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United Fascist Workers Association RMB

WA Delegate (non-executive): The People's Republic of An Tuatha de Danann (elected )

Founder: The Synarchist Federation of Zordennox

Last WA Update:

World Factbook Entry

The United Fascist Workers' Association is a region founded in dedication to the works of early fascists. We are the successors of Cercle Proudhon, and seek to make its vision a reality. This association of fascist workers will continuously fight for national liberation and sovereignty.

The purpose of this association is to unite workers brought together by higher metaphysical principals, while defending our heroic efforts as workers through political reaction. Our goal is the creation of a syndicated caste society and the overthrow of the globalist, cosmopolitan bourgeoisie.

Please endorse our WA Delegate An Tuatha de Danann

Founded: 11/4/18

"Work, Family, Fatherland!"

Embassies: Farkasfalka, Virtu League, The Interregional Axis, International sovereignty pact, The Thuria Pact, The Coalition of Fascist Nations, Axis of Storms, The Greater Nazi Empire, Union of Nationalists, Barbaria, NationStates White Genocide Memorial, The Reunited Resistance Against Liberals, Altmora, The Reich, The Association of The United Continents, Nazi Europa, and 117 others.United Mercenary Syndicate, Knights of The Templar Order, The Seventh Reich, Alliance of Absolute Monarchs, Hellenic Civilization, International Debating Area, Derovania, Laotis, United Fascist Federative Coalition, The Kriosian Belt, National Socialist Ministries, Greater Aryan Empire, Sivella, Anarcho Fascism, The great german lands, American Patriotic Front, United Imperial Union, The Vobranian Nation States, Corporate Allies United, Nazbol Gang, Fifth Empire, Imperium of the Wolf, Imperial Catholic Alliance, United Fascist Federation, Eastern Roman Empire, The Nazi Pacific, Ulthos, The United Nations of 9cord, Legionary Axis, Hexinati World Order, Thule Society, The United Commonwealth States, Centralized Union of States, The West Alliance, Old Spirit, The Declaration of War, Ancient Lands, The Holy Reich of Greater Germania, The Great Monarchical Nations, Free Association of Dictatorships, Alliance of Imperial States, Imperium Invictorum, Estado Novo, Predappio, Die Schwarze Sonne, The New Iron Order, Nuevo Amanecer, Schutzstaffel, The Holy Reich of Bunicken, J o J, The First Imperial Order, White Contra Brotherhood, Turkic Union, Fredonia, The Metaxist Front, United Alliances of TFR, The Nelois Confederacy, The Nationalist Empire, Albosiac, The ISF Coalition, General Government, The United Kingdoms of Christendom, Holy Orthodox Covenant, The Land of Fascism, Federated Sovereign Nations of Europe, The Imperial Dominion, Populist Union, Chicken overlords, The Union of The Greater Axis Powers, Neutral Zone, Region Mexicana Mundial, Der Trollpakt, Lardyland, Holy Union of Reichs and Corporations, The Autocratic Union of Empires, The Great Universe, Ministry of Purity, The Reactionary Front, The Imperial Union, The Union Of National Socialists, Fascism United, The Imperium of Man, The Dominion of Mankind, International Collectivist Union, GroBdeutschland Reich, Anti Centrist United, Domine, Confederation of Military Juntas, United Region of Fascist Nations, League of National Statists, The Right Wing Coalition, TheFreedomRealm, Black Brigades, The Alliance of Frenship, Finlandia, Imperial Alliance, The Iron Confederation, The Broken Spine of the Sierra Madre, Oneid, The United Monarchs and Communities, Holy Imperial States, The Gaztin Pact, The First French Empire, The Coalition of Reichs, Unione Nazionalista, Luzerut, The Imperials, Wenediya, RAMS, Petains France, The Order of Fascist States, The Galactic Vanguard Empire, HellenicCypriot Defense Front, Monarchist Federation, The Hegemonica Dominion Satellite States, Greater Asshrania, and Vulenkeim.

The embassy with The Iron Confederation is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

Construction of embassies with The Military Superiority Union has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with NationStates Right Wing has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with The Shazbotdom Empire has commenced. Completion expected .

Tags: Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Communist, Conservative, Eco-Friendly, Fascist, Industrial, Magical, Medium, Mercenary, Monarchist, National Sovereigntist, Religious, and 6 others.Role Player, Serious, Socialist, Theocratic, Totalitarian, and World Assembly.

United Fascist Workers Association contains 22 nations, the 709th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Basket Weaving Sector in United Fascist Workers Association

World Census agents infiltrated a variety of out-of-the-way towns and festivals in order to determine which nations have the most developed Basket Weaving industries.

As a region, United Fascist Workers Association is ranked 10,515th in the world for Largest Basket Weaving Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Synarchist Federation of ZordennoxPsychotic Dictatorship“You Will Not Replace Us!”
2.The Confederacy of Neo-National Socialist EmpireMoralistic Democracy“One People, One Country, One Leader.”
3.The National Socialist Union of RowenslandMoralistic Democracy“God bless our people! God bless our unity!”
4.The Federation of YafetistanIron Fist Consumerists“All people, united by truth”
5.The Empire of The Golden Hellenic CivilisationIron Fist Consumerists“Αίμα, Τιμή, Χρυσή Αυγή!”
6.The Nationalist Union of Finnischer ReichPsychotic Dictatorship“One Folk, One Reich, One Leader!”
7.The Myghterneth of VolibaPsychotic Dictatorship“The Myghtern knows best!”
8.The Confederacy of New DanteIron Fist Consumerists“New Dante is my Bastion”
9.The Theocratic Empire of Neo NintenIron Fist Consumerists“Peace and Prosperity.”
10.The Democratic Republic of The East BalksPsychotic Dictatorship“Strength Through Unity”

Last poll: “Should we close embassies with less active Fascist regions?”

Regional Happenings


United Fascist Workers Association Regional Message Board

Although both fascism and communism emerged as alternatives to capitalism, the latter are 2 sides of the same coin. Their main talking point is satisfying material needs. Money is king. It is either hoarded by corporations, or is hoarded by the state. Both systems seek to improve work capacity, even at the expense of culture and tradition.

In fascism, most important are the people. Individuals should feel pride in contributing for the good of everyone living under a single banner, not solely forced to do so out of necessity. It is about loyalty to members of your own blood, and it is the job of the state to awaken this loyalty and comradery within its folk. For what is a country without its people?

Ty for reading my blog :)))

Featuleria wrote:What is your favorite asset of Fascist Ideology?

My favorite asset about Fascism is that it unites and strengthens the State and the Folk by any means necessary. We certainly need that in our day and age with all the raucous rioting and looting. The races are certainly biologically and culturally distinct, and we need to realize our differences in order to build homelands of peaceful coexistence, through mutual exclusivity, to maintain the ecological biodiversity on this planet that we all share.

Fascism is not a destructive or violent force, it is a movement of heroism, leadership, discipline, and virtue. Fascism can train all people socially and politically to be less self-indulging and more keen on uprooting systems of thought that undermine respect for true and justified authority in their everyday lives.

The Wallachian Empire wrote:Hello!

Welcome to the United Fascist Workers Association!

I'm leaving for a new raid.

Kuvoroski wrote:I'm leaving for a new raid.

I hope that your attempt to reclaim Nation Allegiances from the antifa goes well!

Look, I'm not really understanding this ideology and there's barely any activity here so I'll be moving on, bye

Quartia and Karafuto wrote:Look, I'm not really understanding this ideology and there's barely any activity here so I'll be moving on, bye


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