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Region: Forest

Ownzone wrote:I have been toying with an idea like that for a considerable while now. When the proposal to "commend" Verdant Haven was up I even requested to include their efforts and those of Love and Nature in the proposal. I admire their amount of dedication to completing that collection. I have tried pointing out the long and short-term flaws in the "card game"-mechanics before and I won't bother everyone by pointing them out again.....but for someone who enjoys the concept but doesn't have oodles of time or a massive puppet army or the desire to use tricks to gain a competitive advantage I would definitely like a cooperative network of some sorts to try and complete some collections in the future.....I don't mind if the consequence is that I won't be having a digital copy of a card myself.

I hereby suggest the creation of a "Collective for the preservation and acquisition of Forest related artwork" with Love and Nature and Verdant Haven as honorary though hopefully active members and Middle Barael and / or Kawastyselir as representatives by our regional authority. I am willing to pledge an immediate 25 credits to this cause and would be willing to pay a certain "membership"-contribution as we put things into motion. I would like to invite other "deep pocket"-collectors and or small casual collectors like myself to join to see if we keep the card game "fun" despite the several flaws in the system and the way huge card-miners have unfortunately cornered the market (like in real life).

This seems like a good idea, as it would allow experienced card collectors, such as the ones you named, to share their experience, and finds with other Forestians. This has been done a lot before, and I think a Forestian one, while not copying, could learn and build from it.