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Marti republic wrote:Santa Clara Plastics

Message to World governments and universities

Santa Clara Plastics and the Senate Special Committee on Single Use Plastics, are seeking to work with various universities and governments to develop ways to reduce the use of single use Plastics across not only Martí, but the world as well.

Single use Plastics is a large chunk of our revenues, but we believe we can make up for it by expanding our access to and bettering, replacements for single use Plastics.

President Pérez has agreed to work with us to secure funds for this project totaling $1 million.

Official correspondence
To: Marcos Pérez, President of Marti republic
From: Department of State for the Environment, Orange-Bourgogne
Subject: Plastics
Encryption: None

Your Excellency,

The Department of State for the Environment of Orange-Bourgogne took notice of your statement regarding plastics. Through this letter, I would like to respond to that statement on behalf of the Orange-Bourgognian Government.

The United Kingdom has been one of the nations that is greatly concerned with the change in our climates and the environment. Therefore, we have been a supporter for actions to reduce waste for a long time now. However, we also noticed the indifference other nations show towards this subject of great urgency and importance.

I am therefore happy to see that yourself is interested into taking actions that prevent further waste from accumulating in our oceans and other places, especially if these products have a relatively short lifespan and are used but once.

Please allow me to invite yourself, or any other member of your executive branch you deem fit, for a meeting with me at my Department. The meeting could be scheduled in three weeks from today if that suits you too.


Mrs Caroline Jones MP
Secretary of State for the Environment

Marti republic