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Founder: The Haunted Ruin of Mutaorat Tusdeta

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World Factbook Entry

Tusdeta was an interstellar society of quite diverse nations. A mutual defense pact united all of the region, though it was systematically under-equipped due to the armament aversion of nations which preferred to rely on the quiet vastness of space as an adequate shield against hostilities. An unforeseen interstellar disaster destroyed the region and most of its planets.

Tags: Issues Player, Medium, Multi-Species, Outer Space, Password, and Puppet Storage.

Tusdeta contains 14 nations, the 1,105th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Extensive Civil Rights in Tusdeta

The citizens of nations ranked highly enjoy a great amount of civil rights, or freedoms to go about their personal business without interference or regulation from government.

As a region, Tusdeta is ranked 8,083rd in the world for Most Extensive Civil Rights.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Free Land of DemiClewnkAnarchy“Environmentalism Without Conflict”
2.The Haunted Ruin of Mutaorat TusdetaLeft-Leaning College State“In An Attempt At Viridian Virtuals”
3.The Scavenger Junta of Smesanda NanLeft-Leaning College State“Active reprocessing, on sale now!”
4.The Haunted Ruin of Rainy SwamphavenLeft-Leaning College State“It's not weather, it's Rainy Swamphaven”
5.The Monarchy of Wyvelo PlinthInoffensive Centrist Democracy“The ocean in stone moves under us all.”
6.The Most Serene Republic of SouthishInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Truth Makes Much of People”
7.The Theocratic Vacuum-Dwellers of Gently TusdetanInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Science need not tear our faith.”
8.The Protectorate of Plaskagar TusdetaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Capitalism, Science, Environmentalism”
9.The Disputed Territories of GlaervinInoffensive Centrist Democracy“A purpose was and will be!”
10.The Haunted Colony of Noroo TusdetaDemocratic Socialists“The economy should be exactly what it appears to be.”

Regional Happenings


Tusdeta Regional Message Board

Influence is arbitrary. People have power over what influences they grant. They have power over how they respond to information. I feel like Iím always talking about this stuff, but itís not losing saliency any time soon. We live in a state that may or may not still be a democracy, after all.

Come to think of it, the system IRL where media figures arbitrarily choose who gets to be exalted (and often make catastrophic errors without ever admitting them) is kind of like sortition. Itís more sortitiony than the bureaucracy, because the media DOES have the power of the draft.

Earth is so horrific... I hope my happiness isnít because of the way that Iíve minimized my attachments to others. The horrors of the Earth are not my fault, eh. Iím willing to be responsible for a lot, but... sigh. Every so often I get a hint of Earth being just horrific again.

Something elsewhere, far from here, and not my own to talk about... Something that coincidences once made me wonder about was revealed to be something that I had nothing to do with.

I think I understood something. There was an attempt at a pattern unprecedented, but it lead to unexpected miseries. A pattern that seemed obviously peaceful wasnít really even survivable.

I started online... writing speeches. There was some praise for the work then, but I didnít do it for praise. For years I was diverted into something else... I enjoyed it less, wasted vast amounts of time, got stuck with fixations that I still have, and still wanted to get back to writing speeches.

Wow! I just like catching that "high school bands practice by moonlight" bit because it keeps seeming like a lot of fun, both as an effect line and just to think about extracurricular activities being farther in the evening. It's a rare moment of upbeat jazz in a game that's got a rougher humor on too many of its hits. I don't necessarily take political ideas I draw from NationStates seriously (though I'll contemplate politics from any angle), but this news article says there's actual science backing the idea of shifting back the starting hour of school.

Quite annoying the way using backspace too much puts the nation name in the blighted textbox. I rarely have the faintest use for that reminder of which nation Iím logged into. This space isnít for nation-writing; I use Factbooks and Dispatches for that.

Hmm... Science tore the faith that time. Do I need more inclusiveness for this much faith burden?

I wouldn't necessarily put out the eyes of the world, I would just seek to improve their consent basis.

Someday I want to have the trust of just contributing freely to surveys again. I'll get there. I'm not so far from it. If society guards privacy, voluntary compliance leads to higher quality data. Note that the "honky tonk" encouragement campaign would probably result in benign scrambling of the survey data, and for that it is its own kind of awesome, but I don't usually use it because it sucks to cause suicides.

Can I with any one action raise average disposable income while lowering crime and not altering the environment? I wonder what policies would do that. The basically reactionary model of this game means that what I say here almost certainly has no influence on the event model, and yet... It's interesting to think about in reality, too. IRL nations may not get to the insane homicide rates that arise from "relatively low" crime rates in this game, but there's still a lot of nations that would love to have more disposable income and less crime.

In the long-term sense, crushing the black market while trying to avoid crushing the civilian economy seems to be the mealticket for low crime and good ADI, but 1) that is itself a hard, obscured objective in this game, and 2) that isn't a thing from any particular action.

...wait, no, I hit the wrong button... on my very first policy...

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