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Recruitment policy

The North Pacific Handbook

Permissible Recruitment

The North Pacific considers permissible recruitment to be the sending of telegrams with appropriate text and marked as "recruitment", by authorized regions, to nations newly founded within The North Pacific.

Appropriate text is any text that does not in any way disparage The North Pacific.

Authorized regions are user-created regions and the regions of Balder, Lazarus, Osiris, and The Rejected Realms ("sinker regions").

Prohibited Recruitment

The North Pacific considers prohibited recruitment to be any form of recruitment that does not satisfy all of the conditions of the permissible recruitment definition above.

Prohibited recruitment includes but is not limited to:

  • telegrams to nations within The North Pacific that are not newly founded;

  • mass-telegrams using the "region:the_north_pacific" and "tag:wa" telegram addresses;

  • telegrams whose text in any way disparages The North Pacific;

  • telegrams by unauthorized regions; and

  • recruitment through posts on The North Pacific's regional message board.

Retaliatory Measures

In the event that a region is discovered to be engaging in prohibited recruitment, The North Pacific reserves the right to take retaliatory recruitment measures against that region. These include but are not limited to:

  • the use of recruitment API scripts targeting nations entering or being active within the region; and

  • recurring stamp-based campaigns targeting the entire region.

The North Pacific may additionally take retaliatory diplomatic measures as necessary.

For any questions, please contact Delegate McMasterdonia or Minister of Foreign Affairs Praeceps.

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