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Where all political ideologies, beliefs, opinions, and roleplayers come together, and where the whiskey is free!
Founded on June 26th, 2019
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United Faction of Nations contains 15 nations, the 945th most in the world.


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The Most Cultured in United Faction of Nations

After spending many tedious hours in coffee shops and concert halls, World Census experts have found the following nations to be the most cultured.

As a region, United Faction of Nations is ranked 2,981st in the world for Most Cultured.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of KhuzdalCivil Rights Lovefest“En unión y libertad”
2.The Constitutional monarchy of Kingdom of the CelestialsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Follow the stars”
3.The People's Covenant of SECPFather Knows Best State“De sanguine testamenti nostri sit super nos lumen”
4.The Indian States of SirkaiNew York Times Democracy“Comburi non corrumpetur”
5.The Federation of EuginiaLeft-Leaning College State“United we stand! Divided we fall!”
6.The Republic of United Stowle BoxzinesInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Unity, Freedom, Democracy”
7.The Republic of GaelioInoffensive Centrist Democracy“History shows that there are no invincible armies”
8.The Republic of HamazaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“God, Homeland, Liberty”
9.The Empire of East LichtensteinCapitalist Paradise“Res ipsa loquitur”
10.The Incorporated States of Umbrella United corporationPsychotic Dictatorship“Classified”

Regional Happenings


United Faction of Nations Regional Message Board

Expansion of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Dutch casualties for the past few months in Kalimantan surmounted to a significant amount, eliminating an approximate 85% of their man power on a desperate offensive to push through Eastern Malaysian lands. However stationed men within the area, with newer small arms weaponry, typhoon machine guns, and AEGM 3A1 armored cars, giving the men of the armed forces a much better chance at defending the central Kalimantan front. With the 85% Dutch casualties suffered, the remaining smaller armies and dispatch forces still stationed to defend the lands, towns, and cities, quickly surrendered to the Armed Forces. Dutch forces in the remaining unclaimed Banda Arc islands also surrendered to the mass ships encircling the islands, in which they had also bombarded to launch a future naval invasion. Deployed FEA armed forces troops immediately moved to take the Center of Kalimantan to restore order and liberate the native people from the cruel Dutch. Although the Western areas of Kalimantan will not be expanded as planned, as the Military Council focused its troops to take over the nearby islands within Indonesia, a naval invasion was also planned on the West Papua and the Southern regions of Papua to assist in the liberation of Papua New Guinea. 

On January 4th, 1909. The Navy successfully landed 200,000 troops, 1,500 armored cars, and 2,300 artillery pieces in West Papua and South of Papua, but they will not be advancing towards Papua New Guinea until the next months to bolster their front against the Colonizers. 

As for the Northern Front of Papua New Guinea, fighting and violence still ensues the land. With the colonizers from the North of the Island caught way off guard, a massive land force was able to push south with their armored cars and artillery support from the rear. A rather large dispatch force was also sent to take the important port city of Lae, in order to set up another front in the eastern half of the PNG, as well as its islands in the North East. The battle of Lae ended in a decisive victory! The armed forces suffered only little-to-no casualties with the colonizers losing almost 70%, due to the lack of warning and communications cut off by the FSS spies along with the help of the Natives, lurking within the area. In the meantime, the navy sending its Taripan class Armored Cruisers and Oni class Dreadnaughts, helped to take the Manus, Mussau, and Emirau Islands from the Colony and establish a massive naval base to assist in their military operations. Other naval forces from the Solomon Islands also took part in the island hopping campaign within Papua New Guinea, forcibly taking several Islands next to the larger, New Ireland island and three other islands located in the Solomon Sea. Facing little opposition, the Navy took over the islands, while greeting the natives occupying such islands with gifts and several alliance treaties to protect them from the Colonies. 

Argentinian North

After the dictator’s recent rise to power, several thousand soldiers were sent north to begin quelling the Rising Sun Army still holding out against the regime. 5,000 Argentinian soldiers quickly captured several forts along the border and a further 20,000 stormed past them and quickly seized the capital, all in all totaling the enemy and seizing northern Argentina. New fortresses are being constructed and new industrial improvements such as fresh factories and better work conditions are being enacted in the newly conquered area as well.

Glory to Argentina.

Arana MK III

Early in the morning, the Arana III was rolled out of its hanger and onto the runway, it looked like the previous model except for the wing shapes were far different from each other the mainly in the shape of the wings. The Arana MK II had rounded wings this new model had square wings and had been modified to only have one seat and three fourteen gallon fuel tanks which would help to increase the range of the aircraft greatly. For training purposes, the Arana II was to be kept to teach future pilots of the N.A.R.U. (Nordevian Air Recon Unit) how to fly these magnificent machines.

The Arana III, like the other models the craft had been outfitted with a steering stick to control the plane as it had been found to be the most effective means of steering. Nordev, unlike many nations, was far ahead in the aircraft game with other powers still focusing on blimps and still in early stages of their aircraft programs. Fokker climbed into the Aranna III and an attendant started the engine by turning the wooden propeller. The Arana III roared to life and began to roll forward after the blocks were removed from the front wheels by the attendants. Fokker nodded to Abanu who was the only one left after the initial pilot had passed away from a rare disease.

The Arana picked up speed and began to lift from the ground until the wheels were free of the ground and Fokker was airborne. Fokker first took the Arana III around the town a couple of times as he ascended on the second pass he headed northwest toward Dakar the Capital of the Republic which was only 100 miles from where the runway was. At Dakar, a second runway had been set up for the landing this flight was to show to the Prime Minister the Arana as he had yet to see it first hand.

1 Hours Later

Ade Tersoo stood on the edge of a runway, dust was blew across the dirt runway Tersoo looked to the sky through a pair of binoculars waiting to see the flying machine. Before he saw the machine he heard it the roar of an engine coming closer. Tersoo found the source quickly and watched as the Arana III made its decent becoming bigger as it descended toward the runway. A few minutes later the Arana set down and began to roll down the dirt runway and came to a complete stop in the middle of the runway. Fokker hopped out and took off his goggles, and aviator hat, as well as his gloves, he greeted Tersooo and the two shook hands in greeting they then spent the next hour discussing the applications that the Arana III could be used for. When the meeting was over Fokker gave the Prime Minister a walk-around tour of the Arana III.

When the two men separated Fokker refueled and returned to the company headquarters with a contract to produce the Arana II and III for military use for recon. Fokker was pleased with this outcome and when he returned to his company headquarters handed the licenses to the production manager who would begin producing aircraft for the N.A.R.U. first thing in the morning. The training was over now began the real test and that was combat-related.

Securing the Pacific Pt.2
[i]Continuing with its continental expansion the United States decides to push into Colorado and Oregon, securing the remaining land. Once taken California seems the logical choice, as the US prepares for a northern invasion.Overwhelming any initial resistance they quickly secure the rural lands and push in along the coast. After days of small but stiff resistance the United States Army halts their advance and prepares for a secondary push.[i]

Expansion in a Warzone

As conflict between the Middle East and Qetror grows the PSSR has deiced to close the gap between the three nation to bring the front closer to the current action.
The current force of 8 million on the two borders condenses a pack 750k in Kazakhstan to push the sector close...
With no military and a wakened populace the pocket falls under PSSR occupation within a few hours; however, as the operation of the expansion started as a military one it quickly turned to a humanitarian operation.
The conditions the people in this pocket have bee exposed to are below that of one would call poverty, the soldiers in the region start to hand out their own rations as a symbol to the people.
Being cut away from the outside world by warring states haven't allowed much if any supplies to reach the pocket and ironically the PSSR soldiers were seen more as saviors then invaders.
Further supplies of bread, water, and medical deceives have been pushed up the chain of command...

Small Gains

The ATC in PSSR Africa have launched another operation into the native lands; however, it seems the natives are starting to grow resilient once more any not many towns agree to the talks or out right refuse.
The operation in the eyes of the PSSR is a failure over all as the small amount of the resource rich lands don't seem enough to the Motherland.
Africa is proving to be the resource basket for the Slavic nations back home and the native population is being employed to virtually strip the land of its goods and for it to be shipped back to Tsarigard.
Seeing the ATC starting to fail in Africa the option of moving the BFF back into the region is being considered, if the people wont listen to the talks and promises of the ever giving Motherland then it will be taken from them in blood and that blood will be used to heat the furnace of the PSSR recourse machine....

Powering the Future Part 1: The High Towers

It had been quite some time since Nikola Tesla had set up his workshop in Freetown and it had been fairly quiet until the elder man's arrival. Townspeople reported power surges and odd lights coming from the Tesla workshop when the police would inquire they would be shown massive coils and told to stand in a cage. Tesla would then pull down a lever and power would surge all around them in the cage, while the energy erupted all around them.

Tesla would then explain to them what was happening and at the end of his demonstration, the police would go to the caller and tell them what was happening. The people did not understand it and so just watched. In January construction of a series, of towers began it was unknown what these towers were for all that was known is that it was approved by the government. It would take several months for the twenty towers which were positioned around Freetown for a controlled experiment which would take place in August or September. If successful it was Tesla's hope that the Nordevian government would allow him to continue further experiments.

Good morgin

Euginia wrote:Good morgin

good night

Hello UFN! Around 2 weeks ago, i had left to deal with IRL, and if i remember, Khuzdal had watched over my RP nation. Now, fast-forward to now, i have managed to get school fixed, and now i am avaliable to rping again. Course, i may need a summary of what happened between 2-3 weeks ago to now. But, later tonight, i'll drop-by the Discord and say hi! Glad i get to talk with y'all again!
- United Stowle Boxzines

I'm glad i didn't try to participate in the rp here I'm already stretch thin with 3 rp regions

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