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Founder: The United Empire of Centenniality

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World Factbook Entry

Welcome to the Continent of Xenonia, our world!

The Continent of Xenonia (primarily referred to as Earth for the dwelling nations) is a planet that hosts a plethora of nations varying in political policy and environment, culture, and development. Xenonia is home to approximately 7.3 billion people.

Our planet is very exotic and exclusive, making it extremely difficult to be a part of it. There are tons of other nations as well, although you cannot see them elsewhere but our world map.

Much of the realm's information is stored within the factbook archives of Centenniality!

Total Nations: 130
Official Nations: 25
World Assembly: Active

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Continent of Xenonia contains 2 nations.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Pro-Market in Continent of Xenonia

This data was compiled by surveying a random sample of businesses with the question, "Do you believe the government is committed to free market policies?"

As a region, Continent of Xenonia is ranked 5,037th in the world for Most Pro-Market.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The United Empire of CentennialityLeft-Leaning College State“For prosperity, we stand.”
2.The Commonwealth of The Yuktobanian RepublicNew York Times Democracy“Si vis pacem, para bellum.”

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Continent of Xenonia Regional Message Board

New german confederacy

New german confederacy Proposal, Declaration of War

Incumbent Fuhrer of New german confederacy: Reichsmarschall Jürgen Sankt
Proposing Legislator or Official: Reichsmarschall Jürgen Sankt

Preamble: Whereas the constitution stipulates that the Legislature of New german confederacy is given the authority to declare war, we hereby motion for a declaration of war to the legislature. By a one-hundred percent vote may the proposal pass and the declaration be ratified.

The New german confederacy has been in a defensive pact with Arksolia and therefore will proceed to help Arksolia take back their land from the Glo-ria.

Hail to the The Armed Republic of New German Confederacy!

Post self-deleted by Centenniality.

The Military Insider
The United Empire has sold 206 F-35 Lightnings at a grand total of around $29 billion. 201 F-35s were purchased by Yuktobania at a price of $30.5 billion, yet they knocked off around $2 billion by trading in 97 of their own custom-developed F-16s from an air frame trade conducted between the two nations in the past. The New German Confederacy also chimed in on the purchasing, taking 5 F-35s for $780 million. The UEC is left with exactly 295 F-35s for sale at the time of this newsletter. Each F-35 is priced at $152 million per, which is a $50 million markup from its procurement cost of $102 million. The F-35s for sale are not the Lightning III type, only the Lightning II. These are older models that the UEC has no need for and cannot perform to the military's liking. The F-35 Lightning III is strictly prohibited from being sold, with an exception to very close allied nations that wish to have a set amount to be contracted for development with Lockheed Martin.

Centerican International News Network - Covering international stories you need to know! (4/5/16)

BREAKING NEWS: The Glo-Rian government has suffered a massive coup d'etat and has caused the nation to completely fumble after weeks of stagnant government activity. The people of the nation had grown very weary of the nation's actions in the past few months. Combined with the civilian population's exposure to the outside world, they decided that a much better lifestyle could be achieved if they took out the government that prevented it. Millions rioted, protested, and successfully toppled the regime that has ruled over their lands since the early 20th century.

The nation faced grave diplomatic issues, such as the recent conflict with the New German Confederacy and Arksolia. The perpetual state of war so close to home had led to a tremendous level of war weariness, and the amount of forced labor needed to produce the supplies necessary to fight in such wars has caused great levels of anger and general unhappiness. It was inevitable for the nation to topple, especially in the state that it was in. Western forces have not yet taken action in this issue, since all of these events happened in such a short period of time. The government did not attempt to shield off the protesters or riots whatsoever, which must mean that many of the officials were in agreement with the general population's ideas.

The territory that was owned by the Glo-Rians almost immediately went up for discussion between many southern Asurian nations on who will get what. Most of the claims were territory these nations once owned, but was taken by the Glo-Rians during mid and late-20th century. The nation of South Obon, along with the coup, has returned to existance after the original government that fled returned to claim the land.

New german confederacy

N3 News International - Dedicated to the truth. (12/4/16)

BREAKING NEWS: At 0728 hours this morning, the New german confederacy reported transmissions were intercepted between two unidentified parties. The transmissions contained detailed plans on the formation of a coup. The plans will remain classified from all ranks below a U5, and will remain out of the public's eye. Not much else was reported as of this time.

UPDATE: Three hours after the initial transmissions, the New German Police Force successfully raided a home on the South Archelan Coast in the town of Balkëe. It was confirmed that this was the home of one of the individuals transmitting the messages. The man will be sentenced and tried tomorrow morning, with haste. It is likely that the man will be sent away to life in a maximum security detention center. The recipient of these transmissions is still being searched for.

The New German Police Force encourages anyone and anybody that has any information on the supposed coup, report them immediately. There will be a reward if the information proves useful.

Hail to the New german confederacy!
*Translated for ease of reading in other countries.*

Post self-deleted by Selemonia.

The Engrandonican Broadcasting Channel

April 17th, 2016

Elections have passed, and currently-seated prime minister Kevin James has successfully been chosen by parliament to continue his legacy in power for yet another term. He has had a very nation-changing political run his previous term, one of his crucial moments being his colourful speech declaring war on the Zerlinz alliance in the Svengard war, which ended earlier this year. The people of the nation have praised his work as a figure, a role-model, and a leader, which conclusively made this election an easy victory.

Centerican president Harvey Drivell congratulated him in person yesterday for the victory, and later stated that he is thrilled to have the treasure of working with him. Drivell is currently campaigning in his own nation, where elections are preparing to begin around the month of November of this year.

Permgarod International News

Centennial D.C - Yuktobania and Centenniality have just recently made a deal with eachother in military hardware. Yuktobania has bought the last 5 Ticonderoga class Cruisers in reserve in Centenniality. These cruisers are without a VLS and advanced technology, instead relying on an old arm-based system in firing missiles. In exchange, the Yuktobanians are giving Centenniality 40 of the advanced AH-37 Pantera, also known as the "Stealth Helicopter". This deal will stengthen both countries.

New Berlin - The New German Confederacy, after recently purchasing their frigates, submarine, and destroyers, have upgraded their carrier, the Beike. The NGH Beike, formerly known as the Malevolence when it was in Glo-Rian service, now has no ramp, and is bigger. It has two steam catapults for jet aircraft, and it is tested on the F-35 and SM-47S. This carrier is sure to provide New Germany a striking force beyond their islands.

The country is also building their new force of the old Waldreich Class Frigates, of which they bought the blueprints from Helmanstend a few days ago. Apart from this, the country has commissioned a large missile cruiser, becoming the third country to own a cruiser of some type. This cruiser will be used for multipurpose battles, able to engage all targets.

Armenish - The country of Armenish has turned into an Islamic state after violent protests ousted the current government. This comes after Peacekeepers from Yuktobania, Emmerinavic, and Omdomnity left yesterday after the draw down from the Second Svengard War. World leaders are worried that the new Islamic government will allow the RKO and other terrorist groups into their country as a safe haven, and will even fund their activities.

News around the world

• Tension grows in the South Jiaonuan Sea as Jiaonuan vessels make claims to the so called "Barrier Islands" that multiple nations have claimed as their own.

• Teams are continuing to train for the 2016 Olympics in Omdomnity.

• Yuktobania has decided to order 10 more Armenish Beach class destroyers, and to start on researching for the next version of the ship.

• Yuktobania is currently researching improved laser weaponry in a joint project with Emmerinavic, Southern Arendelle, and Helmanstend.

New german confederacy

-=- From the Desk of Rüdiger Lasker -=-

~Translated from German for ease of reading~

I, Rüdiger Lasker, hear-by decree, through the power invested in me by our great state of New german confederacy, have come to the conclusion that interracial marriage, here-on-out defined as marriage between two parties of different races, is now banned and all persons who take part in interracial marriage will be segregated from the rest of the population in order to keep a pure bloodline throughout the New german confederacy. This law will be put into immediate action and enforced by all branches of the police force.

Rüdiger Lasker

--Hail to the New german confederacy

Centerican International News Network

2018 Pact Summit Optimism: Centenniality and The Yuktobanian Republic have recently planned a summit meeting set to take place on April 21st in the Yuktobanian city of Jilachi in order to discuss the diplomatic future primarily between the two nations. Member countries of XETO have been welcomed to join, bringing curiosity to the minds of many as to what this could result in. This is the largest diplomatic move president Kailynne Sabot, the nation's first female president, has made for Centenniality, and a historic first outreach to Yuktobania since the rise and fall of Armarus. Yuktobanian president Katherine Oponsky has shown great gratitude and optimism towards the upcoming summit, yearning to address the conflicting interests in the Sypran Civil War.

Conservative voices have argued against this move, stating that the Sypra issue is of greater national interest. Sabot has received widespread criticism for ignoring this. Speaker of the House Ryan Hamm stated on Monday that Sabot "embracing a nation that aligns with a corrupt president-for-life authoritarian who kills their own is laughable, concerning, and misguided. We must not forget that their alteration of internal affairs hasn't any effect upon their international interests. A nation of their power and presence will never be capable of wholly aligning to our interests, even with the Svengard War in mind." However, Sabot's recent move in Sypra, involving a coalition strike with Engrandonica and Newaristalling upon key chemical weapons factories, was met with great public approval.

The strike involved 56 Tomahawk cruise missiles fired from naval assets present in the Limnos Sea, as well as a scrambling of carrier-based F-18s and F-35s to assure air superiority. Sypran anti-air defenses were incapable of taking out the incoming Tomahawks, and Sypran air force was unused. Yuktobanian ground forces and anti-air presence was withdrawn from the targeted areas, and was not involved in defense.

Sabot stated today that the coalition strike on Sypra "was a necessity, but should not be a focus any longer. If we are to fully exercise self-interest as a nation, then we must think of others first." She had run and won on the platform of demilitarization and de-escalation in 2016.

Selemonian Lead Diplomat Ronaldo Miro Resigning: Miro has today announced his resignation from office amidst a rampant sex scandal involving 57 women. 16 of the total accusations have been verified by evidence to be true by the Internal Investigations Bureau; the bureau executive Matt Lorenstein states that "dismissal from his position should be immediate, and charges will be placed upon him regardless. Sexual misconduct is taken very seriously, and the degree to which he has taken it is distressing." The announcement of his resignation has led to the immediate cancellation of many important diplomatic meetings, including one with Centerican ambassador Keines Manor, who on Twitter said "No hard feelings with Selemonia, corruption and crime must be dealt with punitive action. I, and Centenniality, are glad to see the rights steps being taken." Prime minister Hayer mentioned that a future meeting will be scheduled with the nations affected by Miro's resignation.

Jianoua Announces Plan for 6th Generation Jet Fighter: JCP chairman Guai Maijong has announced the funding of a 6th generation jet fighter, which he has proclaimed to be "[a jet] that flaunts superior speculations to that of all existing aircraft." Jiaonua completed its first 5th generation jet fighter, the J-20, in 2017, and has only procured approximately 20, eight of which are older prototype designs. It is also currently developing another 5th generation jet fighter, the J-31, which recently had severe engine failure that led to a fire at the Skylight International Airshow in Masarino, Scarletti. This claim has been met with global criticism and doubt.

Quentin Abrams Jr., 4-star general and commander of the United Empire Archelan Command (UECARCHCOM), spoke about the announcement. "I almost wished I was told to sit down before I heard the news... Not because I was in fear that we were finally losing our edge, but that they were making it so easy for us to maintain! Of course it's a political play on their part; Centerican 4th generation aircraft are capable of handling a vast number of air missions against what they call their '5th generation' aircraft. They still lean on using older Armarussian technology for the engines, helmets, internal targeting systems and weapons platforms within these jets. Many men and women had worked tirelessly to identify, analyze, and research every shortcoming of these technologies, and find out how we could adapt and dominate it. Keep in mind this was nearly 45 years ago."

Jiaonuan military officials have displayed mixed feelings regarding the technological direction of the military force.

Rico Rascacielo Slams Millenniuma, Calls Them "Vicious Bigots With Toy Guns and Damning Ideology":

Gun Crime in Emmerinavic On The Rise, Policy Targets Neighbor Nations:

Helmanstend Sanctions on New German Confederacy After Zerlinz Support

Wielakian Economy Booms, 10.5% GDP Growth At End Of Quarter

Other Headlines
- Germanicka's narrowly avoided nuclear plant incident under scrutinizing investigation by government after discovery of employment deficiency and budget shorts.
- Omdomnity reports unusual seismic readings along southern shores, noted as "unusual and unpredicted, but nothing to raise caution about" by Monescuea University
- Music producer DEFCON cancels all tour dates in the New German Confederacy, stating "I can't go to a country that befriends megalomaniacs who'd love my nation's people eradicated."
- Bahremian government addresses increase in white farmer death rate in nation, WA is preparing to intervene and assist.
- Alcuense air force launches ATGM missile at unoccupied car in famously disputed island territories claimed by Engrandonica, states it was "accidental and unwarranted".
- Fleur Moun's prime minister Ezekiel L'frondois implements national language as French after overwhelming support from population.

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