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The Principality of Aeritania

“As the sea, so the sky”

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Five Islands

The Principality of Aeritania is composed of five main islands and several smaller islands, which are mostly military bases and nature reserves. The main islands are Kelos, Shalorous, Wydn, Vortai, and Orta. These are volcanic islands, but only Mount Neireis on Vortai remains active.
Kelos is the capital island, as of the rise of the var Kelosian dynasty. It is home to the port city Viira, the capital of Aeritania.

Shalorous was traditionally the capital island. It is now home to the Ordan Alecmis, an ancient order of alchemists native to Aeritania, and quite a few universities and sites of historical importance.

Wydn is where Aeritania finds most of their natural resources, mainly timber from its main forests and ores from Mount Hwyll. Naturally, it is home to the great shipbuilding docks where Aeritanians produce the incredible merchant and naval vessels their country depends on. Recently, airships have begun to be produced here as well.

Vortai is the only island with a still-active volcano, making it a dangerous place to live. However, it is also extremely profitable for Aeritania, as this is where most of the materials used in Aeritanian alchemy are found.

Orta is the smallest island of Aeritania, but also the most important. This is the "breadbasket" of Aeritania, and without Orta, Aeritania would be nonexistant. It has remained neutral for most of the Aeritanian civil wars, only choosing to assist Kelos in the last civil war almost 500 years ago, thus leading to their victory and the current unity of the islands.