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Herti wrote:Uh hello again. I just sent the link of my nation in the verification channel of the discord server. My Discord username and id: greghaha#1088

I'm sure The Panselian League will get to you when he's online. Welcome back.

Herti wrote:Trying to keep my sanity while having online class <3. Hbu?

Same! Especially taking midterms online...

Dolmunean Interstellar Megacorp wrote:How are you all?

Not too shabby. Buys with schoolwork, so I won't be able to post RP here for a bit, but hope it gets better by the end of the week.

THE SOLAR HERALD | Printed July 13th, 1951




Virus spreads...

Cases of the unidentified virus originating from Ascoobis have spread rapidly in the League, with cases having been reported and hospitalised in all provinces. The Arophon has requested that all families of the League sacrifice in accordance to their means to Sykades, and renew their piety to assist in the end of the disease.

July 21, 1951

Rebirth Island Creature
Locals living near the shores of Rebirth Island, Uzbek SSR, spotted a bizarre creature washing up on the shore. The creature was described as being part cat and part human. It was decreased when police arrived to check to see what it was. Immediately the army detachment from the nearby base cordoned off the area and removed the body. The initial statement from the military is that the creature was a lynx that escaped from the island.

USSR Virus Free
The Ascoobian virus was confirmed to no longer be in the USSR. The final death count after the Byelorussia outbreak was 25. Restrictions remain in place but have been greatly relaxed with travel bans still in place until the virus is eradicated.

A treatment involving vitamin c and penicillin has been approved for use in the USSR and was successful in stopping the Byelorussia outbreak from getting worse.

Sputnik 1 Launch A Success
Sputnik 1 was successfully launched into orbit. The satellite beamed back a radio transmission and will do so for the next few days until it reenters the earth. This is a great success for the USSR.

July 23rd 1951

After widespread rumors, it has been confirmed that the queen consort, Margathie is two months pregnant and the kingdom of Herti is awaiting a female aire. Crowds across Herti celebrated the news.

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