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Bye bye! Have a nice trip!

*floats off into the sunset*
Thanks for hosting us!

The 21 Hot Air Balloonists wrote:*floats off into the sunset*
Thanks for hosting us!

Bye bye!

New poll in Zentari, come and vote! Also, expect poll this coming Friday too, if that's okay with you all!


yo yo


Hit me plz


Post by Manuel of barcelona suppressed by Australian rePublic.

Manuel of barcelona

Come to the Alliance of the noot! Now

Manuel of barcelona wrote:Come to the Alliance of the noot! Now

I'd prefer to stay here.

Angus macgyver



Angus macgyver


Angus macgyver

Angus macgyver

The Nordian wrote:Hello

Australian rePublic wrote:Hi

Nice to meet you.

New poll in Zentari, come and vote!


We're playing ♠♥Baccarat♦♣
Two hands are dealt, Punto, and Banco. Which will score higher? Stake is ten chips. Winning bets on Punto pay ten chips. Winning bets on Banco pay nine. Winning bets on a tie pay ninety chips. For more detailed rules, see here.

Read all about it!
- We've an Imperial Gazette
- The seventh DRF Chronicle
- The twenty-fifth Force Flyer
- Not just any truth, but the Union Truth
- Top interviews in Gameplay Magazine. And cookies too!

Poker faces on - it's ♠♥Hold'em ♦♣ at the Sands

Did you know that the expression "Mumbo Jumbo" dates back to Africa, where, whilst some tribes near by though Mumbo Jumbo was a god, However, there was a tribe or group of tribes or whatever, where polygammy was the norm. In this tribe, or group of tribes, or whatever, in order to keep their wives in line, the women believed in an idol called "Mumbo Jumbo". Mumbo Jumbo would appear at night and start screaming non-sense (which is where the expression comes from). What they didn't know was was that Mumbo Jumbo was actually the woman's husband in disguise, who would bash his rebellious wife with a stick. 
So the origins of an expression about talking nonsense is actually derived from African wife bashing

Eastern aestorusia

Hello fellow gamers what uppith today?

I'm thinking dismantling Regionless if I can't get 2 WA endorcements

If I can't get and maintain 2 WA endorcements, then I'm leaving Regionless

There Australian rePublic, I forgot about the WA endorsements when I resigned from the WA.

Join the nuclear faction of "none"

John Howard looks like Mr Sheen

I thought you meant Charlie Sheen for a moment, or better Martin Sheen.
Australian Mr. Clean? No white t-shirt, a full suit?

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