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Orange-Bourgogne wrote:BREAKING: MP who started fight expelled
~ OBBC News

Evidence in the form of camera footage from the Lower House of Parliament was forwarded to Mr Gerald Young MP, the House’s Speaker, showing that Mrs Geraldine Johnson MP (The Militia) threw her shoe towards Mr Omar Nayef MP (Modern Equality). Thereby, she started a fight in the Lower House not seen for hundreds of years.

Geraldine Johnson has been described as a “hateful racist and islamophobic fascist, who just cannot overcome the fact that slavery of minorities has been outlawed” by MEQ MPs before. It does therefore not come as a surprise that it is her who started the brawl.

When the Speaker confronted Mrs Johnson with the camera footage, she refused to apologise, much to the discomfort of her party’s colleagues. Even though The Militia’s party leader in the Lower House, Mr Oswald Mosely did nothing to provoke other Members questioning his backbench MP, he did also nothing to support her. Though, when the fight broke out, he did participate “vigorously” according to multiple eye-witnesses.

Because of Mrs Johnson’s refusal to apologise, she was then expelled by the Lower House for the remainder of this Session. As she also refused to stand down and trigger a by-election, the opposition has de facto lost a seat while the coalition gained one.

Senator Daniel Hooker (NUP-IL) during a town hall meeting for his re-election bid had this to say about the recent fight in the UK Parliament

"These kinds of things you would expect from countries in the Middle East, Asia and perhaps the Balkans. To see the great hall of Parliament reduced to a scene from a bar room brawl is disappointing to say the least. Granted, the history of the Union's own Congress is not a proud one when one looks the caning of Congressman Charles Sumner in 1856 but such events now are rare and never rise to the level seen in the recent fight in the British Parliament. Though I can understand why it occurred, there is a time and place for such matters and engaging in a brawl in parliament is not such a place. You should be ashamed ourselves for engaging in such a thing when you have been elected to better the lives of your people, not stoop to the level of a schoolyard bully in a brawl."

The White House had no comment to make about the recent fight in the UK's Parliament nor about Senator Hooker's speech.