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Warzone Africa RMB

Warzone Africa is a Warzone! The WA Delegate may eject nations as it pleases, but bans are temporary. The region cannot be password-protected and has no Founder.

WA Delegate: The Colony of LunarCity (elected )

Longest-serving Delegate: The Wumbiot Collective of Hong Kaong (193 days)

Last WA Update:

World Factbook Entry

Welcome to the Democratic Peoples Republic of Warzone Africa, United we stand divided we fall!

|LinkFederal discord|LinkRegional Discord

→ Endorse LunarCity and JonesIsland or face the spud gun!
→ We are AfricaState, though we donít mind being called our full title from time to time
  • A Constitutional thingamajig is happening in a poll

  • At a previous point in time, we just so happened to have joined the Warzone Federation


Embassies: Yokosuka, Warzone Sandbox, Warzone Airspace, Warzone Australia, Warzone Asia, Warzone Europe, Order of the Southern North, Osiris, The International Polling Zone, Scoutenia, Fredonia, The Embassy, Region Name, and Alliance du Lys.

Tags: Defender, Democratic, Featured, Founderless, Free Trade, Game Player, Medium, Modern Tech, Regional Government, Serious, and Warzone.

Warzone Africa contains 23 nations, the 640th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Income Equality in Warzone Africa

World Census boffins calculated the difference in incomes between the richest and poorest citizens, where a score of 50 would mean that poor incomes are 50% of rich incomes.

As a region, Warzone Africa is ranked 10,875th in the world for Most Income Equality.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of LuigiburgPsychotic Dictatorship“Wa-hoo!!!”
2.The Warcracy of AmjikLeft-wing Utopia“Tomorrow Today”
3.The Republic of HATFELTDemocratic Socialists“We Will Endure”
4.The Republic of AdmadomPsychotic Dictatorship“Ngingquza ibhola njengochwepheshe”
5.The Maritime Squatters' Republic of JonesIslandCorrupt Dictatorship“By Land and By Sea”
6.The Constitutional Monarchy of GojekGrabUberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Unity, Discipline, Work”
7.The Colony of LunarCityNew York Times Democracy“FOR THE FEDERATION!”
8.The Holy Empire of Midnight IndoInoffensive Centrist Democracy“The Midknight Order”
9.The Republic of Pharoahs Second HavenInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Justice”
10.The Republic of 1st Cantonese LegionInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Unity, Discipline, Work”

Last poll: “Should the Constitution in the description be ratified?”

Regional Happenings


Warzone Africa Regional Message Board

JonesIsland wrote:Hopefully soon. Apparently, WZ Europe needs three more days to ratify their state-regional constitution. I don't know about Airspace. Unfortunately, I've been busy with work and class but I'll try to be on longer Tomorrow or Wednesday. I'd also like to introduce (or for someone else to introduce) some legislation in the Council here. I think we need official (even if simple) process for the native status should be established. And then there's the Native Cheif election. I'll be back in a day or so.

I see.

We currently have a WazAf channel that could be useful but in all honesty itís pretty dead.

Warzone Asia is hosting an event this month I think.

Werewolves in Asia!

Since the beginning of month, rumors have spread. When night falls, people start to hear the wolves in the woods.
Disappearances are more and more numerous these nights and the elders say that this must be resolved before the end of the month.

This is a Community Event hosted by Warzone Asia that will last until Halloween, it consists in Werewolf games.
The games will occur on our Regional Discord Server and aren't restricted to Asian Warzoners.
You can read the rules bellow!

Presentation and Rules
We will be using the rules of the French game LinkThe Werewolves of Millers Hollow (Les Loups-Garous de Thiercelieux), openly inspired by the Russian game Mafia.
At least six players would be needed for a game, players are divided in two teams: the Villagers and the Werewolves.
The game is divided in two parts, the Night and the Day. Werewolves will pick a player and kill them each night, villagers with special roles may also act during the night. Each day, every players alive will choose someone to hang as guilty of what happened during the night.

Of course, what makes the game funny is that people don't know the roles of the other players and mustn't reveal their role as long as they are alive.
Roles are given by the Game Master before the first night.
The last team with players alive will win the game. (The Werewolves or the Villagers)

  • Werewolf: Every night, they will choose someone to kill and will act innocent during the day. Their goal is to kill every villagers.

  • Seer: There can be only one seer in a game, they are on the side of the villagers and can discover the real role of a player every night.
    Reminder: Players can't communicate between them about the game outside the day channel, even if they are alive, if a Seer know who is a Werewolf but can't communicate it to the villagers... well, that's unfortunate but it's the game.

  • Hunter: The Hunter is on the Villagers' side, when the hunter die, they may kill another player of its choice.

  • Witch: The Witch is on the Villagers' side, she may use each of her two potions when she wants during the night but only once: a potion of life (Save someone from the Werewolves) and a potion of death (Kill someone).

  • Cupid: Cupid is a villager and the first to use its power, Cupid choose two players and make them failing in love, if one of the lovers die, the other one will join them in death. However, if the lovers aren't on the same side (One being a villager and the other a werewolf), they may win by being the last remaining players alive.

  • Ordinary Townsfolk: A villager without special powers. However we may not need this role if players are willing to add some of the numerous other roles in order to make the game more pleasant for the players.

  • And a lot of other roles and surprises (The Elder, the Savior, the Pied piper, the Sisters, The vile father of wolves...), all what we need for them is players wanting to have some fun to celebrate October and Halloween, we hope to see you around!

  • Read dispatch

    Pharoahs Haven wrote:I see.

    We currently have a WazAf channel that could be useful but in all honesty itís pretty dead.

    It can always be brought back to life via holy resurrection, unholy necromancy, high-voltage electrical impulses, or influencing its midi-chlorians.

    I'll volunteer to be on the native council.

    I realize the Constitution makes no provision for a nomination phase of the Native Cheif election. This doesn't seem like that big a problem to me as we can always institute one over time by legislation or unwritten conventional practice. If someone else thinks we should amend the Constitution (now or later) to make an explicit provision for the when and how candidates are nominated, we can do that too.

    I figure nominations can be announced by candidates themselves, or by their supporters (pending the acceptance of the nominee) on the RMB. The period during which nominations can be announced must end by the opening of the three-day election, of course, but it could begin anytime from just after the previous election, to a couple days (say three) before the opening of the election itself (the one it nominates for). As we expand, someone (the Premier, a particular, minister, or some other election commissioner), should maybe keep a list of nominated candidates so they can be listed on the ballot.

    For the upcoming Native Chief election, I think we can just nominate candidates on the RMB. This nomination phase can maybe last until all five current natives have the chance to nominate themselves or accept nominations from others (maybe with a two-or-three-day maximum, not necessarily starting now.


    LunarCityPharoahs HavenMalagasy KingdomHong Kaong

    For the record, I am not going to run for Native Cheif.

    Welcome to the Native Council, MK. I read in some of the historical records that you were involved in the establishment of DPRWA. Or is that not quite it?

    JonesIsland wrote:For the record, I am not going to run for Native Cheif.

    Welcome to the Native Council, MK. I read in some of the historical records that you were involved in the establishment of DPRWA. Or is that not quite it?

    Yeah I was for a bit, but the Warzone started to be inactive so I stopped being as involved as there wasn't much to do thanks to the inactivity.

    JonesIsland wrote:It can always be brought back to life via holy resurrection, unholy necromancy, high-voltage electrical impulses, or influencing its midi-chlorians.

    Given that it is LunarCitys channel I believe it is up to them what we do about it.

    As for your longer post Iím not going to quote due to its length, I think Native Chief Appointment should be enshrined in an Act of Law. When the Government gets going of course.

    Plugging my Canada merch in every region

    With three natives on the Council, it's probably all right to start discussing legislation and even introducing proposals. I think it would be preferable to hold off on any voting until LC (and HK if they're active soon) joins. They said they're busy IRL. I can sympathize and I wouldn't want them to be left out of the process because of that.

    Pharoahs Haven, you suggested we clear up some electoral questions with an act of law. That sounds like a good idea. What specifically are you thinking? Do you plan to write a proposal?

    I have some ideas myself. I think we should legislate some formal process for becoming a native of Warzone Africa. It wouldn't have to be complicated. Just to avoid confusion later on about who is and isn't a native. For example, the Native Cheif, the Premier, or someone else could be tasked with accepting or denying native status applications. Or something else. I don't have anything written up.

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