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Warzone Europe is a Warzone! The WA Delegate may eject nations as it pleases, but bans are temporary. The region cannot be password-protected and has no Founder.

WA Delegate: The WZEU delegate of The star union (elected )

Longest-serving Delegate: The President of Apulita (823 days)

Last WA Update:

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Welcome to the Reunited Kingdom of Warzone Europe!

Please endorse our native Delegate:
The star union
Failure to do so may result in ejection.

Endorsement Cap: Zero

Regional News
•Warzone Europe is back under native management! Thank you to our Warzone Allies, and the Imperial Japanese Navy for your support!
•Constitutional Convention is completed!
•Tribune Elections are underway!

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God Save the King!

Embassies: Warzone Africa, Warzone Australia, Warzone Asia, Warzone Sandbox, Hell, Yuno, Force, Osiris, Alliance du Lys, The Moderate Alliance, the Pacific, Order of the Southern North, Monarchist and Democratic Alliance, Warzone Vacation Resort, Federation of Conservative Nations, The Monarchy alliance, and 3 others.Anteria, Warzone Airspace, and Aurrelius.

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Warzone Europe contains 32 nations, the 524th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Influential in Warzone Europe

World Census experts spent many evenings loitering in the corridors of power in order to determine which nations were the greatest international diplomacy heavyweights.

As a region, Warzone Europe is ranked 12,736th in the world for Most Influential.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The President of ApulitaNew York Times Democracy“Et Ego Sustento”
2.The Impatient Magpie of Ashes RisingCivil Rights Lovefest“HURRY UP ALREADY!”
3.The Graiý Hes of DaerithIron Fist Consumerists“Godt beþiren hlælp ts Kinýg!”
4.The WZEU delegate of The star unionIron Fist Consumerists“Glory to God!”
5.The Armed Republic of TyrannyicalistFather Knows Best State“United We Rise”
6.The Former Vine Star of Kurtis ConnerPsychotic Dictatorship“I... I don't even know...”
7.The Republic of Warzone Master ManIron Fist Consumerists“We shall overcome all”
8.The Republic of Reformed Oce Col LarchikerFather Knows Best State“From Many, One”
9.The Godcat Wrath of The DestroyerInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Catkind shall inherit the earth once more!”
10.The Confederacy of FreubarMoralistic Democracy“Conservatism”

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Warzone Europe Regional Message Board

Why the hell is my main eligible to vote despite not even being in the region?

I intend on making WZEU the most active Warzone around! How will I do that you ask? Well for starters I will make sure continuous debate is going on in the estates general to keep the ideas flowing. I will work hard and diligently to create departments so that people can focus on an individual area of focus and make them stronger in that area. I also want to make advisor positions to the government so that they can voice their ideas as well. If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask, I am a man of the people after all. God save the King!

Post self-deleted by Swenland.

Landoistan NDAY Puppet 1 wrote:Why the hell is my main eligible to vote despite not even being in the region?

You can use whatever puppet you want, I just used your main cause I figured it was more likely to be noticed,

This election's getting pretty heated.

The star union wrote:This election's getting pretty heated.

Ya, very heated

Hello, everyone. I'm new here.
Here is the list of our federal armed forces. Please check it.

*Attention:The quantity of equipment are in parentheses after the noun.*
1. Land Force Quantity:1,620,000
1.1 Guns:
G36 series rifle (360,000);
HK416 series rifle (330,000);
MP5 series Submachine gun (46,000);
M249 series Light machine gun (66,000);
HK417 Precision shooter rifle (68,300)
R93 sniper rifle (23,700)
MG5 Heavy machine gun (25,450)
1.2 Tanks
Leopard 2A8 Main Battle Tank (324)
Leopard 2A7 Main Battle Tank (576)
T-72B3 Main Battle Tank (250)
T-90AS Main Battle Tank (250)
M1A2SEP Main Battle Tank (200)
FV4034 Challenger-II Main Battle Tank (200)
Type 99A Main Battle Tank (150)
2S25 "Octopus" Light Main Battle Tank (140)
Type 15 Light Main Battle Tank (260)
1.3 Armored Vehicles
Puma Infantry Fighting Vehicle (230)
Marder Infantry Fighting Vehicle (370)
CV-90 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (400)
BMP-3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (350)
M2 "Bradley" Infantry Fighting Vehicle (300)
1.4 Tank Destroyers
JPZ4-5 Tank Destroyer (170)
GzK-46 Missile Tank Destroyer (230)
1.5 Artilleries
PzH2000 Self-Propelled Gun (1,200)
AGM Self-Propelled Gun (1,500)
155mm howitzers (3,700)
120mm Anti-tank howitzers (2,300)
155mm towed howitzers (1,500)
1.6 Army Aviation
AH-64 "Apache" (180)
EC-665 "Tiger" (320)
Mi-28 "Havoc" (230)
Ka-52 "Hokum-B" (230)
CAIC Z-10 "Fiery Thunderbolt" (240)
Mi-171 "Hip-J" (200)
UH-60 "Black Hawk" (150)
NH-90 "Golden Sword" (350)
CSH-2 "Rooivalk" (100)

2. Air Force men Quantity:180,000
2.1 Fighter Planes
F-15G (140)
F-16G (140)
Typhoon Fighter (320)
Mig-29GR (270)
Su-35K "Super Flanker" (220)
J-16 (240)
F-22 (50)
F-35A (30)
J-20 (60)
Su-57B (50)
2.2 The Bomber
B-1B (40)
Tu-160 (40)
Tu-95MS (40)
A-10 Attack Plane (120)
Tornado Attack Plane (200)
Su-25T "Frog foot" Attack Plane (100)
2.3 Transport Planes
A-400D "Khaki" (120)
IL-76C (40)
An-124 (10)
C-130 (40)
C-17 (10)
C-5 (8)
Y-9B (140)
An-225 (12)
2.4 Air Early Warning Plane&Reconnaissance Aircrafts
Xian KJ-2000 "Mainring"(19)
KJ-500 AEW "Hollow"(25)
2.5 Air Defense Unit
RedFlag-18B (220)
RedFlag-17F (660)
Target:Aircraft-IIA (520)
Target:Aircraft-III (600)
RedFlag-15B (300)
S-400PML/SAM-21 "Growler" (400)
"Armor-S1" Missile&Shell Closeair Defence System (400)
Type 09 Self-Propelled Air-Defense Gun (1,900)
2.6 Space Troop
"Strike Back-65" Reconnaissance Satellite (4)
"Warning-21" Nuclear Missile Target Indication Satellite (12)
"Semiconductor-79" Electromagnetic Beam Attack Satellite (6)
2.7 Combat Support Planes
H-6U Medium Tactical Aerial Refueling Plane (6)
KC-46A "Black Dragon" Aerial Refueling Plane (8)
KC-135B "Poorman" Aerial Refueling Plane (10)
IL-78M-90A "Condid-IV" Aerial Refueling Plane (4)
IL-96-400T "Jusitice" Aerial Refueling Plane (6)
PC-135 Radiocommunication aircraft (6)
R-105F4 Radiocommunication aircraft (8)

3. Navy Quantity:360,000
3.1 Missile Destroyers
F-226 class "Moye" (4)
F-225 class "Kong Kim" (4)
F-140 class "Reka" (4)
052E class “Lvyang-IV" (4)
Type 93560-A "Hipper Naval Admiral" (4)
Arleigh Burke IV class (6)
JMS-16 class "Mike Jeff" (2)
055 class "Renhai" (2)
Type 956A "Modern"(4)
3.2 Aircraft Carriers
G-101 class "Westfalen" Nuclear Airfraft Carrier (1)
G-102C class "Schleswig-Holstein” Nuclear Aircraft Carrier (2)
G-105 class "Sea Salt" Normal Aircraft Carrier (1)
3.3 Amphibious assault ship
G-03A class "Rommel" (1)
G-04 class "Modele" (1)
G-06A class "Manstein" (2)
G-05 class "San Antonio" (1)
3.4 Amphibious Landing Ship
G-801 class "Guderian" (1)
G-802 class "Paulus"(1)
Type 071 "Yuzhao" (2)
3.5 Submarine
Type 217A AIP Ballistic Missile Submarine "Doeniz" (4)
Type 218G Attack Nuclear Submarine "Montgomery" (2)
Type 220C AIP Attack Submarine "Nimitz" (3)
Type 261PU Ballistic Missile Nuclear Submarine "Eisenhower" (3)
Type 191V Attack Nuclear Submarine "Glucose" (2)
Type 215K "Delta IV" Ballistic Missile Nuclear Submarine (2)
3.6 Missile cruiser & Battleship
"Ticonderoga" class Normal Cruiser (5)
"Kirov" class Nuclear Cruiser (10)
G-308V "Zolla-Richelieu" class Battleship (9)
G-309K "Nord bule star" class Heavy High Speed Nuclear Missle Cruiser (36)
3.7 Missile Frigate
Type 21631 "Buyan-M" (14)
Type 054B "Jiangkai III" (18)
F-124 "Sachsen" class (28)
3.8 Minesweeper ship&Littoral Combat Ship
F-356 class "Tyre Pitts Lee" (4)
"Visby" class (6)
3.9 Antiship Missile
C-805 "Hawk" (160)
FGU-25 "Kord" (210)
Target:Battleship 2 (320)
Target:Battleship 3 (310)
3.10 Naval Aviation
Mig-29PL "Packer" Carrier based fighter plane (210)
Su-33K "Flanker-M" Carrier based multifunctional fighter plane (570)
E-2D Air Early Warning plane (60)
NH-90L "Golden Sword" (350)
UH-60D "Sea Hawk" (220)
Ka-52C "Hokum-C" (160)
Ka-28T "Lavier-F" (140)
3.11 Combat Support Ships
J-101 class Missile Measuring Ship (2)
R-06B class "The axe" Radar Reconnaissance Ship (4)
S-02C class "Nabla" Three Dimensional Coordinate Geographical Survey Ship (2)
X-01 class Nuclear Powered Experimental Submarine (1)
W-01B class "Average" Fast Combat Supply Ship (2)
W-02C class "Moscow" Fast Combat Supply Ship (3)
H-03A class "The Caspian Sea" Transport Ship (3)
U-03F class "Bugger" Submarine Rescue Ship (6)
K-05B class "Sadness" Roll-on-Roll-off Ship (4)

4.Missile Force
Total Number of nuclear warheads: 1,800
4.1 Fixed Silo (Nuclear&Normal Missiles)
RT-2PM2 "Topol-M" (20)
DF-31AG "Hik" (20)
LGM-118A "Peace keeper" (25)
DF-25P "Spear" (25)
KM-2C "Marble" (30)
PV-2KT "Militia III" (20)
4.2 Mobile Launching Unit
RT-2PM2 "Topol-M" (15)
DF-31AG "Hik" (15)
DF-25P "Spear" (20)
KM-2C "Marble" (20)
PV-2KT "Militia III" (10)
9K720/SS-26 "Iskander" Medium range tactical ballistic missile (100)
"Long Sword-100" Medium range tactical ballistic missile (60)
DF-15S "Silence" Medium range tactical ballistic missile (40)

5. Special Forces Quantity:60,000
5.1 Guns
HK416 series rifle (48,000)
MP5 series Submachine Gun (1,200)
R93 series sniper rifle (4,800)
Minimi Light machine gun (4,800)
M14EB Precision shooter rifle (4,800)
Glock 17B Pistol (6,0000)
KSW-8 Short knife (6,0000)
5.2 Special Weapons
60 mm Super light mortar (1,600)
90 mm Multipurpose rocket launcher (3,2000)

6. Airborne troops Quantity:60,000
6.1 Guns
G36C rifle (3,6000)
R93 sniper rifle (5,200)
Minimi Light machine gun (5,200)
HK417 Precision shooter rifle (5,200)
Glock 17B Pistol (60,000)
6.2 Special Weapons
90 mm Short barrel recoilless gun (4,800)
60 mm Super light mortar (6,600)
Gustav M4 Light Rocket launcher (19,600)
6.3 Paratroopers chariots&Light Tanks
2S25 "Octopus" Light Main Battle Tank (200)
Type 15 Light Main Battle Tank (440)
Type SPIC Paratroopers chariots (1,860)

7. Marines Quantity:60,000
7.1 Guns
HK416 series rifle (32,270)
HK417 Precision shooter rifle (6,270)
R93 sniper rifle (2,390)
Glock 17B Pistol (60,000)
7.2 Special Weapons
90 mm Short barrel recoilless gun (10,800)
Flamethrower (4,520)
7.3 Armored Vehicles
Type 15 Light Main Battle Tank (320)
Type Sd.kfz.364(PzKpfw 166) "Mind" Amphibious tanks (480)
Type 08A Amphibious Infantry fighting vehicles (600)

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The tribune election has concluded, please welcome our new tribune Swenland!

A lot of y'all are sitting their like "woah, I don't have a noble title". A great way to get a title is to recruit, so if you want a title, do some recruiting. If you don't want a title, you can still recruit. You don't have too, but it'll really help.

Hello Warzone Europe
Hows everyone doing?
Read about it!
Very special history...

History of Donestk

I started NationStates some time in Late March when my school shut down due to coronavirus but not with Donestk but with a different nation, that still exists today. Grizinkalns, short after I had founded a region in search to build a community BalticStates which was founded on the 19th of April, 2020.
The region never really shown signs of mass success, soon after I had founded another two nations which remain to this day Vilnuis and Harju. That happened on the 20th of April then bringing the population of BalticStates to 3 nations.

All really I did was answer issues and chill, only until the 8th of May, 2020 a new nation arrived. Their name unknown to the history records but it had started the gradual growth of the region. The 12th came another, the 18th, 1st of June. Donestk founding shows roughly around Early June but records are low to accurately tell. On the 8th of June, two nations left on a raid on an unknown region, resulted in a successful raid, but over-night it was counter-raided and we had suffered a defeat.

The 11th of June saw a total of 8 nations in the BalticStates, the highest ever. Donestk was originally founded to be a raiding puppet, to "scout" regions of interest. I even had the ambition to raid a Warzone!
On 1st of July a nation had left, might be Donestk Im unsure, destination Warzone Asia. I had planned of an infiltration of the current government lead by Jean Rowe, by some how getting elected WA Delegate, it wasnt ever going to happen.

Over the time I engaged in Warzone Asia lusting for the occupation, I had grew to enjoy the community, engage in regional activities such as the Regional Roleplay, I then grew so fond of Warzone Asia I even semi-left BalticStates slowly but surely activity dropped for my main and two other puppets, as I engaged with Donestk more.
I even dropped the idea of the raid and started calling Donestk my main nation, what happened to BalticStates you say?
Well password was placed and activity shut down after Donestk grew more active.

To this day, all my puppets still exist Grizinkalns Vilnuis Harju and another one Ahnenmaa. BalticStates remains alive but dead at same time as password still remains, what would I do with it? I dont know, only time will tell.....

Hope you enjoyed reading history of Donestk in NationStates, I have here for months since late March and still am in Warzone Asia which will always share a part of my heart in NationStates.

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