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Central mursia

Government scrapes through first stage of reform, second to be introduced soon
Issues within the coalition have arisen with the standardisation program with the Student Coalition splintering and fracturing as the novice students that has formed this party had fallen into disrepair as they failed to come to any form of agreement. Luckily for the Liberal Coaliton members of the Student Coalition joined the two other Liberal parties and assistance from the Workers party made it so the Standardisation was approved. Due to this, the government is ruling with 96 seats instead of the 104 seats that they started with, making it minority government. According to government sources and statements there are discussions with the Metropolitan Alliance and the United Workers Front. Consul Giles has stated that both parties are willing to support the government in a vote of no confidence however, so there doesn't seem to be any imminent risk of another election. Consul Giles has also revealed the focus of the next stage of reforms, with liberal policies such as the creation of a Welfare state throughout the country instead of those in poverty reliant on City assistance and charity work, something which was a cornerstone of the NLC and SDP manifestos. Questions on how far the Welfare program will go and how it will be funded remain, and will be major parts of any inclusion of the MA or UWF.

Civil war comes to an end in Western afrika, Archon Marinos extends friendship and help to the new government!
News have come out of Western afrika that the civil war in their nation had come to an end. Reports have come out of the country that the democratic factions in the war had taken over the last loyalist stronghold bringing the war to a close. Although Aysi Aemichi is still going after the last remnants of the loyalists, he has begun reconstruction of the country. Archon Marinos had already recognised the new regime, stating her gladness that the war wasn't prolonged. Marinos has also offered the new regime governmental advisors to assist in the creation of a new democratic state, with Mursian civil service having had experience with the recent creation of a constitution. Archon Marinos hopes that if accepted the advisors will help rebuild the country and create new bonds between the two African states

Western afrika