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Nations of Legionarius Omnacenties

  1. The Kingdom of Bayopia treM
  2. The Community of YusalphM
  3. The United Territories of The Roma-Persian RepublicM
  4. The I Am Not Max Barry of KhazakhantrablanM
  5. The Armed Republic of ArostinoM
  6. The Confederacy of JolataS
  7. The People's Republic of KarmastarE
  8. The Sultanate of KhalieffM
  9. The Colony of RamrajyM
  10. The Kingdom of BonsourS
  11. The Republic of BarungaS
  12. The Commonwealth of MelluhaM
  13. The Empire of ConservateI
  14. The Republic of Founder of conservatist voicesM
  15. The Jingoistic States of Snalaska2M
  16. The Republic of GavriiliusE
  17. The Federation of MithS
  18. The Republic of DispatchersM
  19. The Empire of Roma magnorumE
  20. The Democratic Republic of BackcracksmacklandE
  21. The Republic of German conservatistE
  22. The Empire of The great chola dynastyM
  23. The People's Republic of KarmaniS
  24. The Republic of HuringwellE
  25. The Empire of TargariyaS
  26. The United Socialist States of LastaniM
  27. The Allied States of GondraI
  28. The Federation of CozstavM
  29. The Protectorate of The land of the free soulsE
  30. The Empire of QueizellE
  31. The Holy Empire of VikingsS
  32. The Republic of EreiasM
  33. The Confederacy of Aerus O castS
  34. The Kingdom of SorgamS
  35. The Holy Empire of WalbourneS
  36. The Confederacy of HappydayM
  37. The Empire of Empire of rising sunM
  38. The Holy Empire of ShongjiangM
  39. The Republic of Aeturnus TerraE
  40. The Empire of Spacian CarthageE
  41. The United Socialist States of Das Land der tapferenM
  42. The Empire of MittelindienM