided into five communities at the moment, namely Roleplay Community, Card Club, Nomic Enclosure, Fine Arts Society and the News Group. People who are passionate and able to work both independently and collaboratively will surely like the Cultural Trust!

LinkApply for Hall of Nations citizenship and check the Cultural Commons channel for more information on each community!

The Western Post is the official newspaper of The West Pacific. We report on a wide range of topics, from serious to lighthearted and everything in between. The paper publishes once a month every Friday, and is always looking for writers and artists to fill the pages!

LinkApply here!

The Regional Guides are a group of nations that welcome new players into getting involved in the West Pacific! Additionally, they are also tasked with other activities such as encouraging regional activity, planning the daily Today in the West posts, organizing festivals, and creating a greater sense of enjoyment outside basic game tasks. It's a gateway into getting to higher positions in the region, so be sure to join if you have some understanding of how NationStates and our region works.

In order to apply, send a Discord message to Fuentana or Giovanniland, at @Fuentana#3423 or @Giovanniland#8272!

The University of the West Pacific (UTWP) is the premier and only institute in the West Pacific with a focus on developing newer nations into the regional leaders of tomorrow. In four hands-on courses, you will work with others to learn more about every ministry and find your path in the West Pacific. Enroll today, and be placed in the next cohort!

LinkJoin the TWP Discord server and leave a message in the #enroll_at_utwp channel in order to enroll!

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Would you like to know more?

You can find our regional hub, the forums, Linkhere. We also have an active discord server that you can Linkjoin here. This is where you can find the contacts mentioned above in the volunteer group list.

Congratulations, you made it to the end! We hope you learned something, and enjoy your stay in The West Pacific!

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Layout by Bran Astor & Fujai


Read dispatch

Feel free to ask any questions!

Teralyon wrote: Even made a frat house with Aluminum Oxynitride

Maybe we should have a party to get people to sign up for UTWP. And if we have a party, we'd have to spread the word around... wink wink

Sailing and drinking
Terrorizing the high seas
Aye, the pirateís life

Tao the watcher

A ship on the sea
marsupials fed to sharks
A wonderful day

Aluminum Oxynitride wrote:Maybe we should have a party to get people to sign up for UTWP. And if we have a party, we'd have to spread the word around... wink wink

True, prepare the sails!
Many Islands need invites!
Don't forget the rum!

The West Pacific
Has many awesome pirates
Hear them yarr and sail!

Another haiku
That I post before sleeping
Good night everyone!

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