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Valthropia contains 3 nations.


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The Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector in Valthropia

World Census analysts extensively tested concept muscle cars in empty parking lots in order to estimate which nations have the largest auto industries.

As a region, Valthropia is ranked 7,484th in the world for Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Dark Empire of AvexusMoralistic Democracy“Do What Must Be Done”
2.The Commonwealth of Erythrean ThebesNew York Times Democracy“Πάντα ἅ, άντόμαι τῷ τυράννῷ”
3.The Queendom of Erris OgbertInoffensive Centrist Democracy“I rule, and you all are peasants, hahaha!”

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Our top scientist are working on formulating a vaccine as we speak. The virus, which operates in two major strains, is not high mutagenic like the flu or the common cold. This is cause for hope, as the virus can be easily studied and experiments can be repeated and results will remain consistent. With a little faith in our greatest minds, and the scientific literacy of our good people, I am certain this virus will be overcome, as they inevitably always are.

You're a communist.

They went out on the ramparts to meet the host that had come for them. A horde of nomads a hundred-thousand strong, all of them mounted, seeking the riches that lay within the mountains of the newly unified Avexian kingdom under Arvenjune. The vast plains that expanded beyond the mountainous kingdom in every direction turned to rocky marshlands as they approached the dramatic slopes of the Avexian highlands. Arvenjune knew this all too well and, better yet, how to use it to his advantage.
Arvenjune stood in the front of his own lines, his giant two-handed broadsword supporting his full body weight as he leaned on it. He was covered from head to toe in steel plate armor, with a lighter ring mail beneath covering his joints. Only his face was uncovered when his visor was up, and when he dropped it down, only a champion archer could hope to get a lucky shot at his eyes.
He was surrounded by his finest warriors, all sporting similar arms and armor. His brother Gatarix stood to his right, wielding a massive double-sided battle-axe, already in hand and at the ready. To his left stood the leader of the Weyneri, one of the clans that had recently joined under Arvenjunes banner. His weapon was comparatively light, a one-handed longsword, razor sharp, but in his left hand, an immense ornate shield made of cold rolled steel, dark as onyx with a three headed saber-tooth in the center, the symbol of his people.
Even in those ancient times, the Avexian prowess in smithing was unmatched. They had practiced the art of metal working from time immemorial, and had always had the foresight to keep their trade secrets under lock and key. A horseless people with little fertile land for agriculture, the Avexians relied primarily on goat herding and trade with the outsiders, the nomads who had gathered in force to put and end to the newly unified kingdom, for they knew it was a kingdom forged in blood, and one that was too powerful to be left out of check.
As the sun began to rise over the great plains the armor of the Avexians glittered like diamonds, blinding the nomads almost as much as the sun blinded them. Two blasts of a horn in the distance signaled the blasting of a thousand more and before long the horde began to advance. The Avexians were grossly outnumbered. Their backs were pinned against the mountain face, but the slopes of either side of them prevented them from becoming encircled. As the host advanced toward them it looked as if the entire horizon were growing nearer and nearer, until the shouts and hoots of the riders could be heard along with the thundering of a thousand hooves. They wielded the blades and armor forged by Avexian smiths and sold to them by Avexian merchants, though they were not nearly as fine as the pieces forged and wielded by the Avexians themselves.
As the horde drew near, Arvenjune raised his broadsword with both hands and turned to address his men. “WAIT FOR MY SIGNAL” His voiced boomed louder than all the horde through his helm, “AND LEAVE NONE FOR THE WOLVES!” At that his men cheered uproariously and raised their weapons high in the air. Arvenjune stood nearly seven feet tall and broad at the shoulders. His presence comforted as well as inspired all.
Suddenly the horde was upon them and he could make out their faces. Their narrow eyes, narrowed further by the glint of their steel, looked cruel and harsh. Their voices were as rough as gravel as they shouted. Arvenjune looked back at his men and gave the command. At once, the men at the front all pulled the orbs of destruction from their belt, lit the fuse and chucked them down at the enemy’s feet. The explosion was deafening. Those in the immediately blast radius were blown to pieces. Nearby horses reared up and threw their riders from their backs. Some of the men’s clothes caught fire and fell from their horses in a panic, only to be dragged by the reins as the horses ran for safety.
Arvenjune looked back to call for a second wave of the bombing but it was too little too late. A sudden cry from his brother stopped him in his tracks. “MY LORD! LOOK OUT!” He turned to see the horse directly in front of him charging full speed. The rider had a spear outstretched in front of him aimed squarely at his chest. Arvenjune made to knock the spear aside with his blade but it was his brothers axe that rose faster, unseating the rider from his horse and sending him flying. The horses body kept going, found Arvenjunes sword, and came crashing down on top of him, knocking him to the dirt.
He could here the battle raging all around him, the sound of horses neighing and snorting. As he pushed the dead carcass off himself he realized just how much he despised the beasts. When he found his feet at last he saw his brother cleave a riders spear, shattering it against the ground and, side stepping, he lifted the axe in a clockwise rotation and cut the rider in his side, killing him in the saddle. On his left, Weynerax was shattering charges with his shield of onyx, cutting down horses like a steppe butcher. It was at this moment Arvenjune realized the embarrassment he had suffered by being knocked down but such a lowly animal. For a moment he was in awe of his own men, withstanding the charge like a wall of bristling steel. Some men still lobbing grenades, shattering the enemy lines from behind.
Feeling invigorated by the success and convinced of the superiority of his own people, Arvenjune charged headlong into the enemy lines. A horseman came careering toward him but this time he saw it with plenty of time and by virtue of his absurd strength he cut the man clean in half as he rode upon him. A second rider came and just as quickly met his end, then a third. Arrows bounced all the while off his armor, leaving small dents or no marks at all. The battle raged on for the entire day until the ground outside the gates were littered with horses and men.
As night began to fall the last of the horsemen retreated into the valley, shaken by what had just happened. Arvenjune removed his helmet and let out a ferocious cry of victory. “Today we faced an enemy that outnumbered us ten to one. Today we faced an enemy with four legs to our two, more beast than man.” All around men laughed and cheered at that. “TODAY WE PROVED THAT AVEXUS, WHEN STOOD AS ONE, CAN WITHSTAND ANY ENEMY, AND WIN ANY FIGHT!” The men began to cheer ferociously and embrace each other in an uproarious celebration, drowning out any further speech that was made by the young king.
And so it was the Avexus from that day forward would be united, and remain that way. The hordes would never again rise in such an attempt to destroy the kingdom of Avexus. Although Avexus would certainly rise, and rise.

I climbed the steps that I believed would lead me to the door that I wanted. The steps were steep and slippery, with sharp turns and random obstacles placed in my path. My legs grew tired and I had to stop to rest, but when I at last resumed my climb I was amazed to find my legs had grown back stronger. I was making leaps and bounds, hopping and skipping up two steps at a time. At last, I reached the door I had climbed so far to find. I gripped the doorknob and it turned easily in my hand and the door flew open to welcome me inside. There was a blinding light and for a moment I was elated. A glowing warmth washed over my entire body as I basked in the glory of my achievement. For a moment I squinted to see what was beyond the light but before I could make out a distinct image the light vanished. My eyes blinded by the light, the darkness seemed eternal and impassible. I was left alone in that empty room. The warmth of the light had faded and been replaced by a creeping chill that left me cold and shivering. The path from whence I had came had vanished with the light, and the door from which I entered slammed shut.

Do as I command and you might yet live, unblooded.

No. We shall not fall so easily.

We are converting from cold and authoritarian to pure evil. More to follow.

When Avexus conquered all the known world it became readily apparent that our power was beyond that ever seen on our planet. Our leaders knew that our influence must been expanded to know no bounds and destroy all competition. Such is the course of nature. The powerful destroy the weak and drive their competition before them until the enemy is no more. In this manner Avexus has been entirely successful. Now the time has come to rise once more and exterminate those who would oppose our might. Harden your hearts against the enemy comrades, at midnight, we are at war.

I just find the story of the Nazi party very interesting because at the end of the day they were thugs. They were essentially a violent racist terrorist organization, no better than Al-Qaida or ISIS, but they just happened to seize control of one of the most powerful and modern Western European states at the time. The sheer will and destruction the forced upon the rest of Europe and various parts of the entire world was shocking and devastating. Surely a terrorist organization has not had a more long lasting impact on the planet before or since. Yet the thing about this organization and most of the other major terrorist organizations we see today is that they genuinely believe their cause to be righteous and correct. They truly believe in what they are fighting for, glorifying their violent domination of their fellow man as a holy mission, a crusade of some kind or another. To me this really says a lot about the human race and just how little our minds have evolved since the dawn of man. When we as humans feel that our way of life and the things we believe in are threatened we will take rash and irrational measures of great magnitude to defend those things we love. We will do everything to justify our actions beyond the scope of what we are even actually fighting for such as dehumanizing the enemy and elevating our social group to a superior position in reference to those who we feel pose a threat to our way of life.

Regardless of whether or not Bush “did” 9/11, it’s hard to deny that he used it to his full political advantage to incite national passions and justify the invasion of multiple Middle Eastern countries.

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