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DescriptionJoin the N-Day³ chat on Linkour regional Discord server.

4chat, Northpolea, Tobostan, and Leftybol are factional rogues.

Learn the basics of N-Day³ here and read Commandante Ced's strategy guide:


The wheels of war are in motion and the end is nigh! The threat of Nuclear Holocaust, so long a fear of past ages, is now an imminent reality. We must all now bunker down, duck and cover, and prepare to emerge from our fallout shelters to a world where we have destroyed our rivals, and ensured the triumph of World Leftist Revolution!

But before we all go mad and bask in the glory of Atom's glow, there are a few things you need to know about the N-Day event.

1: Your nations will be divided into one of three categories. These are Production Specialists, Military Specialists, or Strategic Specialists. Production will mean you manufacture the materials needed to convert into weapons and shields faster. Military specialists produce nukes faster, and Strategic specialists produce shields faster.

2: To participate, you'll need to join a faction. This region will have it's own faction, which I will form and post on the RMB for all to see. Please do join this faction if you intend to participate.

3: Basic strategy once you're in the faction is this. Production specialists should work to produce more nukes and shields, and both fire nukes at enemies and use shields to defend allies. Military specialists, you are the strikers, so you guys will have the principal role in targeting and destroying enemy nations in rival factions. Strategic Specialists, you guys are shield producers. You are absolutely critical, you shield yourselves and others from attack. Your role is to cover the Military and Production specialists as much as possible. You can shield yourselves and others, so don't forget about that. You can't nuke yourself or members of your faction though, Sorry:)

3: There will be a separate tab at the top of your nation's main page, and that will control all relevant activities. Your faction will also be writing important messages there, (mostly me or other relevant officials), so keep a look out for those as they might contain important strategic and tactical analysis or political updates about who to target or not to target.

4: You are not REQUIRED to participate. However, the effects of the event end as soon as the event does (so don't worry about damage to your nations), and from past experiences it's a very fun regional activity that builds bonds of friendship and teamwork. And what better way to forge them then indulging in a little mutual nuclear exchange?

5: The event also tracks both the nukes you fire and the nukes fired at you. Nukes that hit you cause radiation damage, which slows production speed and impedes your ability to respond quickly. 100% radiation damage means your nation is destroyed and the event is over for you. Don't worry, it'll be restored as soon as the event is over:) This might happen for all of us, so don't feel too bad:)

As the fires of world war come again, it's important to remember that there are no winners in global nuclear war (or are there?). So enjoy the event, and have fun. Be aware that further information will likely be posted throughout the event on RMB, so keep an eye on that. Please try and keep N-Day communications on-site as much as possible, as Discord is not practical for all and flicking between the two may take precious seconds:)

And above all, remember that war... war never changes.


Supreme N-Day Commander Cedoria (title optional)

Read dispatch

DO NOT ATTACK: Canopy, People's Revolutionary Nuclear Forces, Pirates of the Nile, The E Team, Destructopeia, UPPERCUT, European Defence Forces, DemNukecratic Socialist Assembly, The Horsemen of the Apocalypse, STIFF-ARM

CURRENT TARGETS (FINAL PUSH): Sit Aeterna Aeternum, Bend The Knee


Founded by The Leftist Assembly.