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Embassies: Haiku, the Pacific, 10000 Islands, 00000 A World Power, Commonwealth of Liberty, Geopolity, Albion, Europe, Atlas, Esquarium, Sunalaya, Equinox, Winterfell, Realism and RP, Kennan, Future Earth, and 92 others.Australialia, The Coalition of Democratic Nations, Pax Britannia, Arconian Empire, Brasil, Cyberius Confederation, Oatland, Solid Kingdom, India, Right to Life, Eastern Roman Empire, Nova, Yarnia, Calefacta Aquas Piscinae, Nova Historiae, Free Market Federation, The Republic Nations, Oceania, Portugal, United Valhaven, The Bar on the corner of every region, Historia Novorum, Union Mundial, Ainur, Intarctica, The Region That Has No Big Banks, The Hanover Republic, Avadam Inn, Sweden, Ordis, Krillin, Turkic Union, Asiana, The Peaceful Coffee Shop In Chicago, Union of Free Nations, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Nagoya International, Yuno, The Universal Allegiance, Sikh Empire, Mapperdonia, LCRUA, The Warden World, Dauiland, International Debating Area, Regionless, Order of the Southern North, The Exalted Lands, Imperial Fatherland, The Sands, The Eastern Isles, Union of Nationalists, The Democratic Republic, North America, Christmas, Abydos, The Great Universe, Gypsy Lands, Union of Christian Nations, The Galactic Empire of Britain, Force, Chicken overlords, Hollow Point, The Slide Countries, Lezra, League Of Allied Powers, Train Station, Viranos, New Atlas, Edmundian Empire, Organization of United Sovereign States, Union of Allied States, Melayu Archipelago, Nation of Earth, Besondere Empire, Philippines, Guinea Kiribati, Tryzalore, The Chancery, The Embassy, Fredonia, The Interdimensional Community, matheo, Raxulan Empire, Island Of Union, Official European Union, Greater Middle East, Laraniem, The Power Gulids, The Eastern Lands, United Landon Confederation, and Aeia.

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Regional Power: Very High

The Western Isles contains 421 nations, the 48th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Pizza Delivery Sector in The Western Isles

World Census staff spent many nights answering the front door in order to measure which nations have the biggest Pizza Delivery industries.

As a region, The Western Isles is ranked 9,795th in the world for Largest Pizza Delivery Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Last City of MarigotCapitalizt“m”
2.The Rogue Nation of SmithwoodCapitalist Paradise“Life, liberty, property.”
3.The Salimanese Federation of The United PartitionsAnarchy“Xoxoyotztli ihuan Pextitoctli | Liberty and Progress”
4.The Nomadic Peoples of SajalodiaAnarchy“God is with us!”
5.The Parliamentary Republic of ChasiaCivil Rights Lovefest“Veritas. Aequitas. Libertas.”
6.The United States of Corporate AgemoniaCompulsory Consumerist State“If you will it, it is no dream!”
7.The Principality of Campiello of MichasAnarchy“WE LIVE AND LET LIVE”
8.The Free Land of Republic of AzeaAnarchy“United as one”
9.The Republic of AbslandiaIron Fist Consumerists“Free men are not equal, equal men are not free”
10.The Kingdom of GriandAnarchy“Strength Through Compliance”
1234. . .4243»

Regional Happenings


The Western Isles Regional Message Board

Hello! I am Noradise, and I was wondering if anyone would like to receive daily biblical verses? It's something I enjoy doing, and it aims to encourage people on here!

Christians of Nationstates

The Promise:

"I, (nation's name), declare myself a supporter and believer of Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for my sins, so that I may be saved. He is the God of Heaven, the foundation of my might, and the strength of my heart. With him by my side, I find true peace. Jehovah reigns!


l. Noradise (The North Pacific)
ll. Misdainana (The North Pacific)
lll. Divided Free Land (The North Pacific)
llll. The Vulpine (The North Pacific)
V. Horrorlandian State The North Pacific)
Vl. Rism Silikanes (The North Pacific)
Vll. Marlducro The North Pacific)
Vlll. Ayuzhhhhh(non-christian, pro-daily verses, The North Pacific)
lX. Univesal (The North Pacific)
X. Esteneng (The North Pacific)
Xl. Tolandolia (The North Pacific)
Xll. Free usa (The North Pacific)
Xlll. Israel2022 (The North Pacific)
XlV. Froker (The North Pacific)
XV. Northeastern Italian(Europeia)
XVI. Yambojad (The North Pacific)
XVII. Liberate World Order (The North Pacific)
XVlll. Gojira (The North Pacific)
XlX. Targetwest (The North Pacific)
XX. Luminerra The North Pacific)
XXl. Eco-Paris Reformation (Europe)
XXll. Soveiniesberg (Europe)
XXlll. Rolenmar (Union of Christian Nations)
XXIV. Nikolaias (United Kingdom)
XXV. Belio (The North Pacific)

Hey, thanks for joining, if your a member, I'll tag you in a rmb post, as I will put down a verse of the day everyday!

Read factbook

I was really close to surviving N-day but the puppets ruined everything. I'll get my revenge next year.

wait whats the diffference between dispaatches and factbooks

I take a nap for two hours and come back to the Pacifics ruining the fun for everyone

Par for the course tbh

Najimam wrote:I was really close to surviving N-day but the puppets ruined everything. I'll get my revenge next year.


Republic of Nerzionia wrote:wait whats the diffference between dispaatches and factbooks

Not too much aside from the fact that Factbooks are meant to be organized at a high level and that (unless Max changed this at some point) there's a limit on how many Factbooks you can have published. Dispatches are for finer-grain information and there is no cap on how many dispatches you can have.

Essentially, for TWI particularly, you want to limit your factbooks to overviews and nest everything else into it through dispatches. There's no strict requirement but my advice is to have an index factbook for access to all of your stuff and your main overview factbook, and make everything else a dispatch (Meta: Reference is the easiest category to use but feel free to experiment)


Sunday Edition is out now!

Sorry about the drop in quality and frequency but APUSH and football have been up my you know what and I haven't got time like I used to. Updates on the nuclear power plant, president election, and some connection to the troubled waters RP with the election of sheriff and governor.

Might be last one for a while due to my problems but we will see.

Thoughts and suggestions welcomed!

I go play roBl0>< for a bit and we suddenly get destoryed by stupid puppets. Honestly... some people really have the nerve to ruin the fun.

Edit: Yes I play Roblox. Hard to give up childhood nostalgia \_(ツ)_/

Post self-deleted by Costavozka.

Started working on Air Costavozka. These are just notes so far, I will start a factbook soon.

Airport Hubs/HQ
Headquarters: New Edevar INTL. Airport

North Argus Hub: New Edevar INTL. Airport
Raedlon Hub: Alteran Republics (?) or Solaryia (?)
Gael Hub: Ainslie (?) or Roendavar (?), Dormill and Stiura (?)
South Argus Hub: Keomora (?) or United Partitions (?) or Laeden (?)

Livery Style: Similar to the United Airlines Battleship Grey Livery (Grey, Gold Stripe, Dark Blue, White Lettering, Dark Blue Tailfin)


6x AAe 7-11 (0-34-132) (0-0, 2-2, 3-3) (?)
6x AAe 4-11 400 (12-84-234) (1-2-1, 2-2-2, 3-3-3) (?)
24x AAe 4-11 100 (0-32-180) (0-0-0, 1-2-1, 3-3-3) (?)
24x FP/AAe 3-11 (0-20-140) (0-0, 1-1, 2-3) (?)



A "(?)" means I have yet to confirm with the people mentioned/involved with this thing.

Read dispatch

For those mentioned in here so far:
Could you please let me know if you are fine with what it says here? This is mainly for the people who I want to place hubs in (for IC strategic location reasons).

For everyone:
If you want me to set up a route to YN, please let me know.

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