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Transatlantic Treaty Organisation RMB

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Democratic Republic of United States of Nestler

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World Factbook Entry

Welcome to TATO,

an Organisation founded by Nations with the common goal of providing support within the boundaries of international diplomatical affairs and peace support operations, regardless of their international reputation or global status.

Founded: 11/2014 (OOC) - 11/2024 (IC)

Founders: United States of Nestler, Pyrox
Secretary General: United States of Nestler
World Assembly Delegate: Anglo-wales states
HQ located in: New-tunisia

For any inquiries, feel free to message either Founder or WA Delegate (applies to RP inquiries and access-authorizations).

Neither Invader nor Defender.
The region contains handpicked Superpowers only.

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    The Transatlantic Treaty

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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Democratic Republic of United States of NestlerLeft-wing Utopia“Omnia vincit labor”

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Transatlantic Treaty Organisation Regional Message Board

[TLT] News Update
Welcome to the first edition of The Legionary Tribune, a new pervayor of news that updates all occupied territories. It replaces the now defunct Mediteranean Times.
There is still uncertainty across the Med, with many islands still getting used to their various occupiers. There is unrest in some more conservative areas which backed the Riego regime as well as in left wing areas which did not get to be part of the USoN's sphere of influence however paramilitary activity which was prevalent in the Summer has died down. The Anglo-Welsh have already started imposing liberal reforms on their territories including allowing elections with proportional voting for an occupational assembly (however parties and candidates deemed too far left or too far right are banned) however many suggest this assembly will have little to no power. The Anglo-Welsh are also leading the process of reintergrating former residents of the labour camps and are educating the general population about them, President Cromwell has also confirmed that his aim in regards to the Med Islands is to pave the way to reunification into a liberal, federal nations based on democratic principles and he asserted that he still considers Melanie Sideri, the leader of the Federal Unionist party, as the legitimate leader of the Federation and he has appointed her as head of Anglo-Welsh-Med-Islands relations. In regards to Pyroxian territory, both North and South are giving grants to businesses to help them set up offices on their islands. Prime Minister Delgado has said that "The Med-Islands have been a command economy for too long, its time to introduce some capitalism and freedom." however unluckily for the Pyroxians, Sardinia has a reasonably sized left wing militia, with connections to Corsica, which has been causing disruptions for the occupying forces including blocking roads and damaging military infrastructure. The self-proclaimed 'People's Republic of Corsica' has been suspiciously quiet lately despite a vast propaganda drive during the summer to boost support for Max Millets "Union of Socialist Meditteranean Islands", it is understood that USoN have put the revolutionary leader on a short leash but still pledge to protect the island from any attempts by enemies or capitalist allies of changing the government. Mestizolia on the other hand, appears to have completely left the small islands it was granted occupation over in return for switching sides to their own devices. While Mestizolian troops are still visible patrolling the small towns and villages, many are withdrawing to help maintain the fragile peace between the army and Alfonsos Government, it is also understood that Mestizolia was particularly dissapointed to not be allowed to occupy Pantalleria which was the base used for WMDs. TATO leadership decided that it would be best that it was put into international hands so scientists can work out the extent of Del Riegos weapons development.
In regards to the Rump State that Mattarella has begun calling 'The Holy Republic of Malta", it has appeared to have cut itself completely from the former Federation, with transport links being shut and airports closed. The Chairman has said this is just a precaution however the 'Social Christian League' (Formerly Christian Might) has definitely become paranoid that an attempt to remove the lasts remnants of Riegos Fascist state is imminent and has begun a propaganda campaign to get people to sign up to the 1,500 strong 'Peoples Army of Christ' since the Federal Army, Navy and Air force was disbanded and distributed between the coalition. Mattarella has said that what has become of the Federation is a travesty and that he will do his best to reunite the Med into a "Moral, God-fearing nation" he also has claimed that the new SCL is more democratic and liberal than CM and the citizens of the med should not fear a new Riegoist "Hell on Earth". Finally, Fernando Del Riego, is to begin his trial in Palermo soon. He is charged with Crimes against Humanity, attempted Genocide and War Crimes and will be tried by a panel of Judges from across the Coalition as well as the Med Islands. His brother Pedro, has been released and is understood to have been in correspondance with the Pyroxian occupying forces.

Anglo-wales states

[DNN] Breaking News
President Cromwell has fiercely condemned reports that the communist militias on the island of Corsica are conducting show trials of suspected fascists or fascist sympathisers and then executing them. He has urged President Nestler to intervene in whats going on in his occupied land and to make sure Max Millet is firmly under his boot otherwise Anglo-Wales will be forced to get involved. He said "They have turned the arresting of fascists into a sport, militia men are getting medals for the number of fascists they capture, this is frankly outrageous because out intelligence suggests that many of those captured are innocent people who were forced into supporting Del Riego for their own survival. This cannot be allowed to go on". Cromwell also raised concerns about the situation on Cyprus which has become a lawless society since being disignated a neutral zone. It is understood that it has become a base for mercenaries as well as a stopping off point for pirates and privateers. The President said he would intervene there as well if the situation deteriorates further. Cromwells interventionist positions have raised great concerns within his own party as well as Workers Unite, who he relies on for support. WU issued a statement saying "Cromwell is playing a dangerous game, it is clear his aim is to reunite the med islands as a liberal and free market nation which he can use as his puppet but by doing so he risks confrontation with the other powers." There are already rumours in Parliament that MPs will vote to reinstate the 2017 election results as the crisise and wars have passed and so Cromwell has fulfilled his extended mandate. Foreign Minister Knight has made no comment on this.
In related news, the Anglo-Welsh judge involved in the trial of Fernando Del Riego has quit. He claims the judges from the other powers are being unreasonable and have already decided on the death penalty despite the trial only recently begining. Justice Louis Fitton said "The whole trial has become a sham, just like a Corsican show trial or the pathetic excuse for justice going on in Malta. It is a disgrace for Judges to decide on the result of a trial before it has concluded!" He did not mention any names or nations. Meanwhile, Pedro Del Riego has apparently started a new political movement in the Pyroxian occupied territory named "Progress", it is apparently being funded by the Pyroxian government and advocates free market economics and conservatism. It is now becomming clear that the powers are lining up their pawns in the battle for mediterranean dominance; Anglo-Wales with the liberal Sideri, USoN with revolutionary Millet, Pyrox with traditional Pedro and of course little Mattarella hiding in his ivory tower waiting for someone to back him.

Anglo-wales states

[DNN] Breaking News
Foreign Minister Liam Knight and Defence Minister Jessica Griffin have both resigned from the Government in a shocking press conference earlier. Knight said that "The President has shown utter contempt for the views of his WU partners. He wants more and more international intervention and more and more conflict while completely ignoring the human consequences for these actions. Poverty and unemployment have sky rocketed at home as a result of diverting funds from welfare and public services to maintaining wars which we no longer need to fight. He believes war will distract from these issues due to patriotic jingoism, but he is wrong. The Workers are waking up to the liberal lie and will no longer be exploited by the liberal establishment. During our time in Government we have proved that WU is not a Lloydist organisation but a democratic socialist party that believes in a fairer Anglo-Wales, working alongside our TATO partners. I ask for Cromwell, Moore and the rest of his government to resign and allow new elections, but I know this will not happen so this is why I now endorse the motion going through parliament to reinstate the 2027 election results and I will ask the WU MPs to submit an impeachment motion against the President on the grounds that he has broken his oath of office to put the vulnerable of our nation first. It is time for the politicians to realise that the people want welfare not guns."
The stock market in London has plunged on hearing this news, and shares in the arms manufacturers have been hit particularly hard however many experts are saying that Knight is right. "People are suffering across the nation as a result of Cromwell's obsession with projecting Anglo-Welsh power" said one political scientist. Many now echo the calls for Cromwell's resignation.
Cromwell had just arrived from a visit to New Tunisia when the resignations happened but the President did release a statement saying that he regretted the decision by Knight and Griffin and that "There is still widespread instability across the Mediterranean region and the threat of Communist and Fascist extremism is still serious, it is important for Anglo-Wales to maintain a serious presence in the area." He made no mention of the economic or domestic concerns at home. Meanwhile, Vice President Moore has not been seen and rumours are flying around that he is meeting with the Cabinet to discuss using the constitutional power of the cabinet to remove a President who is damaging the integrity of the nation. However his office did put out a message saying that "The Vice-President is fully committed to the policies of the President and is looking forwards to implementing more beneficial projects overseas and at home".
This all comes as Anglo-Welsh super carriers arrive in the Tyrrhenian Sea and have begun conducting military exercises alongside the North and South Pyroxian navies.

Post self-deleted by The montonian.

[PBC] Breaking News
Oscar Rios has just visited the Imperial Palace to be sworn in as the first Prime Minister of the reunited Empire. His broadly populist party, the National Unity Party, won a landslide majority in a snap election called after the North was united with the South while the traditional centre parties, PLP and PMP saw their vote collapse. Rios was a survivor of the Mendoza nuclear bombing which he claims made him realise that his destiny was to bring the Empire back together. This led him to joining the Pyroxian Imperial Party which was dying at the time. He led a re branding of the party into the NUP and removed its toxic far right elements. His campaign was focused on restoring national pride through policies such as increased military spending and less migration as well as the restoration of nuclear weapons. Rios was accused of being too anti-USoN and peddling conspiracy theories about Nestler being the leader of some globalist cabal however he says his first phone call as PM will be to President Nestler to discuss the future of the transatlantic relationship. Rios also plans to call President Cromwell of Anglo-Wales who is in the process of leaving office following his impeachment and decision by the Parliament to reinstate the last election results. This shows that Rios has intentions to restore Pyrox to the front of the world stage as a leading world power.

This all came following a referendum held in December on the unification of Pyrox after the NUP gained support in both the Empire and the Republic. Economic crisis and the NUP winning the senate in the North forced President Torres to approve the referendum which Prime Minister Delgado was also forced to accept after her party started haemorrhaging support. Unification won 65% in the North and 89% in the South, with restoring the Empire being the most popular form of unification. Following the referendum, the border was opened and the process of reunification was begun with Torres and Delgado forming a unity commission. On June 1st, President Torres resigned and the constitution of the Republic was repealed thus completing the unification. Celebrations followed but also outbreaks of violence by continuation forces of the RR who are trying to keep Daniel Worth's legacy alive. Delgado was forced to call an election which she knew she would lose and she had to endure a scandal after police began an investigation into her alleged involvement in the assassination of Thomas Wright but nothing was proved. Her last act of office was to approve the expulsion of Mestizolia from TATO following proof that it was funding terrorist groups in the Med Islands and supporting Materellas attempts to force out the TATO occupation force. After conceding defeat to Rios and submitting her resignation to the Emperor, she said "Populism is dangerous, we saw it with Silva who apparently may return from exile as Foreign Secretary, and we will see it with Rios. I have spent the last 3 years rebuilding my country in the hope to make it fairer on the poorest and restore the country's pride following the outrages committed by my predecessor. It is sad to leave office, but I have hope that Labour will return and populism will be defeated.

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