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The Grand New Republic RMB

WA Delegate: The Unitarian War Commissariat of The Dixvia (elected )

Founder: The Enlightened Royal Republic of Daulend

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World Factbook Entry

From the Ashes of the Grand Ole Republic, rise the Grand New Republic, a Region dedicated to preserving freedom and democracy! A new Gilded land of opportunity and choice!

Please Endorse The Dixvia as the Delegate of the Grand New Republic!

Government Officials of the Grand New Republic
Executive Branch
-Founder: Daulend
-The Delegate of the Republic: The Dixvia

The Ministry of the Republic
-Communist Joshenia

If you plan to join the region, remember that school’s in session, so be patient. But welcome to the family!
And always remember

Zenspark wrote:hod on im eating eggs

Zenspark wrote:I need ot eat my noodles

Adelanto wrote:I got to eat a taco

Adelanto wrote:I finish taco

Embassies: The Embassy, Bus Stop, Mercenaries R Us, URCR, nasunia, Union of Liberal Nations, United Nations of Naru, The united nations of liberalia, Union of Allied States, Union of Independent Regions, Fredonia, The Fluffy Dominion, Montrandecs Neighbours, Comfy Mansion, Nacb, and fluffy squishfish.

Tags: Anti-Fascist, Future Tech, Medium, Post Apocalyptic, and Role Player.

The Grand New Republic contains 22 nations, the 659th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Extensive Civil Rights in The Grand New Republic

The citizens of nations ranked highly enjoy a great amount of civil rights, or freedoms to go about their personal business without interference or regulation from government.

As a region, The Grand New Republic is ranked 11,627th in the world for Most Extensive Civil Rights.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Theocracy of Talamh an Eisc agus LabradarAnarchy“Sinn Fein”
2.The Enlightened Royal Republic of DaulendLeft-wing Utopia“Progress and Beauty. Tranquility and Enlightenment.”
3.The Free Land of Mon-cheriLibertarian Police State“Vive la révolution”
4.The Nomadic Peoples of Odins BannerLeft-Leaning College State“Under the rule of the gods, we thrive.”
5.The United Socialist States of Temp adelantoScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Live and let live”
6.The Unitarian War Commissariat of The DixviaLibertarian Police State“To Progress, Justice, Prosperity, and The Dixvian Way!”
7.The Incorporated States of The Northern Lands of CorvusterraScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Strength Through Freedom”
8.The People's Republic of The LCSSRCorrupt Dictatorship“к свободе и процветанию, медведь ведет нас.”
9.The Dominion of The Furry DominionCorrupt Dictatorship“The hive mind shall destroy all”
10.The Empire of AsparoCorporate Bordello“Together we fight for freedom”

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Poll called by The Enlightened Royal Republic of Daulend

Voting opened 23 hours ago and will close . Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

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The Grand New Republic Regional Message Board

Holy crap! a lot happened while I was gone!

Aspro was walking in Earth when he realized that sins cannon was gone

Aspro: "What the h*ll! where they go?"

Aspro tried to contact Sin and Thana but it don't work

Aspro: "Strange... where have they gone?"

Aspro the realized he was stuck in Earth

Aspro: "OH NO NO NO! I can't be stuck in this d*mned planet! I need a space craft and quick!"

So uhh... everyone just died or something?

Asparo wrote:So uhh... everyone just died or something?

nah man... everyone at school

Greater chafametainwhere is your nation located in the map? do you have any claimed land?

Zolotaya sobaka wrote:nah man... everyone at school

I'm off but playing hoi4

Greater Georginiana wrote:I'm off but playing hoi4


Zolotaya sobaka wrote:hoi4?

Hearts of Iron 4, a strategy game which takes place around WW2. Chaos ensues.

Greater Georginiana wrote:I'm off but playing hoi4

ah i see you are a man/women of culture as well

Temp adelanto wrote:ah i see you are a man/women of culture as well


Zolotaya sobaka wrote:Greater chafametainwhere is your nation located in the map? do you have any claimed land?

I'm on a different planet, or planet(s).

As soon as the crystal within would crack, the templar would go up in flames as it was being sucked into the black hole. Over 500,000 escape pods were launched, as the massive interstellar dreadnought would explode. Quickly, as the rest of the ships would focus fire and end up being thrown back to harp, a man in templar armor would reveal himself from the ruins of the ship, seemingly unaffected by the black hole. He would quickly draw his sword, yelling out a battlecry in an ancient, unrecognisable language before stating in english. "This is the end for you, sin. You figured you could defeat god himself, and now to run into one of his very disciples." the man would stand at least 70 feet tall, with a longsword to match his size. His armor was glowing a pearl white color.

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