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1.The Republic of ChianghouCapitalist Paradise“春申江”
2.The Most Serene Republic of MonteventoCivil Rights Lovefest“Non Ducor, Duco.”
3.The Kingdom of SwaraeliaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Conscience and capacity”
4.The Artherianisches Reich of The United Artherian FederationInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Nur die Harten kommen in den garden”
5.The Grand Federation of VietmihnPsychotic Dictatorship“Freedom lives on!”
6.The Kingdom of Hiramia-OmfewInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Unidas et Hyrama y Okfum”
7.The Federal Republic of ClarkstanLiberal Democratic Socialists“Together we are stronger,divided we are weak.”
8.The State of HizurukuniCivil Rights Lovefest“君が代”
9.The Sovereign Republic of HokahiCapitalizt“He who stands, lives”
10.The Sovereign Nafyite Communes of LeskyaCivil Rights Lovefest“I hear a keen call of your roads, O Desert!”

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London Daily Herald
13 August 2022 | £2.50

Voting age to permanently be lowered to 16 years

    CARDIFF -- During the 2015 general election, Moderates leader and eventual Prime Minister Léo Trudeau made lowering the voting age to 16 for all elections and referendum questions a key part of his strategy to win Angladen's younger voter bloc. This worked--the Moderates won over young voters and toppled the incumbent Conservative government. After forming government, the Moderates pushed forward a law to create a 10-year trial period in lowering the voting age to 16 with the foundation to codify that trial period into a permanent age minimum embedded within said law. 16 year-olds were enfranchised first in the 2016 local/provincial elections.

    4 elections later (5, after this year's local/provincial elections), SDP Prime Minister Kristina Moulin has announced that the government will codify the lowered voting age permanently. While the trial period for the lowered voting age does not expire until 2025, the Social Democrats are attempting to galvanize Angladen's youth who are forming an increasing segment of the electorate into participating in the upcoming elections and to win votes in key races. A spokesperson for 10 Chester, the Prime Minister's official residence and workplace, said "the Prime Minister is working expeditiously to make the enfranchisement of our country's future a right rather than a privilege."

    Leader of the Opposition John O'Toole (Con) criticized the government's action, saying that "I am not opposed to giving our youth the ability to vote, but the government doing so before the trial period is over is a power grab that displays the despair that the Social Democrats are in about the upcoming elections." Christopher Williamson of the People's Democrats echoed O'Toole's criticism, saying "the Social Democrats know they can't win so they have to turn to brainwashing our youth." Frasine Waters of the Greens, Eva Nokleby of Indigenous People's, and Ishaan Khatri of The Left each individually issued statements of support for this action and committed their caucuses to yes votes on the impending legislation.

    Parliament is expected to consider this legislation early next week.

SDP is in disarray in Québec--party braces for a wipeout in September local/provincial elections

    MONTRÉAL -- At the Social Democratic Party's campaign headquarters in downtown Montréal, it is eerily empty considering the election season for the 2022 local/provincial elections is in full swing. A few campaign staffers moved around, putting on pots of coffee, shuffling papers, and typing out e-mails. The atmosphere of the country's governing party's campaign operations in the country's second most populous province reflects the grim state of its campaign here.

    The Social Democrats form a minority government in the Québec Deliberative with party leader Anaïs Delwart-Kumar holding the chancellorship following the resignation of former Chancellor Chantel Dubois to take on the office of presiding officer at the United Forum of Nations Parliament. Delwart-Kumar, in her third term representing portions of Montréal in the Deliberative, had little name recognition prior to succeeding Dubois as SDP party leader. Now she faces the daunting role of preserving an SDP government in next month's elections--with deflating traction. Delwart-Kumar, however, remained optimistic when the Daily Herald spoke to her at her Montréal townhome, saying "I am confident that we will prove to millions of Quebecois that the Social Democrats have delivered results for them and will continue to do so under my governance."

    The SDP's woes at the provincial level have seeped into the local level as well. In Montréal, the country's second most populous city and a dominating force for the left, incumbent mayor Valérie Bergeron narrowly survived a vote of confidence by the city's SDP association last month. Bergeron's term as mayor has been dogged down by scandals which have clouded public confidence in her governance and spurred investigations that are ongoing, including one into her policy advisors having accepted multi-million dollar bribes in exchange for mayoral backing of awarding of lucrative contracts to their originators. In Québec City, the provincial capital and a more conservative city by Angladien measures, the SDP has struggled to field candidates for all positions for the city assembly and haven't won a mayoral race there in recent memory.

    Québec has long been a stronghold for the governing Social Democrats, even as the party was wiped out nationally by the Conservatives in 2011 and later by the Moderates in 2015. The Social Democrats have continuously formed a government at the provincial level in the 21st century, though the thinning majorities indicate that voter confidence in the party to pursue policy has diminished. September's local/provincial elections will be a test of how the party will grapple with its decline in the province and how national Social Democrats will move forward.

NHS working on procuring additional monkeypox vaccines

    CARDIFF -- Minister of Public Health Howard Tsui (SDP) announced Friday that the National Health Service (NHS) is in a global search to procure additional monkeypox vaccines "as expeditiously as we can" in order to tackle the monkeypox disease. As of this article's publishing, Angladen has recorded 1,359 cases with a little less than half of them being in Ontario. As he announced work on procuring vaccines, Tsui stressed that "there is no cause to panic as we currently have adequate numbers of vaccines to offer them to all high-risk individuals." Unlike the United States which has authorized smaller doses, Tsui also noted that "Angladen is studying potential authorization of vaccine dose divisions to expand vaccination availability but that is not yet authorized."

    Monkeypox cases have been steadily climbing and Prime Minister Kristina Moulin (SDP) declared a public health emergency earlier this month on 5 August. The current public health emergency allows for additional funds and resources to be allocated and activated to handle the monkeypox disease. However, Moulin, when declaring the public health emergency, stressed that "we are not foreseeing a repeat of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions but I encourage all Angladiens to take necessary precautions such as avoiding unnecessary physical contact and frequent handwashing to protect themselves and their loved ones."

    On an equality and equity lens, Minister of Culture & Cohesion Anna Elkson (SDP) issued a press release on 8 August saying "monkeypox, contrary to false reports, is not a gay disease. We must avoid any form of discrimination and stigma as we confront this public health issue together as Angladiens."

In Other News
UFN: Leskya's Yathmir Safayrdluf resigns as Secretary-General
Government commits to a parliamentary debate on status of Mackinac Island
Angladien universities admit fewer students over space constraints; pressure to make more seats available
Finance Minister Timothée Dupont proposes savings accounts for every Angladien child to promote personal finance
Scotland is growing fast, bucking trend of population stagnation in the Maritime provinces

[OOC: A provincial deliberative is the equivalent to a state legislature.]

AHPH - Réseau Hokahïen des médias publics


    The caucus members of the ruling Kauneke Party have once again voted to oust their president in what has been called a "washing cycle of leaders" since PM Marie Caillat stepped down in 2017. The final vote came down to three points - with a slim majority of 53% voting against Leloup. He will remain in office as Prime Minister until the new Kauneke Party conference this upcoming October, when a new permanent party leader will be elected; interim Kauneke leader Pascal Boudier will preside over party affairs until that time.

    "Hokahians deserve a Kauneke Party that governs with exemplary management," Leloup commented following the announcement of the vote's results. "That is why we have been elected; this vote has been nothing but an ideological power struggle that puts petty squabbles over the nation's welfare."

    Leloup declined to state whether or not he will put his name forward at the conference.

    Despite his loss, his sentiments nonetheless gained nods amongst his supporters, including Foreign Minister Dubois herself, who voted to retain Leloup as party leader.

    "These constant political ventures reflect a deeper division within our ranks," Dubois said in a press conference soon after the vote. "I'm sure that in the months to come, my fellow party members will be tempted to align closely with the radical populists at the fringe end of our party's wing - giving into those ideologically-fuelled rants and raves will only obscure our governing imperative. To rule good, one must be of rational and clear mind, and put aside those prejudices that fuel radical ideologies."

    The "ideological opposition" in Kauneke, represented by MPs such as Nathalie Fabre and Eric Mariner - who largely spearheaded the anti-Leloup movement within the party - instead affirms that the Kauneke party should "return to its roots" - that of a party of Kaimouli majoritarian interests, which seeks broad constitutional and economic reforms to address what it calls "core national concerns."

    "To Hokahians, Leloup symbolises everything wrong with Kauneke today," Fabre told AHPH. "He is stagnant, global, a financier at heart. Our party's leadership needs to remember where we came from - we are the party that abolished racial segregation, freed our democracy through referenda, revived our native language, and abolished the elitist upper house. If the people wanted this European nonsense that Leloup's camp espouses, we'd have voted for Atawhai*."

    "We have two paths ahead of us: the Atawhai path or the Kauneke path; I'm for the Kauneke path and believe that the party and electorate are following behind me."

* the Atawhai Party was a briefly-lived splinter party created by 6 ex-Kauneke MPs before the 2005 general election. The party dissolved soon after, having failed to gain the required 5% vote share to enter parliament.

    In other news
    > Bakunau residents prepare for more flooding.
    > "We stand with the victims of war"; protests against the occupation of Thailand in Kuipeka continue.
    > Oversight Commission concludes "no substantial evidence of misspending" in Pekake Hospital investigation.
    > COVID-19 summary: Hokahi in numbers.
    > Comment & Analysis: Putting a lens on domestic violence in Hokahi.

JDGF-PIVNICH'22: CC in consultation with D-Def on prolonging JDGF's heightened readiness state in response to Clarkstani instability
SUSPIL'NE VILNYI; Vilnyi, Slobozhanshchyna

The Slobozhan Central Council is currently in consultation with the Department of Defense on whether to prolong the state of heightened readiness of the Joint Deterrent Group of Forces in response to volatility in Clarkstani politics, with some sources claiming D-Def to advise holding a round of snap readiness test of the country's Territorial Defense formations. While no official communiques have been issued yet, Valentyn Bezdorozhnyi, MP, commented on this on a morning talk show on the SUSPIL'NE channel this morning:

We do, of course, welcome a fair and democratic- let me stress this, democratic Clarkstan, as much as any other country in the world, and we hope our Clarkstani colleagues understand this. But, at the same time, let's also remind ourselves of why we instituted the JDGF three decades ago - we share a sizeable, very sizeable, portion of our land border with a historically expansionist state that we had to claw our independence from, and even so, endure decades of Soviet occupation thereafter. The Sybiraks, the Aressnans, they understand this too - that there can, there has to be diplomacy, but it's diplomacy on bayonets, we ought to remember that.

RorMash union leads solidarity actions as billion-Hryvyna Hiramian deal falls apart due to invasion of Thailand
Rorokh, Slobozhanshchyna

The labor union of RorMash, Slobozhanshchyna's biggest industrial group of enterprises, initiated a solidarity campaign at the Rorokh factories of the Balabuyiv aircraft manufacturing concern in support of Thai defenders. Several Slobozhan aerospace enterprises have contracts with Hiramian companies for provision of new parts and upgrades of Soviet-origin Hiramian aircraft, all of which were terminated following Hiramia-Okfew's invasion of Thailand. Under Slobozhan law, it is illegal for enterprises to trade with parties belonging to perpetrators or sponsors of military aggression or terrorism. Rorokh-based engineers previously started a crowdfunding campaign to design cheap, mass-produced handheld drones for aerial reconnaissance to offer to Thai defense forces.

In Other News:
- [READ] National Cycling Team coach regrets missing Midori Ten Days, hopes for attendance next year;
- [WATCH] Growing number of complaints prompt Kyïv, Lvïv to institute speed limits for e-bikes;
- GrubBud branch kicks off Slobozhan debut with massive promo campaign.

Response of Clarkstanian Ministry of State

Minister of State, Emily McLayden commented on the statement of official Slobozhanshchyna:I see their statements like this as a distraction from internal problems.They also mention political instability in Clarkstan, and i ask them where they see it?Maybe because we are building a new modern city in the east of the country, or maybe because we successfully landed a rover on Mars in July. They and these three countries they mentioned didn't do anything even close to what we did. I have a feeling that they live in some parallel universe.Everyone will always be bothered by a strong neighbor and we are extremely powerful according to all indicators.

Nihon Broadcasting Corporation || 日本放送協会

Nihonjin Government announces new sanctions on Hiramia-Okfew, calls on UFN to liberate Thailand

Prime Minister Koda Takenao has announced additional sanctions on Hiramia-Okfew as a result of their continuing invasion of Thailand, in addition to strengthening the already existing sanctions in place.

• Aviation restrictions remain the same; any and all aircraft registered in Hiramia-Okfew that enter Nihonjin airspace will be forced to land at the nearest airport, their pilots arrested and aircraft confiscated. New restrictions include prohibiting any aircraft originating from Hiramia-Okfew from entering Nihonjin airspace, regardless of their registration location.

• Maritime restrictions are being altered. Previously, any cargo ships entering Nihonjin maritime waters were forced to dock at Taipei for rigorous inspection. New restrictions now state that any ship registered in Hiramia-Okfew that enters Nihonjin maritime waters is to be confiscated and all onboard personnel are to be arrested. Any ship that stops in or originates from Hiramia-Okfew is to undergo rigorous inspection at Taipei.

New sanctions include Nihon suspending all imports of natural resources from Hiramia-Okfew. Alternative markets have been secured, limiting the impact of supply shortages that Nihon may face.

• All assets owned by Hiramian-Okfew citizens and businesses that are located in Nihon are to be confiscated. Goods and currency owned by individual citizens valued below $50,000 USD will be held until the war ends, but anything above as well as all business assets are to be permanently seized.

Additionally, the Prime Minister has joined calls by the Corean Government to make the UFN act on the invasion. However, he has gone further by “heavily requesting” the UFN establish a Task Force to liberate Thailand and push Hiramia-Okfew off the Malay Peninsula entirely, to prevent another invasion of the nation.

Prime Minister Koda has called on all nations of the globe to adopt these sanctions and seizure policies as quickly as possible, in hopes of impacting the economy of Hiramia-Okfew, as well as supporting the motion to push Hiramia-Okfew off mainland Asia.

UFN Secretary-General announces Security Council, Peacekeeping Task Force & Antarctic Treaties to be proposed

Nihonjin UFN Secretary-General Miyahira Yoshinori, having taken over the position since the shock resignation of Leskyan Secretary-General Yathmir Safayrdluf, has announced three treaties and one motion to be presented to the UFN.

The motion to be proposed is a suspension of all Hiramia-Okfew representatives’ voting rights until the nation ends their invasion of Thailand. While some welcome this motion, others are decrying stripping away voting rights of the UFN Member State.

The Treaties to be introduced are:

1. United Forum of Nations Security Council (UFNSC) - This will deal with matters of global security, and will comprise of three 3-month term Member States and two additional Member States, the latter of which is to be the States that the Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary-General hail from and will hold their position for the 1-year term the SecGen and Deputy SecGen have.

There will be rules stating that if three UFN members challenge any action made by the UFNSC, all UFN Members will be able to vote on the action before it is enacted.

2. United Forum of Nations Peacekeeping Task Force (UFNPTF) - This will act as the peacekeeping wing of the UFN Security Council, ensuring that aid reaches the appropriate people and to ensure violence does not break out between two groups.

While the UFNSC will be responsible for calling the UFNPTF to action, any country they would like to deploy Peacekeepers must accept the UFN’s support, and cannot be used as an invasion force.

3. UFN Antarctic Treaty - This guarantees the Continent of Antarctica cannot receive any new claimants for 50 years, and permanently prohibits any action of resource extraction and presence of military personnel.

The next UFN session is scheduled for the 22nd of August.

In Other News
• Kawaii! Video of Shiba Inu sleeping on a train goes viral across Asia
• Tensions between Slobozhanshchyna and Clarkstan are becoming heated
Angladen lowers voting age to 16
Clarkstan internally enforces claim over Sybira, to the latter's humourment

Post self-deleted by Hiram Land.

NACIA HYRAMA | Por Hyrama y Komwumai
Pajahwrsk responds to new sanctions by Tokyo

New regulations by Tokyo on assets and civilians from Hiramia and Okfew have been announced with calls for Hiramia-Okfew to abandon not just Thailand but the entire Peninsula per Tokyo. The new regulations are that citizens will have their assets seized and either stored or taken depending on amount and type, alongside a restriction on Hiramian and Okfewian registered vessels and aircraft alongside other restrictions.

As a result, restrictions will be placed on Nihonjin assets and citizens per Pajahwrsk. Nihonjin ships are now forbidden from Hiramia-Okfew's EEZ and the Strait of Malacca, and any ships from Nihon found in the EEZ or the Strait will be boarded and seized. Ships that have stopped at Nihon will also have to stop at specific ports to be rigorously inspected.

All Nihonjin aircraft will be forbidden from Hiramian and Okfewian airspace. If they manage to avoid warnings they will be escorted by the Air Force.

Nihonjin persons in the country can remain in Hiramian and Okfewian lands however their businesses will be confiscated for the duration of the sanctions from Nihon.

As for Hiramian and Okfewian vessels and aircraft, the Ministry of Trade has advised that any business towards Nihon shall be avoided and that all Hiramia-Okfew citizens are forbidden from entering Nihon "for consistent harassment of citizens of Hiramia-Okfew".

However, in a statement to the National the President of Hiramia-Okfew has stated he is willing to retreat from Thailand back to the pre War borders if the UFN agree to enter Thailand to rebuild the country into a democratic peaceful state.

Hiramian troops will respect the UFN in calls to retreat from the country - however retreating from the entire peninsula is a no go per Pajahwrsk: the peninsula has been part of Hiramia for centuries and is an integral part of the country tantamount to separating Taiwan from Nihon.

Rumors of corruption regarding the invasion were swirling around the political circles of the Two Kingdoms. In fact, there were claims that the invasion only happened because of a so called "failed deal" between the late leaders of Thailand and the President Jakobus van Slooten. Within the last couple of weeks von Slooten consistently denied the corruption charges but there were problems when the Parliament of Hiramia-Okfew decided to investigate said claims. This would be the catalyst for the coming constitutional crisis.

On the 15th, out of 277/500 seats Hiramian Democracy (the party von Slooten controller) held, 88 of them joined the Popular Union (controlling the remaining 223) - which gave the Government a minority government. Rumors would also start to swirl that other countries would start to forbid trade between them and the Two Kingdoms, which would further sow discontent. On the same day, a very large amount of people (protest organisers say over 1 million people) would protest at the Independence Square in Jakarta. In addition, a similarly-sized protest was held in Singapore and in Manila calling for a retreat in the belief this would ease the economic problem amid a potential global supply situation.

Protests would continue on the 16th - this time demanding fresh elections as more rumors started to swirl that this invasion would be a catalyst for a "dictatorship". At the Independence Palace in Jakarta where the President was located, von Slooten was informed by his Justice Minister that the Constitutional Court struck down his invasion. A statement was released by the Office of the President calling the case wrong and "a clear attempt to submit to international pressure". In Bangkok there were protests demanding the Hiramians and Okfewians to leave - some of the protestors stoned and attacked soldiers. The head of the Army's Department of Signals Intelligence General Suhendra Raja Tedjo ordered that soldiers fire on the protestors, but the soldiers refused.

So when the situation on the 17th came regarding Nihon and Hiramia-Okfew forbidding access involving ships and planes, alongside other restrictions, protestors surrounding the Independence Palace in Jakarta began to grow to almost 2.5 million people spread out across the downtown of Jakarta, especially in Independence Square. At 1pm local time various groups of protestors attempted to storm the Palace, though they were beaten back by tear gas. The situation rapidly deteriorated from there as the area became a siege-like area with molotov cocktails and homemade weapons being used against the Palace which responded with tear gas. A group of protestors took over the nearby Istiqlal Mosque - the mosque became the headquarters of the protests.

At 7pm the head of the Popular Union made a speech at the entrance of the Istiqlal Mosque calling for the removal of von Slooten as President alongside calling for snap elections.

The Army of Hiramia-Okfew was dispatched to the area, at least 17,000 soldiers would be called to the area to maintain order. They would start to arrive at the Hatta International Airport in the early morning of the 18th, but they were also ordered to remain in the airport - reports would start to contradict each other at this point. van Slooten would make a further speech at 1am local time stating that he will allow for UFN peacekeepers to enter Thailand without any resistance and will allow Hiramia-Okfew soldiers to leave Thailand down to 50 kilometers below the pre-War borders. This, however, was no longer enough.

It is currently after 10am in Jakarta and the Defence Minister has not commented on the situation. The 17,000 soldiers arriving at Hatta airport would continue to arrive but orders are to stay put for now - despite that hundreds of soldiers have begun to move towards Independence Palace not with weapons but with their voices. Two tanks that were sent to the protests arrived towards the west of the downtown of Jakarta before deciding to join the protests by removing the Hiramia-Okfew flag that flew from the top of the tanks - they flew a white flag.

The Parliament of Hiramia-Okfew, now led by the Popular Union, has opened an impeachment case against van Slooten - this as the Hiramian Democracy coalition begins to collapse as member parties decide either to leave and make their own political parties again or join Popular Union.

Then the Defence Minister made his decision to begin to move the soldiers below the pre-War borders without approval from the President. This would start from the late evening of the 18th. For now, the soldiers would be ordered to barracks though they would also move to secure airfields and repair any that would've been damaged. Navy transport ships would move to Bangkok and to the east of the country to begin moving the soldiers.

Breaking news

The Federal Republic of Clarkstan will take a neutral position and will not impose sanctions on Hiramia-Omfew, President Elizabeth Hall said at a press conference.The two ruling parties, the Right Alternative Party, the Democratic Party, the Communists and the Socialists, were against the introduction of sanctions, while Labor and the Greens abstained.
Prime Minister Vyaceslav Kanaev said that this conflict does not affect Clarkstan and that it should not be interfered with and that neutrality is the best answer.

Westralian Broadcasting Corporation || It’s Your WBC

Presidential election to take place next month

The first Westralian Presidential Election is set to take place next month, with the Westralian Labour Party candidate Lois Parker looking likely to win.

Previously, the President of Westralia was selected by the Prime Minister then approved by Parliament with a 2/3rd majority. However, after the referendum in 2021 pushed by the Labour/Green Coalition Government during the General Election, the position of President was to become elected by popular vote using Ranked Choice Voting. Terms for Presidency is 6 years, and Presidents may only hold the position for 1 term. Voting for Presidential elections is to take place on the second Saturday of September every 6 years. The powers of President remain largely unchanged from what they currently are, and any President can be removed from their position and another election called with a 2/3rd majority Presidential Vote of No Confidence in Parliament.

Nominations have officially closed, although polling has been taking place prior. The current candidates, their political affiliation, current polling and some brief information is listed below.

Lois ParkerWestralian Labour Party — 51%
Lois Parker is a 50-year old former List Seat Member of the Legislative Assembly, serving between 2001 to 2009, and is openly Lesbian. Outside of politics, Lois has worked as a Advocate Worker. She is a co-parent of her 8-year old son with her former partner, who is a transgender man.

Josephine MitchellIndependent (Endorsed by Westralia Party) — 23%
Josephine Mitchell is a 56-year old former Member for Subiaco, having served from 2017 to 2021. She is a small business owner, and an advocate for privatisation of the mining industry.

Dalia CooperWestralian Greens — 15%
Dalia Cooper is a 44-year old Aboriginal woman currently serving as the Member of the Legislative Assembly for the Indigenous Electorate of Djaril-Mari since 2021. Dalia is a former Social Worker. She has two daughters with her ex-husband.

Daren SoulConservative Party of Westralia — 6%
Daren Soul is a 53-year old List Seat Member of the Legislative Assembly since 2021, but previously represented the Electoral District of Outer Geraldton. Daren is a former lobbyist, working for private mining interests. His party has failed to break past fifteen percent polling since the Perth Embassy Massacre, which saw the former Leader of the Opposition flee from Parliament before helping other hostages inside the building.

Tiburzio GirgentiIndependent — 4%
Tiburzio “Spud King” Girgenti is a 60-year old Sardinian immigrant business owner, being the founder of the supermarket chain “Spudshed”. Tibur has no policies other than wanting to expand farmer water rights and establish a nationally-owned food bank service.

Alice TajDemocracy Party — 1%
Alice Taj is a 37-year old small business owner. She ran in the 2021 General Election but failed to win her electorate and did not receive a List Seat. She received controversy by claiming 5G towers were linked to Covid-19 and is a prominent Anti-vaxxer. Her party has failed to break past two percent polling since the Perth Embassy Massacre in 2022, which was co-orchestrated by the then DP Party Treasurer.

Construction begins on the Broome HSRL

Prime Minister Marcel O’Gowan and Transport Minister Mikayla Wheelwright were in Karratha today to officially kick off construction work for the new Broome HSRL, which will connect Port Hedland and Broome to the Westralian High Speed Rail Network.

The project will feature over 750 kilometres of rail line capable of allowing trains to reach 350kph, although current trains will only reach 320kph, and will include several tunnels and overland bridges to ensure a smooth ride between stops.

Karratha, a city with a population of 226,414, will connect to Port Hedland, a town of 13,828 people, before heading to Broome, a town with a population of 16,222. The route is expected to take trains roughly 2 hours and 40 minutes to complete, but will connect the two small towns with the rest of the Westralian High Speed Lines, which services all cities in the nation.

The Broome HSRL follows the election promised made by the Westralian Labour Party to connect the Westralian Shipbuilding Corporation main base of operations, being in Broome, with the rest of the country, to promote development further up north and in Port Hedland and Broome, as the Cities of Busselton and Esperance, which have a population of 181,246 and 115,281 respectively look into establishing their own Green Belts, similar to what Perth has.

It has not been revealed how many services per day the line will have, but is expected to be announced once development authorities reveal Phase 1 development plans for Broome and Port Hedland.

Westralia adopts Nihon’s sanctions and restrictions against Hiramia-Okfew, joins in calls for UFN intervention

Minister for Foreign Affairs Reece Wilson has announced that Westralia will be adopting all restrictions and sanctions that Nihon has against Hiramia-Okfew, in response to Hiramia-Okfew’s war in Thailand. This comes as a surprise to many in Parliament, as Westralia has remained neutral in conflicts since the end of the Second World War.

While Minister Wilson stated that Westralia agrees with pushing Hiramia-Okfew out of Thailand, the Government remains on the fence about removing the nation from mainland Asia, and hopes for a peaceful resolution to the war.

In Other News
• Mob of Emu’s cause delay on Karratha HSRL services
• Westralian Greens MLA replied to Hiramian official with “Cope + Seethe”, sparks controversy
• UFN Secretary-General to introduce groundbreaking treaties
Angladen to lower voting age to 16

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